CHECKED (Boston Terriers Hockey #1) by Jacob Chance

CHECKED (Boston Terriers Hockey #1)

They call him ‘Wilde Man’. Rumor has it he’s an animal on the ice and between the sheets. Like the rest of the female population, I’ve been crushing on Clancy Wilde, the captain of Boston University’s hockey team, since the first time I saw him. Big, blond, and charming, he ticks all the boxes. When we find ourselves at a wedding, drunk and flirting, I know I can finally check this tattooed, bad boy, hockey player off my wish list. One ...

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TitleCHECKED (Boston Terriers Hockey #1)
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreRomance, Sports and Games, Sports, Hockey, Academic, College, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary

Reviews CHECKED (Boston Terriers Hockey #1)

  • Jennifer
    YESSSSS!! I loved loved loved this book!! CHECKED is by far and away one of my favorite romantic comedies of 2019. Jacob Chance excels at writing romantic comedy, and he created something extremely special with CHECKED. What an incredible, heartfelt, sweet, dynamic, and SWOONY read this one is. I fell head over heels in love with the storyline and characters, as well as Jacob’s writing and brilliant sense of humor. I was hooked from beginning ...
  • blog~
    Oh my gosh! This book was amazing! After reading each of the Boston Terriers books, I always proclaimed that was my new favorite. From the very moment we met Clancy, I knew he was special. For the simple reason he played hockey made this book a more pleasurable read. So, yes, Checked is my new favorite and I am looking forward to more hockey Romance from this author. Clancy, was an amazing hero. And I couldn’t have loved him more. I found his c...
  • Meghann Martin
    Jacob Chance is the king of sports romance stories! Yes, Checked was a hockey romance but it was so much more than that. A story that reaches the heart. One of my favorite things about Jacob’s writing is how he goes above and beyond with his characters and you can tell that as you’re reading. It feels so real...almost like you’re there.When we first meet Clancy “The Wilde Man” Wilde in the Boston Terriers football series, we meet the cr...
  • Keri Loves Books
    Dreams ChangeNo one writes a confirmed bachelor turned swoony, love-of-your-life like Jacob. Get ready ladies, Clancy is going to steal your heart!Tenley has crushed on Clancy for years. When the opportunity arises to fulfill her fantasy of being with her crush, she can’t help but jump at the chance. Now that one night is going to change everything.The hottie hockey has a reputation and dreams of the NHL. The only woman he has room for in his l...
  • Erin Lewis
    5 star review of Checked (Boston Terrier’s Hockey #1) by Jacob ChanceIt’s true what they say, all it takes is one night for your life to be changed forever. That’s what happens to Clancy Wilde, captain of Boston University’s hockey team and the woman who was supposed to be a hook-up at his cousin’s wedding, Tenley Davenport.I enjoyed everything about this book. From start to finish Jacob Chance wove such an engaging story that I couldn...
    My anticipation levels for this book were through the roof, I'd been waiting for Clancy's story since we met him way back in Tackle. I wasn't disappointed. Checked blew my mind. It showed the softer side to easy going, fun loving Clancy. Checked still show cased Clancy's lighter side while diving deeper into the real caring, gentle giant side. Tenley was the perfect match for Clancy. Her sassy attitude and strong will while dealing with an unexpe...
  • Patricia Rohrs (words we love by blog)
    Anytime Jacob Chance releases a novel I spare as much time as necessary to devour his words! Clancy has been one of my favorite chance characters and getting his story has made me fall head over heals for this sexy hockey player! I loved watching his and Tenleys relationship develop from friendship to more and the realness of their situation for me solidifies them as my fave couple! What I love most about Jacobs writing is how he takes time for c...
  • TheSassyNerdBlog
    Where do I start? Jacob Chance isn't new to me, I have a few of his books and have loved each and every one of them. He is best known for his sports romances, and although I am not massively into them myself, I can't help but love his. He always seems to be able to give you more than just the sports romances and this book did just that too. In CHECKED, the author gives us Tenlsey and Clancy's love story, and it was one hell of a story, and an ama...
  • Laura John
