The Perfect Comeback by Kacey Shea

The Perfect Comeback

I don’t do boyfriends. Or dating. Or random hookups.Not when fictional men do it so much better, and not when my heart has been through the wringer. So when retired MMA fighter Matt Haywood crashes into my life, I’m not impressed. Quite the opposite actually. I avoid him at all costs.At least, I try. His persistence wears me down and it’s me who ends up wandering into his gym looking for more. I have to admit he’s nothing like I assumed. ...

Details The Perfect Comeback

TitleThe Perfect Comeback
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
PublisherKacey Shea Books LLC
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Sports and Games, Sports, Warfare, Fighters

Reviews The Perfect Comeback

  • Shannon
    4.5*I'm kind of embarrassed to say this was my first full length Kacey Shea novel. But now that I've gotten a true taste of her writing it definitely won't be my last! The Perfect Comeback is a wonderful mix of everything I enjoy in a contemporary romance novel- great sexual tension, fun, flirty banter, terrific friends you wish were yours, real, relatable characters, and just the right amount of angst to keep the story interesting. I loved that ...
  • Sarah
    Mia is not your typical lead female. She's a top video game designer, total Walking Dead nerd, and has become a bit of a cold-hearted B to protect herself after a bad relationship in her past. Luckily, she has her best friend Jared (I love him. We *all* need a Jared in our lives) and his sister Rae to keep her sane. Matt was so sweet. He's a former UFC/MMA fighter who now owns a gym. Let me be clear. I am not a huge fan of sports romances. But Ma...
  • Danielle ⚾️ (Danielle's Escape)
    Amazeballs for sure! Be prepared to laugh loud and have the person behind you in line wonder what your reading. Full review coming soon!
  • Catherine Bibby (Rochelle's Reviews)
    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Kacey Shea had me laughing from the beginning of Mia and Matt's story in My Undead Heart. I mean who names their cat after a Walking Dead character except for a bad ass chick like Mia. It wasn't long until I was completely enraptured with Matt and Mia and their game obsessed, MMA worlds. I couldn't wait for them to get down and dirty and find their happy ever after together. Mia Shultz is a love...
  • Brandy Roberts
    I really enjoyed My undead heart with lovable characters and story line that will have you hooked till the very end . This would be the first book I read by Kacey Shea and it wont be my last an author who can have cats named after one of the walking dead characters has got to my kind of people plus when you add hilarious banter . There wasn't anything I didn't love about this story and my cover lover senses are tingly while looking at this cover ...
  • Aaly
    *** ARC kindly provided  by the author for an honest review. *** This is not the first book I’ve read by Kacey Shea, and I felt like it was the first time. I’m always surprised by the balance of humor, sexy bits and definitely emotional ones, switching to one moment to another with such easiness.I was expecting something less emotional, it just took me by surprise. The tone of book was really refreshing, keeping me interested, intrigued and...
  • Kylee
    My Undead Heart is a story that will thaw out even the coldest heart. Mia and Matt's story is one of pasts dictating the present and impacting on what could be your future. Their story deals with abuse and how it impacts on you both physically and mentally as well as the people around you. It made me laugh and at times made me cry but most of all it gives you hope and shows you that when you find the right person that even the most undead heart w...
  • Brandi
    This was my first time reading this author, and I like her writing style. But I had a hard time connecting with Mia. Where we know Matt's backstory early on, it isn't until the 70% mark that we learn Mia's. I'm all for holding on to some mystery, but waiting that long to reveal her issue, especially when it's obvious it's something big, only made it harder to empathize with her actions up to that point. Sure, the defensiveness made sense then, bu...
  • Erin Toland
    Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Well don't let this title fool you. Mia is not ready for love but love is knocking on her door in the form of ex-UFC fighter, Matt. Matt doesn't seem to have his sh*t together, but when it comes to Mia he's got a plan and it's a good one. I really enjoyed the interaction between these two characters. They were like night and day and yet the dusk is where they blended so well, cause even zombies have to come out ...
