Five Bloody Hearts (DCI Matt Ballard, #2) by Joy Ellis

Five Bloody Hearts (DCI Matt Ballard, #2)

DETECTIVE MATT BALLARD’S LAST CASE MIGHT BE THE ONE THAT FINALLY BREAKS HIM.Grace Repton, a beautiful older woman, walks into the police station to tell Matt she has information that could stop a murder. Her fiancé, the infamous serial killer Jeremy Reader, has told her that he has a disciple who is going to kill using Reader’s horrific methods.Reader murdered five women and was finally brought to justice by Detective Ballard. Reader is safe...

Details Five Bloody Hearts (DCI Matt Ballard, #2)

TitleFive Bloody Hearts (DCI Matt Ballard, #2)
Release DateFeb 10th, 2019
PublisherJoffe Books mystery
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Five Bloody Hearts (DCI Matt Ballard, #2)

  • Louise Wilson
    Grace Repton walks into the police station to tell Matt that she has information that could stop a murder. Her fiancé is the infamous serial killer, Jeremy Reader, has told her he has a disciple who's going to kill using Reader's horrific methods. Reader had murdered five women and had been brought to justice by Detective Matt Ballard. Jeremy Reader Is behind bars, imprisoned in a high secure unit. He's claiming he wants to help the police. The ...
  • Lisa
    My thanks toNetgalley and of course Joy Ellis.I've told everyone I know, Ellis. While.these Ballard favorites of hers, they still.dont.even come close to sucking. I think my problem internally with Ballard is the feeling that it's the end. Therefore, I haven't been able to give of myself. I don't wish to love a character at the end. No, not his death end...But the end as a well loved chracter. Fact is that ...
  • Linda Strong
    4.5 Stars Detective Matt Ballard wants nothing more than to retire. He's put in his 30 years and his girlfriend have made plans, including marriage. They are both still recovering from the last case they worked... particularly Liz who is healing much slower. Matt has agreed to stay on as they have a shortage of detectives.Grace Repton is engaged to marry Jeremy Reader ... a serial killer of 5 women. He is behind prison bars and has sent Grace to ...
  • Pat
    Not one of my favourite Joy Ellis books, but still very good. Its just that some of the others are so outstanding. Grace Repton, who is engaged to imprisoned serial killer Jeremy Reader, comes into the police station to tell Matt Ballard her fiancé has a disciple who is intending to carry on his 'work', using his methods. Sure enough, the murders begin and they are exactly the same, including some details of the original murders that were never ...
  • Lou
    Five Bloody Hearts, the second book in the DCI Matt Ballard series, is a rip-roaring read and perfect for valentines. It has just enough gore to satisfy without going over the top, and the modus operandi of the killer is very unique and rather brutal; that was all I needed to become totally engrossed in the story. All of the different plots and subplots make it a complex read, but it is still easy to follow and engage with. It's' as always, well ...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy of Five Bloody Hearts, the second novel to feature DCI Matt Ballard of the Fenland Constabulary.Matt is looking forward to his retirement but it keeps getting deferred until his replacement is free so it’s business not as usual with Fenfleet suddenly becoming the murder capital of the UK. First there is a murdered immigrant, the third in the past few months, and then there is s...
  • Jeanette
    Absolutely gripped me from start to finish! Although this is a sequel to 'Beware the Past', it made no difference to the enjoyment of this page turning thriller. So many twists and turns, which is exactly how a good thriller should be. I am not going to write what the story is about as i prefer one to read it for themselves, but i do highly recommend. My thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for my copy, and this is my honest review.
  • Books 'n' All Promotions
    Well Joy Ellis has done it again! Another totally gripping page turner.This is the sequel to BEWARE THE PAST in the first book we saw Matt Ballard up against evilness personified. It left him physically and emotionally shattered, one of his team with a life threatening injuries and someone close to him dead. So I was intrigued how Joy would build a book from the remains. I was far from disappointed this book just demonstrates what a talented auth...
  • Joann
    I read the first in this series awhile back and wasn't very thrilled by it but thought I'd give the second one ago as I normally love her books. This time around it was much better and I truly enjoyed it. I had forgotten that it takes place in the fens of England along with the returning coroner, Rory, whom I love for his wit and caring while dealing with dead bodies. Matt is close to retirement and just seems to be getting the really complicated...
