Everything is F*cked by Mark Manson

Everything is F*cked

From the author of the international mega-bestseller The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck comes a counterintuitive guide to the problems of hope. We live in an interesting time. Materially, everything is the best it’s ever been—we are freer, healthier and wealthier than any people in human history. Yet, somehow everything seems to be irreparably and horribly f*cked—the planet is warming, governments are failing, economies are collapsing, and...

Details Everything is F*cked

TitleEverything is F*cked
Release DateMay 14th, 2019
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Psychology, Philosophy, Personal Development

Reviews Everything is F*cked

  • Adam Woods
    Something is very wrong with the world. It’s us. We have abandoned our quest for character in favour of one for happiness and we have created a world of diversions that give the illusion of freedom but in fact keep us docile and imprisoned.Manson has written a book that will stay with me for a while. This very well-researched exploration into human virtues (and hope in particular) isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy. Nor is it pessimistic. In fact i...
  • David Lee
    Smart and funny, this book will help you make sense of your mind and the world we live inIf you liked Subtle Art, you'll enjoy this too. I couldn't put it down, actually, reading it in under a day. Mark has a talent for taking potentially boring subject matter, such as the teachings of philosophers, and bringing it to life in easy-to-understand language (with plenty of expletives). I especially liked his Consciousness Car metaphor in explaining t...
  • Lindsay Nixon
    Arg, it's really difficult for me to rate this a 3-star. This isn't a "book" in my opinion. It's more of a collection of essays, "blog posts" and articles you'd see on HuffPo (or perhaps NPR).There are some parts of the 'book' that were well researched, provided excellent points and I thought to myself "oh wow" and "I'm going to have to read this again!!!" Then there were other parts that I was like "WHAT IS THIS?" and "WHY IS THIS HERE?" The wri...
  • Ella
    This book will not be a well loved book. I only say this because as a person who has read a lot of his articles as well as his previous book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, there are a lot of concepts in this book that can be perceived as radical, and possibly downright offensive. The keyword is perceived. When you come into this book hoping and/or believing that this book will affirm all of your biases, all of your hopes and dreams, all of...
  • Thomas
    Just as good as the first, a little more broad but still asks the reader to question themselves.Mandatory reading if you want to break your conditioning.
  • Nikita
    Can someone please remind me never to pick a Mark Manson book again? The writing is insufferable, he grossly oversimplifies ideas that need a more nuanced view, makes preposterous generalizations about mental health and related concepts, and generally makes you wonder what his point really is. Not sure how he gets published, but seems to be riding a strange wave with the word *fuck* in his titles.
  • jeremy
    true freedom doesn't really exist because we all must sacrifice some autonomy for stability. no one, no matter how much you love them or they love you, will ever absolve that internal guilt you feel simply for existing. it's all fucked. everything is fucked. it always has been and always will be. there are no solutions, only stopgap measures, only incremental improvements, only slightly better forms of fuckedness than others. and it's time we sto...
  • Hestia Istiviani
    I read in English but this review is written in Bahasa Indonesia "The fact is that we require more than willpower to achieve self-control. It turns out that our emotions are instrumental in our decision making and our actions. We just don't always realize it." Sukses dengan buku The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, 3 tahun kemudian Mark Manson barulah melanjutkan tulisannya melalui Everything is F*cked. Buku yang sepertinya sudah ditunggu-tunggu ...
  • Uddipta
    Did not finish.He starts off by mentioning the holocaust, how people had "real" problems back then, compared to us who are now weeping at minor inconveniences behind closed doors: crying for an ex, crying because someone was rude to us, etc. I find this comparison disgusting and I mean it. The problems back then were physical and very different. There was no internet back then. Now, in the internet age, we have lots of things to compare ourselves...
  • Shreya Bhatt
    "Greater commitment allows for greater depth. A lack of commitment requires superficiality."First of all, if you are looking for a book that will give you hope about something, then just don't continue reading this. This book is not about hope. It is anti-hope.And I understand the concept and can relate to what the author is saying but the author contradicts himself more often in this one. It'll leave you confused.This one is much better than the...
  • Sam Smith
    Everything is Fucked is a much more mature book than his last. While in the last book we looked at things we shouldn't care about, this book more focuses on what to care about. And I have to say that this book was really well done, and in my opinion, better than his last.This book will definitely leave you feeling different than when you started it. I never take notes while reading a book, but this one time I did, because a lot will stick with yo...
  • Amit Verma
    Happy Sunday friends,...I am a bit disappointed with this book. I spent whole weekend reading it but it is not like his previous book. It is only a pale shadow of that book #subtleartofnotgivingafuck📕📕📕.1. If you have read #Daniel kahneman, #Nassim Taleb, #Yuval harari, #Rolf dobelli and #Nietzsche then most of the things would be already read by you...♾♾♾♾.2. Book has #markmanson 's typical storytelling and humour and loads of F...
