He Will Kill You (Maddie Ives, #2) by Charlie Gallagher

He Will Kill You (Maddie Ives, #2)

DISCOVER AN ABSOLUTELY GRIPPING RACE-AGAINST-TIME THRILLER FROM BEST-SELLING AUTHOR CHARLIE GALLAGHER. MEET DETECTIVE MADDIE IVES IN THIS NEW SERIES THAT WILL HAVE YOU GRIPPED FROM THE EXPLOSIVE START TO ONE OF THE MOST SHOCKING ENDINGS OF THE YEAR.Grace Hughes: kicked to the bathroom floor by her partner, her back and side aching from where he slammed the door on her frail body, fighting to regain her breath, she can no longer ignore a simple tr...

Details He Will Kill You (Maddie Ives, #2)

TitleHe Will Kill You (Maddie Ives, #2)
Release DateMar 15th, 2019
PublisherJoffe Books Mystery, Crime Thriller, Suspense Fiction
GenreThriller, Mystery, Crime, Fiction

Reviews He Will Kill You (Maddie Ives, #2)

  • Louise Wilson
    Maddie Ives #2Grace Hughes is effectively a prisoner in her own home. Tortured and controlled by her horrifically violent partner, she dreams of freedom, safety and happiness. Detective Maddie Ives now works with a team specialising in getting abused women to safety. She tells Grace to keep a diary, write everything down till it forms part of the compelling needed to send her abuser to prison. Maddie also faces a car bomber who threatens to fight...
  • Linda Strong
    4.5 StarsWARNING: Extreme physical and mental abuse, graphically written. May not be for everyone.Grace is living a nightmare ... she's practically a prisoner in her own home. Her husband is extremely abusive. controlling, manipulating, violent, and gruel. When he leaves for work, he locks her arm in a vise, day after day after day. He throws punches that would knock out most men. He kicks, he slaps, he punches.Grace is planning her escape and if...
  • Lou
    He Will Kill You is the first novel in the Detective Maddie Ives series by bestselling author and former police officer Charlie Gallagher; it's yet another highly entertaining, twisty and tension-filled read from him. There is plenty of action and a lot of violent behaviour throughout but not enough to be offputting. Once again the believability is there in terms of police procedure as Gallagher uses his former job to inform his work and make it ...
  • Pat
    This was a real page turner that was quite visceral in parts. Grace Hughes is a battered wife who finally realises that she must leave her husband or he will kill her. Sgt. Maddie Ives is a police officer dedicated to helping women like Grace escape their abusers. Maddie has told Grace to keep a diary of her abuse and to take photos. Grace does all this but cannot leave until the time is right (you see why when you read the book). We are also int...
  • Janet Newport
    Thank you NetGalley and Joffe Books for this arc.This is the second Maddie Ives book and while I adored the 1st one, this just wasn't quite the same. A very good read, familiar characters with most of the usual give and take between them, but the pacing felt a little off for me. It just seemed to take forever for all the threads to come together.... and at the end, it still felt like there was more than one loose thread (or dropped stitch) in the...
  • Tam
    Intense. Riveting. Emotional. Suspenseful. Addictive. Dark. Complex. This story has one shocking surprise after another. This book brings it ALL! Truly a MUST for your TBR list!#HeWillKillYou #NetGalley
  • The Cats’ Mother
    I had a triple-whammy of reasons not to request this book - the red coat cover, the abusive partner plot line, and the fact it’s not the first in the series and I don’t have time to catch up, but somehow the reviews must’ve convinced me - the dangers of browsing NetGalley after a few wines, I guess. I can’t decide whether I’m glad I did: is it a well told police procedural with an accelerating pace? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Not really. Ther...
  • peggy
    From the beginning until the last page of this book I was hooked. The subject matter is distasteful to say the least. I have read quite a few domestic noir books but this one is WOW WOW WOW. I have to admit that this book is hard reading. The brutal and vivid descriptions of what Grace suffered at the hands of her partner were very graphic, abhorrent, heartbraking and very emotional. This book made me cry, it made me angry and shout. At times I h...
  • Books 'n' All Promotions
    Maddie Ives is back in book 2 of this series. A traffic jam in a tunnel and cars exploding and the story begins.It took me a while to work out what the bombs had to do with domestic abuse and what the woman and child had to do with anything but come together it did.Parts made for difficult reading but this stuff does go on every day somewhere so I read on.Got to love Maddie Ives she is a feisty character but one I definitely want in my corner in ...
  • Jordyn Roesler
    I LOVED the first half of this book. Many different storylines and characters were continually being introduced, and I was immediately captivated by Grace and wanted nothing more than for her to break free from her abuser. Unfortunately, about halfway through the book, things happened that changed the main storylines (the big twist I suppose, hard to give anything specific without spoiling), and I kind of lost interest. The book became more focus...
  • Joanna Larum
    This is the second in the Maddie Ives series and is even better than the first, although I wouldn't have thought that was possible before reading it. The book starts with an explosion in a road tunnel, caused by a bomb placed under a car. Then we meet Grace Hughes who is being abused by her partner Craig. Then, a prospective candidate for Police Commissioner is blackmailed for an unedifying video on a social media site and Maddie and her partner ...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy of He Will Kill You, the second novel to feature DS Maddie Ives of the Canterbury police.Maddie is busy with CID work when DI Harry Blaker returns to work part time after the injuries he sustained in their previous case so, at a loose end, he takes an interest in her cases, notably trying to protect Grace Hughes from her abusive partner and working out why recidivist burglar Toby...
  • R
