City of Scoundrels (Counterfeit Lady, #3) by Victoria Thompson

City of Scoundrels (Counterfeit Lady, #3)

Elizabeth Miles finds herself in a position no con can help her escape. Her beloved fiancé, Gideon Bates, is awaiting his turn in the draft to fight in the Great War. Elizabeth is finding it hard to think of anything else, but Gideon has thrown himself into his work, preparing wills for soldiers before they ship out. Corporal Tom Preston is part owner of Preston Shoes, a company that is making footwear for the army, so he has a rather large esta...

Details City of Scoundrels (Counterfeit Lady, #3)

TitleCity of Scoundrels (Counterfeit Lady, #3)
Release DateNov 5th, 2019
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Historical Mystery, Fiction

Reviews City of Scoundrels (Counterfeit Lady, #3)

  • Mark Baker
    It’s the fall of 1918, and the draft age for World War I has been increased, upsetting Elizabeth Miles since her fiance, Gideon Bates, has been drafted. Gideon is focusing his last few weeks as a civilian on drafting wills for soldiers. Most of them are, but one of the exceptions is Tom Preston, part owner of Preston Shoes, which has made a fortune providing shoes to the soldiers. Tom wants a new will leaving his share of the family business to...
  • Betty
    I have learn of things that happened during the World War that I didn't know to my knowledge we didn't have The American Protective League in WW TWO. It seems those of German descent were treated similar to the Japanese during the second war. The flu of 1918 was a world problem as it spread every where and many dropped dead where ever they were.. Gideon has it and Elizabeth and his Mother work together to pull him through it. This is the 3rd inst...
  • Julianne Bailey
    I really enjoyed the setting and plot of this mystery. Elizabeth and Gideon were interesting and well-written characters. I loved all of the historical details woven throughout, and the author did a particularly good job of portraying how the flu epidemic rampaged the city. The mystery part was well-plotted and solidly executed. I can’t wait for the next one in the series! I do recommend reading this series in order, so plenty of time to catch ...
  • Laura Hill
    Writing: 3 Plot: 3.5 Character: 4Another fun historical mystery in Thompson’s Counterfeit Lady series. This episode is set in New York amid the American Protective League, the dollar-a-year men, and the women’s suffrage movement of the late WWI years. Elizabeth Miles — our “reformed” grifter engaged to strait-laced lawyer Gideon Bates — applies her “arts” to the case of a war widow whose husband’s greedy family is trying to cut ...
  • Rebecca
    Thanks to the publisher, via Netgalley, for an advance e-galley for honest review. This series continues to be particularly excellent. Victoria Thompson knows the time period well, and this time the story includes Gideon's imminent draft into World War I, as well as the 1918 influenza pandemic (if you read this, the streetcar scene!!). I have to be honest, I'm not sure I totally understood how the con in this story was going to work (too much bac...
  • Helen
    Another great entry in the series. I love how Thompson melds the talents of Elizabeth and Gideon, who on the surface possess very different value systems, yet together they are formidable in helping find justice for victims of unscrupulous but powerful people. In this book we learn about the home front during WWI, the Great War, which was also happening at the same time as the deadly Spanish Flu, the worst flu epidemic in history. Thompson manage...
  • Daniele
    Best yet in the series. Elizabeth and her straight laced lawyer fiance Gideon face a complicated con to help his client get her rightful inheritance. With World War I still at the forefront of everyone's minds and the Spanish Flu running rampant, they face more danger than ever. Recommended
  • BonnieM☂️
    1.5 star … This one was boring.
  • Shannon Dyer
    Round up to 3.5 stars. Review to come at AAR.
  • Ashley Cate
    City of Scoundrels is the third book in the Counterfeit Lady mystery series by Victoria Thompson and I enjoyed this book just as much as I enjoyed the previous two books in the series. This story centers around a soldier's widow, Rose Preston, who's husband had come to see Gideon before he left for the war to have a new will drawn up that provided for his new wife and unborn child in case he didn't make it back from the war. He has money and is n...
  • Sapphyria
    City of Scoundrels is the third book in the Counterfeit Lady series. This book continues through World War I and Elizabeth and Gideon are waiting for Gideon’s draft summons to fight. Both characters are anxious and Gideon’s too honorable to try to find a way to finagle his way out of his duty. While awaiting his turn, Gideon and the law firm for whom he works, are treating soldiers with kindness and preparing wills in case of the unfortunate ...
  • Leigh
    I say this about every series but truly this one keeps getting better. It is late fall 1918, the war continues to rage on in Europe with a staggering amount of casualties. America is in the war and troops have at last arrived to help with the fight. Unfortunately for Elizabeth and Gideon the draft age continues to rise and Gideon's number is up. As he prepares to go off to fight he soon becomes embroiled in yet another of Elizabeth and her family...
  • Gina Hayes
    World War I, the Flu Pandemic of 1918, prizefighting for millionaires, German is all here in Victoria Thompson's latest Counterfeit Lady novel, "City of Scoundrels." Newly engaged, Gideon and Elizabeth do not have time to bask in their romance...the United States has entered WWI, and Gideon is expected to serve. In the meantime, Gideon encounters a young corporal in the Army who wants to ensure that his new bride (and unborn child) is ...
  • Debbie
