What Happens in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand

What Happens in Paradise

Spend your winter on sunlit shores in the New York Times bestselling follow-up to Winter in Paradise, as secret lives and new loves emerge under the bright Caribbean sky.A year ago, Irene Steele had the shock of her life: her loving husband, father to their grown sons and successful businessman, was killed in a helicopter crash. But that wasn't Irene's only shattering news: he'd also been leading a double life on the island of St. John, where ano...

Details What Happens in Paradise

TitleWhat Happens in Paradise
Release DateOct 8th, 2019
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews What Happens in Paradise

  • Erin
    WARNING: If you haven't read book one, proceed with caution as I have a lot to say! One of my most anticipated books of the fall. Read it in one swoop, but....and there is a but... So book two picks up very close to where Winter in Paradise left off. Irene returns home to deal with the legal and personal challenges in making it known that Russ has died. Yet she cannot resist the pull to return to the villa and Huck. Sons Cash and Baker are both...
  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is
    This book is yet again a fantastic read! I love that twist on the mystery of Irene's husband. His death has changed course and I'm hooked on wanting to find out what happened. Irene's marriage is such a lesson learned. It's so easy to be caught up in our own interests that we neglect our loved ones. I could say that I sometimes rather read than talk to my husband lol. I love Rosie's view as well as everyone else. I like the reminder to experience...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/ When we last met up with the Steele family they had all returned to the United States to recuperate from the shock of dealing with (a) a dead husband/father, (b) a McMansion in St. John no one knew about, (c) a love child (samesies with the no one knew about her part), and (d) various potential romances. In book two it’s pretty much a given there’s going to be a bunch of other crap...
  • Debbie Oliphant
    4.5 StarsGreat storytelling, could not put down, what a cliffhanger.Review to follow
  • Zoe
    Escapist, addictive, and downright enthralling!In this latest novel in the Paradise series, What Happens in Paradise, we head back to the idyllic island of St. John and into the lives of the Steele family who after the turbulent events triggered by the death of the patriarch in the first novel begin to accept, heal, move on, take chances, forge new friendships, and find new love even while the underlying feelings of dread still linger.The writing...
  • Tooter
    4 Stars
  • Toni
    “It was just in the week before, only a couple days after they’d arrived home from St. John, an FBI agent named Colette Vasco called Irene, Cash, and Baker to let them know that the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue team had contacted the Bureau with suspicions that there might be more to the helicopter crash and the lightning. There was lightning in the area, but the damage to the helicopter seems to have been caused by an explosive device....
  • Kristy
    It’s been a year since Irene Steele received the news that her husband Russ was killed in a helicopter crash. The most shocking part: it occurred on the island of St. John, where he apparently lived a double life with another family. Now Irene and her two grown sons are back on the island, trying to move on—and learn more about the life Russ led there.I really am loving this series. I worried for naught this book wouldn’t be as captivating ...
  • Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader
    Oh my goodness just like book one this book left me hanging. I had no idea there was going to be another book. I now have to wait until sometime in 2020 to find out what happens.
  • Erica (sand_between_pages)
    Unexpectedly, I find myself in a "meh" state of mind..So, I was a HUGE fan of Winter in Paradise. It was easily a 5-star read for me: entertaining, thought-provoking, compelling, and a cliff hanger to boot..Well, What Happens in Paradise has the cliff hanger. It's sorta entertaining at parts. It's not very thought-provoking, and the only thing that compelled me to keep going was the attachment I fostered to the characters in the first novel..Mayb...
  • Robin
    This was an easy read with a fairly predictable cliff-hanger ending but that didn't stop me from enjoying it. A word of caution, though: the story continues where Winter in Paradise left off and there are very few backstories as to what happened in the previous book and who is who. If you can wait until the third book is published next year, binge by reading all three in one sitting. Thanks to the publisher for the advance digital reading copy. T...
  • Zach
    Reading Elin Hilderbrand is like coming home and putting on a favorite sweatshirt. It's very comfortable and you know exactly what you're going to get. In this case; a great story, an amazing setting and interesting characters that instantly draw you in. What makes What Happens in Paradise even better is that we're coming back to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the same characters from Winter in Paradise. We pick back up with Irene, Huck, Cash, Baker...
  • Brenda
    I love Hilderbrand's books. I just wish she would stick to what she does best - Nantucket and chick lit. Murder mysteries are not her forte.
  • Rachel
    Major let down as the second book in this trilogy. Rather boring and felt as though nothing happened. At least the last book will bring some answers...hopefully
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    3.5 STARSWHAT HAPPENS IN PARADISE, the second of Elin Hilderbrand’s series set in the Caribbean islands, kept me engaged in most of the story. Unlike most series I read, I wasn’t able to go back and read book #1. Still, I fell right back in with the characters and plot. Few writers create multidimensional characters with sympathetic backstories as well as Hilderbrand. My favorite is family matriarch Irene, who is not without flaws.WHAT HAPPEN...
