My Friend Anna by Rachel DeLoache Williams

My Friend Anna

Sex and the City meets Catch Me if You Can in the astonishing true story of Anna Delvey, a young con artist posing as a German heiress in New York City—as told by the former Vanity Fair photo editor who got seduced by her friendship and then scammed out of more than $62,000.

Details My Friend Anna

TitleMy Friend Anna
Release DateJul 23rd, 2019
PublisherGallery Books
GenreNonfiction, Crime, True Crime, Autobiography, Memoir, Mystery, Audiobook, Adult, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Biography Memoir, Literature, American

Reviews My Friend Anna

  • Emily
    I’ve been chewing on this book for a while. Not because I liked it, although I did like it, but because of its unbearable bleakness. Look, this book was always bound to be bleak despite the tawdry true-crime appeal of Anna Delvey. But I truly could not have anticipated a more demoralizing or dystopian portrait of youth in the big city in twenty-first century. Williams’ world is one where everyone is underpaid and overworked, to the point wher...
  • Rachel Smalter Hall
    This was everything I wanted it to be and more. Rachel took me on a JOURNEY. For those who didn't follow the Anna Delvey criminal case, here's the short version: Anna "Delvey" is a 28-year-old con artist who moved among the NYC fashion scene and was eventually convicted for fleecing hotels, banks, etc. out of over 200K, plus another attempted 1MM. Along the way she conned her friend, Rachel, into paying 70K that she didn't have for an "all expens...
  • Jane
    Ms Williams was a parasite who leeched onto Anna for her money. Women like Ms Williams are called fake friends; she's only there for the money. Friendship is about sharing and splitting the bills. Bottom line: friendship is about 50:50. However in Ms Williams' case, it was only take, take, and take. I don't feel any sympathy for Ms Williams. Why should I? She knew what she was doing until it backfired. "Delvey is a feckless and disorganized small...
  • Katie
    I struggled between two and three stars for this book. It was a really hard read, for reasons I'll outline, but at the end of the day, the juiciness of it tips it over into a three-star. A fast, easy read for summer, at least, even though it genuinely stressed me out and sort of disgusted me.I found myself having an incredibly hard time with the narrator. It was, to put it mildly, extremely difficult to have a lot of sympathy for her. And this ma...
  • Yasmin ✨
    That a person can go through all of this and still be so shallow and vain is incredible - in a bad way. I couldn't enjoy any of this because Williams is so busy trying appear like a saint. People are calling Anna a bad person, but jeez, did Williams learn anything at all from this? I doubt it. It's actually pretty sad how insecure Williams is. RTC cause I got a lotttt to say about this.
  • Emily
    Maybe going Dutch is a great idea? Such a crazy story! Loved it!! And appreciate down to earth friends
  • bookedconfidential
    So many conflicting thoughts on this one, but here are my rough thoughts after finishing the audiobook about 5 minutes ago. I had a really hard time sympathizing with this narrator. She often seemed the picture of privilege and her lack of boundaries is not as interrogated as I would have liked. It's not that I think it's fair she was manipulated into putting thousands and thousands onto her credit cards, but she spends a lot of time painting her...
  • Stella
    I was captivated by this story when I read the Vanity Fair article, so when I saw the author wrote a book, I was in! The story is nuts and the events seemed unbelievable as they unfolded. I couldn't figure out how the author was going to stretch it into a novel-sized book but I quickly learned she interspersed chapters with her own personal story. There were moments when that was frustrating because I was super invested in how the Anna Delvey sto...
  • Jen McDermott
    Fascinating story but I found the author a little annoying (as sorry for her situation as I was). She spent a lot of time setting up that she wasn't that invested in the friendship in the first place; lots of things Anna did / said apparently made her uncomfortable, but they hung out all the time... she wasn't to blame for the scam, but could've taken accountability for the friendship a little more.
  • Curren Robbins
    Ugh, I did indeed like this book but there are some issues that I am still wrapping my head around. I was amped to read it, primarily because I had followed the story after reading The Cut article last year.My issues with this book begin with it be extremely New York centric. I have lived in the city for 6 years and was well versed in all of the locations that the author discusses. That for me made the book more exciting; however, it got me think...
  • Dion Lim
    The first part of this book was interesting as it was fast-paced and painted a fascinating picture of how complex Anna the con-artist was. The relationship she had with the author, Rachel Williams was complex as well, and as Rachel recalled dining and drinking at fancy restaurants and working out with celebrity trainers, it felt like I was a fly on the wall to reality TV. The fact Rachel worked for Vanity Fair and mentions celebrities she's worke...
  • Anna-Karin Björklund
    A real page turner! A story of being wronged by someone we care about - and on top of it also owed a lot of money. Rachel's words touched my heart, and this is definitely a book I'll re-read.
  • Mitch
    SO SO SO SO GOOD. I am so impressed by this author's writing and terrific way of expressing her gratefulness for her family's and friends' support. I could not put this book down, even though I never read crime books or other books of this nature. Rachel's words were honest, insightful, and touched my heart. She wrote a deep and fast-paced true story about being wronged by someone about whom she cared; someone whom she thought she knew. Whether i...
  • Corinna See
    I’ve been reading a lot of memoirs lately, and as soon as I knew that Rachel DeLoache Williams was writing a book about her experience with the infamous Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin), I pre-ordered it—and it didn’t disappoint. I first learned of Anna Delvey while reading an article that had been published by The Cut and then on Medium, and it’s the Jessica Pressler feature that Williams references toward the end of the book. It was a fascina...
  • Michelle
