Rise Against (The Foundling, #4) by Hailey Edwards

Rise Against (The Foundling, #4)

Welcome to the ferocious world of The Foundling, set in an bayou town where men are men - except when they are also dragons, kitties with wings, crocodiles and . . . well, Miller.In the previous installment of this bestselling series, Luce Boudreau (ex-cop, current badass and apocalyptic demon), took on Death Herself - how could Luce have guessed that this was merely the beginning? In the brutal aftermath Luce and her loyal coterie face an enemy ...

Details Rise Against (The Foundling, #4)

TitleRise Against (The Foundling, #4)
Release DateAug 22nd, 2019
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Dragons, Demons, Shapeshifters, Angels

Reviews Rise Against (The Foundling, #4)

  • Emma
    Luce: ‘Didn’t your mother teach you to wait until you’re invited in to enter a room?’ Santiago: ‘No. My mother ate one of my siblings because she wasn’t a fan of uneven numbers.’After what felt like a slight wobble in Death Knell, this is a blinding return to form. Fourth and penultimate book in the Foundling Series, this instalment gives us a Luce who seems ready to be herself, finally reconciled with who she is as both human and c...
  • Bex (Beckie Bookworm)
    So this is book 4 in the fantastic Foundling series and Luce and Cole finally seem to be on the same page in regards to there ongoing dynamic and current relationship status and I did like how in sync and transparent these two now seem to be.It was about time they moved forward and became an item I was beginning to think it would never actually happen.In Rise Against all parties are now in the process of rounding up an army to fight their enemies...
  • Emma
    This book has * all the things*! A real ramping up of the war, secrets revealed, friendships mended and matings achieved! This whole story continues to be outside of the box and hugely enjoyable. Many thanks to Netgalley for an arc of this book.
  • Lou
    Rise Against is the fourth and penultimate novel in The Foundling series, and I feel this is the most enjoyable to date. I mean how can you resist a fantasy focused on the age-old battle between good and evil and a world with dragons and flying kitties? Edwards is seriously underrated in the fantasy genre as she can always be relied upon to craft an immersive and compulsive story. It has a bit of something for everyone: there's mystery, action, h...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 3.5-4*Thoughts*Rise Against is the Fourth installment in author Hailey Edwards The Foundling series. Luce Boudreau is collecting soldiers for an upcoming war that seems to be forgetting that humans actually live in this world as well. She has reconciled with the fact that she has a dangerous part of her, Conquest, that is leaking out and fighting her at every turn. Even though Conquest is fighting h...
  • Karen Barber
    First thing that has to be said, any confusion over what was going on here comes from me not realising this wasn’t the first in the series when I requested it on NetGalley.Luce appears to be part-human and she’s planning to mate with Cole (who is a dragon) but there’s another entity inside her that keeps bursting out. They’re searching for supporters in a battle to come, and there’s lots of plotting/some brutal killings and the odd bit ...
  • Saly
    What an interesting world Hailey has built. Everything comes back home and Luce's old partner comes back into the picture. We find out Luce's secret Ezra and who holds her bond. Overall can't wait to see how it ends.
  • Penny Noble
    This author is fast becoming a favorite. This latest in The Foundling series pretty much picks up with Luce trying to win others to her side in the coming war. However, it’s not as easy when forces are against her, even ones she thinks are on her side. This book was filled with the fast action, great characterizations, and terrific writing I’ve come to expect from this author. Everyone is so multi-faceted, you never know what to expect in a g...
  • Krista
    Ms. Edwards is an auto-buy for me and she did not disappoint in this installment. The next book finishes the series and needless to say I'm ready for it right now. Very emotional ride.
  • Melissa Tovgaard
    Book 4 of the Foundling seriesWow - wow - wow. I’ve been ready for the latest instalment of Luce for what feels like forever! I devoured this book in two sittings. The plot is fast paced, excellently crafted and just fabulous. There are some huge revelations in this book - leading up to a final showdown in book 5. Thanks Hailey. I love Luce even more!
  • Selbi
    Rise Against is a wonderful book that I didn’t know was a part of a whole series. Not just any part of the series, the FOURTH book. Now, me requesting it on NetGalley without first checking its origins and predecessors was absolutely my fault but I hope it will soften the slight confusion you’ll witness while reading the review due to the same slight confusion I experienced while reading the book. Cause and effect, folks. It’s real. Without...
  • April Regier
    Rise Against is the penultimate book in the Foundling series. Luce is a warrior – Conquest – sent to prepare for her sisters to conquer Earth. Instead, she lost all memory of what she was and her purpose. Adopted by a policeman, she follows in his footsteps to become a cop. Her coterie waited patiently for her to remember her duty and prepare for the coming of her sisters. Instead, she chooses to stand between Earth and her sisters to save hu...
  • April Regier
    Rise Against is the penultimate book in the Foundling series. Luce is a warrior – Conquest – sent to prepare for her sisters to conquer Earth. Instead, she lost all memory of what she was and her purpose. Adopted by a policeman, she follows in his footsteps to become a cop. Her coterie waited patiently for her to remember her duty and prepare for the coming of her sisters. Instead, she chooses to stand between Earth and her sisters to save hu...
  • Rebecca Dew
    Cost of Impatience This book has misused and misspelled words. “Out” where the author meant to write “our”, “you” where the author meant to use “your”. The story is getting sloppier and sloppier as the author introduces ever more characters trying to stretch, contort, and contrive reasons for the mystery from the first chapter of the first book to remain relevant 4 books later. 4 books later, the author still hasn’t gotten aroun...
  • Kelly
