The Confession Club (Mason, #3) by Elizabeth Berg

The Confession Club (Mason, #3)

In this uplifting novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Story of Arthur Truluv, good friends discover that the things we fear revealing to others can be the very things that bring us closer together. When a group of friends in Mason, Missouri, decide to start a monthly supper club, they get more than they bargained for. The plan for congenial evenings—talking, laughing, and sharing recipes, homemade food, and wine—abruptly c...

Details The Confession Club (Mason, #3)

TitleThe Confession Club (Mason, #3)
Release DateNov 19th, 2019
PublisherRandom House
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult Fiction, Adult, Romance, Realistic Fiction, Audiobook, Family

Reviews The Confession Club (Mason, #3)

  • Angela M
    3.5 starsThis was a quick read and one that I knew would be sweet and uplifting, given the first two books in the series. I was not disappointed on my return visit to Mason, Missouri, and with some characters that I connected with in the first two books. I’d go back if Berg writes another. My favorite is still the first book The Story of Arthur Truluv and I liked this one more than the second book Night of Miracles . One of my favorite scenes i...
  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    THREE, it’s good but not dramatic, heartbreaking, tear jerker, ugly crier or so memorable kind of story, I was expecting something more moving, shaking, captivating but I think this is too sweet, soft and fast reading for me STARS!I think I'm having a bad day as a grader. Lately I read five starred books so my likeness level reached to the top. With the fascinating and mind-bending releases of this month, my expectation level and satisfaction l...
  • Debra
    Supper Club becomes Confession Club in this book where various women from Mason, Missouri come together to share their secrets, insecurities, and intimate desires. What is said in Confession club stays in Confession Club! The group invites Iris Winters and Maddy Harris (from the previous books in the series) to join them, and the club is just what these women needed.Maddy has returned to Mason to escape a problem that she is not ready to handle. ...
  • Diane S ☔
    Predictable, comfort food yes, but she tackled the many problems facing women today and used different age groups to do so. Self doubt, assisted suicide, the aging body, the mistakes made in the past that continue to haunt, street people and the problems facing returning vets.. Her books are easy-going, quick reads, told in a light hearted manner. One comes to really root for her characters, hard not to like them. She also has small town living d...
  • Liz
    As a member of two book clubs with only women, I see up close how we share and rely on each other. And we’re the same ages as the older members of The Confession Club. “Not young anymore, not old, but looking down at old like it’s a pool she’s going to have to dive into soon.”I’m not sure I would be as brave or foolhardy as Iris, befriending John. But I loved that storyline. The writing is gorgeous and there are some wonderful ideas, ...
  • Lori
    This is a type of book I don't usually read but Elizabeth Berg's "The Story of Arthur Truluv" was pressed upon me by a lot of people like stones were pressed upon Giles Corey. Just the name "Truluv" broke my cute meter. But unlike poor Giles, I was left smiling. I was pleasantly surprised; I really liked it. I gave it four stars and noted that while Berg's writing is so simple it reads like a primer, the characters are loveable and it's a quick a...
  • JanB
    In this installment of the Mason, Missouri series, a Supper Club turns into a Confession Club, where the women disclose the secret parts of their lives. Intimacy grows when we learn that our friends aren’t perfect and we all carry these things inside of us. “That’s what life is, at its best. A confession club: people admitting to doubts and fears and failures. That’s what brings us closer to one another, our imperfections.”I love Elizab...
  • Holly
    The Confession Club is a fun and fast read, much like a beach read. It’s a heartwarming and comfortable story about friendship, love, honesty, and second chances. While this is the third book in the Mason Series, it is a completely a stand-alone story and Berg fills in any missing details that you need to know. Just be warned that whether you read the first two books or not, you may find the beginning rather confusing like I did even though I r...
    3.5 StarsThis is the third installment of the series of books which began with the beautiful and outstanding The Story of Arthur Truluv and was followed by the touching Night of Miracles. While the two successive books are lovely reads, for me they do not measure up to the 5 star quality of the first book. They each can be read as standalones, but you are doing yourself a disservice by not reading The Story of Arthur Truluv first.For a brief reca...
  • Berit☀️✨
    What a sweet uplifting story that just made me feel good! A perfect palate cleanser from all those twisted thrillers. Good people behaving kindly, rather than despicable people behaving badly. This is the third book in this small town series that takes place in Mason Missouri. All three books can be read as standalones, but I strongly encourage you to read the first book “The Story of Arthur Trueluv”, it is the true gem in this series. This s...
  • Donna
    There's a certain type of story or book that I classify as a "Good Housekeeping" tale. This moniker comes from my childhood, when I would read stories from my mother's magazines such as Redbook and Good Housekeeping. I haven't read either of those magazines in many years, so what I remember from way, WAY back then may not still hold true, but this is my memory: Redbook stories were often edgy, with subjects and endings that didn't conform to a se...
  • Judy
    Such a warm and inviting atmosphere Elizabeth Berg has created in this book! I loved the time I spent with the ladies of The Confession Club. A group of friends started out having a monthly supper club, but later it became a weekly meeting where they shared their most embarrassing secrets. The ladies are great friends and don't have to fear anyone in the group will tell their secrets outside of the group. The story is set in the small community o...
  • Carole
    The Confession Club by Elizabeth Berg is the third instalment in the Arthur Truluv series. Reading the two previous novels would be helpful in becoming familiar with the characters. Speaking of characters, there are so many of them that the reader can be easily confused. Although I have been an avid reader of Elizabeth Berg novels, I feel that the last few seem overly charming and cute. A group of women in Mason, Missouri belong to a club where, ...
  • Cheri
