約束のネバーランド 14 [Yakusoku no Neverland 14] (The Promised Neverland, #14) by Kaiu Shirai

約束のネバーランド 14 [Yakusoku no Neverland 14] (The Promised Neverland, #14)

目の前で衰弱していく仲間の命を救う為、薬を求めてエマは数名で鬼が管理する農園へと向かう。リスクを冒して潜入した施設の中で彼女が目撃したのは…!? 永遠の子供達よ、絶望に立ち向かえ! 衝撃の脱獄ファンタジー!!

Details 約束のネバーランド 14 [Yakusoku no Neverland 14] (The Promised Neverland, #14)

Title約束のネバーランド 14 [Yakusoku no Neverland 14] (The Promised Neverland, #14)
Release DateJun 4th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Shonen, Comics, Fantasy, Comics Manga

Reviews 約束のネバーランド 14 [Yakusoku no Neverland 14] (The Promised Neverland, #14)

  • Cassie
    We’ve been wondering for the whole series where Norman would end up, its so satisfying to have our group together again! I’m so curious to see where this will go.Thoughts/Theories-I really still feel for this Norman clone theory, or that Norman is himself a clone of Minerva or something.-Emma makes a great point when she says that the demons are like them, just trying to survive.However It’s plain illogical to think that humans and demons c...
  • Maria
    THE REUNION!!!!! Finally! Even though we all knew how smart Norman was, I was still surprised to find out that he’s become such a BOSS while we weren’t looking. I’m glad that all my babies are safe yet again. Proud of Emma for staying true to herself no matter what.
  • Ocell de foc
    WOW! Últimamente sentía que la historia perdía algo de emoción y que no me enganchaba como al principio, pero este tomo lo cambia todo. Aquí, por primera vez, se empieza a vislumbrar por dónde va el camino de la historia, y algunas revelaciones lo han hecho muy pero que muy interesante.
  • Sara Bakhshi
    Don't even dare to mess with the boss!!Let him be the same old he was...
  • Nabaa
    One of the best manga’s I’ve ever readA must readFull of thrillers ✨
  • Achillia Herondale
    ok this volume probably is until chapter 124~Αlright, that was unexpected ... I guessed the "impersonator of Minerva" part but him being Norman? would never think of it. He seemed weird though, his height and demeanor, something was totally off and I am pretty sure Ray sensed it, maybe even Emma deep down. Before finding out his identity I seriously thought he was a bad guy yearning for power, and still I am afraid to consider the possibility th...
  • Kristin Ogarp
    I'm so conflicted, even tho Emma is incredibly naive she sure has a point. The scene when Barbara was cursing the demons for using them as food while eating a demons bone is so twisted and disgusting. It really shows how warped morals can be, and how corrupt things that seem good actually can be.Norman in general just feel weird. I love him, I was so excited to get him back but everything is off and nothing is the same that is for sure. Overall a...
  • Cress
    • I'm really happy to see Norman and how emotional it was when he met Emma and Ray and all the others, but is he really our Norman? Something just.. seems off about him. Even how the ppl there talks about him doesnt feel like the same Norman I REALLY WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WITH HIM EXACTLY AND WHT KIND OF EXPERIMENT HE'VE BEEN THOUGH.• Emma makes a really good point what about the demons who dont eat human? • I love how Ray made Emma conf...
  • D'yana Osman
    I’m up to chapter 128, guessing the last few recent chapters won’t be in Volume 14 but 15 instead.I love how the author shows us Emma’s thought process in these chapters by using Ray, and the way Ray understands both Emma and Norman’s point of view. And it’s really refreshing to have a shounen manga with great female lead. And Emma’s idea to save the demons, I really don’t know how she can do that because even Songjoo said he want t...
  • Jacqueline
    5 stars for breaking and mending my heart.That’s Norman on the cover alright... he looks grown already. I can’t even see his face but he’s- this my son and I can tell. Did he have a glow up? Will I cry? Who knows, anything is possible with this manga. I loved Anna stepping up in the beginning of chapter 116. She really owned the scenes she was in, running knowing exactly what she needed to save Cristy. I want to see more of her, her charact...
  • la keelskilo du fromage
    (view spoiler)[ I LOVE NORMAN, AND I WOULD DIE FOR HIM, AND IF THE BIG TWIST IS EITHER:a) that he becomes the main villain or a side villain or a VILLAIN orb) that this is a clone Norman and the real Norman has been dead the whole timeI WILL DIE. I WILL LITERALLY DIE. I WILL SOB MY EYES OUT AND RAGE AGAINST THE DYING OF THE LIGHT I AM NOT FUCKING KIDDING. I AM SO PARANOID. WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THESE CHILDREN. WHY DO I ALWAYS ATTACH MYSELF ...
  • karla.
    it makes sense that this volume is the one with the best rating, it was just... really, really good. I thought Emma was going to cry the most once they meet again, but I was wrong. I cried the most.Now, some spoilers. True, I liked Emma’s original plan of making a new promise a lot, but there are still too many things we don’t know about the demons to know if that could actually be possible. I really appreciated Ray here, for standing beside ...
  • Ailen
    Estoy muy feliz por el rencurntro en serio espere este momento por mucho tiempo, pero ya no se si Norman es el mismo, no se, parece muy cambiado y eso me asusta. La idea de eliminar a los demonios no me gusta ,desde hace mucho me estoy planteando la idea de que ellos no son tan malos es decir nosotros matamos animales para comer y quiera o no los demonios hacen lo mismo la unica diferencia es que nosotros somos la comida. Ademas sabemos que ellos...
  • Michael Schmid
    Was für ein genialer Band wieder! *____* Diese Reihe kann mich echt nie enttäuschen. Liebe sie so sehr! *___*
  • Dayana Pinto Cornejo
    SpoilerAy NormanEntiendo por que hace ciertas cosas pero también concuerdo un poco con el pensamiento de Enma
  • Krista
  • Lycoris Radiatta
    OMG ! Im updated. OMG ! I´m updated.
  • Alicia Day
    Omg the fuck
  • María