A Better Man (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #15) by Louise Penny

A Better Man (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #15)

Catastrophic spring flooding, blistering attacks in the media, and a mysterious disappearance greet Chief Inspector Armand Gamache as he returns to the Surete du Quebec in the latest novel by #1 New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny. It's Gamache's first day back as head of the homicide department, a job he temporarily shares with his previous second-in-command, Jean-Guy Beauvoir. Flood waters are rising across the province. In the middl...

Details A Better Man (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #15)

TitleA Better Man (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #15)
Release DateAug 27th, 2019
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Fiction

Reviews A Better Man (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #15)

  • Diane S ☔
    Everytime I start reading a Louise Penny novel I am confronted with a dilemma. Do I read it quickly because really I don't want to put it down, or do I read it slowly because I don't want it to end? How does she do it? This is the 15th I the Three Pines series and it keeps getting better and better. In this one, I my opinion, she outdid herself, combining some important issues of the day, with an outstanding, difficult to solve mystery. The issue...
  • Paromjit
    Louise Penny is a treasure when it comes to the world of crime fiction, this is a stunning addition to this stellar series set in the village of Three Pines in Quebec, Canada, featuring the incomparable and wise Chief Inspector Gamache, having now been demoted by those more spineless, self serving and ambitious, wanting to besmirch the reputation of a man they perceive as having too much power and a threat. They never expected Gamache to accept t...
  • JanB
    In the midst of a threat from devastating Spring floods, Vivienne Godin, 25 and pregnant, is missing, her father is frantic, and her drunken, abusive husband, Carl Tracey, is suspected at having a hand in her disappearance. As the father of a daughter the same age, Gamache finds himself increasingly unable to stay objective as they search for the missing woman. Mistakes are made. A side plot included vicious social media attacks on Gamache for hi...
  • karen Moore
    I was SO disappointed by this book. I have loved this series, and have been looking forward to "A Better Man" for months, and it was just such a let-down. Her writing style seemed to change, and this book is filled with sentences. Broken up. Into multiple sentences. For no reason. So, so many sentence fragments. I do that occasionally, in texts, to emphasize a point, but doing it constantly throughout the book makes the technique lose all sense o...
  • Matt
    After getting my hands on the latest Louise Penny novel, I could not wait to get started. This explosive series, set in rural Quebec, gives not only the feel of a wonderful mystery but also hones in on all things Canadian. After serving his suspension, Armand Gamache is back in his position as Chief Inspector within the Sûreté du Québec, though there is a whispered power struggle within Homicide. While many are worried about how it will resolv...
  • Phrynne
    Just returned from my annual visit to Montreal and Three Pines. Sadly it only took a day, but I met all my old friends again and caught up on all the gossip. I really should have made the trip last longer. Now I have a whole year to wait until the next time.Poor Gamache and Clara, both attacked and vilified by social media. Beauvoir, Annie and little Honore, bags packed and off to live in Paris. Rising river levels and the race to save the provin...
  • Esil
    Our date came a bit early this year, Armand, which makes it bitter sweet. Sweet because I got to catch up with you and our friends in Three Pines a little earlier in the summer than usual. Bitter because our time together is already over until next year.I found this year’s dose of Louise Penny got off to a slow start. Armand Gamache is struggling, as usual, with his place in the Quebec police, and the mystery at the centre of A Better Man focus...
  • Marialyce
    2.5 starsI have always been a Louise Penny enthusiastic reader and always awaited her new books with lots of anticipation and happiness. So I am totally bummed that I didn't like this book as much as I had hoped. I know that different readers have contrasting reactions to stories and in that we see how people are different in what they read and feel. It makes reading a book so very interesting because we can view divergent opinions and ways of lo...
  • Penny (Literary Hoarders)
    This will more than likely be the last book I finish in 2019 (the decade!) and I couldn't have chosen a better one to end with! Penny always seamlessly blends social issues into her mysteries and blends them well into the lives of all in Three Pines. Here she takes on the issue of climate crisis - flooding - and also (the scourge of) social media. She has a deft pen for it (a master, which I discovered how much so when reading The Birds That Stay...
  • Linda
    "He knew that few people would look at him and imagine the wreckage he'd crawled out of not all that long ago."Louise Penny shifts the current in A Better Man with our beloved Armand Gamache not as sure-footed, not as dynamic, not as on top of his game as in previous novels. Indeed, it's a turnabout that was difficult for the readers to embrace in the beginning portion of this book. I felt that things were a bit unsteady for the community of Thre...
  • Annette
    I adored Louise Penny's early books -- read them in print and listened in audiobook whilst driving. The hole in the ceiling where the rain gets in... occurred last year with Kingdom of the Blind. This year, the coup de grace, A Better Man. My admiration for Louise Penny and her creation of Three Pines and its inhabitants -- around which I built a wonderful vacation last year, traveling a great distance to get to know the eastern townships (highly...
  • Carolyn
