The Other's Gold by Elizabeth Ames

The Other's Gold

An insightful and sparkling novel that opens on a college campus and follows the friendship of four women across life-defining turning pointsAssigned to the same suite during their freshman year at Quincy-Hawthorne College, Lainey, Ji Sun, Alice, and Margaret quickly become inseparable. The leafy green campus they move through together, the idyllic window seat they share in their suite, and the passion and ferocity that school and independence aw...

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TitleThe Other's Gold
Release DateAug 27th, 2019
GenreFiction, Contemporary

Reviews The Other's Gold

  • Katie B
    I'm finding it difficult to figure out what I want to say in this review because I thought this was just an okay read. I think if I would have connected more with the four main characters, this could have been a more meaningful read like it was for other readers. I just feel like whatever point(s) the author was trying to get across just flew right over my head or something. Lainey, Ji Sun, Alice, and Margaret are all assigned to the same suite d...
  • Sharon
    4.5 starsThe Other’s Gold is the story of four young women’s path to adulthood, with ordinary ups and downs elevated through lyrical prose, containing current political and social events seamlessly woven in, making the reader feel like they could have been part of this lucky quartet.Ames has a lovely way of writing, presenting everyday life as a magical secret that she’s willing to share, if you listen closely to her whispered tale…She ba...
  • Joy Matteson
    This book was all kinds of crazy, in the best ways possible. Four women who become a close unit of friends in college each make one terrible mistake in this beautifully written book. These characters are unbelievably well drawn. Each one of them leaps off the page with vivacity and creative energy. I would read 3 more novels with these women featured, their flaws and fierce love for one another were addictive.Perfect summer to fall read for those...
  • Toni
    You're either going to love this book or hate it. If you fall in love with its compelling, engaging writing style and care for Alice, Margaret, Ji Sun and Lainey as they move from adolescence of their freshman year in college to adulthood, you will not want the book to end, or at very least hope for regular updates in future to know how they are doing. If you don't connect with the book, the story is going to seem long and unnecessarily detailed....
  • Haley • Fangirl Fury •
    A 2019 favorite and one of the best adult fiction books this mostly YA readers has read in a while! Elizabeth Ames' writing style completely sucked me in, and I just loved this story so much!
  • Jenny
    The Other's Gold is a gorgeous novel, brimming with the romance of budding, full friendships and the way we carry our pasts, our shame, and each other through it all. The four female protagonists meet on a window seat in their freshman dorm. Their friendship is fast and deep, and we too, as readers, fall in love right beside them. While I loved the intensity of their friendship, I also loved each individually, too--despite, and in spite, of each ...
  • Claire Barfell
    I won this book on Goodreads Giveaways. This is the story of four friends who share the same room in college and their friendship continues afterward. They each make mistakes that are very serious and unusual. For a first novel, this book is unbelievable, what a great imagination and writing ability this author has. I kept wondering what would happen next and felt like I really knew the characters because the reader sees their thoughts and feelin...
  • LA Brower
    My favorite book of 2019! The Other's Gold is must-read, un-put-down-able, absolutely triumphant debut novel by a major new literary voice. Narrated in spectacular prose with breathtaking emotional intimacy and insight, Ames' big-hearted, character-driven book left me in awe. Simultaneously funny and heartbreaking, joyous and mournful, hopeful and devastating, this profoundly honest exploration of friendship, family, endurance, and forgiveness ch...
  • Natalie
    Despite the fact that this is the type of novel that I generally like, I found this book very disappointing. Again, four college roommates bond and become lifelong friends. The women go through college traumas, marriage and motherhood maintaining this relationship. The characters represented a carefully curated group, even to their diversity of background and hair color. All of this managed to feel very contrived. It seemed like the author found ...
  • Basic B's Guide
    I had such high hopes for this debut. Unfortunately I was left feeling underwhelmed and quite confused. I’m perplexed as to what the point was of it all. It clearly went over my head. The 4 very unique mistakes presented didn’t leave me with any emotional connection to the characters and felt a bit over the top. In fact, I don’t quite understand the friendships in the story. It might be because we are presented with a group of ladies that h...
  • Lazy Line
    This book connected with me so deeply! Its depiction of friendships, college, motherhood, heartache, regret, and lifelong love really hit home for me, and the characters felt as real and complex as some of my own friends. Though their choices and mistakes sometimes made it hard for me to like Lainey, Alice, Ji Sun, or Margaret, I always always loved them, understood them, and wanted to spend more time with them. I think that this is a testament t...
  • Cynthia
    This novel didn’t work for me. I found the characters flat and, ultimately, didn’t care about them. Disappointing read for me, but I may not have been the best audience.
  • Ilyssa Wesche
    I really dug this one. It reminded me of the movie Friends with Money. I liked Ji Sun the best, as I felt she stayed most true to her character. This would have been four star for me but there was not even remotely enough outrage for the Kiss. It mean that was ridiculous.
  • Shannon (The Book Club Mom)
    Happy Publication Day to Elizabeth Ames for The Other’s Gold! If you’ve been following me for a little while, then you probably already know that I’m a sucker for books about friendship. They are my very favorite and I absolutely adore reading them. The Other’s Gold is a story about four friends who meet in their freshman year of college. The women all share the same suite at Quincy-Hawthorne College, quickly become friends and form insta...