    3.5 Stars The Confession Club is a group of women located in the small community of Mason, Missouri, former home of Arthur Truluv, and includes some of the more notable characters that appeared in the first two books of this Mason trilogy, as well as new, equally unforgettable characters. For those who have not read The Story of Arthur Truluv: A Novel , or her follow-up book Night of Miracles: A Novel, the main connection making ...
  • Gail C.
    This book is filled with people I want to live near, in a town that sounds idyllic. Throughout the book, the themes of love and acceptance are prevalent. It’s as if the author, Berg, has chosen this story to highlight what can happen when we engage the best in us all...the ability to give unconditionally, offer support when needed, follow dreams when there’s no guarantee of a good outcome. I have not read the previous books in this series, an...
  • Selena
    I received a free e-copy of The Confession Club (Mason #3) from NetGalley for my honest review.The Confession Club is about a group of women of different ages who stumble upon the cleansingh experience of confessing private or personal things to a group of friends. The women in this group take turns confessing, in the effort of relieving themselves of guilt. This also deepens their friendship and relationships with the friends in the group.A very...
  • Krista
    Rating: 3 solid small town starsThis is the third book in the “Mason” trilogy by Elizabeth Berg. The series is set in Mason, Missouri and has a thread of a few recurring characters (or memories of the characters) through the series. This book is like the first two books in the series. It explores human issues in a small town that seems to be accepting of just about everyone. I read the first two books, ‘The Story of Arthur Truluv’, and ...
  • ☮Karen
    On sale Nov. 19, 2019! If you are an adamant fan of E. Berg and loved the previous two books in this series, I see you having the same feelings for this one. It is such a sweet, loveable assortment of books, taking place in small town Mason, Missouri. The people are for sure wiser and nicer than you would probably find in most communities; but there are some great storylines here, chapters both heart breaking and relevant. The Confession Club has...
  • Marialyce
    There are times when you just need a bit of a respite from those heavy hitting, deep thinking, and weighty books. If you find yourself in one of those times, you might want to pick up a copy of this new book in the Arthur Truelove trilogy.I loved Arthur and all his wonderful friends and the kind and loving nature he exhibited. He was exactly what one searches for in a friend. In this book, we see a continuation of the lives of some of the people ...
  • Jayme
    I have a confession to make. I didn’t really love the chapters which focused on the intimate “confessions” made at the weekly supper club, formed by the women who have taken Iris’s baking classes. But, I’ve never been one to enjoy chit chat or making small talk at parties. Thankfully, this club wasn’t really the focus of the story. As with Mason 1 and Mason 2-it’s a story of a town that offers second chances and new beginnings. It...
  • Lisa Leone-campbell
    A group of women from a small Missouri town agree to a monthly meeting to confess intimate stories of their lives which they have never told anyone before. They decide to call themselves the Confession Club. What begins as a way of unburdening themselves, turns into a group of women who help and support each other as they divulge secrets some have kept hidden away for years.The cast of characters gives you that small town community feel, where ev...
  • Mary Monroe
    I enjoy everything I read by Elizabeth Berg.
  • Esil
    I’ve fallen behind on my Goodreads reviews, but I’m catching up...The Confession Club is the third novel in Elisabeth Berg’s series set in Mason, Missouri. To me, these novels are like comfort food. The characters and stories are quite predictable, but still tasty and enjoyable. This one focuses on Iris and a group of friends who meet regularly and share “confessions”. Iris finds herself falling into a friendship with a troubled homeles...
  • Toni
    Would you tell your deepest darkest secret to a group of friends? Let’s say they’re your book club or quilting group: mostly people you’ve known for several years. But why would you do this? It all started for the Mason, MO Confession Club by accident. The original eight women had met while taking baking classes from Iris Winters. They started meeting as the, “Third Sunday Supper Club,” and got so comfortable with each other, they start...
  • Susan Johnson
    What a delightful story when you just need to read something nice. This group of friends join together for a weekly dinner and a confession club. They tell each other their deepest, darkest secrets that they are ashamed of or bothered by and get loving support and advice. It's a wonderful idea. Who doesn't want to unburden themselves and get loving support? It's a great idea. The women are growing and changing since the last book but this one rea...
  • Kathleen
    Thanks to Random House Publishing, and NetGalley for a digital ARC of The Confession Club by Elizabeth Berg. THE CONFESSION CLUB is the third book in Elizabeth Berg's MASON series. I enjoyed reading The Story of Arthur Truluv and Night of Miracles, so knew that I would also enjoy this one. Elizabeth Berg paints a wonderful little town named Mason in Missouri, USA. Her characters are well developed and mostly kind-hearted with their own quirks, pr...
  • Jayme
    I have a confession to make. I didn’t really love the chapters which focused on the intimate “confessions” made at the weekly supper club, formed by the women who have taken Iris’s baking classes. But, I’ve never been one to enjoy chit chat or making small talk at parties. Thankfully, this club wasn’t really the focus of the story. As with Mason 1 and Mason 2-it’s a story of a town that offers second chances and new beginnings. It...
  • Adrienne
    Two stars; but only because the subject matter proved of no interest to me.But I do love her writing style.
  • Linden
    Elizabeth Berg is back in the small town of Mason, Missouri. There are familiar characters, but even if you haven't read about them before, its okay. Some of the women have started a "confession club," where they reveal their darkest and most personal secrets to each other. Maddie and Iris are new members, but they fit right in with this group, realizing that "all around are broken people, doing the best they can." Theft, insecurity, suicidal tho...
  • Karen R
    What once was a monthly Sunday supper club has turned into a rotating weekly ‘confession club’ of women aged thirties through seventies. Each woman will take a turn confessing something ranging from the soul-baring to the ridiculous - e.g picking up a box of cookies off a grocery shelf, eating a cookie, disliking it and putting the package back on the shelf (none of the women had a problem with this?!). Ordinary women living ordinary lives, r...