Boss I Love to Hate by Mia Kayla

Boss I Love to Hate

Dear Mr. Brisken,How do I hate you?Let me count the ways.>I hate your smug, sexy millionaire face.>I hate your cocky, skirt chasing, playboy ways.>I hate working as your secretary—but, I love the pay. It almost makes dealing with you worth it.>I hate how my friends call you a BILF, when really BILK (Boss I’d like to kill) is more appropriate. >I hate that I need you to be my date for my best friend’s wedding because my ex-boyfriend, the Kin...

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TitleBoss I Love to Hate
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Boss I Love to Hate

  • Jemima
    Over the years I've come to love Mia Kayla's books. Every time she publishing a new book, I get giddy with excitement. The blurb of this book sounds like a cliche one but don't be fooled...Boss I Love To Hate was one entertaining read! I loved it! I enjoyed reading the office romance/enemies to lovers storyline so much so that I didn't realise I was coming to the end of the book. I enjoyed the characters and their personalities... I laughed my a...
  • Anahita
    I always loved enemies to lovers, office romance story and it was an easy, realistic and humorous book to read.I really enjoyed this story. The back and forth play between Sonia and Brad is what makes this book.A great read that I will definitely recommend to others!
  • Alaina
    An entertaining read from start to finish.Boss I Love to Hate is kind of a second chance at romance. However, these two characters never dated one another and haven't had an inkling of desire until a deal was struck between them. It doesn't hurt that neither person looks like a troll or anything. Now that I think about it.. this book could definitely be a mash of enemies to lovers.. and a second chance at romance. In it, you will meet Sonia and B...
  • A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog
    Boss I love to Hate was an effortless read. The story pace was perfect, the character development thorough and the dialogue is both realistic and humorous. However, the build of the romantic relationship in Boss I Love to Hate is what makes it a great read. Sonia is a kick arse heroine. She isn't impressed by her boss Brad. His good looks and his money don't hide the fact that he is a self-centred arse. She does her job well and has zero feelings...
  • Wine and Late Night Mommy Reads
    Wow, this is a very cute enemies to lovers, office romance story.I loved the banter between Sonia and Brad before she showed Brad how much of a douch noodle he was. I LOVED how they both understood the value of putting family first in their own ways.The way Brad showed Sonia how to not take things so seriously, to be able to just breath and be herself a little more. You gotta love a book boyfriend who can laugh at himself. This is most definitely...
  • Kelly Williams
    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book was such a good read. An enemies to lovers.... kind of. Enemies might be a strong word but either way this book was great. Also it was pretty funny. I laughed out loud at Sonia's dartboard!!! There is a lot of build up and tension. They don't run into anything which I loved it wasn't an insta love etc. When Brad owes Sonia favor we get to see Brad for who he really is and underneath th...
  • Anna Doe
    I loved this one! Boss I Love To Hate is hot and steamy office romance that reminded me why I love this trope so much. The push and pull between Brad and Sonia are tangible, they keep you on your toes and you can't wait to turn the next page to find out what will happen next. The slowly burning romance between the duo is real, and it gradually evolves with their relationship. I loved Sonia's sassiness, and couldn't get enough of Brad's sweetness!...
  • Fabiola Francisco
    Boss I Love To Hate gave me all the feels. I absolutely loved Sonia and Brad’s story, from the banter, the slow-burn, and the sparks that fly when they finally get together. Add in two adorable nieces that Brad would do anything for, and I was a goner. Mia Kayla weaves a story that will keep you flipping the pages, waiting to see what happens next. I guarantee you will smile, swoon, and hope for their relationship to overcome whatever obstacle ...
  • Ros
    4 stars I’m a mood reader and as it turns out, I was in the mood for this!I had three minutes to download something onto my kindle and get out the door. I had three hours of a kid’s birthday party to sit through, and three hours of avoiding forced small talk with fellow parents. This was the last book I’d added to my TBR list and therefore was the chosen one. Honestly if I wasn’t short for time I don’t think I would have ever picked thi...
  • Diane (Books and Tequila Blog)
    Boss I Love To Hate is such a fun, cute story. It is loaded with snarky humor. It is a real enemies to lovers romance that shows how narrow the line between love and hate is. “Truth was, this was my fault. A lie that had snowballed into an avalanche, and now, I was asking him to lie for me again on our double date.”This was my first book by this author and I can’t wait to discover more of her stories. -5 Stars!-
  • Sara ✨ Next Book Review Blog ✨
    I found myself completely smitten with Boss I Love to Hate. Mia Kayla has outdone herself here. It has 10 Things I Hate About You feel to it. This is one of the best romantic comedies no matter the fact that it's over 10 years old. Just like the movie, Boss I Love to Hate is fun and upbeat while occasionally giving us some sweet heart to hearts. The banter between Sonia and Brad were through the roof. I adored their good-natured flirting and the ...
  • Erica Marselas
    This was my first Mia Kayla book and now I'm hooked! The writing style for one has mr feeling like I'm right in the story with the characters which I love! Sonia, I freakin' adored her. She made me laugh so much. *spoiler* the dart board of his face I loved so much. Brad, you can't hate him. (Especially not the way Sonia did.. lol) especially when you get to know him. Im not the greatest at reviews, but all I can say is I loved this book so much!...
