American Carnage by Tim Alberta

American Carnage

Politico Magazine’s chief political correspondent provides a rollicking insider’s look at the making of the modern Republican Party—how a decade of cultural upheaval, populist outrage, and ideological warfare made the GOP vulnerable to a hostile takeover from the unlikeliest of insurgents: Donald J. Trump.The 2016 election was a watershed for the United States. But, as Tim Alberta explains in American Carnage, to understand Trump’s victo...

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TitleAmerican Carnage
Release DateJul 16th, 2019
GenrePolitics, Nonfiction, History, North American Hi..., American History

Reviews American Carnage

  • Gary Beauregard Bottomley
    There was absolutely nothing new in this book that a regular reader of the New York Times and reader of political blogs and twitter would not have already known. I stopped this book near the half way point where Trump was winning the Iowa caucus and ‘lying Ted’ was trying to make a comeback and ‘little Rubio’ the ‘freedom caucus’ favorite was self inflicting. For those who raved about this book, I would challenge them to find me one f...
  • Jill Meyer
    The latest entry in books looking at Donald Trump and his presidency is "American Carnage", by Politico author Tim Alberta. He takes a slightly different tack than many books about Trump in that he examines Trump's place in the Republican Party. In fact, the book is as much an examination of the party of Trump as it is about Donald Trump, himself. The book is described as "rollicking" but I truly don't think the last two years of the Donald Trump...
  • Miracle Jones
    A fairly comprehensive yet painfully lifeless and mediocre history of the....present? The only thing here that hasn't been reported better elsewhere by reporters less interested in flattering Republicans for dubious reasons is the primary contest between Trump and Cruz, so if you can find those chapters excerpted elsewhere, you will get all you need from this one.It is actually a colossal failure that this journalist manages to talk about the cur...
  • Kay
    Why read a book recounting major things that happened in the Republican party over the last 12 years? Especially when you're someone like me, who spent that time editing coverage of the Republican party? What I didn't realize when I embarked on Tim Alberta's well-reported book, American Carnage, was that he is slowly, carefully constructing an argument about the state of the Republican party. Alberta points out astutely that Republicans, through ...
  • Adam Schrecengost
    This is an odd book. There's nothing really new, and I'm struck that Alberta decided to structure it similar to how events played out in the public eye instead of what was really going on behind the scenes. Because of this, it feels Ike a Wikipedia summary of the past 10 years, and none of the interviews have bite. I expected a lot more.
  • Trey Grayson
    It’s long. But worth it.I forgive him for calling me MM’s hand-picked candidate instead of my actual name. :)
  • Robert P. Hoffman
    This is an outstanding book. The author does an extraordinary job of telling what happened in the Republican party over the last ten years and what happened to our political world during that time period. It reads like a novel where the author laments the state of the world we find ourselves in. There are no evil people, just people who compromised themselves, abandoned principles, justified what they did, and failed to take account of the result...
  • Stewart Sternberg
    This is surprisingly long. But it is worth a read, especially for people twenty years from now as they wonder how they got where they are.How did the right wing grow so strong in the US? Why do we have such tribalism? How did Trump exploit it?
  • Scott
    ExHAUSTively reported and exhausting to read. No new information, no really new insights into the Trump Administration. Mostly an almost minute-by-minute recounting of Trump’s rise to power... Thoroughly depressing and disheartening.
  • Stephen
    Wow. Since November 2016 I’ve been reading lots of books about politics, trying to understand how Trump happened. This is the best book I’ve read so far. The most interesting parts for me were the end of the Bush years and the shifts during Obama’s presidency. It also chronicles the rise of Trump but exposes the forces that made that rise possible. Highly recommend.
  • Nancy
    First off--there's nothing wrong with this book, if you want to read a competently written, single-perspective take on what's gone wrong in the Republican party, since the great disaster of 2008 (Obama's election). Tim Alberta writes in endless, numbing, day-by-day detail, about strategic errors the Republicans made, in trying to salvage their noble party. In Alberta's POV, calling them errors is probably too harsh. His overarching point is that ...
  • Steve Solnick
    Alberta offers a book that is at once too detailed and not deep enough - chronicling the transformation of the Republican party from 2008 to 2019. I found the first half of the book more illuminating than the second, and better structured. The dance between McCain and Romney, the rise and fall of the Tea Party, the emergence of the Freedom Caucus, the trials and tribulations of Speaker Boehner - all make for compelling, if familiar, reading. Into...
  • Donald Luther
