Retreat from Moscow by David Stahel

Retreat from Moscow

A gripping and authoritative revisionist account of the German Winter Campaign of 1941-1942Germany's winter campaign of 1941-1942 is commonly seen as its first defeat. In Retreat from Moscow, a bold, gripping account of one of the seminal moments of World War II, David Stahel argues that instead it was its first strategic success in the East. The Soviet counteroffensive was in fact a Pyrrhic victory. Despite being pushed back from Moscow, the Weh...

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TitleRetreat from Moscow
Release DateNov 19th, 2019
PublisherFarrar, Straus and Giroux
GenreHistory, War, World War II, Military Fiction, Nonfiction

Reviews Retreat from Moscow

  • Venky
    Riding on the back of research that can only be appropriately described as ‘monumental’, David Stahel’s “Retreat From Moscow”, portrays in an unsparing and eviscerating fashion, Germany’s ill-fated winter campaign between 1941 – 1942. Drawing on new sources of history, Mr. Stahel argues that the despotic dictator Adolf Hitler’s “first defeat” took place as early as in the summer of 1941. Operation Barbarossa (the code name for...
  • Cristie Underwood
    The author's painstaking research and attention to detail is obvious in the writing of this book. There were many facts that I only discovered after reading this!
  • Eric
    TL;DR David Stahel’s Retreat from Moscow provides a comprehensive, effective argument for looking anew at the battles of the 1941-1942 German winter campaign. Highly recommended for history and WWII buffs.Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Find more reviews at! Review Once, I watched a friend build frames for a renovation on his house. He built a solid frame that would hold up under ...
  • EJ
    This work is massive in scope, involving vast geographic areas and millions of men. It does not discuss the retreat from Moscow at the individual soldier’s level, but at the corps and army level. We are treated to the workings of the very highest-ranking German generals on the Eastern Front. David Stahel, the author, is a professional historian, teaching both at the University of New South Wales and the Australian Defence Force Academy. This is...
  • Steve
    A great book and Hitler's winter campaign against Russia in 1941-1942. Hitler invaded Russia during operation Barbarossa, but the German troops were unprepared and low of supplies and winter clothing during the harsh Russian winter, resulting many deaths from exposure to the weather. The Russians counterattacked and were will equipped and well prepared to defeat the German army.