Beverly, Right Here by Kate DiCamillo

Beverly, Right Here

Beverly put her foot down on the gas. They went faster still.This was what Beverly wanted — what she always wanted. To get away. To get away as fast as she could. To stay away.Beverly Tapinski has run away from home plenty of times, but that was when she was just a kid. By now, she figures, it’s not running away. It’s leaving. Determined to make it on her own, Beverly finds a job and a place to live and tries to forget about her dog, Buddy,...

Details Beverly, Right Here

TitleBeverly, Right Here
Release DateSep 24th, 2019
PublisherCandlewick Press
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Juvenile

Reviews Beverly, Right Here

  • Lola
    It is so clear, to me, why Kate DiCamillo is such a beloved children’s writer. She writes with such thoughtfulness and elegance. She gives voice to young girls who don’t always realize that they have one and that it most certainly deserves to be heard. She makes you want to listen to children more often and actually consider their words carefully. Kids have dreams, too. They have aspirations. They have goals and the strength to accomplish the...
  • Erin
    Quite honestly, I am becoming a big Kate DiCamillo fan. Having enjoyed Lousiana's Way Home last year, I just couldn't resist reading her latest middle grade novel. Fourteen year old Beverly Tapinski is devastated after the death of her dog and so she decides to leave and head out for adventure. Eccentric characters and hilarious situations occur and I fell into this tale immediately. I would certainly recommend it to a classroom library. Goodre...
  • Schizanthus Nerd
    I read the Three Rancheros series out of order. Louisiana’s Way Home was my first Kate DiCamillo read (ever) and it remains my favourite of the series. I absolutely adored Louisiana and every Burke Allen competed to become my favourite character. When I read Raymie’s story I was introduced to this wonderful spitfire of a young girl called Beverly. I suspected at the time that Beverly would wind up being my favourite character of the series a...
  • Cheri
    This is the third in a series that follows Kate DiCamillo’s Raymie Nightingale and Louisiana’s Way Home, and follows Beverly Tapinski who has faced the loss of her father who left when she was young, followed by, her friends Raymie and Louisiana whose families moved away leaving her to face her life with her alcoholic mother, with only her beloved dog, Buddy, to give and receive the love she so desperately needs. And then Buddy dies, and with...
  • Susan's Reviews
    My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Magical writing and great character development. I was riveted, watching a closed-off Beverly slowly evolve into a fuller, happier young person. This book really highlights the damage people do to one another when we isolate or exclude anyone in a community, or fail to ensure that children are adequately cared for, emotionally and physica...
  • KC
    Fourteen year-old Beverly Tapinski is no stranger to running away from her alcoholic mother, but after the death of her beloved rescue dog Buddy, she leaves for good, ending up moving in with an elderly woman whom she befriends, driving her to BINGO, gets hired to bus tables, and finds a town full of people that give her the courage to come to terms with her loss and to eventually face herself. Everything Kate DiCamillo writes is golden.
  • Laura Harrison
    Beverly, Right Here is a work of art. I am in awe of its beauty, perfection and nuances. This is how a middle grade masterpiece is written. I loved Raymie Nightingale. The book was magical. I may love Beverly, Right Here just as much if not more. How I adore reading middle grade books written with actual middle grade children in mind. Too often children's literature is written to please adults. In content and maturity level. Today's kid's are bom...
  • SheAintGotNoShoes
    The third book in the Raymie, Louisiana, Beverly trilogy and I enjoyed reading all of them ! I am a huge Kate DiCamillo fan. I love that she is a storyteller rather than just a writer of children's books, which are vastly different.All 3 girls in one way or another have experienced abandonment, neglect and inattention at home and form a deep bond between themselves and all are connected throughout the 3 books.A+++++++++
  • Jordan Henrichs
    This is definitely my favorite of the Three Rancheros. While this fits squarely inside DiCamillo's world, it's a much smaller story than its predecessors, more focused than Raymie and more believable than Louisiana. Reminds me more of Winn-Dixie and The Tiger Rising than Rancheros #1 and #2, which I liked. In typical DiCamillo fashion, the supporting cast of characters are fantastic. It amazes me how much personality she is able to pack into the ...
