Little Weirds by Jenny Slate

Little Weirds

Hello and welcome to my book. Inside you will find:× The smell of honeysuckle× Heartbreak× A French-kissing rabbit× A haunted house× Death× A vagina singing sad old songs× Young geraniums in an ancient castle× Birth× A dog who appears in dreams as a spiritual guide× Divorce× Electromagnetic energy fields× Emotional horniness× The ghost of a sea captain× And moreI hope you enjoy these little weirds.Love,Jenny Slate

Details Little Weirds

TitleLittle Weirds
Release DateNov 5th, 2019
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Writing, Essays, Humor, Audiobook

Reviews Little Weirds

  • emma
    i posted this full review / jenny slate lovefest on my blog!! link: love Jenny Slate.I love her so much that I knew if this book even made me think about her, Id be a fan, but it did way more than that. I felt like I was in what appears to be the single most magical non-fictional place in all the world: inside Jenny Slates brain.If you have so much as watched an interview of hers, its imme...
  • Maxwell
    When I picked up a copy of this book it came with a tiny acorn that I nestled behind my sternum. With each page I turned and each word I read, it watered the acorn which eventually started to grow. Little sprouts kicked out of each side of its hard, brown shell and wrapped their tender arms around my heart and gave my lungs a big hug. Eventually it grew limbs that spread down through the cavity of my chest, leaves pressing to fight their way out ...
  • Samantha
    This was a wonderful experience on audio, which the author reads. I had no prior experience with Jenny Slate before this, but she seems like a weird delight who GETS IT. Id like to have brunch with her. This was a wonderful experience on audio, which the author reads. I had no prior experience with Jenny Slate before this, but she seems like a weird delight who GETS IT. I’d like to have brunch with her.
  • Mari
    Why you might not like this book: It's weird. It is strange and rambling and exudes a certain kind of earnest energy I can see rubbing some people the wrong way. It is part collection of essays and part memoir and part micro fiction all at once. Why I loved this book: While reading this, I felt like I was having competing experiences: it was both surreal and heartbreakingly, achingly real. It was magical realism and non-fiction. It was at times s...
  • ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ✺❂❤❣
    The case of 'little weird' being a tad too weird. And that vagina was really singing. And dancing. Kidding.We start at 5 stars:-> (-1 star) The miraculous singing vagina.Q:I Died: The Sad Songs of My Vagina My vagina never sang the Andrews Sisters, like it could have. It didnt even croon out any Perry Como. It was just Jo Stafford Keep It a Secret and sometimes it sang Ghost Town in a minor key, with a lot of snark. (c)-> A very bad case of poor ...
  • Janday
    I read this book in one sitting, and was transformed. Yes, I had a transformative experience while in the middle seat of an American Airlines red-eye. This is nonfiction magical realism. Jenny is my witch godmother and this is her spellbook. Jennys magic is reaching into the multiverse of her heart, gripping an emotion and pulling it into reality. Emotion-magic is a croissant who makes a wish, a castle named Karen, a dog with flowers on his face....
  • Portia
    LITTLE WEIRDS by Jenny Slate was a case of the book not living up to the beautiful cover.Im a fan of Jenny Slates so I was really excited when a galley of her new book came in. And then I was so disappointed by the content. This feels like a book that is trying way to hard to be literary and special. It is incredibly overwritten, filled mostly with confusing metaphors and I found myself getting to the end of each piece feeling empty. What she is ...
  • Scott
    "At the premiere screening [of the film '2001: A Space Odyssey'], 241 people walked out of the theater, including [movie star] Rock Hudson, who said 'Will someone please tell me what the hell this is about?'" -- from the IMDb trivia page The anecdote about Mr. Hudson's frustration popped into my head as I struggled to finish Little Weirds. Actress Jenny Slate's collection of essays seemed way too rambling and/or self-indulgent, and containing abs...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: Looky looky its the annual Kelly Actually Posts a Review of a Book on #pubday post!I dont really know if Little Weirds will work for everyone, but boy oh boy did it work for me. To begin with, lets take a gander at the cover . . . . Oh, its just so perfect. And the insides pretty much match the outside. Its just a jumble of truly little weirds conjured up by Jenny Slates oddball brai...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    Does anyone have a more distinct voice than Jenny Slate? This book of what I will call micro essays (micro memoir?) discuss a lot of topics from small observations, relationships and dating, silliness, feminism, and childhood. My absolute favorite is the one where she died listening.Thanks to the publisher for giving me access through Edelweiss. It comes out November 5, 2019.
  • Cortney LaScola - The Bookworm Myrtle Beach
    Seriously, what did I just read??This book was terrible. I went into it knowing it was just essays, but I still thought it was be really good because Jenny Slate is talented and hilarious. You could never have guessed that by reading this rambling nonsense. Everything was a metaphor, she used a ton of imagery and this descriptive/flowery writing that bordered on poetry. Her essay "I Died: Listening" was the only shining star in this whole book.
  • Billie
    Am I old or is Jenny Slate a lot? Or is it both? Maybe it's both. Whatever it was, this book fucking exhausted me.
  • Imane
    Too quirky and corny for my tastes. The authorial voice is grating and the run-on sentences were excruciating. From time to time, here and there, something meaningful popped up, but it was soon drowned under a tsunami of self-indulgent monologues toeing the line between fact and fantasy.At the end of the day I can't blame the author for her idiosyncrasies but I'm not entirely convinced that I am pre-disposed genetically to ever appreciate this ty...
