The Truth About Cowboys by Lisa Renee Jones

The Truth About Cowboys

I had my life figured out.Engaged to a successful man.About to make partner at my firm.Bought a high-rise apartment in downtown Dallas.And then, poof, it’s all gone. Now, like in some cheesy romantic comedy, my car has broken down in the pouring rain on my way to “find myself” in The Middle of Nowhere, Texas. Cue hot guy coming to my rescue and changing my tire. This is the part where we flirt and have a meet-cute, right? That’s how it wo...

Details The Truth About Cowboys

TitleThe Truth About Cowboys
Release DateAug 27th, 2019
PublisherEntangled: Amara
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Westerns, Contemporary

Reviews The Truth About Cowboys

  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    One hot-headed cowboy, former pro baseball player, and freshly scorned lover meets no filter, balls-to-the walls divorce attorney, turned newly book author, and freshly scorned lover in the countryside of Texas. I think it's safe to say that sparks fly in The Truth About Cowboys.I'm not one who loves a constant push/pull romance but there are exceptions I find that I tend to really enjoy. Jason and Jessica are one of those exceptions. It has a lo...
  • Jennifer Kyle
    Pretty boring.
  • ☽ TheBibliotheque
    There's a fine line between the fun bickering characteristic of a frenemies and two people being simply annoying. Sadly, this one fell right into the latter.I guess The Truth About Cowboys is that they can be hella frustrating.Although not everything was bad, somehow I feel like this could have been more of a "me" problem. To be completely honest, I absolutely loved the first quarter of the story. The female lead was hilarious and I could relate ...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    3.5 Granny Takes Charge Stars* * *1/2 Spoiler FreeOh My, What a Cover! He is the perfect ad for Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy! Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Now the book. Lisa Renee Jones has created a female divorce lawyer who is successful and smart. She is respected and also has a personal life looking to be set...Until she finds her fiance' and his secretary going at it in bed. The moon must have been Mercury in Retrograde because ...
  • Beth
    The Truth About Cowboys is a fun, sweet, finding that perfect someone who might be that A**hole that owns the bungalow your living in.Jessica is a renown Dallas divorce attorney that finds her fiancée in bed with his secretary. Running away seems like the right thing to do so she gets on the internet and finds a bungalow available from this really sweet older lady named, Martha. When she arrives, she discovers that Martha doesn’t technically o...
  • Dianne
    My rating: 3.5 Stars!Hoping to regroup and lick her wounds after a miserable discovery about her ex, Jessica, a successful divorce attorney leased a cabin in the woods for solitude and to work on her how-to book on divorces. A confirmed city girl, she wasn’t prepared for the torrential rains, muddy roads or lack of civilization that dark night. When the gruff cowboy stopped to assist, he wasn’t the most welcome sight, but he was all she had, ...
  • Carvanz
    This was a hard push and pull romance with a couple that often straddled the line between love and hate. While Jessica is working on writing a divorce guide, her drunk friends talk her into writing a romance. Soon she’s doing both and each books shadows her emotions towards the jerky cowboy that is stealing her heart. From the highs to lows, her writing is a reflection of what she is experiencing with Jason. Unfortunately, it looks like she mig...
  • Kennedy Fox
    I LOVE this one!! I am a sucker for cowboys & this one did not disappoint. In fact, I stayed up most of the night/morning to read it, took a "nap" and then woke up and continued reading it until I finished. I'm so in love with this world & can't wait for more!
  • Lubnaa (Romance Library)
    2.5 starsI received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The truth about cowboys – or at least, this particular cowboy – is that they’re hot and cold assholes who despise city girls. If I ever hear or see the term “city girl” ever again, I’ll rip my hair out. Listen, I’m pretty patient and easygoing when it comes to flawed protagonists, especially in romance novels, but I cannot stand the hero in this book. Jason i...
  • Nadine Bookaholic
    If you have read any of Lisa Renee Jones' books you know they tend to be romantic suspense which she is a QUEEN at writing but this is something different, there is no suspense here. Jessica that needs to get out of the city after catching her fiance in a compromising position with his secretary, so she rents a small cottage in the country far enough away she knows she won't be running into him. Well, there is only one problem with that, and no i...
  • Izzie d
    This one didn't work for me.They are both damaged from bad relationship experiences.The Hero is grumpy and rude to the heroine when they meet, lots of authors do this troupe, then the Hero redeems himself.The problem is the Hero continues to be rude at times, give her the impression he doesn't like her as a 'city girl' and jumps to conclusions, based on his ex behaviour right up until 95% of the book.So to me he needed to have sorted himself out ...
  • April Symes
    THE TRUTH ABOUT COWBOYS by Lisa Renee Jones is the 1st book in the Sweetwater series. This is Jason and Jessica's story.This is a sweet and funny story that tugs at your heartstrings. I found Jessica and Jason to be wonderful and engaging characters that kept me hooked on their entertaining love story. I will say the back and forth bickering got to be a bit much at times but overall, great first start to a new series.My Rating: 4.5 stars ******
  • Morgan
    I'm so sorry to be so negative when I know that authors put so much hard work into their publications, but this book was not for me. Inconsistent events (were those two engaged or not before Jessica moved away? It wasn't clear in the beginning - she said "almost" but then later always referred to him as her fiance. That whole story line was ridiculous) and annoying characters drove me insane. I'm not the target audience for romances - I'm too cri...
  • Alison
