When We Believed in Mermaids by Barbara O'Neal

When We Believed in Mermaids

From the author of The Art of Inheriting Secrets comes an emotional new tale of two sisters, an ocean of lies, and a search for the truth.Her sister has been dead for fifteen years when she sees her on the TV news…Josie Bianci was killed years ago on a train during a terrorist attack. Gone forever. It’s what her sister, Kit, an ER doctor in Santa Cruz, has always believed. Yet all it takes is a few heart-wrenching seconds to upend Kit’s wor...

Details When We Believed in Mermaids

TitleWhen We Believed in Mermaids
Release DateJul 16th, 2019
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews When We Believed in Mermaids

  • Jeanne Adamek
    I am planning, sometime in the future, on re-reading this book. Barbara ONeal is one of my favorite authors, her descriptive abilities are powerful... lush. I have to admit that I couldnt dnf this story. it wasnt boring or slow. If anything it was (for me) too detailed, too dark.I admit I read to a certain degree to escape. To experience things (even if only on paper) like visiting new places, foods, ideas or even time periods. And this story did...
  • Susan Peterson
    When We Believed in Mermaids is an engrossing, turbulent, and poignant book about two sisters, Kit and Josie. When the story begins, Kit is shocked to see her sister in the background of a news broadcast from New Zealand, thousands of miles away from their home in California--especially since Josie had been killed 15 years earlier. When she goes to New Zealand to find her sister, Kit unknowingly sets off a chain of events that will impact her own...
  • Elizabeth
    I enjoyed this book, even loved it. But I got confused occasionally. The story kept me interested, but I found it a little unrealistic. But I read on and really liked the last half of the book (no spoilers). Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read and provide an honest review of this book.
  • Bambi Rathman
    There is nothing like the connection of love between two sisters and the bonds they share throughout their lives. This book is the story of two sisters, Josie and Kit, who are so close to each other growing up that it seems nothing would ever separate them from each other. Their bond is unbreakable, or so it seems. Secrets, heartaches, doubts, suspicions, and broken trust....will they be able to overcome so many hurtful events and find their sist...
  • Shannon Dyer
    Round up to 4.5 stars. Review to come at AAR.
  • Jeff
    You're Going To Want To Read This Somewhere Where You Can Cry. Wow. This is a tragic tale, all around. It is primarily about two sisters and the scars they share - and the lengths they will both go to try to overcome them. Amazing story, solid mystery (though some of it becomes obvious earlier than the actual reveal). This one will grabs you with the first line, has you tearing up a bit early on... and then can have full on water works through th...
  • Faith Freewoman
    Heartrending and beautiful. But this is no easy ride. The sisters' problems are real and crushing, and about halfway through I was far from convinced that they would resolve them, or their relationships. The men in this story are villains or heroes, or both, and I found Dylan the most poignant, while Javier was the one I want to take home with me.But none of the men are able to step in and save the day. The sisters must do it for themselves, and ...
  • Samantha
    Kit Bianci believed her sister was dead, that is until she saw her on the television news 15 years later. Kit decides to travel to New Zealand and find her sister Josie and get some sort of explanation or closure. When the two sisters are reunited all their dark secrets are revealed. They will have to share all of them in order to move on and fix the broken relationships. I found this book to be very slow to start and was almost halfway through t...
  • Jackie
    Definitely one of the best books I have read this year! A first by me by this author and won't be my last! I read this in a day and could not put it down!! This story of two sisters lost in many ways after much tragedy in their lives left them to find themselves and try to overcome pain and loss. I'm order to move on this they must face the truth of the past, but it may be more than they can bare. Amazing characters and story line will keep you o...
  • Melanie
    Like every one of her books, the waiting for it to be in my hands was interminable. And then I tried so hard to read slowly and parcel it out so I got to enjoy it longer, but I couldn’t. Her writing is just lush and immersive and lovely - I want to live a tiny speck of the technicolor, immediate experience of all of her characters. The way they eat or listen to music or walk under a tree is like they are rediscovering those things, with extra b...
  • Melissa
    Moving story about sisterhood, love, and learning how to let go of the past in order to live fully in the present.O'Neal has a gift for reaching deep into the soul and breaking the reader's heart and then mending it again. If I have one quibble about this story was that the backstory wasn't revealed fast enough for me, I wanted to know more quickly about the things that shaped the sisters as they were growing up, and some of it was only hinted at...
  • Kathie Mikulovsky
    What a beautiful novel.I read this book in one sitting. I just couldn’t put it down. So complex, so poignant and just a little terrifying. Anyone who loves reading about family, relationships and secrets will love this book.
  • chels marieantoinette
    This book was a little cheesy for me. The love story and all the woah-is-me stuff were a little too much and I found myself uninterested & irritated. Kit and Josie definitely had horrible childhoods, but everyone needs to move on and move up eventually. I wanted to shake both of them.The dialogue was well-written, though. The descriptions of surfing, Sicilian home-cooking, touring Auckland, and the art-deco Sapphire House create beautiful imagery...
  • Noreen
    This is a wonderful story of survival and the special bond of sisters. There are different ways to survive and this story shows how two sisters choose their paths. It's heartbreaking to read about the slippery slope of addiction. I loved the characters and the bond that Josie and Kit shared. The book is an emotional rollercoaster of sisterhood, love, secrets and the chance to find forgiveness. I highly recommend this book.
  • Miki Mackennedy
    “My sister has been dead for nearly fifteen years when I see her on the TV news.”With that fantastic opening line, we drop in to the story of 2 sisters, one presumed dead and one barely living.Two little girls, Josie and Kit, are raised by parents so enthralled with each other that they neglect their children, leaving them largely unattended in a little cove by their home. During a storm, a broken and unwanted teenage boy appears as their doo...