    Let me just start by saying this book was amazing!Honestly I loved every minute of it (and I may or may not have read it in pretty much one sitting)That’s the thing about Jacob his books are so hard to put down! I’ve wanted Clancy’s book for a long time... and I was not disappointed!This is a great surprise pregnancy book that gave me all the feels! And of course was not short of those moments that will leave you all hot and bothered! So if...
  • KC Caron
    Sure, Checked is a sports romance, long distance surprise pregnancy love story. And sure, Clancy (gah, more on him later) says things like “Forget soulmates. This girl might be my s3xmate.” And you will gobble up those fun lines, but checked is soooooo much more. Everyone needs to read this unforgettable romance, it's original and feisty with lovable leads and an addicting supporting cast. Thanks to Jacob Chance’s deceptively simple writing...
  • Wickedly Sweet & Synful Book Blog Synclare Moss
    I ❤ Clancy! Pretty sure he is going down as one of my all time favorite book boyfriends. Definitely my favorite of Chance’s books.I’m still experiencing euphoria from this gem.Tenley has been best friends since childhood with Sophie. (You meet Sophie in Depravity -Kings University..another excellent read)Sophie is cousins with Clancy who is a college hockey player..swoon as AF hockey player)Tenley and Clancy while both are atten...
  • Tre Talbot
    I couldn’t get enough of Clancy and Tenley. We’re given a friends to lovers, sports romance and so much more. This is such a down to earth story that has me tearing up at times and smiling non stop. Clancy is such a gentleman and passionate with those he holds near and dear. I admire Tenley and the decisions she makes there are times I want to scream at her to speak up but in the end I would of probably done the same thing myself. A must read...
  • Cheryl Blackburn
    The book is AMAZING! I really loved this story!You know I wanted to write a perfect review to match this AMAZING book, but I don’t think I can hold a candle to it.  I have to say there was never a dull moment with this story, it was SO GOOD I couldn’t put it down until I completely finished it. Jacob Chance is an amazing author and I love his attention to detail, whether he writes about Hockey or sports in general or about all the ugly and b...
  • Tiffany Brocato
    I absolutely adored CHECKED! Clancy and Tenley were perfect in every way! Clancy is a fun and loving guy with a protective side that would make any woman swoon! Tenley is just as fun with her quick wit! This read was super sweet with awesome banter that will make you laugh out loud! I can’t find the words to explain how much I loved this book! Just 1-click and read! You will not be disappointed!
  • Alexa Rayne
    Checked was another great read by Jacob Chance. Surprise pregnancy isn't really my forte but I enjoyed Checked. In fact, it actually worked out for the best. Clancy was a hotshot hockey player with an incredible work ethic and dedication. Tenley was a quick-witted university student whom had been crushing on her best friend's cousin, Clancy for a while now.These two tried to stay away from each other, but the spark between them was strong and the...
  • melanie allen
    This is one book I have been waiting for, and OMG it was worth the wait. Jacob Chance has done it again he’s written a 5 STAR read. Checked Boston Terriers Hockey Book 1 is Clancy and Tenley’s Story. Once I started this book I just couldn’t put it down, I was so into the story. Clancy the hot Captain of the Hockey team, Hockey is his life it’s his dream then one night changes it all, but not everything goes how it should, will Clancy and ...
  • Heather andrews
    Clancy is all about that compromise, “you’re right. Beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll take you naked wherever I can.” At least the mam's honest, “eff yes, you’re mine. You’re not one of those women who’s going to say they don’t belong to anyone but yourself are you? Because it’s way too late for that, babe. I’m a possessive a**hole. It’s who am and I don’t see it changing.” I liked this book, I loved Clancy.
  • Zillah Raven
    This story is absolutely beautiful. Clancy and Tenley are an adorable couple. This story draws you in from page one and holds you in a loving embrace. Their journey is remarkable. The writing and flow of this book is top notch. I absolutely recommend this book.
  • Laura ~Passion flower
    "A Sweet and Exciting Fairytale Romance"     What a beautiful, sweet, and heart-warming friends-to-lovers secret fairytale kind-of-read, a read filled with a slowly percolating, chemistry-laden romance, brimming with a low-angst and equally hopeful storyline, with wonderfully dedicated, humorous, and adorable secondary characters with plentiful exciting hockey-infused moments as well.     Checked, by Jacob Chance, is a story that I loooved ...
  • Between the sheets book reviews
