Big Baller (Size Matters #3) by Blake Wilder

Big Baller (Size Matters #3)

DakI’ve got a big pro football contract, a big appetite for women, and a big mouth. It gets me into trouble more often than not… but this time it lands me with a nerdy little PR gatekeeper who is supposed to control me.But good luck with that. Eloise and her kitten sweaters and sexy as hell glasses have me ready to use my mouth in a whole different way…EloiseI’m not your typical nerd girl. Instead of video games, I love football. I’ve l...

Details Big Baller (Size Matters #3)

TitleBig Baller (Size Matters #3)
Release DateFeb 14th, 2019
PublisherBlake Wilder Books, LLC
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Big Baller (Size Matters #3)

  • Alaina
    Such a good book and super quick read!Big Baller was definitely a funny book. In it, you will meet Eloise and Dak. Eloise is a crazy cat lady.. which honestly I already have two friends who are like that - cough cough Andrea and Felicia. Besides being cat crazy she likes football which makes her a bit more likable in my eyes. Sorry, not a big fan of cats because I'm allergic to those demons. Then here's Dakota, aka Dak, and he's the start quarter...
  • Debbie Orazi
    This was a hilarious romcom story! Eloise Carter is a nerd girl, crazy cat lady, football fanatic who scored a job working in the social media marketing department of the local pro team. Dakota North is the star quarterback of the team, sexy as sin, and has no verbal filter which gets him in trouble with the team's GM on a regular basis. The GM appoints Eloise Dak's babysitter on a four day trip home to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. She...
  • Lisa A
    A funny, sweet love story Eloise, a huge football fan, got her dream job with the marketing department of her favorite team. She is sent to Tennessee with the star quarterback, Dakota to keep him from any publicity problems. She’s a shy virgin cat lady. He’s a smooth muscular ladies man.
  • Treena
    I liked the first 30%. But then things just sort of sped up and I was missing the details. And I wanted more scenes with conversations/banter/dates so that I could get to know the MC's and get the feels for them. What do I mean? Well, the first few chapters are devoted to the time spent between the MC's over the course of couple of hours/days. Somewhere along the way, the details get lost bec the days/weeks get summarized in a paragraph or two. I...
  • Carol 27
    I enjoyed this romantic comedy about Dakota, an irrepressible quarterback and Eloise, the nerdy PR gal tasked with controlling his Twitter feed. While Dak is the typical superstar athlete with scores of women and tons of money, I liked that he was also a well-mannered, respectful Southern boy at heart. I enjoyed the interactions between him and Eloise. The more he tried to push her to her limits – all in good fun, the more Eloise surprised them...
  • Beth
    You know I am thinking this book ranks the highest of all 3! I love this bestest, the Big Head followed by Big Hose ... and please don't get me wrong I have loved them all, but this one ranks highest for me ...due to the humor, u just wanna love Dak and Eloise so so much!! See and read their story now, and if you have missed the others please read those as well. Blake Wilder is becoming one of my go 2 authors, will try and wait patiently (lots of...
  • M Hurford
    Loved the Chemistry Between Dak and Eloise. Big Balls, by author Blake Wilder is right up there with the other Size Matters Series books, where males large egos and other things are flaunted and not necessarily taken to seriously thanks to the snappy and witty dialogue. This storyline centers around football. Particularly a QB named Dak, one of his PR social media team members, Eloise, or who he likes to refer to her as, Kitty. Probably because s...
  • Dayla
    1.5/5 starsThis was way too short and so cringe. No character development, yet the characters changed to fit the plot where it was needed. A quiet, reserved woman does not become a sex vixen in a chapter. A guy who is used to playing the field doesn't suddenly find himself in love with a girl over the span of a day. Just. I can't.
  • Lucy Edwards
    This was difficult to rate because the storyline is one that is typically go for. I liked Eloise but I really didn't take to Dak at all. The first part of the book was good but then it just seemed to take off into warp speed and there wasn't enough time to really get invested. Things happened a little to fast for my liking which is a shame as this couldve been a really good book
  • Darlene I read to many boooks
