My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding (Boys of the Bayou, #1) by Erin Nicholas

My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding (Boys of the Bayou, #1)

A USA Today bestseller! A sexy, small town, fake boyfriend rom com! Josh Landry is one of the hottest bartenders in New Orleans. He’s shown many a female tourist that things are definitely big and easy down here.And he’s now been celibate for a year. Because he finally met her.Yes, her. The One.But, after nothing more than a hot goodnight kiss and a promise to meet up again next year if they’re both still interested, she went home to Iowa...

Details My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding (Boys of the Bayou, #1)

TitleMy Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding (Boys of the Bayou, #1)
Release DateApr 9th, 2019
PublisherEN Fiction, Inc.
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding (Boys of the Bayou, #1)

  • Jennifer
    You guys....just wait until you read about Josh and Tori. I didn't put this book down...I started and finished it in one long sitting! When I say this story is's Bayou in summer hot. Josh meets Tori at the bar he works at on Mardi Gras and there is an immediate connection. After some steamy kisses, Josh reluctantly sends Tori back home but tells her that if she still thinks about him and wants him after a year that they should meet back...
  • Terri
    Somehow I always forget just how good Erin Nicholas books are until I start another one. Ms. Nicholas just whaps me upside the head with how wonderful her stories are! This story is steamy, it's romantic, it's laugh out loud funny and just so much fun to read that I could have stayed in the world of Erin Nicholas forever! This is the first in a new series (even if it is a spin off), so how can ALL the characters be so well developed that you thin...
  • Nicole Westmoreland
    When Victoria (Tori) Kramer, a veterinarian from Iowa, met Josh Landry, a bartender at Bourbon O’s in N’Awlins, neither of them expected the sparks they experienced that amazing night during Mardi Gras. They both felt something, but knew there was no way it could go anywhere because of the distance, life, and responsibilities. So Josh asked Tori to meet him the following year if they were both still single and still interested. “We’ll giv...
  • Shannon Ferguson
    Tori and Josh might be one of my favorite fictional couples. They are fun, different, and their chemistry is off the charts. I completely adore Tori’s quirkiness. She’s one of the most relatable heroines I have read. And Josh. Omgah that man is AMAZING. He’s not pushy. But don’t underestimate his drive of going for what he wants.The secondary characters were beyond entertaining. I want to be an honorary Landry. They are fun, have no probl...
  • Brandi
    I love this first look at the Landrys. The Gator Boys were my favorite secondary characters in the Big Easy.I love wacky Tori and that Josh gives her the freedom to be who she is! Can't wait to see the rest fall!
  • Courtney Kinder
    Awesome start to the Boys of the Bayou series! It made me laugh, cry and swoon.Josh Landry is a bartender in Louisiana and Victoria "Tori" Kramer is a veterinarian in Iowa.They meet in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and decide to meet up again in a year if they are still single.Tori comes back for her best friend's wedding. There is a mistaken identity mishap with the groom and Josh comes to the rescue. What happens and will Josh and Tori get thei...
  • BookAddict
    Whenever I read a Nicholas book, I know I'm in for a hilarious, fun-filled good time that's rounded out with steamy chemistry and heartfelt romance. After meeting these boys of the bayou in the Boys of the Big Easy Series I was already crushing on them a little, but I'm now full blown in love with all three generations of the Landry clan. If you’ve ever wanted a family who loves hard, teases mercilessly, accepts unconditionally and always has y...
  • J Williams
    This book deserves way more than 5 stars!A sexy playboy New Orleans bartender who waits a year (a year!) for the love of his life. A gorgeous (slightly awkward) vet who collects random pets. A fake relationship that never really felt that fake. Yup, I loved every single thing about this book. Josh and Tori have so much chemistry but it was Josh's total acceptance of Tori's...quirkiness that stole my heart. I know I will be rereading this one soon...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    4.5 Bayou Boy Perfect for Iowa Girl Stars* * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free-DARLIN', IT'S FREE until 9/15/19!!!As someone who usually doesn't read teases or excerpts before reading a book, Erin Nicholas' newsletter made it impossible not to take a taste of My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding (Boys of the Bayou Book 1). She expertly gave us the first meeting of Tori and Josh and it was so charming and revealing of who these characters were, I had to go imme...
