Drop Shot (Myron Bolitar, #2) by Harlan Coben

Drop Shot (Myron Bolitar, #2)

In the second Myron Bolitar novel from Edgar Award–winner Harlan Coben, a young woman’s tragic death spirals into a shattering drama of menace, secrets, and rage. Suddenly Myron is in over his head—and playing the most dangerous game of all.Once, Valerie Simpson’s tennis career skyrocketed; now, the headlines belong to a player from the wrong side of the tracks. But when Valerie is shot dead in cold blood and dropped outside the stadium a...

Details Drop Shot (Myron Bolitar, #2)

TitleDrop Shot (Myron Bolitar, #2)
Release DateFeb 5th, 1996
PublisherDell Publishing Company
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Crime

Reviews Drop Shot (Myron Bolitar, #2)

  • Suzanne
    Reading has turned me into a bad mother. I jest. Honestly, I just read at any chance I can get. I am known to walk and read, in the house mind you, not even out and about. I was fraught to put this one down. Mr Coben has delivered again, just as I knew he would. My Goodreads friends know I’ve a wee crush on him, or would that be Myron? (Yes you read that correctly).Our protagonist here, Myron Bolitar, is an ex superstar sportsman but now super ...
  • Jeffrey Keeten
    ”Tennis needed new blood, and Duane Richwood was the most exhilarating transfusion to come along in years. Courier and Sampras were about as exciting as dry dog food. The Swedish players were always a snooze-a-thon. Agazzi’s act was growing wearisome. McEnroe and Connors were history.So enter Duane Richwood. Colorful, funny, slightly controversial, but not yet hated. He was black and he was from the streets, but he was perceived as ‘safe’...
  • Kemper
    Myron Bolitar makes me feel lazy and unmotivated for being a simple cube farmer. He could have been a basketball star but blew out his knee after being drafted by the Celtics. His consolation prize was a law degree from Harvard and then a job doing some shady stuff as some kind of secret government spook. After he got tired of that, he decided to be a sports agent and started his own business. Myron’s got a new client in rising tennis star Duan...
  • Brenda - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews
    I listened to the audiobook of Drop Shot. It was a fun, entertaining and an easy one to listen to that didn’t require my full focus. I was thoroughly entertained by Myron’s wit, charm and sarcasm. I loved the twist and ending to this mystery that I didn't see coming.
  • Matthew
    A nice, quick, humorous little murder mystery. Only my second Bolitar book, but I can already say I am looking forward to reading more of the adventures of Myron and Win.
  • Lisa
    I just love love love Harlan coben he is such a prolific storyteller & his characters are so endearing & believable Drop Shot had me in from the first chapter it had everything a thriller should have. being a tennis fan the plot sold me I felt all this hits & misses that this book contained such a high standard of writing had me intrigued right to the very last chapter.Valerie Simpson was found shot after the U.S Open she was at the end of her ca...
  • Phrynne
    A really enjoyable book. I love the main character, Myron Bolitar but really Win his off sider deserves points for being the best invention ever in this type of book. Usually the good guys are moral and ethical and thus have a disadvantage against the baddies who have no such restraints. Win has no moral issues to contend with resulting in the excellent scene in this story where he and Aaron are supposed to be fighting fair with no guns and Win w...
  • Rob
    Number two in the Myron Bolitar series.Harlan Coben is indeed a master story teller. For those of you that don’t know Myron’s history he was a superstar athlete in the making until a serious injury ended his dreams. But he’s a man of many talents and now he is a successful sports agent and lawyer. With his best mate Windsor Horne Lockwood 111, a sociopath with a conscience, an oxymoron I know but you have to read the book to understand, he ...
  • Strawberry Fields
    This guy is becoming one of my favorite authors very quickly! This is the second Myron Bolitar book in the series. I didn't think this one was as good as the first one, but I really liked it anyway.The best part of the book is the witty banter Myron pulls out with just about everybody, even people who want to kill him. His wonderful sarcasm spikes all throughout the books and I just love that. Win is also one of the better characters I have seen ...
  • Ellen
    Drop shot by Harlan Coben.Let me begin by stating that I like (very much) the lead character, Myron Bolitar. Myron is at the U.S. Open as an observer, a fan and a sports agent. One of the tennis stars of yesterday has been murdered outside the stadium. Myron begins his own investigation only to discover that another unsolved murder took place 6 years prior to this murder. Is there a connection? I was so pleasantly surprised to find that this auth...
  • Dorothy
    The stench of testosterone emanating from the pages of this book made me want to open a window to get some fresh air while I was reading it. Or maybe go outside and take a walk in the sunshine instead of reading it.This is the second in Harlan Coben's sports agent/detective Myron Bolitar series. I read the first one for my Mystery Book Club last year and I liked it well enough to give the second one a try. I have two more in this series on my Kin...
  • Harry
    Beginning to exhaust my hunt for the loner, the hunter as a singular and main hero...a new trend seems to be emerging, the disassociation of the hunter and conscientious hero into two separate characters: the main character and his loner side-kick. Several authors embrace this genre motif: Robert Crais's Elvis Cole and his side-kick Joe Pike and of course Harlan Coben's Mylor Bolitar and his elitist side-kick Win.Of this genre, Coben is probably ...
  • Jenny
    Drop Shot is book two in Myron Bolitar series by Harlan Coben. Myron Bolitar was watching one of his clients at the US Open when Valerie Simpson was shot and killed. Myron Bolitar decided to investigate her death when he found out that she was trying to contact him and a friend of Win. However, he did not understand the consequences of the investigation would have on him and everyone associated with him. The readers of Drop Shot will follow the t...
