The Truth Pixie Goes to School by Matt Haig

The Truth Pixie Goes to School

New school. New friends. Same old pixie.'Aada started her new school,And the pixie came too.But this school was a placeWhere it was hard to be true . . .'An uplifting story that will delight younger readers and help them to be themselves in their school uniform. With words by the bestselling mastermind Matt Haig and pictures by the inky genius Chris Mould.

Details The Truth Pixie Goes to School

TitleThe Truth Pixie Goes to School
Release DateAug 1st, 2019
PublisherCanongate Books
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Poetry, Fiction

Reviews The Truth Pixie Goes to School

  • Alex Simkin
    I loved the first book so much that I just had to buy the sequel as soon as it came out! This is a bit more Christmassy than the first one (featuring Father Christmas) so it's probably best done as a late Autumn topic and considered in parallel with, not isolation from, the first book. It could be read alone, but the themes of 'be true to yourself' continue through this one and the characters are developed, including revisiting the Truth Pixie's ...
  • Gemma
    A wonderfully funny, cheeky book. laugh out loud but with meaningful life lessons hidden in its story . great for kids, especially those struggling to be their self or be excepted.
  • Tea
    Matt Haig my favourite writer! The truth pixie Christmas book, makes me cry every time I read it. I guess, you can imagine, how excited I got when I heard Matt had written another.The truth pixies goes to school, doesn’t disappoint in making me cry again. I know it’s a child book and I should know better. But the book show children what anxiety is and that “it’s okay to not be okay.” And those who suffer that you not alone in how your f...
  • Alison
    Clearly I am not the target audience for this book but I enjoyed it regardless. Matt Haig is a wonderful writer and this has so many positive and uplifting messages. I can't believe any child would dislike this.My one niggle and the reason for dropping a star is that it felt like the author was trying to wedge in messages that didn't fit with the story.
  • Steph
    A gorgeously written story about the power of friendship, truth and lies. I love these books so much. This is going to be something I read and use in the classroom for years to come!
  • Alice Lawrence
    Such a lovely second Truth Pixie story full of meaningful messages about being true to yourself. Can’t wait to share with my class.
  • Aimée Thomas
    Another lovely book by Matt Haig. I really enjoyed the rhyme and the message in the story. I look forward to sharing this with my Year 1/2 class.
  • Layla
    I really enjoyed this book It was short but very funny
  • Rec
    A very well written small children's book which even an adult can enjoy
  • Sandra Armor
    I listened to Olivia Colman read the audio book of this sequel as she did on the first book. She’s fabulous and so is this delightful book!
  • Alannah Clarke
    A really lovely book that I wish I had when I was young. Some really special life lessons that I think all kids should know are in this book and I'd love to share with so many people.