  • Amber
    2.5⭐Not really my cup of tea. Its surreal and not what I expected. Its not bad it just wasnt really something I necessarily enjoyed or learned much from. There were some really interesting lines and ideas in here, but also a lot of nonsense. In quotations because it was nonsense to me and may not be so for others. 2.5⭐️Not really my cup of tea. It’s surreal and not what I expected. It’s not bad it just wasn’t really something I nece...
  • Fatma
    "Look! Look at this woman who is both the emergency and the relief. Let me be both (I have no choice.) Give in. Fall apart. Look at the pieces. Reassemble. This is the essential movement of my holy flux." this book is the best friend that gives u a big, long hug and tells u that everything's gonna be okay but also tells u to get dressed, get out of ur house, and get ur shit together. i loved it.It feels like Jenny Slate wrung her soul out into t...
  • Jenny
    Jesus Christ, this is overwritten, overwrought trash. Take every stereotype youve ever heard about millennials, mix them all together, throw them at a wall, and youve got a book! Wahhhh, my boyfriend broke up with me, wahhhh my big house in Massachusetts, wahhhh my private tennis court.... Ugh. Ive read more insightful word vomit on Thought Catalog. Could not make it past the first quarter of the book. Absolutely tone deaf and insipid. This is th...
  • Suzanne
    I want to be Jenny Slates best friend. Funny and entertaining read! Enjoyed reading this little book of essays so much. They were so amusing. The sandwich dream had me laughing. Just the thought of it! 🤣This is a quick read and I highly recommend reading it. I want to be Jenny Slate’s best friend. Funny and entertaining read! Enjoyed reading this little book of essays so much. They were so amusing. The sandwich dream had me laughing. Just ...
  • Cortney
    Memoir? Poetry? Musings? Daydreams? Maybe a little bit of everything. It was amusing and weird. I felt like I was watching a one woman stage play.
  • Lauren Hopkins
    This is a book you're either going to fall in love with, or absolutely hate. At first, I thought I'd side with hate. A few sentences in, I was like god this is so flowery and pretentious, just say what you're trying to say!!! But then I realized this isn't like books that are flowery in a pretentious way, and that flowery is okay if it's genuine and the author's real voice. Every word on every page screams "Jenny Slate wrote me" and this book is ...
  • Courtney Toderash
    I already appreciated Jenny Slate. I had my ideal version of a night out seeing her perform a few years ago. I walked away from her stand up performance feeling light and airy and ready to act and honour myself, which doesnt necessarily happen to me after a night of comedy. In the aftermath I saw the woman I am (and maybe I want to be?!) more clearly. Her book is a continuation of that feeling. Reading something that doesnt shy away from naked ta...
  • Cindy Holland
    I was so looking forward to this book but I guess in book form the narcissism gets super grating. Her prose can be lovely but really needs to vary the subject matter to anything other than herself. Sorry to be a hater....
  • Samantha
    A quirky, dreamy take on the memoir genre. Slate brings her signature oddball humor together with a meandering but articulate written voice that reads like a floaty fever dream.Though I wish the narrative had skewed more toward self-deprecating than self-indulgent, Slate writes well enough to (mostly) get away with what is essentially a vanity project. Some of the little weirds are better than others, but on the whole its an entertaining little p...
  • Jessica
    A beautiful read.Jenny Slate has a way to make the mundane and to deep down within herself and pull out something magical.If you have ever read anything in this book or heard anything about it. You will know that its all fanciful wording/words, but coming together it makes sense. She's able to convey a multitude of emotions in words and that's how she connects to the readers.Its like poetry. I couldn't love it more.
  • Abby Dollarhide
    I wanted to like this bc I thought the initial reviews were impressive and the cover cute, but honestly I hated it lol. Originally I gave it 3 stars bc I was like well I dont like it, but it is an interesting concept. A little distance and now Im like damn it was so hard to read... like ugh say something of substance without doing a quirky thing! I wanted to like this bc I thought the initial reviews were impressive and the cover cute, but hone...
  • lizzie
    Id rather live with a tender heart, because that is the key to feeling the beat of all of the other hearts. “I’d rather live with a tender heart, because that is the key to feeling the beat of all of the other hearts.”
  • Laudan
    Jenny Slate > Little Weirds.First I'd like to say that I really like Jenny Slate and her work as an actress and comedian. She's funny, weird and embraces her odd-ballness and that's great. This book, however- is just TOO WEIRD to really get into. I love essays and creativity and symbolism and metaphors and all that fun stuff but this book takes all of those to a whole other level that is just TOO, TOO MUCH to enjoy. I wanted to like this book, I ...
  • Lib
    Gibberish. Absolute waste of time.
  • Kate Vocke (bookapotamus)
    This is exactly what the title says. A bunch of little weirds. Little snippets, ramblings, thoughts, essays, monologues, lists. All very weird. I was confused. I laughed hysterically. I smiled. I don't know what I just read read but I kinda liked it. And Jenny Slates voice is up there with James Earl Jones and Morgan freeman. She can read the phonebook and I'll listen!
  • Lindsay Nixon
    DNF at 30%best described as someones very bizarre stream of consciousness after a lot of marijuana DNF at 30%best described as someone’s very bizarre stream of consciousness after a lot of marijuana