Cinder Road (Scorch #2) by Toby Neal

Cinder Road (Scorch #2)

The Scorch Series: romantic action adventure for fans of romance thriller suspense and family romance stories! Cold, calculating Dolf Luciano is a rock-climbing powerbroker in a tailored suit. An identical twin, he is the “brain,” and his brother Nando, the “heart.” Nando is swept away by the Scorch Flu as a pandemic ravages the nation, leaving his beautiful widow Avital alone--the woman Dolf has loved his entire life. An ER doctor dedica...

Details Cinder Road (Scorch #2)

TitleCinder Road (Scorch #2)
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreRomance, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Adventure, Romantic Suspense

Reviews Cinder Road (Scorch #2)

  • Jamie Davis
    Searing Romance, Heart-Stopping Adventure!This series continues to heat up as the Lucianos world falls apart. Despite JT’s pleading, Avital and Dolf remained in Philadelphia. Avital’s insistence to continue working at the hospital leaves Dolf with only one choices--to stay behind and protect her.The friction between the two escalates when they are forced to flee the city as it’s overran by fires and desperate victims of the Scorch flu. Now ...
  • Elisa Hordon
    Cinder was brilliant, sweet, tender, thrilling, amazing.Oh my goodness the lengths people will go to and I know it's fiction but you can really see it all happening, a total world gone mad apocalypse I loved every page I was devastated when I came to the last page now I'm hanging for the next one.Adolfo Luciano, identical twin of Nando Luciano in love with his twin brothers wife since the first day they met but not soon enough as she had already ...
  • Toby Neal
    Emily and I "found our voice" as co authors in this searing story of an intense and self sacrificing love triangle in the time of pandemic. These characters and their love will be in my heart forever.
  • EFinn1
    Great read-feverishly good pace. The saga of the Luciano family continues. Dolf, torn in half over the death of his twin and Avital, his buttoned down sister-in-law are left behind when the rest of the families flees a deadly epidemic. Avital stays out of stubbornness, Dolf stays out of love and duty- that is until the city they love turns deadly and they must make their way thousands of miles across country fraught with thieves, desperate people...
  • Heather
    Incredible! I loved the first book, Scorch Road, and this one was even more exciting. I loved reading the story of Dolf and Avital. It was a real page-turner and a true roller-coaster of emotions. Believe me, have tissues ready because you will cry tears of laughter, sadness, and happiness.
  • Ashlee Thatcher
    It was hard for me to put out a review on this - because normally a story line like this, even though I know there is suspension of disbelief, would leave me saying "C'mon", but Toby and Emily make it work. They have you hoping for love to play out when, normally, it might not feel right. They have you at the edge of your seat flipping pages to see what happens next, and there were even some tears. A masterly crafted story that has you falling in...
  • Jackie
    An amazing story by two authors that continue to keep writing stories that just keep you reading until the end. Twins, where one is the brain and one the heart and one woman loved by both. Unfortunately Avital's husband contacts the flu and dies. She's an ER Dr and continues to work even though it's dangerous. Dolf has always been in love with her and promised his brother he would take care of her. A beautiful story, appreciated the chance to rea...
  • Jessie Mckissick
    This book grabbed my heart.I loved this book from the first page. The characters told this story like they wrote it themselves. The pain and loss of a spouse, and the blossoming of awareness for a new love, all while fighting just to stay alive. A wonderful book.
  • Lisa Hudson
    Book 2 in the Scorch Series is another edge of your seat adventure! It is the story of twins Nando and Adolfo Luciano & the woman they both loved, Avital. Nando & Avital were married but the Scorch Flu took Nando's life. Nando had always known his twin Dolf loved Avital. In his will, he left his home and his wife to his twin. Avital is a doctor and finally Dolf has to force her away from the hospital where there are no longer any supplies and ver...
  • Nell
    LOVED this book! This series is fantastic, the characters are lovable, the dangers keep you on the edge of your seat. Fast paced and exciting is the norm for these authors and they do not disappoint with Cinder Road.
  • Ellen White
    CINDER ROAD is the 2nd in the Scorch series by Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman. A tense thriller, that keep you on your toes, will the Luciano's survive, the flu that is ravaging the nation. They flee to a compound in Haven, to be safe. As the twins share, they also fell in love with the same woman. Nando met her first, but he is gone now a victim of the flu. Working with the widow Avital at the hospital, for Adolfo promised his brother he would loo...
  • Anima
    With my heart in my throat I just couldn't put it down! Backtracking a bit with the first book we have the death of Nando, the uncomfortable feelings between Dolf and Avital, and the destruction of their neighborhood. The tension and love that exists painfully with these two is almost palpable through the pages. Their adventure is rough and dangerous but Dolf shows his true self to Avi, although she knew it all along. I believe this will be a six...
  • BJ
    OH, MY! #2 in this collaboration of Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman certainly continues the saga of a nation being brought down by a terrible bioterrorism attack of ‘Scorch Flu’. Whether released accidentally, or on purpose, it has spread like wild fire. The (HOT) Italian Luciano family fights to save not only themselves, but many others along the way (beloved pets included!). There's so much I could say about this book! Scalding HOT at times, d...
  • Alejandra Roa