    Giving blake another chance since last one was okayish.  So lets get started!!! It was fast pace, funny steamyish pretty good book better then the last one i read.. So we have our MCs a sports shyish nerdy gal and a manwhore flirty gentleman.. so far it took me few to warm up to Dak.. since when we first meet him hes very flirty and nice to everyone but still a guy with a big mouth that causes problems he likes to tease and flirt with Eloise aka...
  • Patty
    Oh what a fun read this was. Full of snarky sass and quirky fun. Eloise is a nerdy cat lady who loves football. She has her dream job working for her dream teams marketing department, monitoring and cleaning up Dakota Norths social media goof ups. She loves her job and takes it very seriously. It helps that she gets to see her favorite quarter back, who is sexy as hell.Dakota North is a very successful and sexy as sin quarterback. He loves the ga...
  • Magali
    Very good romantic comedyThis book is excellent for its story, its characters, its sharp dialogues. I loved the characters characters: Héloise lives with her two cats and is a fan of American football, who manages for his team the problems of communication in the media, and her biggest problem every week is Dakota a player with a terrible reputation, and that seems to take everything lightly. Unfortunately for her, she has to manages him to stay...
  • Loz
    2.5 StarsIn the first half of this, I didn't like Dak. He's a football star, complete ho and just tweets and posts whatever the hell he wants. Eloise is one of his team's social media managers, in other words, she's responsible for glossing over and shining a positive light on every stupid thing the guy puts out there. She's also a terribly cliched cat-loving, socially-awkward, virginal twenty-six year old. And now she's being sent to babysit him...
  • BusyM3
    OMG I loved this story. Eloise is a nerdy, crazy cat lady, and a football fanatic who happens to work in the social media department for a pro football team. The sexy Dakota is the star quarterback, that has no filter when it comes to everything and it gets him in trouble all the time with the team. So the GM decides that when Dakota is going home to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family that Eloise is going to go and babysit him and keep him ou...
  • Annie
    I volunteered to read this ARC for an honest review. I loved this fun story about Dakota/Dak and Eloise/Kitty. He's the bad boy Quarterback that keeps getting into trouble with his mouth on social media. Eloise works in the teams PR department and had been tasked with keeping Dak in line on a trip to Tennessee. Dak has always found Kitty adorable with her kitten sweaters and glasses. She was nothing like the girls he normally dated. But she had f...
  • Jessica Wannamaker
    After months of casual flirting and her crush she gets an unexpected assignment keep Dak off his phone. He's frequent stunts of not filtering his thoughts gets him in a lot of trouble. But going to his parents was not going to overshadowed by that with Eloise going with him to babysit him from his phone. Who knew a trip away together would spike their flirting into so much more... he's Mr. Celebrity and she's a cat sweater wearing back stage girl...
  • Faith89
    Love this series of big egos and bigger fun. Eloise is a sports nerd working at her dream job. Just like ever woman in the building, she has a crush on the star quarterback. But he would never date a girl like her; or would he. Dakota is your typical sport athlete. He has a big ego, loves woman and makes no apologies. He has no filter which gets him in plenty of trouble. After the last fiasco, the GM gives him a babysitter. Eloise and Dak go on a...
  • KReader
    Witty and fun and oh so hot, I want to give it more than 5 stars!!Dakota "Dak" North is the quaterback everyone loves, regardless of his sever lack of filter. He says want he wants and he doesn't care about the fallout. Eloise "Kitty" (to Dak) is the nerdy girl whose job it is to care and deal with said fallout. Spin it in a non offensive way. When she is assigned to "babysit" Dak and keep him off social media during a weekend trip home, Eloise d...
  • Tami Laplante
    Dakota (Dak) is a quarterback and he's been getting into too much trouble. So he is assigned someone to keep him in line - Eloise. Eloise is a nerd but she loves football so she manages the teams social media. But now she is assigned to keep Dak out of trouble. When she goes with him on a trip to visit his parents, that is when the fun begins. This story was such a joy to read. The banter between these two were hilarious and eye opening. How is E...
