The Prenup by Lauren Layne

The Prenup

My name is Charlotte Spencer and, ten years ago, I married my brother's best friend. I haven't seen him since. Charlotte Spencer grew up on the blue-blooded Upper East Side of Manhattan but she never wanted the sit-still-look-pretty future her parents dictated for her. Enter Colin Walsh, her brother's quiet, brooding, man-bun-sporting best friend, and with him a chance to escape. He's far from Charlotte's dream guy as but they need each other...

Details The Prenup

TitleThe Prenup
Release DateJul 11th, 2019
PublisherHeadline Eternal
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Adult

Reviews The Prenup

  • Rachel K
    I kept waiting for him to grow some balls.It didn’t happen.
  • ~Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$~
    2.75 Stars
  • Blue
    What a deal breaker this book was… me getting to *that* part of the story likeThis is gonna be a very spoiler-y review At 21 Charlotte decides she no longer wants the life mapped out by her parents. Instead she marries her older brother’s nerdy best friend, Colin, to gain access to her trust fund and in turn Colin would gain a green card. No sooner has the ink dried on their marriage license does she jet off to San Francisco to start her own ...
  • Alba and Her Secrets..♥
    3.5 'Turbulent and calm' Stars!This definitely reiminds me lots of Passion on Park Avenue and what I felt after finishing it, especially regarding the writing, the couple and the development of their love story. Again the relationship between Charlotte and Colin is extremely slow paced. Yes, their story together and everything happening between them is sugary sweet and I did enjoy that a lot! Still, I missed more of that sexual tension I know LL ...
  • julia ♥
    full july romance wrap-up on my blog: here! "My name is Charlotte Spencer and, ten years ago, I married my brother's best friend. I haven't seen him since." Before reading Passion on Park Avenue, I decided to give Layne's newest release a try: The Prenup is a story of a marriage of convenience turning real. Charlotte and Colin got married when they both just finished college, however, in order to get divorced later in life, their prenup tells the...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    When your BlueBlooded Life screams BORING...What do you do...Well, Charlotte Spencer sort of pissed off her Hoity-Toity Family...Was Threaten by being cut off...And with no real employment skills...Charlotte did what any 21 years old would do...Figure out a way to take advantage of the Trust Fund with her Name on it...Thank you, Granny...But in order to get her grabby hands on it...Granny said she needed to be married...With no real boyfriend on ...
  • Laura
    ***ARC Provided by the Author***I have been a fan of Lauren Layne's from the very first time I read one of her titles. I love the worlds she builds, the characters, the stories she tells, and the way she makes you care about each of the characters and feel like you know them. It's because of how completely she draws you in that I have read all of her titles. I've loved them all. But, there is something about this book and but there's just somethi...
  • dani
    this was EVERYTHING.loved charlotte and colin's characters, both successful, hardworking and focused. the situation that they were in at the beginning was quite hilarious to be honest, him being super uptight and her being super eccentric. their chemistry was undeniable and their personalities were perfect for each other, it was inevitable.though i have to say i was not satisfied with the final chapters. i expected an incredible scene when they f...
  • Aisha
    I really want to give this book a four star but I can’t. Yes, it’s fictional but this isn’t romance or romcom. Collins is like a brick. Charlotte deserves better—up until the last page this guy was with his “so called fiancée”? How can you be in love with another woman when you’re with another? Rebecca showing up with the ring too is weird. She knows of the relationship, she knows that they’re separating soon. That’s a bad fill...
  • Jessica Lemmon
    Freaking LOVED IT. Here's my official quote: Your #1 fun summer read is here! With its easy banter, sharp humor and toe-curling sexual tension, The Prenup is guaranteed to satisfy.
  • Christine (Shh Moms Reading)
    Lighthearted and fun... deliciously angsty and sexy and all the feels. This is my first book to read by this author and certainly not my last.
  • justine
    what i loved: charlotte. we never got to see 21 y/o charlotte but the slight mentions of her maturity over the years were a delight. we love character development! same goes with her relationship with her parents, i loved the progression and it warmed my heart.what i'm iffy about: it was a slow burn but it didn't feel like it?? which is weird bc i love slow burns, you can never do them wrong but i wasn't completely sold with the romance. i don't ...
  • Romantic Critic
    The Prenup by Lauren Layne was such a disappointment – nothing really seemed to happen. There were all these mundane scenes between the protagonists that did not develop the romance in their relationship (at best, they were friendly/tolerated each other). Nevertheless, both characters proclaim their love for one another in the last 5% of the story and decide to remarry (!). Needless to say, the lack of chemistry and romantic development made th...
  • lucie