  • Joyce
    4 starsDCI Matt Ballard is ready, more than ready, to retire after thirty years of being a police officer. He is dragged into what may be his final case...A woman comes into the office looking for Ballard. She tells him that she is convicted serial murderer Jeremy Reader's fiance. She says that a death will occur in Reader's style; there is a copycat out there. Should Matt believe this fantastic tale? The stakes are too high to ignore it.This is ...
  • Joanna Larum
    When I heard that there was going to be a sequel to 'Beware The Past', I wondered how on earth it could happen. Surely all the detectives had been well and truly made 'hors-de-combat' after their last outing but Five Bloody Hearts is a tremendous story with Matt Ballard giving his all once again to solve a series of murders. Jeremy Reader is a serial killer serving life for the gruesome murders of five women. Grace Repton (an intelligent and attr...
  • Misfits farm
    Matt is a very likeable character and this book is no different. You take to him from the start (it will stand alone but helps if you have read the previous one in the series- I had but two years ago). He is shortly hoping to retire and waiting until his replacement finishes her latest case. Meanwhile he has a call from the fiancee of a serial killer, one who she says has now repented. Matt is sceptical to say the least. The news is that he belie...
  • peggy
    Another of my favourite authors and a must read!!!!!!This is Matt Ballards'last case and it will turn out to be the worst case of his career. A killer who drains the blood from his female victims and takes you a heart shaped piece of skin as a trophy. Well that was it I was hooked and read this book in one sitting. It had me reading late into the night to finish it. Plots within plots, I loved it. So many suspects, I know who the perpetrator is, ...
  • Nerys Roberts
    Grace Repton has asked to see DCI Matt Ballard. She is the fiancée of a convicted serial killer, Jeremy Reader, who was arrested by Ballard. Grace claims that Reader is a reformed character and wholly repentant for his crimes and has asked her to approach Ballard as he think someone is going to start killing women the way he did. Ballard and his team are still recovering from their last major case which damaged several them but especially his Se...
  • Tom Casey
    Another Great ReadAnother great read, only a pity that DCI Matt Ballard has retired. Would love to have more from him along with his wonderful, hard working team.
  • booklover BEV
    this is the second book in the Detective Matt Ballard series, matt is called to a dead body on Washway farm drove, matt should have retired two months ago his replacement has been called to a court case so his retirement is been delayed. Grace Repton turns up with information for Matt, stabbings, tattoo's on victims, all had to be solved. this book does live up to its name gripping with a massive twist, i loved reading it. Miss Ellis has pulled a...
  • Carole Gourlay
    I know I always say this about Joys books, but I do like the way she integrates characters from her other books together. Somehow it gives you the feeling that you really know them! The characters are really likeable and I feel I could get on with most of them. This time it’s Matt and Liz who are recovering from their last particularly heinous case. Matt is due to take retirement and Liz is hoping that they can set up theirs own investigative a...
  • Kerry Robinson
    This was my first outing with Joy Ellis and it won't be my last. I already have book 1 of this series lined up on my Kindle and I cannot wait to read it. Five Bloody Hearts is the second book in the Matt Ballard series but works absolutely fine as a stand alone however, it does have some references to book 1.Matt Ballard is on the verge of retirement when an old case is dredged up from the past. The fiancée of a serial killer (Grace Repton), jai...
  • Alyson Read
    What a fantastic introduction to DCI Matt Ballard for me, although it is actually book 2 in the series. This is the sequel to "Beware The Past" where Matt was battling against evil personified. He came away from that case scarred both mentally and physically, his sergeant Liz Haynes was left with life threatening injuries and a close friend lay dead. Little wonder that Matt has made the decision to retire but has to delay as his replacement is he...
  • Marion
    Following on from Beware the Past we find DCI Matt Ballard and his girlfriend DS Liz Haynes recovering from the aftermath of their last case. Matt has made his decision to retire from the force and whilst Liz will never regain full fitness to return they are contemplating setting up as PI`s.However Matt finds himself drawn into one last case when an attractive, intelligent woman, Grace Repton, walks into the station and tells him she is about to ...
