If I Ever (Hell or High Water #4) by S.E. Jakes

If I Ever (Hell or High Water #4)

Some ghosts refuse to stay buried . . .Prophet and Tom have been through the wringer more times than they can count, both as partners in the field and in life. Yet despite it all, they’ve built something great together. But now they need to protect it again: Prophet’s old nemesis, John Morse, is back and threatening everything he loves.Prophet is driven enough to take John down alone, and with a chance to do exactly that on the table, he runs...

Details If I Ever (Hell or High Water #4)

TitleIf I Ever (Hell or High Water #4)
Release DateJan 21st, 2019
PublisherRiptide Publishing
GenreRomance, M M Romance, War, Military Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews If I Ever (Hell or High Water #4)

  • Wendy
    It has been a really really long wait for this book. Years even... So when it finally arrived, I got a bit nervous. After waiting so long, I really needed this to be good. And it was....I loved the hell out of it !! It picks up right after the previous book ended and we are in for one hell of a ride !!So many secrets are about to be revealed, some of them really test the love between Tommy and Prophet. And that's not even the biggest challenge t...
  • Alisa
    *please note trigger warning at end of review*I went into this with some trepidation. It's been 5 years since the last book came out and I was concerned that my tastes had changed a lot since then. I actually thought about skipping this all together but I really wanted to see what was happening with Mal and Cillian. After reading this I think that was definitely part of my issue with this book but there were oh so may others. The overall plot was...
  • Kunstix
    I don't expect authors to put their books over their personal lifes but a short note like: "I'm going to make a writing-break for a year, for 5 years or whatever would be nice..."
  • Jewel
    If I Ever is the looooooong awaited conclusion to Prophet and Tommy's (main) story. I read the other books, originally, back in 2014 so before diving into this one, I did a full reread -- I encourage you to do the same if it's been a while. Now, was it worth the wait? A definite YES! Prophet and Tommy each have their ghosts, but not all of Prophet's ghosts are content to stay that way. John has haunted him and his team long enough and now is the ...
  • Trio
    Fans of SE Jakes’ “Hell or High Water” series, the wait is over. Trust me when I tell you it was worth it! The fourth and final episode of Prophet and Tom’s story, If I Ever, has all the action, drama, double dealing, and steamy hot and dirty sex I require in an SE Jakes novel. This one is spectacular!I don’t want to spoil too much, but since it’s promised in the dedication, I can say that our boys do finally get their happily-ever-af...
  • ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣
    I couldna ask for anything more:For all the secrets kept deep inside so many people throughout this series, the payoffs are just as significant. Mal is still and forever will be... just... everything. **The bazillion bonds that inform the friendships between all of these people: LOVE. I LOVE. LOOOOOOVE. Ren, oh Ren, you're a *veeeery* close second to Mal as the brilliant and organic comic relief, just by being yourself. And yes, you read that rig...
  • Bev
    Well...what can I say?? Absolutely Fab-u-lous. Loved it to bits. Not giving any spoilers away here, but I was left with a HUGE smile on my face at the end after much fist pumping and muted cheering [people still in bed here 😉]. I loved the banter, the camaraderie, the fact that Prophet and Tom actually DID have people they could rely on to be there for them [unlike some 🤬] without question and any barefaced lies.I'm hoping [pretty please??]...
  • Natalia
    Worth the wait!! Sad to see the end of the series, but hopefully we will see more of the guys in Mal’s books.
  • MishyJo
    2 stars. I loved re-reading this series over the last few weeks. I love Tommy and Prophet so much. I didn’t like them through much of this book, however. Also I had trouble following the story. It was all over the place. There was just too much going on. Like a fireworks grand finale gone very wrong. Disappointed.
  • Sandi ♥'s way too many M/M books
    Omg I saw an Instagram post she has wrote the words and sent to editor! I might pass out
  • Viv
    It pains me to give Tommy & Prophet only 3 stars, but this book was so very confusing. I was lost for most of it. I didn't understand the plot. It drove me crazy that they can all read each other's minds! This book was all over the place and it makes me sad that this was their ending especially after waiting 5 years.
