How Do You Dance? by Thyra Heder

How Do You Dance?

A playful picture book that urges readers to bop, bounce, and shake from the author of FraidyzooThere are so many ways to dance! You can jiggle or wiggle or stomp. You can bop or bounce or go completely nuts. You can dance at the market or the bus stop, with your fingers or your face. You can dance because you’re happy or even because you’re sad. But, what’s the best way to dance? Exactly how you want to!In How Do You Dance?, author-illustr...

Details How Do You Dance?

TitleHow Do You Dance?
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherHarry N. Abrams
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Storytime

Reviews How Do You Dance?

  • La Coccinelle
    This is more of a concept book than a story, but it's still adorable. How Do You Dance? is packed full of dancing humans of all kinds, diverse in size, shape, colour, and ability. There are dancing kids and dancing dads, dancing janitors and dancing construction workers... and even dancing dinosaurs!The illustrations really make this book. They're so exuberant that they showcase the joy of movement that can be felt all through the pages.There's n...
  • Abigail
    Author/illustrator Thyra Heder explores the joy of movement and dance in this newest picture-book, depicting a variety of children and adults getting into the groove and performing their moves, all while a stubborn little boy insists that he doesn't want to join in. The narrative, and the characters on the page, try to get him to relent, but he resists until the very end of the book...Having greatly enjoyed many of Heder's previous books, especia...
  • Emily
    Pure joy! Perfection!
  • Ranea
    SO CUTE! Perfect for a music and movement program!
  • Erin
    Let's get weird indeed! I am so into this!! It's nice to see a book that recognizes that sometimes you just need to flop around and encourages you to do just that.
  • Annese
    So fun! I will have to try this for a listen & move storytime.
  • Krissy Neddo
    Liked Alfie, but love this one. What a diverse cast of characters- the dancing janitor was hilarious. Perfect for PE and music teachers and a library storytime. The dialogue with the non-dancing boy adds an element to make it more of a story and not just a book with pictures and words saying to just dance like this or like that. Ages 2-8.
  • Becky
    "Let it get weird." What a fun and encouraging book. And the 'try something new' spread has to make for a storytime hit. How could it not?!Highly recommended.
  • Emily Masters
    Can’t wait to read and wiggle with my littles with this one!!
  • FM Family
    I loved Fraidyzoo and wanted to like this one more because I'm a fan of Thyra Heder and was looking for a book about dance. But I think the reason it's so hard to find a book about dance, is because it's not easy to translate onto the page. This book was helpful in engaging with my presently stubborn 2 year old about trying things in a different way (like dancing) and not being so focussed on why she DOESN'T want to do something - although it was...
  • The Library Lady
    As someone who has been a bad ballerina for 20+ years, as someone who incorporates dance into my programs every chance I get, as someone who has done a "Nutcracker" story time (with dance) for years, I should love this book. But I don't.It's like a badly choreographed dance to me. The enthusiasm is there, but somehow it just doesn't fit the music. It's off rhythm. I cannot imagine reading it to a group, and I'm not even sure it will work with ind...
  • Mandy
    Childrens Picture Book. This book is so fun, with people of all ages and skin tones showing how they bust a move. There is no wrong way to dance, just get your body moving! The characters in this book beckon, bop, flit, scrunch, and even poot as they encourage dancing for the fun of it. The stubborn character adds a bit of humor as he resists any encouragement to join in the fun. I can imagine this to be fun for a read aloud for preschool or earl...
  • Melissa Mcavoy
    Do you beckon, bop, flit or scrunch? Lively watercolors and rhythmic words encourage movement while making it clear - there is no one way to dance. Step-by-step instructions and lots of amusing examples ensure that even the most reluctant dancer will join in. A fun family book or a great one to read aloud to a class. Diverse illustrations showcase myriad age-groups, personalities, body-types, genders and ethnicities.
  • Kelsey
    Age: Preschool-2nd gradeSports: DancingFrom silly to serious dance moves, Heder illustrations a wide array of styles to get children out of their seats and dancing during storytime. Caution: some pages have quite a bit going on, so the reader should skip these or be prepared to slow down their reading so children can soak up the pictures.
  • Janet
    An active book, yes illustrations that depict all ages and all ethnicities is some form of movement. In the present sedentary life style this is a title to encourage movement. There is one young boy who doesn’t dance, but will be finally? Definitely an urban setting, but all people where ever they live dance, perhaps a suburban and or a rural version will come along.
  • Alex Onslow
    Grade: K-5SUPER CUTE book!! I loved this so much! It was such a fun read. How do you dance? the book has some awesome illustrations showing that everyone has different beliefs of what dance is, but they also have DIVERSE ways of dancing. This includes, size, shape, color, ability, experience, height, weight, job, etc. The book shows all these people and animals interpreting dance in their own ways. The illustrations are really what makes this boo...
  • Liz
    I really enjoyed this book. The images are extremely colorful and vivid. Also, this could be an awesome book for artists who want to practice drawing bodies (obviously it's wrong to out-right copy someone's artwork, but it's good practice to do for creating new characters). None of the characters drawn are stiff.
  • Robin
    Enchanting picture book celebrating dance. I loved the mix of kids and grownups and the diverse bodies shown finding joy in individual expression through movement. Reads aloud beautifully, may work well for story times. Highly recommended for ages 4-8 and anyone who loves to waltz with a mop or flop around until they feel better.
  • Juliana Lee
    The question is asked, but the boy says he doesn't... but the ellipse shows that he doesn't finish his thought. Everyone else dances, each in their own way, but the boy refuses to join in. He finally shuts his door because he wants to be left alone. Why? Because that it how he dances, all alone in his own room!
  • Pam
    Love the exploration of how so many people dance. The unseen narrator encourages the young boy to dance too though he insists he doesn't dance. Eventually, readers see him dance alone in his room.Heder celebrates movement of all sorts to celebrate, heal, encourage, cheer up, etc. in all types of situations. Definitely diverse people throughout the book.
  • Miss Kelly
    Beautifullly illustrated. Great book for a story time. Wonderful story extension ideas with this book too. In the middle of the book there is a centerfold of various fun new dance moves to try out. I think all ages would love this book. Dance! Like no one is watching!!! Read it, you will love it.
  • Erin
    A delightful celebration of movement and dancing. All kinds of people, all kinds of dance, for all kinds of reasons. The illustrations capture the motion and the words express the onomatopoeia of it all.
  • Katie
    A really fun little book. All kinds of people dancing any way they can.Recommended for:Possible use in a dance storytime, though the pictures are small and somewhat intricate. May be too long, but could work in a storytime where the focus is on getting kids moving.
  • Carissa
    super cute book that actually makes ME feel more confident about my own dancing ("just move a part. Then move another. Let it get weird. See where it goes.") Excellent diversity in race, age, ability and willingness to dance in public places. :)
  • Marcia
    I am a fan of Heder's, both Bear Report and Alfie were fantastic. This book is different than those, but is a star in its own right. A celebration of dance and being yourself, it will bring a smile to your face!
  • Molly Cluff (Library!)
    The way the illustrator captured the physicality of all the different dance moves and expressions is super impressive. And wow, many super unique kinds of people and silly dads. I really enjoyed this--it's a super easy book to use to get kids moving.
  • Emma
    I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I love the message, I love the illustrations, I giggled out loud multiple times. I love everything about this book. Just like dancing, it's pure joy!
  • KDV
    This is so good and the illustrations are perfect! I like all the different kinds of people and bodies AND dance moves. I will definitely be using this at storytime.