    "City of Scoundrels" is a historical suspense set in October/November 1918 in New York City. This is the third book in the series. You don't need to read the previous books to understand this one, and this book didn't spoil the previous novels. The historical details were woven into the story to create a sense of the specific time and place as well as bring the story alive.Elizabeth is a reformed con artist engaged to marry an honorable lawyer wh...
  • Sandra Zimmerman
    The time period for City of Scoundrels was during the First World War, with the events taking place in the New York area. It is a historical mystery and is #3 of A Counterfeit Lady series, featuring former con artist Elizabeth Miles. Her Fiancé, Gideon, is preparing wills for soldiers shipping out while he waits his turn in the draft. The story focuses on a missing will, shoddy military supplies, and spies. One thing the book brings out is the d...
  • Jo (Mixed Book Bag)
    It was good to see Elizabeth and Gideon again. They are such oil and water but still make a great pair. This time it is the widow Rose who needs help and of course they have to put together a con to right a wrong. Both are taking on traits that belong to the other. Elizabeth a little more honest, Gideon a little less honest. This is a great story with danger, tension, and edge of your seat action. The widow Rose is a great new character and I hop...
  • Jennifer Stanley
    Victoria Thompson is an author that I've never read before. But I had the opportunity to read her latest book thanks to Netgalley. I was interested in the subject matter(s) because they are all popular with the older generation of my library patrons. I found the story well written, and the characters had depth and heart. I can see that my patrons will relate to her as a woman from the WWI era. I do plan to purchase this book for our library coll...
  • Janis Rich
    Elizabeth Miles is waiting out the days tilher fiancé, Gideon Bates, will have to leave for the service in World War 1. In the meantime, Gideon, who is a lawyer, makes a will for another serviceman who is newly married. When the serviceman’s wife announces his death, Elizabeth and her con men relatives, come to the aid of the young widow.The story has lots of accurate information of the time period and lots of excitement in the plot.I found th...
  • Nicole
    I love this series so much! Elizabeth is such a relatable character, and I love how she never lets anything get in her way. While her fiance would rather her quit her con-man family ways, she instead chooses to leverage it in order to get justice for other women. After a war widow goes to Gideon for legal advice, he directs her to Elizabeth and from there they try to get her the rightful inheritance from her husband. There is also a healthy amoun...
  • William
    Like many books I've run across lately, the first hundred pages or so were a snooze and at that point I would have given this book one star. As it progressed, however, I became a little more interested and was hung up between giving it two or three stars. I went with three, but it is a weak three stars. I started out reading the author's "Gaslight Mysteries" series which I enjoyed a great deal. So far however, after reading the first three books ...
  • Anna Fox
    Once again another good read from Ms. Thompson. I enjoy this series almost as much as her Gaslight series and I rarely read more than one series from an author. Gideon gets roped in again to help con some bad folks who are trying to cheat a war widow. The war and the flu are part of the setting. A great story on whether or not they will succeed in the con.Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for my eARC in exchange for an honest review. I loo...
    An excellent addition to this series. Interesting characters, developing more with each new book. The story moves along with another great con, the background of WWI, and lots of information of the devastating flu epidemic of that time. Very well researched. I'm already looking forward to Counterfeit Lady #4 !!
  • Elizabeth Dodd
    Another excellent offering in this series.An in-depth look at the time with aspects of WWI and the horrible flu epidemic.I find the cons fascinating. The details that go into them and the inevitable adjustments needed along the way are impressive.The ending had a double "happily ever after".
  • Katie
    Another really enjoyable addition to the series, as Elizabeth once again sets off on an adventure to help those who the law can't help. I liked the backdrop of the final months of World War I, and the outbreak of the Spanish Influenza in New York. You can tell the author does a lot of research so she can blend in facts about what life was like at the time.
  • Sharon L
    Entertaining and Informative I enjoy this author and her writing style. I also enjoy the history lesson. Another good story with likable characters. Maybe the “widow” of this story should return in a future book to use some of her new fortune for a worthy cause. Seems appropriate.
  • Brenda Freeman
    Elizabeth and Gideon once again involve the Old Man in righting a wrong. In this case they are helping a war widow get her husbands inheritance from his brother. WWI is going on and the Influenzas of 1918 is killing lots of young people. Any book by Victoria Thompson is a winner.
  • Nancy Reynolds
    Another great story in this series! I don't know how the characters keep the game(s) afoot and keep their heads straight - but more power to them. I love these books. Now... I have to wait for another to be published. They are truly great fun.
  • Larry Plemmons
    This author just keeps on submitting to us outstanding stories about strong characters and how they work out their problems and help others. This book is no different in it's quality of story. I am impressed with this author and highly recommend her "Counterfeit Lady" novels.
  • Sharon Hamilton
    I have enjoyed all of the books in this series . i hope there is more coming. Not to be a spoiler I hope that all of the characters enjoy major appearances in any future books to come from this author. I also love her Gaslight series as well.
  • Doreen
    10/27/19 Moving tho not quite as good as its predecessor. Which is still pretty amazing tho! Full review tk at