    Couldn’t put this one away. Totally fascinating tale of deception between friends. I think I loved this because this situation has happened to me before - thank goodness not for that amount of $ but all the anxiety, guilt, shame, embarrassment, humiliation, etc — that was real for me as well at that time. It inherently forces you to become a closed off person always wary of others intentions, and that’s a lifelong struggle to overcome. I re...
  • Jane
    This book was based on a remarkable collection of data from the author's personal experiences with a con artist, beginning prior to the author's recognition of what was occurring. I feel like 5 stars is a bit generous, but then I ask myself what I would suggest to the author and editors and I can't think of anything. This book does a terrific job of doing exactly what it sets out to do, and it is based on tremendous documentation of what occurred...
  • Susan (the other Susan)
    I was up all night with this. If you’ve ever had just a twinge of suspicion that a friend was manipulating you, or if you can’t resist someone else’s train wreck, please read My Friend Anna. Anna Delvey is a piece of work. I am SO grateful that the friend she victimized has been able to get some of her own back with the publication of the book, which has been optioned by HBO. (Netflix might be working on Anna’s own version of things, if t...
  • Onceinabluemoon
    I must be jaded because I can't imagine fronting anything more than once, perhaps because I was a daughter of a banker I would have been far more cautious... I will say the book grated on my nerves, the constant avoidance of repayment made me crazy, the handwriting was on the wall and it made me want to scream, all the while knowing whatever the outcome was this book deal would make her whole plus. Ended up watching YouTube video of author, she i...
  • Crystal Zavala
    Earlier this week I finished My Friend Anna by Rachel DeLoache Williams. My Friend Anna is a true story about Anna Sorokin Delvey who was convicted of multiple counts of attempted grand larceny, theft of services, and larceny after claiming to be a wealthy German heiress.Rachel DeLoache Williams met and became friends with Anna over the course of a couple of years. Anna started out by spoiling Rachel with fancy restaurants and expensive fitness t...
  • Lucinda Denton
    Vicarious DispleasureA beautifully shared true story which slowly builds great anxiety for Rachael Williams (and for me) as she is emotionally and financially devoured by con "fiend" Anna. When law enforcement became involved, I couldn't take reading a break. Now right on to NETFLIX. A true lemons to lemonade, once in a lifetime adventure! Thanks for being willing to share the journey.
  • Christie Reynolds
    A fascinating and terrifying read. The lack of remorse shown was especially chilling to me. The author, who was the victim in this case, was educated with a good head on her shoulders which made the whole thing even more unnerving. She says at the end that people’s actions show their true character so much more than words, which is an important reminder to everyone. I did hope to learn a little more about Anna herself from this, but overall a g...
  • What Niki Reads
    3.5/5Rachel’s writing aptly demonstrated the anxiety she felt as a victim of Anna Delvey’s scams but also draws attention to the ambiguity that comes with the person who conned you being one of your best friends. She presents a really fair depiction of Anna, one that I found incredibly generous given what she had experienced. If you read Rachel’s article in Vanity Fair last year, you probably know the gist of her encounter with Anna, but it...
  • flannery
    This book is both extremely entertaining & extremely tedious, and includes CSI-level detail about what people were wearing, eating, drinking, whatever, and sentences like "The food was arranged buffet style to encourage socializing." The author takes pains to identify Anna Delvey as status-seeking, name-dropping, etc., but I'm gonna be a real bitch for a second & say that you don't get to be $65k in the hole w/ A.D. without having something in co...
  • Christine Bolton
    There was a lot of unnecessary information not related to the central story where I felt like the author was name dropping in a way? It was a fascinating story, but I would have liked a little more about Anna, especially in the aftermath of the trial.
  • Candy Lievsay
    I could not put this book down! I really admire Rachel's courage and determination. I am really glad Anna is in jail. I hope she is not able to defraud anyone else.
  • Kendra Johnson
    I had heard only vaguely of Anna Delvey before diving into this audiobook. I knew very few details about her scheming and conning, aside from one late-night Wikipedia binge. Rachel DeLoache Williams did a great job of balancing her personal experiences with Anna with more objective investigations. I found myself feeling anxious as she described Anna's avoidance of giving real answers about the money she owed. I really felt for Rachel throughout t...
  • Lisa
    Fascinating and gripping tale!This is probably the going to be my favorite book of 2019. It's so unputdownable. This is a must read for readers who love a "New Yorkers with problems" plot. Like listening in on really good gossip. As much as I enjoyed this I have enormous sympathy for the author and what she experienced!
  • Kayla
    My Friend Anna was a whirlwind of a book by Rachel DeLoache Williams. I had read an article about Anna Delvey a year or so ago and was absolutely mesmerized by the con she pulled off. When I saw this book was being published, I instantly pre-ordered it and devoured it in just a few days. Rachel shows a side to the story that explains how easily everyone was lead to believe that Anna’s story was true, and that she was a trustworthy friend. Readi...
  • Seth
    Reading a book like this is a little out of character for me. I don't usually read nonfiction and when I do, it usually isn't in the 'true crime' sphere. I actually hadn't even heard of this story before, even though it seemingly is/was everywhere (maybe I just don't keep up enough with those elements of pop culture.) When I picked up the book and did some Googling into the backstory, I immediately became entranced. I couldn't believe what I was ...
  • Rebecca Hughes
    When reading this book, I couldn't help but think about one of Janet Malcolm's most famous lines: "Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible."This line begins her book The Journalist and the Murderer; a work that examines the relationship between Jeffrey Macdonald, a man convicted of a heinous crime and Joe McGinniss, who befriended Macdonald and wrote ...