  • Sue
    It’s surprising to me that something written by an author I consider a good “chick lit” writer, leaves me with the one word description of “powerful.” It’s quite an accomplishment to write a book with torturous family dynamics, a love story or two, some good sex scenes, a hint of mystery and an even smaller hint of ghosts, and leave this reader with the description of powerful. Throw in a house that’s almost one of the book characte...
    This is a beautiful story of the bond of sisters. Kit’s sister Josie was killed in a terrorist attack 15 years ago.So why is she on Tv reporting from New Zealand !This begins Kit’s Journey to discover the truth.A beautifully written story that alternates between the past and the present and the relationship between these two sisters The writing is absolutely gorgeous and the story is one to be devoured!
  • Marlene
    Originally published at Reading RealityThis is the story about the deconstruction of a life. Not in the sense that things fall apart, because the lives of both Kit and Josie Bianchi fell apart a long, long time ago. The echoes of what happened in their childhood have rippled like aftershocks through everything that has happened since.Including, but definitely not limited to, Josie’s death – and the faking thereof.When We Believed in Mermaids ...
  • Sue
    I am always interested in books about sisters and the bond between them because of the bond that I have with my sisters. When I read the first line of this book, I knew that it was going to be an emotional story about the two sisters and the relationship between them."My sister has been dead for nearly fifteen years when I see her on the TV news." (p1)Josie and Kit grew up on the beach in California where their dad owned a restaurant overlooking ...
  • Kristina Simon
    This is a great story. I was hooked from the very first scene where Kit Bianci, an exhausted ER doctor coming off the late shift, sees her sister on the television news. That might not have been such a shocker if her sister hadn't died 15 years prior. The mystery of why a woman would choose to leave behind everyone and everything she knows and loves kept me turning the pages.Using chapters that alternate between Kit's point of view and her sister...
  • olivereads
    I requested this book on a whim. I simply thought it would be a nice book to read for summer. I was wrong. Kit and Mari/Josie are sisters, best friends, and soul mates. They care for each other because they have not had the easiest time growing up and simply had each other to lean on. They did not have the best role models for love. My sister and I did not either. But they both prove the world wrong and find people who will love them to the end o...
  • Vicki
    This is a beautifully written story of two sisters and their very dysfunctional family and lives. The Bianci sisters are wonderfully crafted characters that you can’t help but root for. They will leave you frustrated at times but also leave you wanting to know more. Barbara O’Neal has developed characters in this story that are easy to identify with and a storyline that will keep your attention all the way to the end. The story is heartbreaki...
  • Agnes (BeaderBubbe)
    What happens when your sister has been dead for 15 years and you suddenly see her on TV? Well, you get yourself on a plane and search for her. And that is exactly what Kit does - and that is where the story starts. It goes back and forth to the terrorist attack on the train her sister was on to the time that Kit is in New Zealand looking for her sister.Kit also find romance in New Zealand and finally finds her sister. But at what price? Josie's f...
  • Sherri Lewis
    When Kit Bianci sees her sister on the television, it came as a shock.... after all, she WAS killed years ago on a train during a terrorist attack. So Kit hops a plane for New Zealand to search for her missing sister. While Kit starts out angry that her sister would let her believe she was dead for the past 15 years, she ends up re-connecting and time melts away. I love this author's books. Her characters come to life and you experience something...
  • Di
    Powerful story about family relationships, and more importantly, the relationship between sisters. Or, non-relationship, especially when one thinks the other is dead. Common themes that appear in many books: love, betrayal, forgiveness and acceptance. A bit of a slow start until the story establishes itself. Told in alternate voices by each sister, the present explains the past. I loved the powerful connection between the sisters, even through al...
  • John C. Winton
    Wow what a storyEverything I want in a good read. A new story a universal truth so good. Just needed a glass of milk and cookies. Wow now I must find all your books. Please keep writing
  • Erica Robyn
    When We Believed In Mermaids is a story centered around two sisters who are moving through life trying to run from the ghosts of their past. If you're looking for a lighter summer read that is centered upon family drama and a slight dash of mystery, then I highly recommend this one to you!Unfortunately for me, this one was a bit boring and quite repetitive. That's just how I feel about most books with two POV's. I really enjoyed the last quarter ...
  • Terri
    This was a 5 star read all the way for me! Ms. O'Neal's writing is superb! The book is about family dynamics, addiction, lies and deception and false perceptions. It is a dual point of view--the view of two sisters who have been separated by oceans and lies for ten years. Kit didn't know Josie was alive...and that's how Josie wanted it. If Kit finds her, it may mean the end of the life Josie has built for herself in New Zealand. The life she has ...
  • Lori Boyd
    🌟🌟🌟💫 3.5 Stars for this ARC. Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing! When you read this book, you will feel like you are on vacation! Ms. O’Neal has a way of immersing you in her settings whether it’s in California or New Zealand, not just in her characters lives. Her writing is subtlety descriptive! A lot of issues are being dealt with ...death, grief, abuse, lies, addiction, and always love and forgiveness. I recommend si...
  • Leanna Mattea
    Wow, this is a five star knockout! This is such an emotional story, on every level, a real tear jerker! A horribly broken and dysfunctional family, that appears to have been destroyed, along with the earthquake that left them displaced and homeless, is given a chance to rebuild 15 years later. Josie, dies in a terrorist attack in France and Kit is left to struggle alone, managing to become a doctor, but so disconnected and unloved. Then she sees ...