    I have only read 3 of Jacob Chance’s books and I am becoming quickly obsessed with his writing . CHECKED was just... *Sigh.. it did wonderful things to my heart . *Hot, Sexy Hockey player ... CHECK*Beautiful sassy Heroine.... CHECK*Funny Banter... CHECK*Scorching Chemistry & sex scenes .... DOUBLE CHECK*Amazing side characters... CHECK*Surprise pregnancy... CHECKThere was so much to love about this book, when I started reading I was instantly h...
  • Brenda Travers
    Sports Romance perfection done right!!!I never get tired of saying Jacob Chance knows his way around the genre of Sports Romance. He has the ability to connect you to his characters, his level of detail throughout his books is something that elevates him as one of my auto must click authors and his latest book Checked (Boston Terriers Hockey #) is pure sports perfection. This is the first book in the Boston Terriers Hockey series and I could not ...
  • Ann Kelly-Uhryn
    What can I say about Checked by Jacob Chance that hasn't already been said? I couldn't put it down, Tenley and Clancy's story captivated me. From their witty, playful banter to their sweet moments you can't help but like these two. Tenley met Clancy years earlier. But since he's her best friend's cousin, she's been warned off of him. Warning off someone doesn't always mean they'll deny their attractions, especially if reciprocated. Tenley is an i...
  • Diane Lynch
    4.5 of 5 StarsJacob Chance hits it in the net with CHECKED (Boston Terriers Hockey #1). In this story, Boston University’s hockey captain, Clancy Wilde, hooks up with his cousin Sophie’s best friend, Tenley, at a wedding; despite using protection, Tenley winds up pregnant. This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult readers.Jacob Chance does a great job with his character development and plot. Clancy has the reputation of being a p...
  • World Of Books 65
    I just love a good College Romance and Jacob Chance sure does know how to write a good one. Tenley has been best friends with Sophie (Miles and Sophies story can be found in Depravity - book 1 of the King University Series) since childhood. Sophies cousin Clancy is top Hockey Player for the Boston Terriers and has known Tenley for years although they have only meet each other on a handful of occasions there has always been a spark between the two...
  • Rock Hard Romance
    Clancy Wilde (22) Captain of the Terriers Hockey Team (and who featured in the Terriers Football series) is focused on his NHL dreams,with no intention of having a girlfriend get in the way of that dream. He has an attraction to his cousin Sophie's best friend Tenley(20) -she had had a crush on him for years too...As the blurb states the concept of the story,I won't go into detail,as there is so much more to it, but what I will say is that once a...
  • MJ's Book Blog and Reviews
    Review by: Jennifer(4.5 stars)This was an amazing read!! This is the start of a new series, but we get a lot of characters from previous stories, and I for one LOVED getting to see them. Clancy is Sophia's cousin and while he is in town for a wedding, he spots Sophia's bestie, Tenley. After a few dances and a few drinks the two decide to meet up for a one and done. Both totally understanding the rules and agreeing to nothing more than one night. ...
  • Donna Purcell zappone
    Checked is the latest romantic sports book from Jacob Chance and it's hockey-licious. We have waited for eva for Clancey's book and it's finally arrived so let me say , when a Jacob Chance book is released I drop anything and everything to sit down and devour his words ... usually in one sitting. He doesn't just write sports books or romance novels. He writes with emotion to give his characters emotions not just scenes. We met and fell in love wi...
  • Sarah N
    Checked by Jacob Chance is feel good, swoon-worthy, sports romance at its finest! I loved the heat, I loved the romance, and the back and forth banter and playful flirty was to die for! There’s something to love at every turn in this book from surprise plot twists, completely lovable characters, and an incredible supporting cast as well!This book was completely unputdownable, and had me captivated from the start! The attention to detail was abs...
  • Kellie
    Jacob Chance has once again seized his place at the top of the sports romance genre with Checked. Tenley and Clancy share one wild night together. Both know that there can be nothing more but life has a way of spinning out of your control especially when a surprise pregnancy is thrown into the mix. Jacob Chance has a unique writing style that I fall for every time I read one of his books. His characters are so well written and real that they come...
  • Krisha
    Jacob Chance just brought his A game with this awesome book. Awesome edition to the Boston Terrier series. Hockey Season never looked so good. Grab your hot copy today. Jacob Chance doesn't disappoint .