ONE PIECE 93 (One Piece, #93) by Eiichiro Oda

ONE PIECE 93 (One Piece, #93)

花魁・小紫と共にオロチ城へ招かれたロビンは、情報収集中にオロチの手下に見つかり絶体絶命!! 一方、カイドウに敗れたルフィは囚人採掘場からの脱出を模索するが!? “ひとつなぎの大秘宝”を巡る海洋冒険ロマン!!

Details ONE PIECE 93 (One Piece, #93)

TitleONE PIECE 93 (One Piece, #93)
Release DateJul 4th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Comics Manga, Fantasy

Reviews ONE PIECE 93 (One Piece, #93)

  • Sarahi
    Estuvo súper emocionante👌👌De verdad One Piece es una MARAVILLA💝Luffy siempre demostrandonos las perseverancia y ser feliz sobre todo.Espero con ansías el nuevo capítulo😎
  • Sara Bakhshi
    This volume gave more details about other Supernovas and their interactions and intimacies.The great reunion if those two after this long time was amazing!!!In best moment in a distinguished situation!!
  • Earl Jane
    I really can’t wait for this Wano war. Everyone is hyped up! Even though things didn’t go to plan but some things are coming into their rightful place. I just love how Luffy’s strength of character can bring people together, especially into a greater cause! I just really love Luffy! 😍
  • Xavier
    Oda, Please!! You need to stop making all these sad back stories and then killing the characters. Please I am begging you. The only thing that you managed to pull of from killing Yasuie was for me to feel bad for Toko and all the people in Ebisu Town and despise Kaidoa and Orochi more than I could believe possible.
  • Vic - Lost in Fiction
    Great Volume! especially those final few chapters.