  • Pam
    Oh my! Not matter what I write, I can’t do Josh & Tori justice! Tori was in New Orleans to experience Mardi Gras & met Josh in the bar he was working at. The chemistry & attraction was hot, steamy & instant! Tori doesn’t trust it so Josh has to quickly come up with a plan. He convinces her to meet back there next Mardi Gras if they still feel the same. A year later, Josh is frantically looking for Tori. Tori is there looking for Josh but they...
  • Shayna
    “𝘿𝙤𝙣’𝙩 𝙜𝙤 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙜𝙖𝙯𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙖𝙣𝙮𝙤𝙣𝙚 𝙚𝙡𝙨𝙚. 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙨, 𝙄’𝙡𝙡 𝙜𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙨.”Fans of Erin Nicholas’ 𝐵𝑜𝑦𝑠 𝑜𝑓 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝐵𝑖𝑔 𝐸𝑎𝑠𝑦 series, you are in for an AMAZING treat. The 𝐵𝑜𝑦𝑠 𝑜𝑓 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝐵𝑎𝑦𝑜...
  • Sue
    Erin Nicholas has done it again. The Boys if the Bayou is a spinoff of The Boys Of The Big Easy. Don't worry though, you don't have to have read any of the 'Big Easy' books to live this one.Tori came from Iowa to New Orleans last year to visit her best friend, Andrew. When Andrew gets caught up in what his girlfriend, Paisley, wants to do, Tori is left on her own. It's Mardi Gras. She wanders into a bar and is immediately attracted to the hot bar...
  • Kay Daniels (Kay Daniels Romance)
    My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding is filled with steamy chemistry, lots of wonderful family moments, and NOLA history/information I now feel like I could visit and know exactly where to go. I loved this story from start to finish.Tori and Josh met the year prior during Mardi Gras. It was a connection that neither could exactly put a finger on, but one where Josh made Tori promise that she would meet him in that exact spot a year later if they w...
  • Elle's Book Blog
    Release Date: April 9, 2019 Genre: Small Town, Southern Romance Actual Rating: 4.5 starsMy Best Friend's Madi Gras Wedding is such a treat! I felt like I was down in Louisiana, hanging on the Bayou, and enjoying every second with these eccentric folks! Erin Nicholas really knows how to write a book that will sweep her readers off their feet and into another world. Not only that, she writes these characters out of the mold! They aren't all perf...
  • Fedora
    Every time I pick up a new Erin Nicholas book, I know I'm going to have a new favorite story, a new keeper, a new book boyfriend, a new "you've GOT to read this!" My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding is no exception.Victoria Kramer, known to her friends as Tori, and Josh Landry meet in a bar during Mardi Gras. He's been working as a bartender, she was there to kill some time before she returned home from vacation. They enjoyed a couple hours of co...
  • Princess Thuy
    You ever read a story that just makes you feel oh so good? Well, My Best Friend's Mardi Gras Wedding is definitely that story. I swear I had a permanent grin on my face throughout this story. Josh is an absolute doll. I love him so much. He's my new dream guy. And Tori was so adorable. And together they were just sigh worthy. And don't forget smoking hot! Erin Nicholas totally transported me into this story. I felt like I was living every word. I...
  • London
    Attention safety gang: this one here is just for you!So the hero and the heroine met a year ago at a bar on Mardi Gras. They had an instant connection and kissed several times during the two days that she was in town. However, after the two days she had to head back to Iowa and the hero wasn’t ready to let her go. So he comes up with an idea that next year on Mardi Gras, they have to come back and meet at the same bar if they’re both still in...
  • Jaime ~ Fiction Fangirls
    I adore this book!! I didn't just fall in love with Josh and Tori, I fell in love with the whole Landry family (Allian family and extended members included)!! I can already tell that I am going to LOVE this series. There is just nothing better than revisiting characters you know and love time and time again.I'm not always a fan of instalove romances but this one just worked for me. I appreciate that, although they both knew they were feeling some...