  • DaNae
    In BEVERLY, RIGHT HERE DiCamillo proves again that she is the master of proving that small acts of generosity matter, as simple as a dime for a horse that goes nowhere. That looking out for each other matters, like teaching someone to dance or writing someone's name over and over again eighty times. And that even flawed people deserve happiness, acceptance and a place to call home. I was whining to myself the other day about how weary I was growi...
  • Clara
    THIS ISN'T OUT FOR EIGHT MONTHS BUT IT GETS 5 STARS BECAUSE KATE DICAMILLO.Come quickly, September. O_O- September 2019 -*cries for a million years* GO READ IT.
  • Laura
    The whole series was great, but this one is my favorite out of the three. It had so many beautiful themes and emotions that, even as an adult, I was emotionally moved by. I would recommend reading the series in order though, so you can approach each book with a fuller understanding of the characters. I’m going to need a hardcover of this one.
  • Donna Merritt
    I'm a huge Kate DiCAmillo fan and I enjoyed this book. It's a quick read, but touches upon important issues. Who are we? Is it worth the risk to connect with others? What's the definition of real family? Beverly was a character in Raymie Nightingale and I liked learning more about her (same as the character Louisiana in Louisiana's Way Home). I'm a grade 4/5 school librarian and would happily add this to our collection except for one part. Beverl...
  • Beth
    What a spectacular piece of writing this is, from its title about Beverly, who is always leaving, to the story, about where she ends up, and what she does when she gets there. This is a book distinguished by its setting, by its beautifully deliberate writing, by the brightness of its colors and the way those colors convey contrast and place and characterization.Instead, she went down to the beach. She stood and stared at the big indifferent ocean...
  • Pallavi
    ****5.0****Kate DiCamillo always amazes me. She can write perfectly well about imperfect things in life.Story of Beverly is connected to Louisiana's Way Home and Raymie Nightingale.Beverly has left her house, her alcoholic mother, her best friend Raymie and Her best friend Buddy's grave, a Dog. She doesn't have a reason to stay. She sets out into the world and tries to stay on her own. But she meets Iola, who takes her in into her Trailor, People...
  • Afoma Umesi
    Beverly, Right Here is the perfect finale to Kate DiCamillo’s wonderful series. This book is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. But above all, it highlights the importance of seeing the good in others, the need to trust and rely on other people, and the power of letting people in.If you’re looking for a book with complex, utterly lovable characters, and insightful dialogue, pick up Beverly, Right Here! Read my full review here. I received a...
  • Leonard Kim
    Listened to audiobook, but I'm going to read it as soon as my copy comes in. Stands among DiCamillo's very best, though I don't think it will be as popular as Winn-Dixie or Despereaux. In some ways, it is more similar to DiCamillo's earliest books, Winn-Dixie and Tiger Rising, than anything she's written since. Her later books tended to have similar authorial voices -- very different characters would all sound like Kate DiCamillo, as great as tha...
  • Zoey
    The story of three friends that began in Raymie Nightingale is concluded in this third book. Beverly's spunk and honesty has made her one of my favorite characters from the beginning. But it's in Beverly, Right Here that we really get that final picture of who she is and who she wants to be.Kate Dicamillo has created a masterful series. It's not packed with action or daring plot twists or subplots so don't approach it with those expectations! But...
  • Hizatul Akmah
    Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with the digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review actual rating: 4.6/5 well, what do i expect from this amazing author??? she literally did it again!! reading this book makes me want to hug Beverly so badly.This is a story of Beverly Tapinski after the events of Raymie Nightingale and Louisiana's Way Home and after the death of his dog, Buddy. She lived with her alcoho...
  • Leah
