War of the Realms by Jason Aaron

War of the Realms

THE WAR OF THE REALMS is upon us! Malekith, king of the Dark Elves, has been conquering the Ten Realms and now has his sights set on the last one: Earth. And with armies of Frost Giants, Fire Goblins, trolls, angel warriors, Roxxon corporate soldiers, the Enchantress and the prince of lies himself, Loki, at his side, Malekith may just succeed. Asgardia is no more, Old Asgard is in ruins, and the majority of Asgardians are refugees on Earth. Now T...

Details War of the Realms

TitleWar of the Realms
Release DateAug 27th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Superheroes, Marvel, Graphic Novels, Comic Book, Fiction

Reviews War of the Realms

  • Malum
    I had pretty much written this event off because a lot of the pre-War of the Realms stuff I saw was very unimpressive. Much to my surprise, though, this turned out to be a lot of fun. From the first issue to the last, it is just one constant fight with more heroes than you can shake a stick at. Imagine the last battle in Endgame stretched out to a six-issue graphic novel. Bonus points for Spider-Man and Iron Man lightening things up with some pre...
  • Dimitra
    This is the best Marvel event in years. Probably my favorite. Jason Aaron's story telling along with Russell Dauterman's stunning art was such an enjoyable ride. This team has been building this for years and every book has been constantly better than the last... every issue, tie-in, mini series or on-going has been magnificent. Aaron's Thor years have been amazing and will forever stand out in the history books.
  • Ramon
    Doth mine eyes deceive me?! An entire event series with just one dedicated artist? An event with much planning and aforethought? Well, dear me if this isn't the best event series since, uh, Secret Wars. But also it's a great end to a phase of Aaron's Thor run. But the art is great (as is Wilson's colors) too. Lots of great moments of import that have been set up in previous issues. Lots of funny bits as well.
  • Chris Lemmerman
    The culmination of Jason Aaron's Thor run, an event 7 years in the making, finally hits the Marvel Universe as the War Of The Realms comes to Midgard.War Of The Realms is a summer blockbuster. It's high action, high stakes, character deaths galore (although there's quite a few fake-outs), but it never loses sight of the fact that it's meant to be the end of something, not a springboard for the next Marvel relaunch or status quo, which is a wonder...
  • Ondra Král
    All hail Jason Aaron!Vše co si pečlivě buduje v Thor sériích od roku 2012 vyvrcholí monumentální a nádherně nakreslenou akčňárnou plnou hlášek a cool scén. Tohle je mainstream s velkým M. Srdíčko nerda párkrát zaplesalo, o to víc, že Marvel po čase zvládl nějakej event. I když... WoR strašně trpí svou eventovostí - hromada zápletek je jenom načrtnutá, a řeší se ve vlastních řadách, takže třeba Thora is a...
  • Marco
    "If only Thor can save the day... Then we simply need more Thors."
  • Billy Jepma
    Jason Aaron is one of my favorite writers in comics, and Russel Dauterman is one of my favorite artists out there. As you can imagine, I was very excited to see them reunite for the "War of the Realms" event that Aaron has been building toward over the last several years. However, I'm usually very wary of event comics, so my excitement for this series was tempered with the nagging fear that it would miss the mark. Thankfully, it didn't. Not at al...
  • James
    3.5 stars. Man this made me mad. This run started off with so much potential. The story grabs you and draws you in for ride in such an awesome manner. As I was reading issues 1-4 I just couldn’t wait for the next book. Then it just lost all its steam in 5 and 6. I mean there was some cool stuff set up at the end that I’m looking forward to, but it’s like Aaron just gave up or stopped caring nearing then end of this. This easily could have b...
  • Peaky
    War of the Realms words we are hearing for years from Jason Aaron comics event he planned for so long finally concluded. I was more than teased for this War already seeing preludium of it in Mighty Thor issues ever since Loki put that dagger in his mother chest, also from other stories like Infinity Wars (Which sucks btw, but Loki is epic), Doctor Strange: God Of Magic etc. So story begins with a boom with dark elves “killing” Odin alone in O...
  • Mitchell Kukulka
    ”War is War. Giants just take more bullets is all.” Jason Aaron’s Masterclass On How to Write a Great Event Comic® will teach you just three lessons:1. The event should come at the end of a long road of build-up and storylines leading into it, not something thrown together to chase what’s popular.2. Work with one artist who knows the ins and outs of the story being told and the characters populating it so well that they can make every pa...
  • Nadja
    *read as single issues*I really enjoyed this event. It was mostly one big battle with lots of heroes and all the different realms involved but it was beautifully done. There was a lot of build up for this event and in may opinion it really paid of. The story had some nice twists and even more emotional moments. A lot of characters had their moment to shine. Also the whole book is just absolutely beautiful. The art alone is absolutely worth it.
  • Josh
    This event is the culmination of 7 years of great Thor comics from Jason Aaron. This event is a bit wacky at times, but it's never boring. War of the Realms is also a massive event with several tie-ins, which are mercifully optional. War of the Realms features beautiful Dauterman art, some corny dialog, and a healthy dose of fun. Worth a read for event junkies and Aaron Thor fans.
  • Andres Pasten
    Debiera ser un 3.5, ya que esta por sobre otros crossovers de Marvel. Pero la sensación de que no fue tan alto el costo por el tamaña de la guerra, no me deja darle un 4.
  • Mr Osowski
    As a Thor fan, there is no way I couldn't like this. What Aaron has done with Thor is fantastic. Can't wait to read the next (final?) segment in his journey.
  • Billy
    This was a really good series. I liked the coming together of the various Thors at the end.
  • Danielle Robertson Rath
    I read the Jane Foster as Thor series so this mega crossover event has me pumped! Loved the intro, looking forward to how it unfolds.
  • Ian Roditi
    All Hail the All-Father Thor ❤✨Chingonería de evento la verdá ❤ All Hail the All-Father Thor ❤️✨Chingonería de evento la verdá ❤️
  • Jennifer
    A genuinely epic event book from Jason Aaron's Thor corner of the Marvel universe. Lots of fun and gorgeous art!
  • Sebastian
    So much nonsense.