Rose, Interrupted by Patrice Lawrence

Rose, Interrupted

Being a teenager is hard enough, but it's even harder in a world you've never known ...Eighteen months ago, 17-year-old Rose and 13-year-old Rudder escaped a strict religious sect with their mum. They are still trying to make sense of the world outside - no more rules about clothes and books, films and music, no more technology bans. But also no more friendship with the people they've known all their lives, no community and no certainty. It doesn...

Details Rose, Interrupted

TitleRose, Interrupted
Release DateJul 25th, 2019
PublisherHodder Children's Books
GenreYoung Adult, Religion

Reviews Rose, Interrupted

  • Cora Tea Party Princess
    Basically, I love everything that Patrice Lawrence writes.And Rose, Interrupted?Wow. Just, wow.I think it's even better than her previous books, which I didn't think was possible!
  • Triston
    Huge thanks to PanMacmillan SA for sending me a free copy to review of this book!TW: Restorationist Religious practices and confrontation of organized religion, Sexual offense, Sexting and reference to phonographic imagery, Using phonographic imagery as revenge.I really enjoyed this book loads, I do think there was a lot of unnecessary chapters and it felt it bit "around the mountain" to get to a point, but near the end I was really into it. I ha...
  • Sara Clyndes
    Really wonderfully described and the characters are incredibly likeable. Sometimes it was difficult to tell what the plot focus should be but it was enjoyable all the same. I would definitely recommend this to YA who have suffered from cyber bullying.
  • Karen Barber
    What do you do when the life you’ve led shelters you from outside influences? For many within the Pilgrim community it’s not a question they’ve ever had to consider, but for Rose and her younger brother every day is a minefield.Excised from their strict religious community, both children struggle to fit in. Innocent with regard to so much, the children have so many questions about life on the outside. How can they ever hope to adjust to lif...
  • Alexandra
    I loved the concept of this book, especially as someone who grew up in a restrictive church (though nothing like what Rose and Rudder have to deal with). Though there are funny moments, particularly with Rudder getting used to the outside world for the first time, it gets heavy. This is not a feelgood read, but it is nuanced and hopeful and beautifully written.
  • ThatBookGal
    The premise of Rose, Interrupted is quite an interesting one. Siblings taken from the sheltered life they have always known, and thrust into the 'worldly world.' The complexities of social media, relationships and the wider world, are hard enough to navigate when you've lived it in every day, let alone having to work it all out at the age of 17. Rose and Rudder had a totally believable journey, that had me hooked because I wasn't sure what direct...
  • Aoife
    A year and a half after leaving their family's cult, Rose and Rudder are still struggling; Rose desperate to experience more of the world, Rudder desperate to return to the only world that ever made sense to him. Between them, they have to try and understand this strange new world and how to live in it.Cult stories are always sort of sickly fascinating. It's amazing to read, but a little uncomfortable. Luckily, in this book, our main characters a...
  • Donna
    Rose Interrupted follows siblings Rose and Rudder, who have recently left a religious sect and are trying to adapt to the modern world. No more strict rules about what to wear, what to do and what relationships they can have. Rose welcomes the freedom and wants to distance herself as much from her past as possible- by countering every rule she has always been made to follow. Rudder on the other hand, wants to go back. He knew who he was, and what...
  • Bev
    Coming of age tale set in a gritty, real life environment with sexting, bullying, fanaticism and family ties as strong themes. Rose is finding it hard to acclimatise to living in the 'real world' after having grown up in a strict religious sect. Her younger brother Rudder who shows signs of being on the autism spectrum is struggling even more, with his love and loyalty to his father, still in the religious community, fogging his thoughts and maki...
  • I Read, Therefore I Blog
    Patrice Lawrence’s contemporary YA novel is a subtle look at the pressures of modern teen life that examines sexism, different means of coercion and control and the meaning of freedom. Lawrence is particularly good in her sly critique of toxic Christianity and in the double standards that women are held to in comparison to men and although the pace did drag slightly in places, I cared a great deal about the characters and what happens to them.
  • Bookwormandtheatremouse
    I was so excited when I realised the latest release from Patrice Lawrence was out in the world. I had loved Orangeboy and Indigo Donut. Rose, Interrupted did not disappoint and was also not at all what was I expecting (I refused to read the blurb and just jumped right in) - it tackles identity, internet safety and the control of a religious sect - it is engaging, entertaining and utterly brilliant. I would suggest that everyone reads it (and the ...
  • Ocylou
    God I loved this book!!! I love the different POV it is told from. All the characters, though some in a I love to hate them way. And how it all sort of works out in the end. I especially love how Rose doesn’t just go with dressing like a normal worldly but chooses a different style, one which will make her stand out and be able to show off who she is
  • Eloise
    I try to open my mind to different cultures and religions, but when I read books like this it makes me realise how little I know about other people. I loved the story of Rose and Rudder and their decommissioning into the 'worldly world'. The ending is wholesome, while the story progresses smoothly and keeps you on edge. I love this book and will recommend to anyone.
  • charis
    *DNF at p198*Cringey cultural references, flat characters, and events with little to no precedent set for them happening. Igot halfway and reached the last straw and just could not justify carrying on - I stopped caring about how early events will be resolved.
  • Alex
    Yet again Patrice Lawrence writes absolutely brilliantly about all the quirky, difficult, often horrible challenges that today’s teens have to deal with. She gets under the skin of her characters and describes their motivations and thoughts with a nuance and understanding that is uncommonly good.
  • Leonie
    Actual rating: 3,5/5 stars
  • Beth McCallum
    dnf’d at page 120. didn’t understand the direction of the book so couldn’t invest in any plot line or angle
  • Liv Liv
    Wow. Just wow. This one is going to take a while to process.One of the most powerful pieces of fiction I've ever read - Patrice Lawrence is a GODDESS!
  • ashortbooklover
    Real rating 3.5 stars
  • Pauline
    I normally like Patrice Lawrence's work but found it difficult and disjointed.
  • S
    Perfect for older Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone lovers as the male protagonist is the biggest fan. Very high content of sex tapes, revenge porn, nudes, abuse and language. Recommend 15+
  • Virginie (chouettblog)
    Out of the frying pan into the fire comes to mind!Meet Rose and Rudder.While one sibling has decided she will do anything to shed her Pilgrim skin, even if her methods are questionable and have far reaching consequences the other, too young to bear the guilt inflicted by his former community, is desperate to go back.For Rose, a young girl who has been raised in a strict religious cult calling anything outside it blasphemous, the Wordly World is f...