  • Kacey Shea
    The Perfect Comeback has new look and new title! Formerly published as My Undead Heart, Matt and Mia's book contains the same humor, witty banter, and sexy times as before, but with fresh branding!
  • Cassandra (Thebookishcrypt)
    *ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*I've reviewed for Kacey for a while now and I'm happy to admit that my excitement over her books has only increased with each release! I didn't know anything about this book except that our main character is a zombie lover. As soon as I fond out about that small detail, I was all in. I'm not obsessed with zombies myself but I do love a quirky character that's immediately sets herself apart ...
  • Pam
    Mia's life seems simple enough. She's brilliant, a video game creator extraordinaire with best friends who always have her back. What more could a girl want? Romance? No! Mia's been burned so badly that love's a bad four-letter word. She's content with her cosplay, dressing up as a zombie, living her life for herself. But is she really happy? She's built walls within walls to protect her heart. She feels like the undead zombie she pretends to be....
  • The Book Cave (Devon Farrow )
    I loved this book from beginning to end!! Mia is different than any other female lead I've read. She is tough & fierce. She is somewhat cold hearted from a bad past relationship. She has her bestfriend Jared who every woman wishes to have. A total #TWD fan (girl after my own heart) and top video designer. Matt is a former MMA fighter who now has his own gym trainer others to do what he did.He is sweet, polite, and caring. Matt and Mia have some c...
  • Gwen Shafer
    Kacey never writes a bad book as far as I am concerned. This is a different type of book for her. But I absolutely loved it none the less. This one is about zombies and two people who are different falling for each other. Mia is cold hearted after a bad relationship and doesn't believe that there is someone out there for her. She isn't even interested in a relationship she is more interested in The Walking Dead and zombies. Matt is a fallen fight...
  • Liz
    I loved My Undead Heart by Kacey Shea. It had such a wonderful, fun and strong heroine who knew what she wanted. After a bad relationship left her hurt, she has determined to protect her heart at all cost. Mia was no longer interested in romance. Men were just not worth it, and none lived up to her expectations. Does this make her cold-hearted? Maybe, but it was worth protecting herself. Enter Matt Haywood. Matt was everything she was not looking...
  • Ruthie Henrick
    This book has everything that makes Kacey Shea one of my go-to authors! A great story line, characters I love - even when I want to wring their necks, and off-the-charts steamy sex scenes. This one's definitely a knockout!
  • Miranda Knight
    After reading the blurb and first few chapters, I was intrigued by the book but didn't have high expectations. I've read a few romance novels with the nerd aspect--game developer, graphic artist, coplayer, etc. Mia is a highly dedicated cosplayer and zombie addict who also happens to work for EverSoft, a video gaming company. She's one of the head gaming designers and programmers within the company.  The only thing I didn't like about Mia was th...
  • Jennifer Pierson
    I'm a big fan of Kacey Shea, so I will ALWAYS read whatever she puts out, but I wasn't quite sure what to expect with My Undead Heart! However, I was BLOWN AWAY with the awesome goodness that made for a very entertaining afternoon read. The only way to describe Mia, is that she's a super sexy nerd, and makes no apologies for it. She's obsessed with gaming, as she's a top video game designer, with an obsession with The Walking Dead, but won't even...
  • Cheryl O'Harney
    Title: The Perfect ComebackAuthor: Kacey SheaGenre: Contemporary Romance Rating: 5/5ARC received in return for an honest review.With a new title and a fresh new look this book is an eye catcher and I have to say that the contents matches the packaging, it’s just fabulous I mean c’mon the heroine has a cat named Mick Grimes and she loves all things of the undead variety, think The Walking Dead and any other Zombie related stuff, one thing she ...
  • Boundless Book Reviews