    Dallas hot-shot divorce lawyer finds her fiance in bed with his secretary (such a cliche) and torpedoes her career by insulting the firm's biggest client then runs away to write a book about divorce in small-town Texas. Unfortunately, the cottage she has rented from a sweet little old lady turns out to be owned by the little old lady's very sexy grandson and former baseball pitcher.Granny is match-making but her grandson is having nothing to do w...
  • Nadine Bookaholic
    If you have read any of Lisa Renee Jones' books you know they tend to be romantic suspense which she is a QUEEN at writing but this is something different, there is no suspense here. Jessica that needs to get out of the city after catching her fiance in a compromising position with his secretary, so she rents a small cottage in the country far enough away she knows she won't be running into him. Well, there is only one problem with that, and no i...
  • Jypsy
    Thank you to Entangled and NetGalley for an advanced copy. All opinions expressed are my own. The Truth About Cowboys By: Lisa Renee Jones *REVIEW* 🌟🌟🌟The Truth About Cowboys is a hate to love type of romance. Jessica and Jason have both sworn off relationships, but in true ironic fashion, that maybe perfect person appears when least expected and not wanted. The story has plenty of angst and banter between Jessica and Jason as they resis...
  • Rochelle
    I really enjoyed this story. I mean how can you go wrong with a sexy cowboy. Jessica was running from the city because she needed to get away from a cheating boyfriend and her job. She goes to the country so she can write a book about surviving a divorce. She is a divorce attorney so who would know better on the subject. She meets Jason on the first night during a rainstorm. Jason is a rancher on the farm where the cottage she will be using is bu...
  • Prerana
    The blurb really doesn't do this book justice. This was absolutely adorable, and I loved it. I'm eager to read more Lisa Renee Jones.And I'm out.
  • Kim Vanravenswaay
    I wouldn't have been as patient with Jason. Jessica gave him way to many chances. She got it right, he acted like an asshole. I'm afraid that the author made me hate Jason a little to much for too long. He should have redeemed himself earlier in the book.
  • Rebecca
    Because I met Jason and Jessica in an upcoming release from Lisa Renee Jones, Tangled Up In Christmas, it was interesting to go back to when they met, their first impressions of each other, and the complications that made everything much more difficult for these two to figure out how to make things work, not only between them but also in their revamped professional careers. I’m actually glad that I met Jason after he and Jessica worked through ...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    When I pick up a Lisa Renee Jones book I am expecting intrigue, suspense, high-drama. You will get none of that in The Truth About Cowboys. What you will get is a broody cowboy and a city girl looking to lick her wounds and write her book. You’ll also get a spirited grandmother that you will absolutely fall in love with. So, a true romance, Texas style, is what you’ll get. No suspense … a little drama … a whole lot of hot male and a feist...
  • Erin Lewis
    5 star review of The Truth About Cowboys by Lisa Renee JonesWhen I heard that Lisa Renee Jones had a new series coming out I couldn’t wait to put my hand up to review. Having read several books by this talented author I was excited for The Truth About Cowboys.There is so much going on in this story that I found myself riveted to it. Jason Jenks, where do I start? There was just something about him that really drew me to him. He works hard, is a...
  • Sawyer ❤
    I’ll be honest in saying that my newly single self hasn’t been the biggest fan of romance novels lately. There’s nothing like a bitter break up to make a person stop believing in true love and happily ever afters.It’s no surprise I was drawn to this book because of the cover. While I may not believe in love, I do believe in steamy fun times with good looking men and this cover model is most definitely a good looking man.From the first pag...
  • Amy (TheSouthernGirlReads)
    Let’s see. A cowboy. A sweet grandma who cooks like an angel. A former divorce attorney coming to Sweetwater, Texas to get away from her @$$ ex-fiancé ..A hot, steamy Texas setting. Some really good buildup and some 🔥 steamy scenes..The Truth About Cowboys was exactly what I wanted in what I call...naked Cowboy books. (Criteria includes half dressed cowboy on the cover) 😂.I really enjoyed this quick, fun read. I would absolutely read mor...
  • Elysian Fields
    It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you give me a cowboy I’m going to swoon… add to that the fact that he is a professional baseball player with a brazen attitude and I am done for! I LOVED this story. This is an unexpected chance love story that is full of steam and swoon worthy moments. As I laughed and sighed my way through this story I also fell in love with the characters. They are passionate and sweet, kind and fiery. I loved...
  • Ayekah
    This is a tough one for me. I didn't love it, there were parts I liked but those parts were here and there throughout the book. I loved the first part of the book with the full of sass Jessica, a divorce attorney who leaves a cheating ex behind in Dallas to get away. She has no money, no place to live and she's on enforced leave from her high profile job. She's rented a little cottage in a small town a few hours away to get herself together and w...
  • EpicRomanceReviews
    ❤~🌟 4 FIERY STARS! ❤~🌟~❤If you enjoy a combustible enemies to lovers romances set in Nowhere, Texas, then your heart is going to be GALLOPING WITH EXCITEMENT as you dive into THE TRUTH ABOUT COWBOYS by Lisa Renee Jones! While this western-themed tale is a departure from her other books—it’s lighter and frothier than we are used to seeing—it’s still has her trademark stamp! Which means we get the razor sharp banter, the fiery s...
  • BeeKay
    Can sum this review of the “Truth about Cowboys” in three words...I loved it.First, the characters. I loved Martha, everyone needs a Martha in their lives. I would really be happy to see Martha get her chance at love! 💕 Who doesn’t love the sweet, cookie baking, matchmaker of a grandmother? I think Lisa Renee Jones needs to provide the cookie recipe in the book...I want one of those cookies! Now our MCs. Oh Jason, with the fine ass in th...