    Oh, man. So Luce is finally starting to find a measure of balance between her human side and Conquest. She's settling into being the leader of her coterie and all that means. She and Cole are exploring their thing and it's AWESOME.And...well, nothing is ever easy, is it?Not for Luce. Not for Cole. Not for anyone tied to her by blood or friendship.*slow deep breath* So anyway. Things are moving forward for Luce and her crew. She's growing stronger...
  • Stacy
    DEATH KNELL wasn't my favorite installment of The Foundling series so I was a little worried that RISE AGAINST would fall along the same lines. I had nothing to be worried about.Luce is continuing to learn about herself and her allies. I enjoy each and everyone on her team. I love the slow release of details, but am glad that by the end of RISE AGAINST it seems that Luce is finally in the know about all the things that have been kept from her and...
  • Barbara
    If you haven’t read any of the rest of the Foundling series, you should go do that right now, then read Rise Against. The story continues with Luce Boudreau working with her coterie to gather troops for the fight that is coming against Wu’s father. There are some questions answered, as well as revelations of the big picture she hadn’t thought about, old friends reunited and a mole discovered. There is also Phoebe, Cole’s daughter with Con...
  • Jen Davis
    Four books in and I'm still really enjoying this series. A lot of truths are revealed here...with Rixton...with Wu...Luce's father...even Luce herself. This installment focuses less on the dynamics between Conquest and her sisters and more on Wu, Ezra, and the man's (god?'s) plans to raze anything in his wake.I continue to adore the relationship Luce has with her coterie. I love how many of her followers are choosing to stand behind her--not for ...
  • Renee
    A bit of a cliffhangerThis book really served one purpose - to set up the final battle. As such, there’s a lot of secrets being revealed, lines of battle being drawn, and stakes being raised. It was a good installment but didn’t feel complete due to the huge overshadowing going on.Some of the characters have really gone through some personality shifts in this book and I’m not sure I like it that much. Cole has become the perfect mate but in...
  • TJ
    *possible, slight spoiler... not bad but be aware.*Another great offering by an incredibly talented and very underestimated author. Ms. Edwards world building is as good as any I’ve read, her stories are intricate, rich and riveting!The turn of events at the end of this installment is the only thing that was disappointing. As creative and unique as all this author’s books have been so far, I just can’t believe she is going to sink to the ol...
  • Tanya
    Full of action , suspense and snarkWelcome to Hailey EdwardsRise Against is part of the founding series. This is a later in the series book , so you may be confused if you have not begun with the start of the series.This book is about Luce . Charum are on earth and Luce is trying to build a fighting force to help save the planet from the breach . Cole is a dragon , and Luce who is half human and not always what she appears to be , plan on mating....
  • Jackie Brokaw
    The Founding series is one that had to grow on me through each book but I was hooked in from the very beginning in this one. I also feel like this was by far the funniest since there was so much room for one liners and witty comebacks. I've always said that I love the way Hailey develops characters and the growth of each character in Rise Against just continues that love. Luce learns to accept herself more and trust in herself. She made the trans...
  • Lauren
    Gah! So good. Rise Against puts into motion the moment we've been waiting for months. The epic showdown and Ezra's grand reveal. I will say that the grand revelation left at the end of the book was a bit out of the blue, but all I can say is that it's made me want the next book even more! Luce and Cole are one of my absolute favorite book couples right now. Seeing the two of them finally together, accepting of what happened in the past, and looki...
  • Helen Wawrejko
    The next to last book of the series is giving us answers to a lot of questions. Luce is building her army among the charun that are on earth. Trying to permanently close the breach so Earth will be protected forever. Luce and Cole finally get together. So many twists, betrayals, and One Dead Chicken. Action, revelations, and....Ezra, the epic villain. Great series from this prolific writer. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC from Netgalley.
  • Saruuh Kelsey
    Every book of this series gets better and better. The story is so strong, with enough action, mysteries, and supernatural baddies to keep me glued to the pages. I loved the reappearance of Thom and Rixton, and the progression of Luce and Cole's relationship is just everything to me. I'm praying they get their happily ever after - they so deserve it!
  • Becky
    Rise againstAlmost at the end of this series and Hailey Edwards has done it again. I turned a page and expected more, only to be asked for a review. Poor Luce is once again faced with cataclysmic events bent on tearing her down, apart, and otherwise ruining her. Facing Ezra and finding out more truths threatens to rock her to the core, or to Conquest...
  • Jennifer Ashburn
    This was an amazing book, so far the best of the series!! Hailey makes the most impressionable worlds and characters. You really feel for Luce and I’m so glad she finally gets some answers on how she came to be! There were several shockers that happened that were also amazing!! New mates were made. Friendships built and of course you can’t go wrong with the backstabbing antagonists!!
  • Debra Henn
    Didnt live up to my expectations.This latest book should have been the last in the series in that it felt like the author is dragging things out. A little too much soul searching and guilt tripping for my taste. I would hope the climactic battle is coming in the next book. If its not free I probably wont buy it.
  • Eileen Abercrombie
    Holy Flying Dragons!!Somehow this has to end better than Wu would like!!!! Luce, Cole and Phoebe deserve it!! Not to mention Thom, Miller, Santiago, Maggie/Portia and the Rixton's!! Nettie and Phoebe are destined to be BFF's!! Can't wait to see what happens next!! If you haven't read the series, you are SOOOOOO missing out!!
  • Amy
    Thanks to Netgalley for an arc of this book. I enjoy this authors books quite a bit. This installment of the Foundling was not a disappointment. I admit that I am looking forward to the next book in this series because I want to see how the issues from this one resolve. That was a bit of a surprise at the end! A good read.