The War of the Realms by Jason Aaron

The War of the Realms

THE WAR OF THE REALMS is upon us! Malekith, king of the Dark Elves, has been conquering the Ten Realms and now has his sights set on the last one: Earth. And with armies of Frost Giants, Fire Goblins, trolls, angel warriors, Roxxon corporate soldiers, the Enchantress and the prince of lies himself, Loki, at his side, Malekith may just succeed. Asgardia is no more, Old Asgard is in ruins, and the majority of Asgardians are refugees on Earth. Now T...

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TitleThe War of the Realms
Release DateAug 27th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Superheroes, Marvel, Graphic Novels, Comic Book

Reviews The War of the Realms

  • Khurram
    It is so great when a comic/book lives up to its name and and hype. To be honest I when the War of the Realms came out I did not really know much about it. I cannot understand why as this is probably the most epic Marvel story in comics. I would put this right up there with Endgame.Of the 10 Realms 9 have fallen only Earth/Midgard is left, and it is not going down without a fight. All the Avengers and heroes and heroines stand with the survivors ...
  • Cheese
    "A Hammer doesn't make a Thor, a Thor Makes his Hammer!"If this is the end of Aaron’s Thor run, then it’s a satisfying one. Aaron spun many tales and loose ends throughout his fantastic Thor run and they are all answered in this tale. A satisfying end to a legendary run.
  • Malum
    I had pretty much written this event off because a lot of the pre-War of the Realms stuff I saw was very unimpressive. Much to my surprise, though, this turned out to be a lot of fun. From the first issue to the last, it is just one constant fight with more heroes than you can shake a stick at. Imagine the last battle in Endgame stretched out to a six-issue graphic novel. Bonus points for Spider-Man and Iron Man lightening things up with some pre...
  • Dimitra
    This is the best Marvel event in years. Probably my favorite. Jason Aaron's story telling along with Russell Dauterman's stunning art was such an enjoyable ride. This team has been building this for years and every book has been constantly better than the last... every issue, tie-in, mini series or on-going has been magnificent. Aaron's Thor years have been amazing and will forever stand out in the history books.
  • Ramon
    Doth mine eyes deceive me?! An entire event series with just one dedicated artist? An event with much planning and aforethought? Well, dear me if this isn't the best event series since, uh, Secret Wars. But also it's a great end to a phase of Aaron's Thor run. But the art is great (as is Wilson's colors) too. Lots of great moments of import that have been set up in previous issues. Lots of funny bits as well.
  • Tundextra
    In 2010 the Marvel Event Siege came to an end... that Brian Michael Bendis created event was the last decent event! 9 years on, and another mediocre event (compared to the previous decade)..The Dark Elves and their allied overrun Earth and a shock and battered 9 realms, led by Earth and Asgard have to make their last stand on Earth. Such a huge story should have a devastating impact on Earth (see The Authority, Planetary, The Boys or any other no...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    The culmination of Jason Aaron's Thor run, an event 7 years in the making, finally hits the Marvel Universe as the War Of The Realms comes to Midgard.War Of The Realms is a summer blockbuster. It's high action, high stakes, character deaths galore (although there's quite a few fake-outs), but it never loses sight of the fact that it's meant to be the end of something, not a springboard for the next Marvel relaunch or status quo, which is a wonder...
  • Marco
    "If only Thor can save the day... Then we simply need more Thors."
  • Tom Ewing
    I didn’t think I’d be saying this about a comics event but... this could have been longer. It is what it is - the third act (well, at this point probably the ninth act) of Jason Aaron’s War Of The Realms storyline in Thor, and if it was in an MCU movie it would be the 30 minute battle sequence that’s a succession of cool moments.Does that work as an event in its own right, or as a payoff to the wider Thor story? I think it falls between t...
  • Billy Jepma
    Jason Aaron is one of my favorite writers in comics, and Russel Dauterman is one of my favorite artists out there. As you can imagine, I was very excited to see them reunite for the "War of the Realms" event that Aaron has been building toward over the last several years. However, I'm usually very wary of event comics, so my excitement for this series was tempered with the nagging fear that it would miss the mark. Thankfully, it didn't. Not at al...
  • David
    So disappointed with Aaron's writing on this one, and Russell Dauterman's artwork was sloppy and hard to look at. I was foolish enough to actually purchase each individual issue for this big, Marvel, summer story arc and then waited to binge read them. I even got an extra variant cover! I think next time I'll just wait for the official collection, but I haven't been this let down by Jason Aaron before, so, shame on me.Everything about this story ...
  • Blindzider
    To be fair, I haven't read Aaron's run on Thor since the very beginning, which means none of the lead-up to this crossover with all of the drama and suspense I presume were in the story, weren't there for me. I like Aaron's writing in general, but this felt shallow, mostly action sequences filled with those shocking moments that you never thought would happen. Despite that, there were a couple parts that were cool to see, but in the end, it just ...
  • James
    3.5 stars. Man this made me mad. This run started off with so much potential. The story grabs you and draws you in for ride in such an awesome manner. As I was reading issues 1-4 I just couldn’t wait for the next book. Then it just lost all its steam in 5 and 6. I mean there was some cool stuff set up at the end that I’m looking forward to, but it’s like Aaron just gave up or stopped caring nearing then end of this. This easily could have b...
  • Gilles Verplanken