  • Stanley Sharkey
    How this guy keeps getting published I will never understand. Why I keep reading his books is something else I cannot understand. However, I saw it was marked 50% off at B&N, so I went ahead and bought it. I have read through it while doing cardio after lifting and can say that it is awful. It is more-or-less his other book rehashed with different wording. Not to mention, he misunderstands concepts but uses them throughout his book anyway.He stat...
  • Edward Taylor
    After reading Manson's other book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck", I was looking forward to another insightful read into the subtle art of "gonzo self-help" that has become pervasive in the past few years. There were some high points (his Nietzsche and Kant sections as well as "What Einstein said" were awesome) but the overall tone of the book seemed a little stretched and rushed. Trying to find a point of hope in a world of chaos and disor...
  • Oviya Balan
    I guess, I was hoping for better solutions! it was a good read overall.
  • Sophie Rayton
    Absolutely excellent!This book is well researched and well written. Manson is insightful and hilarious. While reading I felt both hopeful and nihilistic. This book challenges the reader in the best mind-expanding way. I imagine even those who disagree with the points of views presented here, would still come away having learned something and glad they did.
  • Chester
    Needlessly convoluted. Includes terms like "God value" and "emotional altverse Issac Newton". (???) Been following Mark Manson's content in the early days and this was a huge disappointment -- this time, Mark gets lost with his thoughts with his head far too down his ass.
  • Lisianthus Lee
    It ends more with a dismal whimper than a hopeful bang. Why do we need to workship at the altar of AI gods not dog? AI is an newfangled product of human creation manipulated and controlled by our high capacity fellow beings not some divine superior flown down from the olympic heaven.Our worst enemy on this planet is none other man himself.
  • Mark
    After loving The Subtle Art, I found this a real disappointment. I found it very dry and lacking the playfulness of his first book. I also found it hard to track the overarching ‘story’ of the book, it felt more like a jumbled collection of articles. Just couldn’t connect to it
  • Benjamin Azevedo
    The author is fun, wit and it's an enjoyable read.But forget the title or the subtitle. They were probably created by the marketing department to profit from the author's previous success. The content is actually some books reviews. You will have a glimpse of Newton, Nietzsche, and Kant biography mixed with five or six of the latest self-help books in no particular order.If you liked his first book, you might also find this one fun.
  • Natasha
    Every time I read a Mark Manson book I wish that I had figured out how to mash up Chuck Palahniuk with every theorist I read about in college.
  • Balazs Fejes
    Was a little taken aback by the crude jokes around the Holocaust in the first chapter, but in the end, really good book. Not like a self-help recipe book but interesting thought process and conclusion.Couldn't put it down, read it in like 2 sittings.
  • Raad
    Good summary of popular positive psychology topics, stoicism, philosophers (Plato, Kant, etc..), and consciousness. Nothing really groundbreaking but entertaining to follow
  • Jim Huston
    Pretty good. Definitely different from his first. More dense with deeper ideas.
  • Simon Pegg
    Hoh, I’ve been looking forward to this one. I gave The Subtle Art a five star rating at the start of the year, so when I heard Mark Manson was writing a sequel which would focus on the human condition, I was incredibly eager. I expected to love this, but I didn’t know how much MORE I’d get out of it, as this is much less of a self-help guide and more of a perspective check. I’ve noticed Mark re-approach some of his ideas from the first bo...
  • Fran Cormack
    I wish I had enjoyed this book more. I really wanted to. I so enjoyed Mark's first book, I had high hopes for this one. Alas, I found it uninspiring, and without much direction. Lots of rambling, with famous people from history thrown in, for which I never saw the connection. It felt a little forced. Contrived even. Like Mark is really, really trying to fill a book. I will be watching for what he writes next, and hope to get my love back for Mr M...
  • Jayasankar Thayyil
    It lacks the humour and wit as compared to his first book and blogs. It was more preachy, academic and confused about its objectives. I already knew most of the stuff he was talking about from the writings of Steven pinker, Yuval Noah Harari and Jonathan haidt. But some passages about Internet, democracy and AI were particularly enlightening. But I really wished the whole book was like that. I thought he tried to do so many things and ended up co...
  • Linda Vituma
    Ir daudz, daudz līdzības lasītas, ar kuru palīdzību budisma mācība skaidrota. Šī - apbrīnojami tieša, saprotama un lietojama. Piedevā - Kants un Nīče ar’ izskaidrots praktizējamā veidā. Un manā pasaulē uz brīdi mazinājās bailes un cerības, un prāts un sirds kļuva rimtāki. Līdzīgi kā piedzīvoju trauksmes mazināšanos, zinot, kur būs mana kapa vieta, kur tapšu apglabāta.
  • Scott McDougal
    Listened on Audible. I hated the Intro, which is pretty bad way to start a book. Historically, good info. Just didn’t relate to it and it seemed a little contrived. But Mark is quirky like that. Rest of the book warmed up fast and the middle was the best! Not much inflection in his reading though. Monotone. I’m a positive person though so unless I hate a book it’s gonna get at least 3 stars.