  • Jacqui Huntley
    nother outstanding book from Joy Ellis and the second based around cases for Detective Matt Ballard and his team. Two strings intertwine throughout - one a series of copycat murders by ex-sanguination of blonde young women (that murderer caught by Matt and team and now incarcerated for life) and two, murders relating to an age old family vendetta between Lithuanians and Latvians. Matt and Co twist and turn trying to find leads, interviewing chara...
  • LJ (On The Shelf Reviews)
    So this is the second in the Matt Ballard series and while it does work as a standalone, I would suggest you start with the first book Beware The Past.Matt is on the verge of retirement when two cases pop up. The first a series of murders of young Lithuanian migrant workers all with the same tattoo. The second involves a woman named Grace Repton, who says she in love with serial killer Jeremy Reader and they’re about to get married. She claims ...
  • Carol Butler
    DCI Matt Ballards last case, as he is due to retire and what I can make out from the previous case something bad happened and his now girlfriend Liz who is living with him out in the Fens which is quite remote in some places was his then-colleague, and still bears the scars and will not be returning to the police force, so Matt could do with an easy small case while he waits for his replacement to arrive.A woman slightly 0lder and still pretty an...
  • Simon Leonard
    I have been a massive fan of Joy’s books all the way back to when I started reading her Nikki Galena series, which I am currently revisiting through audible and I loved book one in this new series, when I read it back in December 2017 so was really excited to be given this one to read.This book follows Matt Ballard as he is looking forward to retirement with his partner when he is persuaded to do one more case.This case revolves around a serial...
  • Vanessa
    Now here's a author that only gets better and better. Joy's books have all been a wonderful read but her lastest was just Brilliant. Five Bloody Hearts by Joy Ellis was a Cracking read! Her books always grip me from start to finish. and is a great page turner........This is the second book in the Detective Matt Ballard series and I just loved it!Detective Matt Ballard is looking forward to his retirement and start a new life with his girlfriend L...
  • Billie
    Detective Matt Ballard wants nothing more than to retire. He's put in his 30 years and his girlfriend have made plans, including marriage. They are both still recovering from the last case they worked... particularly Liz who is healing much slower. Matt has agreed to stay on as they have a shortage of detectives.Grace Repton is engaged to marry Jeremy Reader ... a serial killer of 5 women. He is behind prison bars and has sent Grace to Matt with ...
  • Jilly
    I love Joy Ellis books and this was no exception. I liked that there were several cases being investigated at the same time and kept trying to find the link between them. It is testament to Joy's skill as a writer that I didn't get it until the end. 5 stars. Grace Repton, a beautiful older woman, walks into the police station to tell Matt she has information that could stop a murder. Her fiancé, the infamous serial killer Jeremy Reader, has told...
  • M
    Too many implausible incidents. Couldn’t suspend disbelief. I enjoy reading the author’s DI Nikki Galena police procedurals, so I gave “Five Bloody Hearts” a try. I guessed the culprit very early in the book, but I was content to follow along whilst DCI Ballard and crew investigated various murders. However, I soon realized the author was concocting events that only appeared to propel the investigation forward. In reality, the detectives ...
  • Julie
    Thank you NetGalley and Joffe Books for this ARC. I read the first three chapters and bam! I was in. I was so in that I could not move forward without going back and getting the previous book, Beware the Past (the first in the Matt Ballard series). So I went, read it, then came back to Five Bloody Hearts. Five Bloody Hearts is indeed a twisted ride. We have several murders that are seemingly connected, a repentant serial killer, a future wife and...
  • Linda
    This was yet another brilliant offering by Joy Ellis, which had me totally involved from the very start. This was a story in two parts, each case both puzzling and terrifying. Each taking the reader down separate routes and producing plenty of red herrings and false leads. DCI Matt Ballard, desperately trying to retire but being drawn into his final case by a criminal who he had previously had convicted and locked up for life. It was an interesti...