  • Audrey
    This was fine, very readable. Part 1 (when they first entered college), the language tried too hard and felt forced. But, as the timeline progressed, it smoothed out. This book really captures the love of female friendships and intense bonding when one enters college. Early on, they make a pact to keep each other’s secrets, no matter what. My issue is that some of the characters weren’t quite fleshed out (especially true of Ji Sun) and that t...
  • Cassidy
    3.5 starsThis debut novel was easy to get into as I am a sucker for books about female friendship, especially spanning over years. Overall I liked it and am glad I picked it up, but there was something about the writing style...almost as if Ames is writing with a time limit and trying to get as much information and words down before the buzzer goes off. I would be interested to read her next book, to see if it was any smoother.
  • Heather
    Thank you to Viking and Penguin Random House for this copy in exchange for my honest review. Margaret, Ji Sun, Alice and Lainey meet as freshman suite mates at Quincy-Hawthorne College and immediately become best friends. Though they all come from different backgrounds, they form a bond that other students look at with envy. As boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, their friendship remains constant. Over the years, from college to marriages to ...
  • Monica
    THE OTHER'S GOLD is about female friendships and it's complexity, strength, and importance throughout our lives. We meet Lainey, Ji Sun, Alice, and Margaret when they first meet each other at a fictional college and we grow with them through college, marriage and children. The book is organized by pivotal parts named after a mistake that each of our 4 characters commit - The Accident, The Accusation, The Kiss and The Bite. I liked how Ames laid o...
  • Gayle
    Full review at: http://www.everydayiwritethebookblog....The Other’s Gold by Elizabeth Ames has one of those plots I like – four friends from college and how they fare into adulthood. Margaret, Lainey, Ji-Sun and Alice meet as freshmen when they share a suite at an elite East Coast school. They come from different backgrounds, but become fast friends, enjoying an intimacy and closeness that persists through four years in the same suite.The Oth...
  • Beth
    Cover to cover, my heart was a wonderful, sloppy messy on each page, constantly teetering between exploding with triumphant love and melting into the universal sorrows and trials of tightly woven friendship. It is not enough to say that this is a book about females, about college, or about huge mistakes and their recovery. This is a book about love and genuine human bonds, without the syrupy, trite, or over-wrought sentiments of romance alone, wh...
  • Mary Lou
    I received this book as a free advance proof scheduled for publication in late August and would like to submit my review in appreciation.This book would be classified as "chick lit" in my opinion. I'm not really into that genre so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. The beginning was somewhat slow, developing the 4 main characters from when they met as roommates at an upscale New England college in 2002 ending with their various li...
  • Jamie
    The entire time I was reading this, I just kept thinking of the word nuance. Of how nuanced every relationship was. Of how deeply nuanced the ties between the four women were, how they stretched and bent and curved around each other, and sometimes snapped. I was infuriated by this book - but not so much by the actions that give each section its title. These nominally worst acts that each of the four commits pales in comparison to some of the smal...
  • Kathleen Gray
    Fans of the female friendship throughout the years novel might like this for the characters- the four women- or for the fact that it's a literary take on the theme with some big whoas in the later pages. Lainey, Margaret, Ji Sun, and Alice are an incredibly diverse group (although I question why two of the characters "might" have guessed at the ethnic origins of a third) from both an ethnic and socio-economic standpoint. Each of them has somethin...
  • Diana Mack
    Lainey, Ji Sun, Alice and Margaret are assigned roommates at college. Theirs is an insta-bond which borders on creepy and weird. How they cuddle together, eat just seemed unreal and strange They have secrets. Alice has a brother who was injured in an accident. Was it an accident? Margaret is the beauty who seems like she is in another world. Just how rich is Ji Sun? Lainey becomes the activist who goes to extremes.Their pasts define...
  • Ashley Hasty
    There were parts of this book that I thought were a little slow, but overall I really enjoyed this study on friendship, life, mental health, and forgiveness. Sometimes I felt their close friendship helped one another, other times I felt it enabled their poor decisions. Of course, we all make mistakes in life and I don’t necessarily believe those mistakes should follow us for the rest of our lives. But I did get the sense that their tight-knit f...
  • Rachel Laeng
    I received this ARC through a giveaway from Viking for my honest review/opinion. I felt that this book lacked character development as well as a general plot. I did appreciate that it was following 4 friends throughout college and into the adult years but perhaps I am not the “perfect” audience for this book as I am not married and do not have kids. I felt that some characters were more developed than others however I did not appreciate/enjoy...
  • Tess
    THE OTHER’S GOLD was such a lovely surprise, so much so that I read it in a day and enjoyed every second. I am such a sucker for female friendship books on college campuses, and love it even more when the story continues after school and we learn about their lives and relationships as they get older. This book has all that and more. The four main characters are well developed, likable yet often frustrating, and realistic. The plot points are sh...
  • Tim
    My first Goodreads giveaway book... Ok, so...The writing is good. Not great, but solid... But the characters... I'm just not sure these four women would have really fell in (bff) love with each other like they did in this story. The situations were real enough, but the friendships weren't.Secondly, as Feminist myself, it's a little odd to be preached to as if I wasn't. Or felt like Ames is trying to shame readers no matter their social stance.In ...