Overground Railroad by Candacy A. Taylor

Overground Railroad

The first book to explore the historical role and residual impact of the Green Book, a travel guide for black motorists  Published from 1936 to 1966, the Green Book was hailed as the “black travel guide to America.” At that time, it was very dangerous and difficult for African-Americans to travel because black travelers couldn’t eat, sleep, or buy gas at most white-owned businesses. The Green Book listed hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ...

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TitleOverground Railroad
Release DateJan 7th, 2020
PublisherHarry N. Abrams
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Race, Travel, Cultural

Reviews Overground Railroad

  • Never Without a Book
    https://www.instagram.com/p/B685NFrAD...This is a MUST READ.
  • Nancy Oakes
    Bravo, Candacy Taylor. more shortly. In the meantime, go and watch this documentary, in which the author appears:https://www.smithsonianchannel.com/sh...available on the Smithsonian Channel or via Amazon prime video.
  • Kusaimamekirai
    Living in Japan for the past decade or so, I always find it difficult to express to people what life was and is like for black men and women in America. There is always a kind of shock and horror at the endemic racism in America’s history and that it lives on even after a black president. At this point I’m often asked, “How did people survive under these conditions? How did they have families and lives?” Not having lived through some of ...
  • Biblio Files (takingadayoff)
    The story of America is often the story of people moving -- migrating, pioneering, or just taking a vacation to see someplace new or visit relatives. But for Black Americans, moving is not the carefree Route 66 roadtrip that it is for white people. During Jim Crow, many hotels, restaurants, and even gas stations were off limits to Black travelers. The Green Book was one of several guides for Black motorists (as well as those traveling by train or...
  • Ellen
    I can't say enough about how wonderful this book is. Not only does it explain the history of something that I'm going to say most people don't really know about, and not only does it have amazing photography to add to the story, but it uses real people's testimonies to give a personal element and help the reader feel the emotions that all the people affected by Jim Crow and segregation must have felt. It was a very emotionally taxing book, making...
  • Katie
    I honestly think I favor reading nonfiction some days over jumping into a well-written fantasy novel. Civil Rights in America remains one of my favorite topics to learn about because you will never reach the end of all the lives and events that transpired. This is primarily because segregation and Jim Crow continually impact the country, despite legal and cultural shifts every few years. Overground Railroad delves deep into the history of the Gre...
  • Linda Bond
    Overground Railroad is an impressive tour through a particular chapter in our history – one in which black citizens took advantage of their right to own a vehicle and to travel U.S. highways. But it was not particularly safe for them, especially in southern states, where they were often turned away from restaurants, hotels/motels, gas stations and all sorts of local businesses. A recent very successful movie – The Green Book – turned a spot...
  • Eva
    *** Review copy received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review *** As someone more familiar with the Hollywood film "The Green Book," I wanted to consult a more well-researched and historically accurate guide that discussed this historical document. I should note that while I found the film interesting, it was primarily geared toward making white audiences feel better about themselves. Critics, including Don Shirley's family members, we...
  • Ted Waterfall
    What an absolutely amazing book! Candacy Taylor has written a wonderfully readable and eye-opening account of a vital publication called The Green Book, which helped the black traveler on the road to find safe accommodations and businesses willing to serve him during the height of Jim Crow oppression. The impact of this book went beyond this. It also meant more investments in black owned businesses that were listed and the resulting economic boos...
  • Lynette
    Author Candacy Taylor takes readers on a trip across America and through an important era in America's segregated history with "Overground Railroad: The Green Book and the Roots of Black Travel in America." This book not only charts the rise of African-American leisure travel and how this pastime was aided by Victor H. Green's "Negro Motorist Green Book," it manages to link the past to the present by incorporating historical research, photos, ane...
  • Timothy
    This was an interesting and well-detailed book about the history of the famous Green Book and first hand accounts from African American individuals and families from the 1920s to the late 1960s. This book is divided based on the years that the Green Book was published as well as particular events in American History. In each chapter, the book illustrates what African American families had to experience while traveling or returning from war and wh...
  • Kristine
    Overground Railroad by Candacy A. Taylor is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late November.The real Green Book, as interpreted by Taylor (who does most of her research on the road with her life and safety often at risk) and her family, which was published for the first time in 1936 by Victor Green and annually released until 1967. It talks in-depth about the Green Book itself, the events going on that year in history, and of the known and un...
  • Kendra
    This is an outstanding and fascinating history of the Green Book--a guide for black Americans during Jim Crow that listed safe businesses to shop at, safe places to stay, safe garages to fill up their cars, and other places and people who could help them as they travelled the country. Author Candacy Taylor has not just examined the book, its creation, and publication, but also conducted interviews with people who used it, taking her work beyond t...
  •  wade
    Moved by stories of his youth by her step father and the struggle his black family makes to travel in our country Ms. Taylor has provided a detailed study of the Green Book the legendary travel guide for minorities in the mid twentieth century. She crosses the country taking photographs of all the locations that are either still in existence or are used for a different purpose now. She also shows Green Book cover art and excerpts over the years. ...
  • Liana
    I received this book as part of a goodreads giveaway.This book was interesting and engaging. It describes not just the history of segregation and the rise of African-American travelers, but also how the Green Book was developed and how the travel guide evolved over time. By incorporating stories and photos in addition to the historical research, it makes the past come alive, and shows how things have changed (and how some things haven't) in the h...
  • Melinda M
    Overground Railroad: The Green Book and the Roots of Black Travel in America by Candacy Taylor covers a historical look at Black Travel in America. When Jim crow was the rule where could Blacks stay when they traveled? Candacy Taylor covers this topic by telling about the Green Book. The Green Book was the Black equivalent of AAA club travel book. It is well researched and an interesting read.I received a copy thru a Goodreads Giveaway.
  • Jane
    G---reat bookR---elativeE---ye-openingE---ducationalN---ecessary read and very noteworthyB---rilliantO---pen-mindedO---riginalK---nowledgableYou need to read this book. It is an excellent piece of research that has been well-written and is very important to all of us.
  • Jules Wolfers
    Highly recommended to understand evolution of oppression from when ownership of car and travel from 1920's to 1960's, for Black people- even the northern states were not exception from promoting oppression.
  • Patrick Macke
    To be clear, the book is a sprawling, spray-to-all-fields account of racism and discrimination ... The Green Book's originator, Victor Green, is to be much admired
  • Jamie
    This is an incredibly important book, one I think needs to be read in schools.*More of a review to come*
  • Jennifer Schultz
    Read if you: Want a better understanding of the history/significance of The Green Book, as well as the perils that African-Americans have faced (and continue to face) in automobile travel.During the era of Jim Crow, African-Americans faced enormous obstacles, indignities, and danger while traveling. The Green Book was a necessary travel guide for the community, listing businesses (mostly, but not all, African-American owned/operated) such as hote...