    Arnold Toynbee once famously defined history as 'one damn thing after another.' Though Toynbee was a better historian than that definition would suggest, it does serve as a good description of bad historical writing.That's what we have here. Alberta gives us an almost painfully detailed treatment of the Republican infighting that led to our current political mess. And while examining the discussions, debates, thoughts and intuitions, infighting, ...
  • Scott Martin
    (Audiobook) A modern history of the modern Republican Party, this work analyzes the inner politics and external forces that played such a critical part in defining and creating the Republican Party as it functions today. Relying on interviews and insights from various power players, from John Boehner to Donald Trump, this work offers an account that isn’t just rehashing the political headlines from the Washington Post or other national news sou...
  • Alex Mulligan
    Wow. It’s hard to believe this book is real, and not fiction. Loaded with interviews from major players (Trump, Ryan, Bohner, Cruz etc etc) this book is an authoritative text on the rise of Donald Trump and the tectonic shifts in the the Republican Party. Alberta’s hypothesis is simple: The Bush administration left republicans tired and defeated. There were me young leaders to take the reins, no infusion of conservative thought, and a dwindli...
  • Scotty
    Solid reporting, good analysisAlberta does a great job tracking the final devolution of the modern Republican Party into the irrational, power-mad monster it is today. From the rise of the Tea Party to current the descent into Trumpism, this is a fascinating and chilling portrait of a political party in its apparent (and still dangerous) death throws. But there’s some context missing here. I understand why Alberta chose to focus on how the part...
  • Regan
    Wow. What a super read. This is, from what I can see, Alberta's first book. He's a writer, yes, but for a first book this is a really super read. Based on the entities he has written for I believe he is a republican, but in American Carnage he presents a very objective perspective on the republicans, democrats and Trump. He takes his reader back through the last few administrations and what went right and what went wrong. While some is his opinio...
  • Kevan Dale
    The finest and most in-depth examination of modern politics in America, with a focus on the transformation of the GOP from a party that embraced family values, free trade, and muscular diplomacy on the world stage to the party of President Trump. More enduring than Trump's appointment of judges, or his signing of a tax law, or his deregulating of the energy industry, would be his endorsement of America's worst instincts. The levees were leaky lon...
  • John Bordeaux
    First draft of our shared historyReading far too many of these ‘as it happens’ histories for my personal health, this was nevertheless a worthwhile investment. This is the book I would pass on to my grandchildren, who hopefully will ask “what was it like” rather than “no dinner tonight Papa, our pain is not yet avenged.” Highly recommended to all who have the fortitude to read about what we’re experiencing, and especially recommende...
  • Andrew Mullins
    Upsides: Excellent summary of the years leading up to 2018 and the lay of the political landscape, especially in summarizing the GOP presidential primaries in 2015. The author is also relatively policy-agnostic, and with few exceptions, abstains from inserting opinion on policy issues.Downsides: There's a definite left-leaning political bias. The book is fairly one-sided when describing the ups and downs of the current presidency, and relies (in ...
  • Rick Lee Lee James
    Incredibly Well Researched and EngagingThis book is a terrific look at the civil war that has taken place within the Republican Party. Trump isn’t didn’t just happen overnight and this book researched the process from its start to the present day. I could hardly put it down once I started reading it.You can tell this is a true piece of journalism in the fact that it doesn’t pander to one political side or the other. When praise is due, it i...
  • Christopher
    Fascinating political reportage covering the infighting in the Republican party, including the 2016 nomination and election of Donald Trump--a page-turning combination of journalism, current events and history.
  • Lynn
    That was a thorough book. Maybe a little too thorough. Admittedly I started skimming the parts I remembered well: healthcare vote, November 2016, and a few other parts of the nightmare of this presidency.
  • Ed McKinley
    Good read — tightly written, which makes sense with the author’s background as a reporter. It’s well researched and sourced, and offers what seems to be an accurate and fair prescription of what ills our current political climate and how we got to where we are.
  • Fred Klein
    This is not just an account of the first two years of Trump's first (hopefully last) term. This is an account of the changing Republican party from before Trump came to office, through his campaign and Trump's term until the release of the Mueller Report.I found this author's analyses gripping, and I thought he was fair. He looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly about all participants.
  • Angie
    This was a really good read even though I already knew almost everything that happened.
  • Henry
    3.6, rounded up. Great reporting although sometimes you wanted it to be a touch more gossipy. Alberta is very good at analysing the GOP and not so good at working out what's going on with the other side.
  • Jack Fraser