  • Chris
    4.5 stars ... what a fabulous conclusion to this series .. or is it ? I love Tommy & Prophet and they deserved their ending ( no spoilers ) it was intense, non stop and constant. I loved having all the guys together and even though it was a while between books, I fell back into this covert world pretty easily. Well worth the read
  • Jinx
    *closes eyes, takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out*Unpopular Opinion Time:This book was a hot mess. After all these years of waiting for the conclusion of this series I expected a flawless story but, all I got were a bunch of starts and stops and unnecessary side characters followed by their unnecessary POV’s. It was too much and not enough if that makes any sense and if it doesn’t well neither did this book so... *shrugs shoulders* I r...
  • MouthLeaf
    If I Ever harkens back to a simpler time, when the genre of Man-lovin'-Man Romance was more akin to lady-approved fantasy porn: An amalgamation of toxically masculine yet sensitive heroes, expression of unfulfilled sexual desires, cultural stereotypes and action movie clichés. It was a world where all men were alpha males and all men were at least partially gay - and by partially gay, that means probably fully gay. It was a world where all men w...
  • Bitchie
    Finally, a book checked off my "lost books" shelf!I'll be honest, I'm kind of let down, here. It felt like the author was trying to make up for leaving readers hanging for so damned long by throwing everything possible into the plot. There were backstabs and betrayals every where you looked, a surprise revelation (or two) about Tom's old FBI mentor, AND the guy that recruited him for EE, and at least one surprise mission that I kept thinking woul...
  • JustJen
    To say this book was a long-time coming would be a gross understatement. However, given the circumstances and what Ms. Jakes has been through for the past few years, I’m grateful she came through with this at all.That said, it has been approximately five years since the previous book, and had I had more notice of when this was actually coming out, I would have liked to have gone back and re-read this series to freshen my memory. I highly recomm...
  • Veronica-Lynn Pit Bull
    If I Ever was long awaited and 10 stars did not disappoint! It tied up all the loose ends on an unbelievably long and convoluted story. Prophet and Tommy are my all-time favorite fictional couple and I was worried so much time had passed that the author would “lose” their voices; but not so. The boys were perfect and their HEA was everything they are: sexy, funny and heartwarming. But I’m not going to lie. I had to go back and re-read to pu...
  • Meg Elisabeth
    Shocker. This book was actually released. I'll be completely honest and admit I'm shocked it was released at all - I'd really given up on it.So... was it worth the wait??? In short, no. For me, at least.To be frank, this book is a bit of a mess. There was so. much. going on, and most of it seemed... I don't know... convoluted and meandering, maybe? Not a ton of it made sense; there was always something happening in the "background" that seemed to...
  • JenMcJ
    3.5 stars rounded up because it's my own fault I didn't do my homework. Well. Ok. My mistake is that I didn't re-read at least the last book (but it would have been best to binge read all 4 prior books) before I picked up this one. With a 5 year gap, I really should have because it took me a long time to remember the people and their interconnections. A lot of what I did remember came from the author pretty adeptly jogging memories without feelin...
  • (╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ
    *WARNING: CONTAIN SPOILERS*I'm going to be honest, I was not going into this expecting a five star read. I knew that as the years went by, my reading tastes would change, and I'd have less tolerance and patience as a reader. But honestly I was not expecting this book to be the mess that it ended up being. For one, Prophet and Tom only seemed to resolve things through sex. Have an argument? Sex. Avoiding the problem at hand? Sex. (view spoiler)[Pr...
  • Amanda
    I don’t even know if I can write a review that will portray how much I absolutely love this entire series. Not going to try, just going to give myself something to remind me of why I loved it. Tommy and Prophet: They started off rocky and both KNOWING they couldn’t take a partner. One because he thought he was bad luck and those other because he thought it would keep a partner safe. But love happens when you are least expecting it. They are ...