The Price of Time by Tim Tigner

The Price of Time

Would your character change ...if you had all the money in the world?And all the time?Would you become a better person?Or worse?Imagine Agatha Christie meets Michael Crichton in a fast-paced, philosophical mystery thriller._______________________________________There’s a secret in Silicon Valley. A discovery. An invention. One so startling and surprisingly sinister that it needs to be kept—at any price.Tim Tigner takes a step back from his be...

Details The Price of Time

TitleThe Price of Time
Release DateMay 1st, 2019
GenreScience Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews The Price of Time

  • Bibi
    Wow, what an excellent book! This is a medical slash sci-fi thriller, recommended for fans of Blake Crouch and Crichton.When a group of scientists and financiers develop a youth serum which more or less guaranteed immortality, they imagined that all their problems would magically disappear; however, two decades after the invention, they realise being young and super-rich with no one to celebrate their achievement was worse than ageing and thus, t...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    5 Worth the Price of Admission Stars* * * * * Spoiler FreeBack in the day, I was a huge, massive mystery, thriller, police procedural, and sometimes philosophical reader. I loved coming to conclusions early and being proven true by the end of the story. There was a satisfaction in using one's mind and stretching to see clearly what was ahead. And if the author was crafty enough, you could be led on a path which was switched, turned around and sma...
  • Misty
    The Price of Time wasn’t, for me, an enjoyable read. There’s a point where a story moves from encouraging the reader to suspend disbelief to asking the reader to accept the absurd—this was one of those novels. The premise here isn’t nearly as intriguing as the book jacket promises. A group of people invest in research that eventually leads to the discovery of the fountain of youth. They decide to keep it a secret (mmhmm) and each receive ...
  • Todd Simpson
    Brilliant, I loved it. I’ve really enjoyed every book I’ve read by Tim Tigner, and this book is no exception. He certainly knows how to write exciting and action-packed Thrillers. The plot is elaborate and suspenseful, with plenty of twist and turns to keep you guessing. It’s very easy to get lost between the pages of this amazing novel. Zachary Chase is a great character, and it’s always one of the standouts in reading one Tim’s storie...
  • Ian
    A bit of a change of pace for Tigner with a more science fictional bent than usual, but nevertheless also right in his thriller wheelhouse. Muliple person points of view, a fascinating ex-CIA hero and another strong and believable woman character, along with the twists and turns one would expect from this growing author who has clearly mastered his craft. If you like his Kyle Achilles books it goes without saying that you will like this, but you ...
  • Robert Enzenauer
    WOW1 it's hard for me to remember when I have enjoyed a book more than Tigner's most recent release - THE PRICE OF TIME. Tigner's background is important - He is a Special Forces -trained Russian linguist, who after his military service worked in Russia with multi-national medical companies, and ended up in California launching new medical technologies as a start-up CEO. He has adeptly shifted from the Clancy-esque military-techno-thriller in his...
  • Sandy Wallace
    What if...?What If... I could give this book review more stars? I’d do it in a New York minute! Because that is the premise of this cautionary tale.This book is a change of pace for Tim Tigner. Instead of a hero trying to prevent random acts of terror or evil conspiracies, it’s a smart thriller that also explores issues of morality and ethics in a world of rapidly developing technologies. The main concept asks the questions: What if you could...
  • Sandra
    The Cost of Eternal YouthTim Tigner has done it again with a rip-roaring, gut-twisting thriller that will put the fear of God into anyone over the age of 40. Say what you will but our society disrespects age and reveres youth. What’s not to like when a group of scientists comes up with the formula that halts aging? No more faces lined with wrinkles, no paunchy guts or cracker butts and no more middle-aged spread. In “The Price of Time” Zach...
  • James P McComas
    Absolutely stellar.
  • David Dean
    Great ReadKept my interest. Interesting plot line. Action packed. Well developed characters. I liked the ending. Another terrific Tim Tigner story!
  • Lee-sa Day
    Totally awesome Great story, couldn't put it down. I read a lot of different genres and this book was one of the many. This author never disappoints.
  • Andrea
    Couldn't put the book down, nor did I want to. Tim Tigner's books both entertain and educate his readers. I am one of his biggest fans (though I'm sure we all think that). This book provides nonstop action and well-developed characters. Again, another book that provides a book that is fun to share with others. Just cannot wait for his next awesome novel. Thank you, Tim for writing a book that I will enjoy reading - again and again!