    *4.5* stars. It is always a joy to read a new book by Louise Penny, and to be transported to her stellar creation, the fictional village of Three Pines, Quebec and its residents. I not only appreciate the atmospheric storytelling where I can visualize the place and people, but I want to live there. I feel that I already know the villagers. This is the 15th book set in Three Pines, and the author has maintained her usual high quality. These books...
  • Mary Beth *Traveling Sister*
    Review to come soon!
  • Cathrine ☯️
    3 There is a small sideline story in this mystery concerning Clara Morrow. She has lost her muse and is being attacked in social media as a no longer noteworthy artist, producing mediocre work, riding the wave of her previous acclaim. Hmmm…Insert deep breath here—Merde!Friends know I love the series but this one left me feeling underwhelmed.There was much redundancy and rehashing of previous themes, life lessons, and dialogue. I felt it overl...
  • Jim
    "With some surprise Gamache realized that he had become part of the refuse he'd spent his career salvaging. But that didn't mean he was useless. Just, maybe, repurposed""Things are strongest when they're broken"Armand Gamache is back. He has been demoted from Chief Superintendent of the Sûreté du Québec and finds that he is once again Chief Inspector and head of homicide. A job that he will share with his former second-in-command, and son-in-l...
  • Brenda
    It took me less than 24 hours to read this 448-page book. Nuff said.
  • LJ
    First Sentence: "Merde."Inspector Armand Gamache may be bruised by the events of the past, but he is not beaten. He may no longer have the authority he once did, as evidenced by those in charge ignoring his recommendation to keep citizens safe from the rising river waters due to torrential rains, but he still has the respect of the team who once reported to him, and of his son-in-law and temporary superior, Jean-Guy Beauvoir. A fellow officer is ...
  • Sheila Beaumont
    This 15th entry in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series is my favorite. In fact, every new book in this series is my favorite. I don't know how Louise Penny does it, but somehow each book is even better than the previous one. I love her characters, and I can't wait to find out what they get up to in the next book.
  • Marci
    We saw more of Three Pines in this offering than the last book, but I am sad to say I did not really care much for this story. I found myself frustrated and yelling no! far too often toward the end. How could this storm/thawing be such a big part at the beginning to just fizzle away? And these are the best of the best in the Surete, yet we do not know who the guy at the end of the wrong number’s sister was? We see them focus on a single culprit...
  • ✨Susan✨
    Armand Gamache is not in charge in this book but he is still the one everyone looks to for guidance and correct procedure. A murder investigation is hindered by a great flood, the likes of, only seen every 100 years. All the regular characters are represented but I wish that there were more interactions between the Three Pines crew that I have grown to love and enjoy so much. A good ending earned this addition the fourth star for me. Another budd...
  • Amy Imogene Reads
    3.5This might be too harsh, but I knew who had committed the crime by the first third of the story, so I found the second half way more tedious than necessary. I loved the side plots, and I loved the interpersonal relationships, but the murder mystery? Too on the nose.
  • Judy
    Louise Penny really generates some great crime fiction and I enjoyed this book. The continuing characters are once again solving a murder in Three Pines, Quebec, Canada. This time a young woman married to a known abusive husband, is killed. Jean-Guy Beauvoir is in charge of the investigation. Gamache is working with him, but was demoted from and is now in charge of Homicide. The usual Three Pines residents are still around, Ruth Zardo, the foul-m...
  • Carmen
    Oh no no no...Throughout the book, all I kept thinking was “What’s the rush?” Until this mess of a book appeared, the author treated each character lovingly and never rushed the narrative. Every word, scene and bit of dialogue was carefully crafted. The twists were authentic, believable and they played out methodically. Unfortunately, none of that thoughtfulness and care made its way into this book. It reads like a a fan-fiction novel. Or w...
  • Kari Ann Sweeney
    picked up the latest book in the Inspector Gamache series from the library on pub day last week. (Not so humble brag). Every time I start a new Louise Penny book my inner dialogue says, "Slow down, savor it! You'll have to wait a year for the next one." This time I succeed better than in the past and spread it out over a couple of days.I adore this series. Yes- the series starts a bit slow. But in my opinion it is worth the reading investment. Ov...
  • Emma
    She has done it again. With a vengeance. Take the same backwater in Québec, the same core of main characters, and write fifteen crime stories with that. You will probably end up with predictable plots. But Louise Penny doesn’t. Not ever. A Better Man is here to prove it. Once more....VERDICT: Louise Penny is a mystery in herself. Once again, for this #15 i the series, she managed to deliver a unique book, with an original plot. And red herring...
  • Stacey A. Prose and Palate
    Her best one yet. Review to come.
  • Stacie Haden
    Satisfying. I am always impressed by Louise Penny's emotional intelligence, and furthermore, getting it on the page. There is depth in this series; depth of thought, depth of character. I recommend to all, but start with the first one.
  • Sandy
    Always a pleasure.
  • Obsidian
    So this is a very good Louise Penny book following the Armand Gamache and another change in his professional and personal life. I gave "Kingdom of the Blind" three stars due to that whole opiod epidemic thing that still gives me hives when it is referred to in this book. I think Penny is a bit repetitive at times, but not as badly as she has been in the past. Though I gave this five stars, I honestly think this is a 4.5 star book (I rounded up) d...
  • Kevin
    One of my all time favorite authors does it again! Not just a mystery series but a literary achievement. While not my favorite in the series, still an excellent read!