    I like Kate DiCamillo's work, and I've really liked the other two companions to this one. I liked this one too, but it was oddly...existential, perhaps, for a middle grade book. There were moments where it felt more YA or even adult based on the action or the atmosphere or the characterizations, and I wondered whether this was more of a book with child characters that adults were meant to like rather than an actual book for young people. The arc ...
  • Joey
    I could read 100 more books about Raymie, Beverly, and Louisiana.
  • Kari Yergin
    In a crooked little house by a crooked little sea...How did he get the name nod? Asked Elmer. Because of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod said Iola who sailed off in a wooden shoe. But I shall name you the fisherman three: Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, said Elmer. Yes, said Iola. Just like that. Only there aren’t three anymore. They used to be a Wynken and a Blynken. But now there’s just a Nod. That’s how it is when you get old: you watch all the peopl...
  • Lana
    Beverly, Right Here was a touching middle grade story that connected the characters from two of DiCamillo’s early books; Louisiana’s Way Home and Raymie Nightingale. The story starts off with a girl who feels lost after her dog dies, while living in a less than suitable home and she decides to runaway. I did enjoy reading this one, and loved all the characters surrounding Beverly. I think Louisiana’ way Home is still my favorite, but would ...
  • Queen Cronut
    After the emotional rollercoaster of Louisiana's Way Home, I thought I was prepared for this one. Correction: I thought wrong because alas, I was not ready for this one. Beverly, Right Here finishes the series about the Three Rancheros. My rating system of the series looks something like this now:Louisiana's Way Home > Beverly, Right Here > Raymie NightengaleAlthough Beverly Tapinski wasn't my favorite... I adored her by the end of this. Followin...
  • Marsha
    There is no one like Kate DiCamillo for writing poignant novels about broken young people who transcend their circumstances through kindness and perception. I love Beverly's healing interactions with Iola, a lonely widow who lives in a trailer, and Elmer, a gifted and wonderful boy who was bullied in high school. Their appreciation and enactment of small kindnesses sets off a spiral of healing, not just for Beverly, who is mourning the death of h...
  • Julie Kirchner
    I have been a huge Kate fan since meeting her the week she won the Newbery Honor for Because of Winn Dixie, so I admit am a bit biased when I read her books.I love the way her writing flows. It is lyrical in a way that feels like I am dancing through the storyline. I can sit down one moment and not even realize I have plowed through 50 pages. I think this makes her writing appealing to students of varying levels as well and brings joy to the read...
  • ~ Cheryl ~
    It’s just so hard to like Beverly, with that gigantic chip on her shoulder.I’m thinking that’s what my problem was with this book… if I can claim to have a problem with a book I did ultimately like. But it turns out, of the three books in this trio (based on the three girls: Raymie, Louisiana, and Beverly), this one ranks at #3.It opens just after Beverly has buried her beloved dog Buddy, and has decided to run away. Actually, she figures...
  • Mathew
    When Kate Di Camillo wrote Raymie Nightingale I realised that I had found a book that sang to me on many levels and considered it a novel for children that had no room for improvement. It was faultless. So when she announced that a book about Louisiana Louisiana's Way Home was in the pipeline along with this book, I had my concerns. I had grown incredible attached to these three characters and wanted them left alone. But I now understand complete...
  • Katie Fitzgerald
    Beverly, Right Here concludes Kate DiCamillo's Three Rancheros trilogy, which also includes Raymie Nightingale (2016) and Louisiana's Way Home (2018). Beverly is now fourteen, and her dog, Buddy, has recently died. Unable to stand her mother's neglect any longer, Beverly hitches a ride out of town and finds herself in a totally new community. There she befriends Iola, an older woman who is clearly lonely and eagerly takes Beverly into her home. S...
  • Wendi Lee
    Beverly, Right Here is the third book featuring characters from DiCamillo's beloved Raymie Nightingale. After Beverly's dog dies, she decides to escape her old life and make a new one. She ends up in a beach town, bunking with an elderly woman who lives in a trailer park, and busing tables at a fish restaurant. She has no intentions of making connections (and possibly breaking her heart - again), and indeed, brusque Beverly is sometimes hard to l...