Leading the Way by Janet Howell

Leading the Way

In this engaging and highly accessible compendium for young readers and aspiring power brokers, Virginia Senator Janet Howell and her daughter-in-law Theresa Howell spotlight the careers of fifty American women in politics -- and inspire readers to make a difference.Meet some of the most influential leaders in America, including Jeannette Rankin, who, in 1916, became the first woman elected to Congress; Shirley Chisholm, the first African-America...

Details Leading the Way

TitleLeading the Way
Release DateOct 8th, 2019
PublisherCandlewick Press (MA)
GenreNonfiction, History, Childrens, Picture Books

Reviews Leading the Way

  • Morris
    I really enjoyed this collection of fifty miniature biographies of women in history. There is enough information to teach new facts to history buffs of any age. It would be a great tool to use to jumpstart deeper reasearch for middle-graders. Highly recommended!This unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.
  • Laura Gardner
    Leading the Way is a celebration of women in power on the eve of the 100 year anniversary of women receiving the right to vote in 1920. The collective biography of 50 women is organized by alphabetical order and highlighted with character traits of leaders including integrity, resourcefulness, courage, empathy, persistence and more. Each biography is written on two large format pages with an illustration of the woman’s face, an enlarged inspiri...
  • Zandria Senft
    Leading the Way: Women in Power teaches us about amazing women who have helped make this world a better place! I absolutely loved the "Power Symbols" in the book! I thought this was such a unique and visually appealing way to show some amazing traits these women have/had! The perfect book to pick up and learn about some powerful women!
  • Linda
    I love introducing a book filled with short biographies of more recent women, some now passed, but who in the past century up to today, continue that fight for women's equal rights, continue to live their lives as examples of how persistence can achieve goals. Illustrations by Kylie Akia and Alexandra Bye carry a patriotic theme. Thanks to Candlewick Press for the copy. While reading profiles of fifty women, many whom I enjoy hearing speak today,...
  • Maura
    I received a free advanced copy of this book from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers giveaway in exchange for an honest review.Highest recommendations for this book! I wish it was around when I was a kid. “Leading the Way” features short profiles of 50 women from past and present that are important political role models. These are truly inspiring leaders, heroines and role models from all walks of life. Some of these important women I had never...
  • Alisa
    This book is amazing and I can't wait to add it to me classroom library. This is so important for all students of different races, genders, and religions to find a representative of themselves in this book. I even learned some new interesting facts. I think this is a must read for all children so they can grow up to become like these adults. I got this book from GoodReads First Reads and I'm so so so grateful (and so are my students!)
  • Emmanuelle Works
    Delightful introduction to extraordinary, inspiring women who have made and are still making a difference in US politics. I want to share that one with all my friends with children. I want to give a copy of that one to my library. I didn't have to give it to my 12 year-old daughter, as she grabbed it the moment she saw it. This is a wonderful, meaningful gift in a beautiful, appealing package.
  • Bkrieth
    I am giving this 4 stars only because I have not seen the finished product-the uncorrected partial proof I reviewed is full of promise. An interesting and informational look at 50 influential women in American history, the narratives are compelling, as is the Take-Action Guide at the back. I look forward to seeing this in its completed form.
  • Cristie Underwood
    This is a great book that introduces young readers to influential women from all walks of life. I am going to be using this in my classroom, as I feel it is well written and that my students will enjoy it!
  • Kirsti Call
    Great book for learning about women who have made a difference.
  • M.
    It was a good read.
  • Kristina Aziz
    So I didn't know there were ten influential women in politics, much less 50. Needless to say, this book has earned a permanent space on my bookshelf.
  • Julie
    Thank you to Candlewick Press for the advanced copy at the Spring 2020 Boston Librarian preview! Beautiful biographical writeups of some of the most determined and ground breaking women in American history. Lovely illustrations and overall a hopeful, important book that is sure to inspire leaders of all genders.