  • Shelby Calvert
    I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. This book was a slow build up to a HEA. There were a couple of times where I was sure the book was going to follow a standard romance recipe but the reality was that the situation was in the book to develop the characters in a certain way. It was a sweet romance. There were the standard romance misunderstandings at the end, but they didn't last long and the characters were level headed and...
  • Jodie
    Hoping for a good one! I’ve never read this author before.I found the set up of this a little... unbelievable. Like, everything set up neatly with a little bow. I also found Sonia’s attitude to Brad annoying - like he’s your boss, stop whining and do your job that your apparently getting Mary Sue overpaid for. I guess I just didn’t like her - too childish, too entitled, too selfish, too dramatic - and hence lost interest in the story. Ski...
  • Megadens Books
    I haven't liked a book this much in a long time! I absolutely love that this book didn't follow the romance novel check list. It was unique, sweet, and I love that it wasn't strung along. Every single part of this book had a purpose, and it totally fulfilled them. It wasn't drawn out, it was the perfect length. Not left feeling like oh that's it, but also not left feeling like can this just be done already. It wasn't crowded with unnecessary scen...
  • April Symes
    Boss I Love to Hate by Mia Kayla is a slow burn, steamy hot office romance that brings the sparks and the feels together in one read. Sonia and Brad make for interesting main characters; they make the story pop and come alive. Brad is Sonia's boss and he is this jerk towards her. Sonia is a bit standoffish and cool, works all the time and needs to learn to take life slower and not work so much. When Brad and Sonia are around each other, there is...
  • Eileen Robinson
    OMG within the first few mins of this book, I was laughing and totally onboard with why Sonia titled his BILK, (BOSS I'D LOVE TO KILL), i kinda felt right there with her!!Brad was just a total A**h**e, completely impervious to anyone else but his own needs. Even is the was drop dead gorgeous!! So what if he was a demanding boss and expected his secretary to carry out every task he wished, she should be happy to get doing his laundry etc right?Wha...
  • Nancy❤The❤Bookaholic
    4 BILK TO BILF STARSThis is a new author to me and I'm glad ventured out and stumbled upon this. This was a really cute book. I love office romances, and the fact that the heroine originally disliked the hero made it the icing on the cake for me. I highly recommend this book to anybody wanting a sweet nice story to read. I love the close knit family aspect of both parties. Mary and Sarah were both adorable. I will definitely be reading more of Mi...
  • Kaitlyn
    Oh man, I am so completely in love with Brad and Sonia right now. So in love. Now, I love all of Ms. Kayla’s books that I’ve read don’t get me wrong, but this one is by far my favorite! From the beginning I was intrigued. There was a certain kind of tension you could feel between these two from the very beginning. One that leaped right off the pages. I adored them and their story. Add in Charles, Mason, Becky, Mary, Sarah, and Sonia’s fam...
  • Nikita Navalkar
    2.5 starsStarting out, this book seemed like a combination of tropes I usually enjoy very much, so imagine my surprise when it didn’t work for me! At all!I’m one to rarely rate a book so low so I feel terrible, but it wasn’t just one or two things that didn’t gel for me; it was the writing style, the unlikable main characters, the cringey moments, the continuity issues, the constant repitition of phrases and thoughts, everything annoyed m...
  • Pamela
    This is a enemies to lovers office romance. Sonia is working at an office and Brad is her boss. Brad is hot, but a bit of a jerk. Sonia is uptight and needs to enjoy life more. These two have so much chemistry and the sparks fly between them. I liked how the two were each others match in different ways. A good read that I recommend.
  • Naîma Semlalí
    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Such a lovely Novel❤I really am freaking loved it !!!I loved he is jerkness .. Bossy asholes lol and i admire the way sonia hold it together and fire the words in he is face .. I really enjoy this one♎
  • Dayang
    MY THOUGHTS AFTER READING... I was so excited to read this book! Ever since it was announced, I was already waiting in dire anticipation... I was anxiously counting the days for the ARC's to be sent out... because duh, it's from Mia Kayla—she's one of my faves, straight up. Marry Me for Money was one of the books I'd like to re-read... I've probably re-read it three or four times since it came out years ago.This is the story of Brad Brisken and...
  • Andrea
    This book satisfies my love for office romance. I loved Sonia and Brad! He was so grumpy, but there's more to him than his act. Sonia was a tough one and I loved her! These two together is hilarious and swoon-worthy. Brad is the BILF. *wink* Definite must read!
  • Leisa Ann
    I stumbled across the book written by an author I had never heard of and now I’m wondering why! This book was absolute perfection! Sonia is one of the wittiest characters I’ve come across in a long time and I love a grumpy guy who just needs the right girl the soften the rough and gruff exterior. I can’t not recommend this book enough and I can not wait to read Mason’s story!
  • Prerana
    This was absolutely adorable!! I will definitely be reading more of Mia Kayla!!And I'm out.
  • Stephanie Rose
    Office romance at its best. Awesome banter, tough cookie heroine and grumpy but swoony AF boss. I think this is Mia's hottest book to date! 5 BILF stars!
  • Lindsey Domokur
    This was a cute fast read. I love office romcoms and this one was pretty great.
  • Dee Ownbey
    Even though this storyline had been done so many times I really loved Brad and Sonia’s story.