  • Paul Thompson
    Good plotA most enjoyable story with a good take on the idea of time. The protagonists are relatively ordinary people who come together and are caught up in a plan by a group of self centred powerful people. I suppose the book also asks if it is always possible to define good and bad in all circumstances
  • Brenda
    Wow! Page turnerTim Tigner has done it again. Love the story and plot. Kept me reading wanting to figure out who was doing the killing. Great page turner book. I highly recommend this book.
  • angela
    Interesting premise that was nicely executed I found the premise of this book absolutely fascinating. What would you do if you could live forever? What practical concerns would arise, especially if you wanted your immortality to remain secret? What would you be willing to do to maintain your immortality? Can morality coexist with immortality? How would such a fundamental change to your life affect you as a person?This book was an absolute pleasur...
  • johann de freitas
    First rate storytelling at its bestExcellent read, fast paced, keeps you guessing and the final reveal totally unexpected. An intricate tale that draws you in and keeps you dialed in. Well crafted plot masterfully told.
  • Elmer
    Another Tigner MasterpieceI don't know how Mr. Tigner continues to do it but he has again written an engrossing and entertaining novel. His plots remain original and well written. I have yet to come across any typos or awkward grammar, amazing. I recommend all his titles.
  • Kay
    Loved it - thrilling, gripping page-turner - mystery and food for thought … many opportunities for “what would do if faced with …”
  • Kenn Goslin
    Beyond "Pushing Brilliance" I have to say!!!I was completely intrigued by this story line. The graphics on the cover hint at an interesting story arc I couldn't put down!!!
  • Joseph Heller
    GREAT READIntriguing and thought provoking novel on the theme of immortality and it’s value in our lives. Fun and well written
  • Wancket Enterprises
    WowAmazing book Mr. Tim Tigner! The plot was so different from other books It freaked me out. I love all your books.
  • Grady
    ‘The two alpha females…were now the planet’s only Immortal women.’ Tim Tigner comes to his role as a novelist specializing in political intrigue with a rich background. His academic preparation is a combination of mathematics and philosophy with psychology and radiology, but after academia his instinct for investigation and thrill seeking led him to serve in the Green Berets, specializing in Russian and Soviet counterintelligence. When Pe...
  • Sadie
    Tim Tigner's unique skill is keeping the reader guessing and keeping the action always moving. As the scenes unfolded, I realized how deeply I was thinking about what I was reading, how I wanted to anticipate what came next—and how sometimes I could, but sometime I couldn't. That's a credit to him.I was not personally fond of the main characters—nor the switch to first-person POV whenever the main character was speaking. The inconsistency was...
  • Tish Holman
    Overall, this is a good little read-by-the-pool espionage thriller. I loved the sci-fi angle; the board of a pharmaceutical company takes their own medicine, and stops aging. What problems might arise from this, and how do they prevent those problems from affecting them? This answers make for a fun and edge of your seat read, and I hope this doesn’t end up being a stand-alone.My ONLY complaint: The author references his own books and his name a...
  • dennis barron
    The Price of Time. Tom TignerImmorality, the fountain of youth. Even better when your wealthy beyond imagination and willing to murder innocents to protect it. Chase an ex CIA agent and Skylar a former professional athlete have unwittingly been thrown into this drama. This is a non stop suspense laden thriller from the first to last page. Enjoyed immensely!!!
  • Robert D Cole
    A Great New Book From Tim TignerThis book brings us new characters to enjoy in Tim Tigner's stable. The story line is totally unique and the action is constant. You will not want to put this book down. I highly recommend this book.
  • Elizabeth
    Suspenseful and More!Loved it. I did not figure out the ending, and it was perfect!! Chase and Skyler made a great team and you couldn’t help but cheer them on in their efforts to find the truth...even though, they never actually determine the immortality plot. Great read!
  • Cathy
    Struggled to put this down from the first chapter. Another great tale from Tim Tigner, just a little unusual enough to distinguish him from other authors.
  • Shiny5711
    Interesting concept with moral implications. It certainly made you think about the consequences of super-longevity.
  • barbara evans
    Another fantastic storyThis book is a confirmation of what an excellent author he is. Impossible to put down. An absolutely must read author.