    Mia is a girl after my own heart. How can I not connect to a character that loves, The Walking Dead and Zombies in general? We're kindred spirits.. enough about my love for Mia.I loved this story for many reasons and not just because she loves Zombies. Shea really made this beautiful story. Mia is very unwilling to let her guard down and especially when Matt comes along. But you can only fight fate for so long. Their relationship doesn’t really...
  • Britt Franks Red Hatter Book Blog
    Cute, funny, and sweet My Undead Heart was so much fun to read. Even being fun, it still held a more serious undertone that brought it up from just being a fun read and kept me hooked the entire time. Mia isn’t your typical woman. Not interested in pretty face with big muscles or charming lines. She’s a girl after my own zombie loving geeky heart. She’d rather dress as an extra for The Walking Dead than go full glam any day. When she meets ...
  • Amy M. (Amy Loves Reading Blog)
    Oh what a freaking read!!! I have read a few from this author but nothing compares to what I just finished! I am such a big geek and the fact that she had so many things in this book for me to geek about, mainly being fans of zombie movies!!Mia is such a unique character and I felt like each chapter I found out knew things about her and feel more in love with her than I was before!! He geek out about zombies is one of my favorites I’ve read and...
  • Ann Kelly-Uhryn
    My Undead Heart by Kacey Shea is part of the Hot & Sinful Nights: A Hot Romance Boxed SetReviewed on behalf of Reading Through Her Eyes blogMia is a 34 year old single girl who loves all things Zombie related and feels like her heard it undead. She's an independent woman who won't change for anyone, nor is she interested in romance. Matt is an ex MMA fighter whom has crashed into her life, despite her attempts to blow him off. He's determined to ...
  • Nicola
    The perfect comeback is the story of Matt and Mia.Matt is a retired MMA fighter turned coach to new and upcoming fighters. He has recently opened his own gym South Side.Mia is a video game developer/designer.Mia and Matt both have troubled pasts, pasts that still affects them to this day and has made them the people they are.As Mia and Matt start growing closer, you can see Mia's conflicted feelings for Matt, which makes Mia put up and keep her b...
  • Jennifer Hernandez
    This book was previously called My Undead Heart. I think the old title was great, but this one fits the whole story a little better. All of the chracters were great and felt real and the situations that were going on were relevant. I loved Matt! He was awesome and so sweet and sexy. I really appreciated the fact that he wasn't a billionaire and had to deal with real money problems like regular people do. Billionaires are great, but how likely is ...
  • Stacie Wenzel
    ***ARC kindly provided by the author. This is an honest review. ***This book is a hodge podge of pop culture references. Boy Bands? ✔ Zombies? ✔ MMA? ✔ Video Games? ✔ A certain hammer-swinging superhero? ✔ If that doesn't capture your attention, there's more.Mia is not your every day, ordinary girl. She is a grrrl with snarky comebacks that will make you laugh. Her rough edges and sass are refreshing.Matt's cheesy pickup lines are eye-r...
  • Louise
    I loved this book from the start. The main female, Mia was close to my age so I really related to her jokes and references to things. I loved her sense of humor and her cat story is hilarious. The main male, Matt, oh my heart was aching for him. His life was just not working out how he had hoped but his fighting spirit and hope that things would change was beautiful but there just wasn't ever any light at the end of the tunnel. Matt is the kind o...
  • Jasmina
    My first book by this writer and I have to say that I'm impressed. The book was WOW. Fighters who fights to win. Muscles. Quite interesting, sexy and fun reading.Mia was disappointed in love. She thinks something is wrong with her. That she has cold heart. She close her hart and she don't allow anybody to enter it. But when Matt gets into her life everything changes. At first she thinks he's empty, without any imagination, and that he is a total ...
  • Sharon Jones
    I am sure this is my first book by Kacey Shea, and I absolutely loved it. I have to admit it took me awhile to warm up to Mia. She came across as so stubborn and stand offish, but after her past relationship was revealed it made total sense as to why she was like this.Matt was my favourite character in this book. The amount of times he has been knocked down, only for him to always stand back up usually trying to help others before himself - it wa...