  • Victor *I Was In The Pool!*
    Turns out my light bulb wasn't dim after all ;)
  • Rhonda B
    Myron and Win are back to their detective antics in this second book of the series and they certainly entertain me with their banter. The entire story had my attention trying to figure out which of the characters were IT. Harlan kept the plot stirring until the very end, oh man, you got me!!!! NICE
  • David
    Coben has invented a formula for making his hero more human. His formula works wonders as his hero goes about solving mysteries that usually revolve around the professional sports world.First, give your hero an unassuming name like Myron. It isn't the most masculine sounding name and I don't mean any disrespect to Myrons out there in the reading world. Even John Wayne opted to change his name from Marion in order to create the persona we later ca...
  • Corey
    A fun humor-filled quick murder mystery. Myron Bolitar and Win may be one of my favorite book duos, their relationship is similar to that of Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh from the Lethal Weapon Franchise. Sports agent Myron Bolitar is about to become the advisor for Tennis pro Valerie Simpson, she is killed by an unknown assailant right outside the Tennis stadium during a match. And Bolitar, along with Win investigates the killing, and also unc...
  • Holly
    Myron Bolitar has just been added to my list of favorite characters. He's right up there with Alex Delaware. I like him more and more with each book I read. Highly recommended!
  • Colin Mitchell
    Myron Bolitar has a new "hot shot" tennis player signed to his agency when a fallen former teenage female player who is trying to contact Myron is shot dead at the US Open while his coming star, Duane Richwood is moving his way into the semi finals.Needless to say the Ache brothers are connected to this world of threats and try to strong arm Myron. His friend Win his psychopathic friend is there when things start to get nasty as Myron digs into t...
  • Gary
    The 2nd book in the Myron Boilitar series by Harlan Coben and for me a rare case. I am normally a big fan of Harlan Coben's work and this series in particular but this book failed to grab me like the others have and I felt that I could only give it a 3 star rating. I have marked so many of his books 4/5 stars which is certainly the case with his latest novel The Stranger but this one did not quite hit the spot. I am sure the next one will be back...
  • Jim
    Good characters in a twisty mystery. Nothing too special about it & the big reveal was pretty obvious early on, but it was still an interesting journey. The story was self-contained, but I'd still recommend reading the series in order, especially the first book first due to the recurring characters. They're the main focus. Well narrated. Good characters in a twisty mystery. Nothing too special about it & the big reveal was pretty obvious early ...
  • Shauna
    I have been looking forward to reading a Myron Bolitar mystery for a while, but this one did not live up to my expectations. The much-vaunted humor was repetitive, and the plot itself just wasn't all that compelling. Sorry, Myron; I really DID want to like you.
  • Rebeka
    I don't think I can explain how much I love Harlan Coben writing style. Amazing. This book is hilarious and it made me laugh even though it's a murder mystery. I recommend it (or any Harlan Coben book for that matter) to everyone who is new to this genre. He's one of the "lightest" mystery/thiller/crime authors that I've read so far. It's perfect for someone who can't stand a very picturesque description of victims and he's the author I pick when...
  • Mahoghani 23
    Myron Bolitar looks at the world as black and white but truly knows there is gray matter within. Mr. Cohen took us on a journey into the tennis world and within, it can be just as scary as life on the street. This story deals with the love of a mother and how far she's willing to go to save her son from people who don't care about taking a life to cover their secrets.Within this story there's murder, pedophilia, love, secrets, dysfunctional famil...
  • Baba
    Myron Bolitar book 2: Set in the world of professional tennis; Myron looks into 2 related murders 6 years apart; Aaron's back; and we get to really understand Win. Some solid mythos building in this book, the second in the series, which I've only now managed to get my hands on. 6 out of 12. Myron Bolitar book 2: Set in the world of professional tennis; Myron looks into 2 related murders 6 years apart; Aaron's back; and we get to really understa...
  • Katherine
    I am loving this main character, Myron Bolitar is witty and smart, Win Lockwood III with his black and white sense of justice. I am enjoying the new series and the characters.
  • Eddie Owens
    Same as "Deal Breaker".I'm on to the third book next.Here's hoping.
  • Priyam Gopani
    What an author ! What a book!Drop Shot is not just a novel with a mystery and story to it..it is more than that...there are relationships, there is betrayal, there are tender moments, there are sacrifices, there is character development..oh there is so much to every novel when it comes to Harlan Coben!I have read all his standalone novels and loved each one of them. Was a little skeptical on starting the Bolitar series because I am not a fan of o...
  • Kellie
    This was one of those rare books that called out to me "Read me" "Read me". For me to put everything aside to read a book is a rare occurrence these days. What did I like about this book? Molitar and Win. Their relationship reminds me a lot of Spenser and Hawk. The mystery was very thrilling, although, I figured most it out before it was revealed. The humor or shall I say, slapstick is pretty funny. I liked the characters and I liked the plot. It...
  • Jonetta
    This second installment in the Myron Bolitar series is another solid entry, though not as riveting as the first book. Myron's dry wit makes the story more interesting and continues to be the draw for me. I didn't think Win could get scarier but he pulls out the stops in this story. There are some tense moments but for the most part, this was more of a puzzler than suspense. There were several subplots that converged at the end, which kept my inte...