    Best run ever! EVER!
  • Peaky
    War of the Realms words we are hearing for years from Jason Aaron comics event he planned for so long finally concluded. I was more than teased for this War already seeing preludium of it in Mighty Thor issues ever since Loki put that dagger in his mother chest, also from other stories like Infinity Wars (Which sucks btw, but Loki is epic), Doctor Strange: God Of Magic etc. So story begins with a boom with dark elves “killing” Odin alone in O...
  • Nicole Westen
    I think what I like the most was how pretty much everyone kept on asking Wolverine 'Weren't you dead'. Also how the Punisher isn't phased by giants and supernatural creatures invading New York, he's just upset he didn't bring bigger guns.Although part of me does wonder, why did Malekith brought Odin and Freya to Stonehenge in England. I think one of the many Stone Ship sites through out Scandinavia. It would make more sense, thematically. Althoug...
  • Sesana
    Begins strong and ends strong, and is clearly the culmination of years of work. The middle gets a little foggy. There's just so much going on that a lot of important things have to be shunted off to the tie in books, which makes this volume by itself feel incomplete. This event is an excellent candidate for one of those giant, all in one event collections. If you've been reading Thor for the last few years, you'll be quite satisfied, and if you h...
  • Daniel Butcher
    It really feels like a payoff to the years of Aaron's run going back to Marvel in many ways is a lot of punching.
  • Mitchell Kukulka
    ”War is War. Giants just take more bullets is all.” Jason Aaron’s Masterclass On How to Write a Great Event Comic® will teach you just three lessons:1. The event should come at the end of a long road of build-up and storylines leading into it, not something thrown together to chase what’s popular.2. Work with one artist who knows the ins and outs of the story being told and the characters populating it so well that they can make every pa...
  • Dakota Morgan
    War of the Realms offers an example of exactly what Marvel events should be: action-focused, character-heavy, light on McGuffuns, light on info-dumping. Malekith has arrived on Midgard to conquer the final realm among the ten. A loquacious narrator provides the necessary backstory (although you're really going to want to have read the previous ten or so Thor volumes). Earth's many, many heroes join the battle, with Thor and his Asgardian brethren...
  • Adam Fisher
    One of the huge events of 2019 in the Marvel Universe is here. Building up in the pages of Thor and several other titles, War of the Realms is the culmination of the 10 realms fighting against Malekith and all his minions. The battles are epic, the story is well written, and the art works well for what the story is telling.Aftermath highlights (spoilers):- Odin bows down and proclaims Thor the new All-Father.- Thor united his past and future selv...
  • Geoffrey Carter
    Excellent Epic Crossover The art is beautiful and the story caps off what Jason Aaron has been doing with the book for at least the last 2 years. You need to read some of the extra material in other books tied into the event to get the whole story, but there’s enough there to be coherent and accessible if you just read it on your own. The Kindle version is a great value right now. I would have liked it if the book set up what’s next for more ...
  • Shannon Appelcline
    It feels like the War of the Realms has now dragged on for years, so when Aaron decided to finally kick it into high gear, and encompass the rest of the Marvel Universe, I was ... wary. Especially after the mediocrity of so many big crossovers at Marvel.So, I was pleasantly surprised to find this is actually good. It does a great job of bringing the War to an end, on Midgard. Thor and Jane both get great parts in the story. So do Freyja and Odin ...
  • Pyramids Ubiquitous
    I'm very much ready for Aaron's run with Thor to be over. It started out phenomenally, but additional volumes show only that it was a one-off success. In The War of the Realms, a wide variety of Marvel characters are assembled and fused and pitted against each other, and this is passed off as a story. It might make for a fun video game, but it was completely unengaging to read. What's also frustrating is that Jane Foster is incredibly relevant he...
  • Ricardo Noronha
    Absolutely amazing. This is one epic crossover/event I'll never forget. It's so mindblowing I have difficulties picking my favourite part. The way it starts? The way it ends? Everything that happens in between? Answer: all of the above. Trust me, it's all amazing (Sorry, Spidey :D ). If you like Thor, if you enjoy Aaron's writing, then you will definitely love this. It's not only thrilling (with unbelievable plot-twists) but, while still having s...
  • GW Review Dabbler
    Wanted to give this a go as it was a major Marvel event. Haven't read much Avengers in the last few years but have semi kept up-to-date with goings on and you don't need to know too much to read this.There's not much character development but there are a lot of Marvel characters involved and lots of action. This isn't going to tax you when reading it but it's a good introduction/re-introduction into the world of Thor et al.
  • Nadja
    *read as single issues*I really enjoyed this event. It was mostly one big battle with lots of heroes and all the different realms involved but it was beautifully done. There was a lot of build up for this event and in may opinion it really paid of. The story had some nice twists and even more emotional moments. A lot of characters had their moment to shine. Also the whole book is just absolutely beautiful. The art alone is absolutely worth it.
  • Matt
    Collects War of the Realms issues #1-6There is some good stuff happening in this 2019 event miniseries, but it was a little bit of a let down after Jason Aaron's exceptional, multi-year run on "Thor." The middle of the book felt like marketing for all of the spin offs, and there was so much happening, that the "big moments" did feel that big. So, while there were aspects of this event that I really liked, overall I was hoping for much more.