Heart of the Cat (Sarafin Warriors, #3) by S.E. Smith

Heart of the Cat (Sarafin Warriors, #3)

Originally published in the anthology, Embrace the Passion (Pets in Space, #3) published October 2018.Prince Walkyr d’Rojah’s mission is to find an ancient artifact known as the Heart of the Cat—a powerful gem that connects his people, its magic woven through the Sarafin like his predatory cat is woven into himself. Walkyr’s only clues are an ancient scroll and the legends passed down through generations. However, he isn’t the only one ...

Details Heart of the Cat (Sarafin Warriors, #3)

TitleHeart of the Cat (Sarafin Warriors, #3)
Release DateFeb 26th, 2019
PublisherMontana Publishing
GenreScience Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction Romance, Aliens

Reviews Heart of the Cat (Sarafin Warriors, #3)

  • Gizzie
    This book wasnt nearly as good as the previous books in the series. The prologue is a must read and sets the tone of the book. The book starts off with a bang and caries you through the first 2 chapters, but then it starts to drag but picks up again later in the book. This wasnt a bad book but it lacked the evil sense of humour I came to live about Ms Smith's humor. Without that humor the book became lack luster and a smidgen tedious to read. MS ...
  • Angela Lover of all Books No Matter How Horrid They Are ❤❂☠
    I am obsessed with everything that S.E. Smith writes. She has a very creative imagination that sucks you in. This book was released initial in https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4... an anthology for charity. If you follow her on Facebook she clearly stated that this was part of that anthology and that she will be releasing this story as part of the Sarafin Warriors' series, https://www.goodreads.com/series/90194, as well. I understand the frust...
  • L M
    First read in the box set PETS IN SPACE 3. I must admit to buying this book but not rushing to reread it as I have been waiting for the next book to answer some questions from this story.The beginning has you gritting your teeth at the horror happening. It starts out going back in time to the Great War and is very upsetting with all the evil and treasonous things happening that make up some of the past history of the Sarafin and the war between t...
  • Jan Bond
    Good story but.....Previously published in Embrace the Passion (Pets in Space, #3). Even with an extended epilogue it wasn't worth paying money for it when I had already paid for Pets in Space #3. Although the author stated in the blurb that this was in Pets in Space I automatically buy or pre-order anything Smith publishes when I get a notification from Amazon without reading the blurb as I assumed (I know what that means!) it was a new book. I ...
  • JodyL
    Trescina has known she is different from everyone else because she can change into a tiger. She can also communicate with all of the large cats that reside in the Sanctuary. When bad men come to her home when she is around six and kills her mother, her stepfather and half sister Katrina must run for their lives.Many years later Walkyr is sent to earth because of a prophecy in order to retrieve the "Heart of the Cat" which appears to be some sort ...
  • Bren
    An addictive seriesI love all the series, but this is my favorite of hers.I love the ever evolving ,story lines within and across the series. I love the romantic suspense and the humor that flows through them. I strongly recommend them to anyone who likes romance in a sci fi environment. The only disappointing aspect is that with all the various series, I know it will be a wait until the next book in the series is available-but I'll be watching t...
  • Virginia Daugherty
    Alien cat vs local catThis story was well worth the wait. Walkyr and Trescina are a match made in heaven or rather in the cosmo. When the Goddess saves Mia from a madman intent on killing everyone, she throws her into the future.Our future or rather Earths😁. Walker has waited centuries for his mate not knowing she was born centuries ago but Sent to Earth for protection. And guess what he still doesn't know it when he comes face to face with he...
  • Charlee Bailey
    Loved it! This was a very long time coming, but it was a really great read. The time period trick was great and made a lot of sense. The characters are well developed and while this is not a long read, it's a very exciting one. I loved Trescina and Walkyr! They are a great couple and hopefully we will see more of them soon. Great read, now I have to go back and read the other books to remember what was going on.
  • Jannie Cv