  • Susan (susayq ~)
    4.5 starsI really, really liked this! Josh and Tori had me smiling. They were awesome together. He was so focused on getting to know Tori, and making her happy. I loved it!
  • AC Squared Book Blog
    I love Erin's writing and I haven't had a chance to read a book of hers in so long. I was so excited for the chance to read this book because it sounded SO GOOD! Let me tell you, it blew expectations out of the water!One of my favorite things about this book was the "insta-love" between Josh and Tori. I am very new to the "insta-love" bandwagon, but this is, by far, one of my favorites! I adored that she was a tourist and he was the bartender!!!!...
  • Sassy Southern
    Holy Cow!!!! This was my first book from this author, but it will not be my last!This is book 1 in the Boys of the Bayou and I am dying to get my hands on the next book. Once I started reading I was hooked and could not tear my eyes away. Even when I had to stop reading for a moment, my mind was still thinking about this book and what I thought was going to happen next. Tori and Josh had such amazing chemistry and I absolutely fell in love with b...
  • Julie
    OMG....what a fun read!! This story hooked me from the very first page with Josh walking through the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras to meet up with a woman he met a year ago and can't forget. Tori who is back in New Orleans for her best friend's wedding shows up to meet Josh but ends up kissing the wrong guy. The wedding party sees her mistake and won't believe her when she tells them about Josh--so she sets out to find Josh to be her d...
  • Kari Hansen
    Tori, a veterinarian in Iowa, is in New Orleans where she meets Josh who is a bartender. They have an instant chemistry and connection, so they agree to meet each other in the same place a year later if they still have feelings for each other.They have both thought of each other during the year so when Tori’s best friend is having his wedding in New Orleans she decides that it will be the perfect opportunity to see if Josh feels the same way. W...
  • Heather Nobbs
    This was the first book in a new series and it was fantastic! You just can’t go wrong with an Erin Nicholas book. I loved Josh and Tori as a couple. They were fun and you could feel the attraction they had for each other. Tori is in New Orleans for her best friend, Andrew’s wedding. Andrew is quite a jerk and you just can’t wait for Tori to realize this. But because of this wedding Tori is able to meet up with her Mardi Gras crush from the ...
  • Kristy
    Seriously, be prepared to read the whole book in one sitting! Tori and Josh were amazingly perfect for each other. Their chemistry was unmistakable, and talk about hot! Ms. Nicholas always makes the seemingly impossible possible with her couples. I’ll never get enough. And now I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next Boys of the Bayou...
  • Lori
    I received an advanced copy of this book from the author through Booksprout, in exchange for an honest review. Erin Nicholas has outdone herself with this book! I have at least 20 of her books under my (literary) belt and I must say that this one was by far my absolute favorite!!! It is a spin off from her Boys of the Big Easy series that is its own starter book of the Boys of the Bayou series!This is an absolute must read! Tori is a hoot! She ma...
  • Shelly Farar Stephenson
    Warning: You will stay up way too late just to finish this book! Josh had me at “I’m a bayou boy.” I couldn’t put this book down. Josh is irresistible with his sexy accent and southern charm. Tori is an adorable veterinarian in town for Mardi Gras when they meet at the bar where Josh is working. After a few hours of flirting and a few HOT kisses, they agree to meet up again. Same place, same day…a year later but only if they are still i...
  • Donna Smith
    There is something special about the people that Erin Nicholas creates. They are people you could get to know and be friends with. This new series has more of the same but funnier and hotter than Hades characters. This first book has all the great parts of classic movies such as An Affair to Remember and My Best Friend's Wedding. Josh and Tori meet in a New Orleans bar during Mardi Gras. They talk for two nights and there is something there but J...