    I want to inform you that I have serious crush on Colin.Objectively speaking the story is not so amazing, I really missed the two main characters to fall in love, the process of it, and there were things I usually don't like and roll my eyes over BUT I felt butterflies in my stomach while reading, squeeled out loud two times because of Colin doing or saying things and I overall enjoyed it a hell of a lot.
  • Stephanie
    I loved this. It did take me a little while to get into it. The story is told completely from Charlotte's first person POV and I was expecting (hoping) to also get Colin's point of view. However, once the story hooked me, I didn't want to put it down and I completely got on board the sole POV. Both Charlotte and Colin were likable and I shipped them hard. A big thanks to Deanna for lending me her copy to read!
  • Ann
    4.5 stars. Very cute and very sweet. Flew through this book, stayed up late to finish, and trying to get a review in before my tablet dies. There was a very long wait for this stubborn couple to finally get together but very much worth the wait. Especially enjoyed the numerous HEA epilogues.Love this author's writing style, can't wait for her next one.
  • Anahita
    2.5-3 Stars :( This book could have been better than this. I liked the idea of the plot but many things happened without any good reason. I would like it more if Colin could've been more transparent at times and know more about what he was thinking. I didn't feel the chemistry between them as much as I wanted but I can't deny that I laughed a lot with it and actually had some good time with it and I didn't put it down until the end so I can earn ...
  • Renee
    Really liked this one!!!
  • Bindi Boo
    3.75 starsThis book had a GREAT plot, something I devoured in one night.The angst, intensity and attraction between the main characters were SPOT ON! However,there was not ONE SCENE where this couple actually gets together for some sexy time. One kiss, one suggestion they finally "did it" and we reach an epilogue. I would have LOVED some more time with this couple when they actually get together after all the angst. I love this author, and I know...
  • Lien
    5 STARS!I don't care what others say. This is my kryptonite, my guilty pleasure and I absolutely loved it!If you're on the fence, read other reviews, there is another woman involved, so definitely not for everyone.
  • Anne OK
    ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK AND THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS! Gotta be blunt here for a minute -- the $8.99 Kindle pricetag caused me to pause and really think about that one-click button -- but every minute of this book was worth the bucks. I'm not regretting it one tiny bit!FULL REVIEW TO FOLLOW SOON.
  • Isabel Jolie
    Cute, loveable, page-turning fun.  The Prenup by Lauren Layne is a film screen worthy romantic comedy.   Seriously, I could easily see this as a romantic comedy with one of the hot thirty something Irish actors.Before they ever even kiss they're in love.   Yep, these two thirty something professionals fall in love without ever kissing.   It's like Charlotte never ever watched Sex and the City and didn't learn anything at all from her names...
  • Sam
    Here we are again, it’s 3:53 am and I finished a book. I loved this so much. More thoughts tomorrow.I feel so happy after reading this. I laughed, I smiled, I swooned. It was a great time. This was so funny I can't stress this enough. The part with Danny Boy? I died. This was just so much fun to read and I'm so glad I did.
  • Michelle
    4-4.5 stars. I was hoping there was a specific reason for Colin initiating the divorce process. And I was right. I liked the added angst that contributed. I wouldn’t have minded if Colin could’ve been more transparent at times, though, and revealed more of what he was truly thinking at the end just because I wanted more of him (he was so sparing with what he would share as it was that it was hard to read him). And it would've been icing on th...
  • konstantina
    4.5/5The way I loved both characters and I would 10/10 die for them
  • Dini Kamayana
    I was so pleasantly surprised by this book! I admit that when I first started it I thought I would be too annoyed with the first person narrative and the MC to continue reading. Charlotte's personality is pretty full on and when the book opens up you are thrown straight into the thick of her character-isms, but I told myself to give it at least a few chapters. I'm so glad that I did!I ended up loving Charlotte. She had such a chatty and vibrant p...
  • Genesis Sheli (Whispering Chapters)
    I adored Charlotte so freaking much! At the beginning, I wasn't sure I would like her, because she seemed superficial and is very materialistic. But she soon showed me just how wonderful she truly is. My heart kept breaking for her so much 😭 It's not always that a book has me feeling this much ( Marriage for One and Breakdown), but I shouldn't have doubted Lauren Layne. I almost didn't pick it up. I'm glad my love LL pushed through!The arrang...
  • Nerdy girl
    This might not be the typical love story but it was amazing all the same. I loved Charlotte!! She was fun, sensible(okay, not ALWAYS) and living life to the fullest girl. Colin was quite, sexy lawyer. The way Charlotte upends her life and handles Colin and every situation is goals. I'd recommend it if you love some dry sarcasm with bantering.