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    What a great audio book! I am loving this series. I don't think this book, book two in the series, was as compelling as book one, but once the story got going a bit more and more info was revealed, I was hooked. And oh, that cliffhanger! Full review to come.
  • Cynthia W
    Really struggled to finish this one. Honestly, I could see what was coming at the end of the book by the end of the 1st book of the trilogy. This seemed like filler to me - just a "place-holder", until we get to the last book to find out what happens. Although I have a pretty good idea, I think. We'll see when #3 is published.Ms. Hildebrand is usually a favorite of mine, but this book fell short, in my opinion.
  • Christa
    I have LOVED all of Elin’s books and this was such a disappointing read. I know this is meant to be a trilogy but the way this book was paced you could tell she only had enough of a story for maybe two books and dragged out whatever she could to fill pages. This placeholder of a book only gave us a couple of paragraphs of new information. There is zero to no characters development and I’m not sure who we are all supposed to root for. Worst bo...
  • Denise Reed
    Love me some Elin Hilderbrand! Whether it's on Nantucket or on St. John, Hilderbrand whisks me away from the chilly New England fall to the sun and sands of the beach, and I am never disappointed. What Happens in Paradise is the second book in the trilogy, and picks up right where Winter in Paradise leaves off (I did go back and skim through Winter in Paradise first, to refresh my memory). In my opinion, this is definitely not a stand alone thoug...
  • Denise
    "Love is messy, complicated, and unfair."This second book in a planned trilogy picks up right where "Winter in Paradise" left off so I urge you to read the first one before plunging back into the drama and romance. The big bombshells from book one are lingering and still producing damage to the family Russ Steele left behind when he died in a helicopter crash along with his island mistress, Rosie. Russ's wife, Irene, and his sons, Baker and Cash,...
  • Robin
    The second book in the trilogy has Irene and her sons Cash and Baker, and her grandson Floyd, returning to St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, to live in the villa and work on the island. They are still trying to come to terms with Russ's death and his subterfuge. Ayres and Huck find money and diaries in Rosie's bedroom, leading to speculation that Russ was into something illegal. The diaries help the reader to learn more about Russ and Rosie. Relatio...
  • Marisa
    This book was everything a second book in a trilogy (or hopefully more!) should be. It shed some light on events in the first book... fleshed out the characters....and left the reader wanting more! I loved the first book in this series and loved this installment even more. As summer comes to an end it is nice to have a story that will leave me dreaming of summer!!
  • Lois
    This is the middle installment in a planned trilogy. I like the light, fun, gossipy nature of this series. It's light and the storyline/plot is silly. Still the action is intriguing and I get invested quickly.My main problem is that this novel is set on Island that is populated largely by Black folks. In the first book the author contrives the plot so all of the POV characters are white. It was annoying but often how white authors write. That's n...
  • Terri Wino
    Rounding up to 3 again as I did with the first book in this series. Yeesh, I really have a love hate thing going with these books. My biggest problem is I just don't like these characters. I feel downright antagonistic towards a few of them. Baker -- he's ready to uproot his kid and start a new life for a woman he barely knows and that his child hasn't even spent time with. Cash spends half the book enamored with the same woman and then in the sp...
  • Hannah Bierwirth
    Every time I read an Elin Hilderbrand book, I come out of the experience pleasantly surprised. I wonder if because so many describe her books as great “beach reads” that I don’t give them the credit they’re due, and it’s like I forget this each time. I really enjoy her work! One of the things I like best is how great Hilderbrand is at writing distinct characters. Her books tend to bounce around in perspectives, and it’s incredible tha...
  • Aura
    Another Hilderbrand entertaining novel set in the Cayman Islands. this is the second installment in the series and in my opinion, you have to read the first one. Hilderbrand's novels are very similar in their formula but they are fun and entertaining. I am a little mad about the abrupt cliffhanger at the end of this one. I didnt expect it on the first novel but I started to suspect I wasnt going to get answers on this novel and I feel cheated. I ...
  • Jillian Bielen
    This book is *totally* worth the time! One of the employees at Barnes and Noble said that it would be amazing and she was so totally right. I felt like this book was a little different for Hilderbrand in the sense that it focused a little more on adventure and less on romance. (The first book in this series was a little more mystery than romance.)That being said... I’m excited for the third one but I’m sad that it’ll be over after that book...
  • Kris Patrick
    Elin performs her magic and you find yourself rooting for these excessively materialistic, self-absorbed characters
  • Jennie
    This is number two of a trilogy and there are many unanswered questions. Most of this book deals with Rosie's journal entries which gives the reader more insight into her relationship with Russ. You find out more information about Russ's job and partners in crime. Cash, Baker, and Irene decide to move to the island and live in the beautiful villa that Russ stayed in while he was on the island. They all become involved with significant others. The...