  • Debra Richardson
    Another phenomenal read in the ‘Size Matters’ series! Beautifully written, well-developed, emotionally deep, and heart melting! It is drama-filled, funny, and witty; a fun fast pace page-turner that is intriguing with some ups and downs. Amazing characters who are deep, strong, and just perfect for each other; the chemistry between them is intense and hot! The hot descriptive sex has sparks so explosive they will melt your kindle. I love the ...
  • Nora Flood-Houston
    Dakota is the big Bad quarterback that says and does what he wants. Always getting into trouble on social media and with reporters. Eloise is on the team that tries to put a spin on his crazy adventures. When the boss man tells Dakota he’s going to have a babysitter on his trip to see his parents he wants it to be Eloise. Eloise is shocked to learn she has been selected to go. This makes for a very exciting and sexy trip! Loved this book! Love ...
  • Lara
    Dak and Eloise are the perfect pairing. Dak is not one to hold back and speaks his mind and Eloise tells it like it is in a subtle way. When she is tasked with keeping him off social media she will have her hands full. What neither realizes is that neither of their hands want to stay off the other. When a slip happens will their tentative friendship and blossoming romance be derailed?Don't miss their fun and charged banter.I received a free copy ...
  • Peggy
    Quick but fun readAnother fun read. This story is about Eloise and Dakota. Dakota is the star quarterback. He is sexy and gorgeous but has no filter when talking to others. Eloise is a big football fan in the social media department for a pro football team. In order to keep Dakota out of trouble, the teams manager sends Eloise home with Dakota to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. Lots of laughs. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this bo...
  • Kirribilligirl
    A fun story.I have just discovered Blake Wilder and I’m rapidly becoming a fan girl. Eloise and Dakota are great fun. This is simply a story about opposites attracting. As you may have guessed they really were at opposite ends of the dating pool. I’m a big fan of romances without a lot of conflict and angst and that’s what Blake delivers in bucket loads. I really loved the talk Dakota had with his mate about how to win Eloise back. It was b...
  • Lovinghotbooks1
    This was a short but enjoyable read. Love the nerdy girl and the athlete that fall in love.Good storyline that has a nice build up with some steamy scenes on the way. A little mishaps and a happy ending makes it a very fun read.The characters is well described and secondary characters makes the story even more fulfilling.No unnecessary descriptions of surroundings and fun dialogues.If you love a short but good story that’s well written I recomm...
  • Nicole
    Dak is a star quarterback with a habit for saying whatever pops into his head. Eloise is a working in the PR department and is in charge of making Dak look good, despite what comes out of his mouth. When they are pushed together, sparks fly? But what will happen when each of them hear things the other has said about them? Will they be able to see the truth in their feelings? This is a short, sweet, fun read.I received a free copy of this book via...
  • Ebony
    It just felt good!Eloise was intelligent, funny, and football crazed with an affinity for cats. Dak the heart breaking quarterback with no filter was intrigued by Eloise or Kitty as he called her. They went from light flirting to being passionately connected quickly. It felt unreal for Eloise, but it was everything to Dak. She challenged him and treated him like a regular person regardless of the way she felt about him. My favorite part of this s...
  • Sandra R
    2.5 stars. Some fun banter between the H/h which I enjoyed. The amusing storyline quickly morphed into steamy erotica in the second half which I admit I skimmed a bit - not that it bothered me, I'm just a bit 'over' those type of scenes lately. I guess I've been looking for more substance to the romances I've been reading - not just hot scene upon hot scene, based on lust and insta love. The writing style was fine.
  • Tracie Rogers
    Eloise works for a football team fixing players goofs on social media. Dakota is the quarterback and the teams number one social media problem. She finds his sexy and he finds her cute. Now she is sent home with Dak to keep him out of trouble. So cute, quick great read that will have you turning the pages to find out how it ends.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.