    I love “Heart of the Cat!”I’m so happy to be back with Sarafin warriors! On Earth, on a mission to save the ‘Heart of the Cat,’ Walkyr encounters Trescina and her tiger companions. They each are hiding an important aspect of themselves; both have enemies after them. What an adventure this turns out to be! The backstory of the situation is fascinating, including stories of Trescina’s youth on Earth. I’m looking forward to seeing more...
  • Kathy Shatzer
    Cats galoreAs always ms.smith delivers a rousing tale that intrigues us until the very end! I love her stories and I am a very big fan! This book I had in my library but just had not read it! Glad I did ,because I loved it ,just another see smith book to add to the Rest! By the way , enjoyed the free audiobook about angus and Tilley,didntknow it existed until I read this,another bonus if you ask me! Love your books ms.smith!!!
  • duvon haywood
    All over the place.I really don't know how to rate this book, love the first two in the series, but this last one had me turning the pages rather quickly, The story went from the past to the present , then past , then present , really was confusing at times ,yeah not my favorite
  • A Lee
    The Leopard and the Lioness is about Pallu. I'm so glad they found out about The Heart of the Cat. It was sad to see what happened about Mia and her husband on earth and now I'm curious about what's gonna happen to Katerina. I'm definitely gonna buy this series one book at a time because I know that I'll like rereading it over again.
  • Betty
    Heart of the Cat:Sarafin Warriors book 3 by S E SmithAnother excellent addition to this fantastic series by S E Smith!💖 Your going to enjoy the wonderful characters and their stories that have plenty of everything in it to keep you turning the pages to see what happens next for them.I'm recommending that you collect all of them!😍
  • Oz &
    Cats are coolAfter waiting for a few years it's brilliant to get the next installment in the search for the heart of the cat sexy aliens dangerous foes a happy every after the only problem it ended too soon can't wait for the next bit to come
  • Pam Collins
    Another hit!This series continues to bring excellent entertainment and humor to us, the readers. These worlds come alive, and the action is an imaginative adventure. I eagerly await the next book from S. E. Enjoy!
  • Tucker
    AwsomI can't get enough of this series I love it it was egh of your seer good and I can't for wats next
  • Livey
    I really enjoyed the story with all types of big cats. The prologue explained a lot of details that were necessary to suck me right into the story. Makeup to cover the stripes/rosettes interesting.
  • Ti
    This one gets into supernatural aspects more than others I have read. Not bad. Less sex. Nice. The beginning is more adult violence than I generally like, but the rest was good.
  • Josephine
    I am confused, it started of slow then it was fast paced as if the author remembered that time was of the essence. There was no romance, very disappointed.
  • Sharon
    I love this series and this author, just not this particular book.
  • Karen Victoria
    Wonderful!This was a super sweet edition to the series, and you will enjoy the adventurous revelation of the "heart." Highly recommended .
  • mrs lynne gouaalla
    Absolutely fantasticWell writtenLots of laughterTruly a great book to readCan't wait for the next bookYou've really done great with this storyEXCELLENT xxx
  • Ruth Hambley
    ExcellentI absolutely loved reading this one and can't wait for the next in this series. If you enjoy reading shapeshifter sci-fi romance then you will love it to.
  • Sarah
    Hmmm..Come on.. I loved their story I just wished that the author put more into the couple’s story as there was mostly background info and side story plots.
  • Lynn Smith
    Heart of the CatAnother fabulous story in the Sarafin Warriors series. Plenty of suspense and romance. Keeps you turning the page. Looking forward to reading the next book.
  • Lisa D
    Good bookI enjoyed this book. It was a good afternoon read. I just hope I don't have to wait 3 years for the next book in this series.
  • Vivien Tsang
    Good book though I wish there was more Riley scenes. Love Riley & her bag
  • sharon e hochstetler
    Walkyr and TrescinaSo sad about her mother. I love Vox and his brothers. They are very funny. The tigers are awesome. Good story. Can't wait for the next ones.
  • Ellena deLeon
    What an awesome story!You're gonna love reading about these amazing characters and their journey through time and space to get to where love lives!
  • Lori Long
    Loved itThis was such a good story. I had a hard time putting it down. Now I can hardly wait for the next book!