    INCREDIBLE, the series are getting better and better. The story of Dolf got my mind spiraling. Dolf has been in love with his twin's wife since he first met her. Now that she is a widow, he looks to approach her but he does not how and it is very sweet because he is not a man of word but of action. Avital is angry at herself for feeling how she is feeling about Dolf but she can't help it. Dolf is trying to get her safe to his brother's place and ...
  • Mary Lee
    Not my faveThis was not my favorite book. Timing just seemed way off for one thing. They travelled by vehicle a couple days then walked a couple weeks to end up close to their destination, when it took JT and Elizabeth almost a week to travel by car to travel the same distance. They must have been walking some serious miles there. Walking and stopping at every home to offer medical help also seemed beyond stupid, especially after what they went t...
  • Marti
    Rated R. Nando is gone, dead from Scorch Fever. His twin, Dolf, is determined to take care of Nando’s widow, Avital. He just has to somehow get her safely to The Haven or die trying.
  • Mommysmoose
    This is the second book in Toby's newest series. Dolf is half of a whole. His identical twin Nando suffers from the Scorch flu and eventually dies leaving a huge hole in Dolf's life. Dubbed the tin man for the majority of his life Dolf is devastated. Having always loved his brother's wife, Dolf promises Nando that he will protect Avi. Avi is afraid to show her love for Dolf but, after the hospital that she works at is overrun from the flu they le...
  • Sandie
    Book two in the Scorch series continues the adventure and romance as set in book one. Set in an apocalyptic time where thousands are dying, Avital buries her husband, Nando. His twin brother Dolf has always loved Avital, and because she vows to remain working in the hospital, Dolf stays to look out for her. The night of Nando's funeral, they sleep together, igniting a apssion which they both try to ignore - Avital because she feels guilty for sle...
  • Linda
    Cinder Road was better than Scorch Road, and I didn't think that was possible. These two ladies work flawlessly together. I am so looking forward to Smoke Road. I can see that smoke in the distance now...patiently waiting...Each book in this series is like waiting for Christmas.
  • Sinead
    These authors combine to make well thought out and exciting read. Really looking forward to book three.* I was given this book in exchange for an honest review*
  • Laura Martinez
    This series just keeps getting better and better!!The second book begins with Dolf's story and my oh my it's a good one!! Dolf and Avital's story is a unique story and one I don't think I hear of frequently. To see Dolf go from "Tin-man" to a protective and loving guy just had me swooning! This story was packed with action, suspense, and romance. I still couldn't believe that it was written by two different authors because the way it is written i...
  • Gayle
    Oh mylanta!!!!!!!!What a wild ride!! Absolutely could not put this book down after I started it (except to go to work). So many tears were shed while reading g this especially at the end. Dolf not believing his mom loved him and that he was the forgotten twin really struck at the heartstrings. And Nando passing away in the beginning just broke my heart. So glad they have a happy ending and cannot wait to start reading Smoke Road
  • Karen
    The long road to HavenThis KU library read is a great addition to the Scorch series. Timewise, it overlaps book one, featuring Dolph Luciano and his deceased twin's widow, Dr. Avital Luciano. The deadly Scorch Flu pandemic has spread across the nation, leaving vacuums in law enforcement. Dolph promised Nando that he would protect Avital, but she's making it hard. Avital has been burying herself in work at the hospital since Nando's death, and she...
  • Lori
    Steamy!Pheww! This second book of the Scorch series gave me a bit of a fever and I can't wait to see what happens to the rest other family. Give me more.......faster, please!
  • Laura R
    This is the second book in the Scorch Series and is the story of Adolfo "Dolf" Luciano. It took me a little to get my bearing since this story doesn't start where book 1 left off but rather starts about midway through the timeline of the first book. And while I didn't particularly like Dolf at the beginning of the book, the more I learned of his character I grew to appreciate him more. This book was a quick read and I highly recommend reading thi...
  • #ByFelicia
    Another luscious Luciano brother? Yes, please!! Book 2 gives us a little more insight into Adolfo "Dolf" Luciano. Having lost his identical twin Nando to the Scorch Flu there's very little left for him outside of his family. Except Avital. The love of his life. Who also happens to be his sister in law. If you ask Dolf, Nando was the lucky brother who met Avital first. But Dolf was content to be a part of her life from the outside looking in if it...
  • Karin
    Loved this book; great love story set during a very dark time with the deadly Scorch Flu threatening the country. I really loved the characters, and the way they handle this terrible situation. Interesting story, characters, and the authors descriptive and compelling writing make this a book you've got to read. It can be read independently of the first in this series, it gives a recap of the prior story, and then goes on. But I really also liked ...
  • Cindy Mathis
    I literally read this book in one sitting. Once I got started I couldn't stop! Toby and Emily have hit their stride with Book 2 in this romantic, post apocalyptic thriller series. I cannot wait for the next book!
  • Brandy Barber
    Morningfull love. What a heart string pulling story. This book had so many struggles in it. To love, not to love, how to love. I was so worried they wouldn't make it. This was a very good story. The Scorch Flu had really taken over the world. The road they travel on is full of all kinds of trouble. I'm so glad they come to accept their life journey. That they can move on to a better life at the end.
  • Stephanie Schmidt
    I can't put them down once I start reading them. Cinder Road kept me guessing what would happen next! The more I read in this series the more excited I get!! I am in love with this series and can not wait for Smoke Road to come out