    He Will Kill You, the second book in this series, was much like the first one…captivating, intense, and fast paced. The author, a London detective himself, engaged the reader with various crimes such as burglary, domestic violence (extremely descriptive), internet fraud, and terrorism. Detective Sergeant Maddie Ives and DI Harry Blaker once again united to fight crime and seek justice. Grace’s storyline, violently abused by her partner, was d...
  • Francesca
    A plot that surprises at every turn. Very well-written.
  • booklover BEV
    chapter after chapter, this book is mind blowing, will take your breath away and found i couldnt put it down, my favourite character has to be Maddie Ives in this book, what a cracking book it is, Mr Gallagher has made me happy again, every one of his books gets better and better
  • Simon Leonard
    I have been a massive fan of Charlie’s since reading End Game back in July 2017 and this book is another step into the dark and twisted world of Charlie’s head.The book starts of with a warning by the author, stating it delves into the world of domestic abuse and the statistics surrounding this, so you know it isn’t going to be a happy book. This is a very dark book, but brings domestic abuse into the main stream and shows what affect it ha...
  • Tracy Wood
    In a world where we are finally becoming more aware of the darker side of life happening behind closed doors this book takes us even closer to the horror which is an everyday nightmare for many.Grace Hughes is a victim of domestic abuse, she knows it but struggles to turn the courage it takes to even dream of a different future into an ability to leave, or ask for help. Detective Sergeant Maddie Ives also knows she is in danger but until somethin...
  • Judith Baxter
    I have to say that this is not an easy read, dealing as it does quite graphically in domestic violence and the effect this has on the victims.But first, we are introduced to Christine and Scott Lang, no violence here but two tired very new parents who are close to the end of their tether. Christine sets off for work with her baby son, Ethan in the back of her car, but as she travels through a tunnel she is caught in a series of explosions and sub...
  • Louise Unsworth-Murphy
    HE WILL KILL YOU, is the 2nd book in the New Maddie Ives series by bestselling author Charlie Gallagher. I thoroughly enjoyed the book it took me through lots of different emotions and i always admire a writer that can force those feelings out of me. It was fast paced from the get go and i really didn't want to put it down but for my sanity i need sleep otherwise i would have finished it in one sitting. One of the characters Grace Hughes is a pri...
  • Ceecee
    Between 3 and 4 stars. I felt as I was reading this book that I was on an undulating road. At times the book was really gripping so I was at the top of the undulation and then there were sections when I was down at the bottom and I was frankly, a bit bored. The book had an explosive start (literally) with bombs planted on cars in a tunnel near Dover. There are a number of different storylines going on which I assume mirrors multi police enquiries...
  • Carole Gourlay
    I was delighted to be offered this book as an ARC as Charlie’s books are a wonderful read , albeit they are true to life. As I’ve said before, police officers usually make the best crime writers as they’ve seen the depths of depravity humans will sink to, and this is no exception. I’m afraid domestic abuse makes my blood boil, and whilst I know women can be just as much to blame, it appears that the male species being stronger, usually in...
  • Victoria
    What can I say? Where do I begin. I guess quite simply this book was brilliant, particularly if you enjoy police procedural novels.Charlie Gallagher has a real talent for writing. I sometimes struggle to concentrate on books but not with his. They grip me from the outset. They are paced well, bo boring bits to fill pages that other authors often do. The content and subject matter is relevant and the books are well written. The fact the author is ...
  • Seonaid Ades
    After reading all of Charlie Gallagher's previous books quite recently I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to read the next instalment of Maddie Ives early. A tough subject covered honestly in this book,hard to read but well handled. Plenty of twists and turns in the plot which I enjoy. This is a fast paced, hard hitting book which is so well written. There are many elements to this particular author which I love; the honest portrayal of...
  • Sue Danzl
    This is a great read! There are so many twists, and I found myself almost holding my breath when Grace was trying to escape her abusive partner. So many times! I kept saying, "No! Don't go take a shower! No! Don't stop to put on clothes! Just GO!!" I was so glad to see Maddie Ives back again! As well as her injured partner, Harry Blaker. They make a perfect team. Maddie is quick to act on her instincts and Harry is more deliberate, but not unwill...
  • Pam
    The Author's note in this book is both thoughtful and caring, my first marriage was one of violence, and in those days there was no help available, no safe houses, and even if you rang the Police they wouldn't attend, it was the way things were, some things do change for the better, so I usually stay well away from books on this subject for the above reasons, but having read "He is watching you" also by Charlie Gallagher, I knew it would be handl...
    PHENOMENAL STUNNINGIn HE WILL KILL YOU chilling suspense surrounds an insightful exploration of one of the most vicious yet underreported crimes. The in your face portrayal of rage, anguish and despair was so powerful, I felt like I was right in the middle of it. Tension increasing to a heart racing rollercoaster ride, culminating in an incident so harrowing, Iwas holding my breath.Another Charlie Gallagher Masterpiece HE WILL KILL YOU is a must ...
  • Nicole
    I am really enjoying the maddie Ives series. She is a great character and her relationship with harry is a pleasure to read, there really is something wonderful about it.I also enjoyed the twists and turns of the story and how everything connected, and it wasnt just another domestic violence story like I originally expected.A very enjoyable book, with a great audio speaker aswell. Cant wait to read the next one and give his other series and books...
  • Jill Burgin
    A joy of reviewing on netgalley is reading popular authors that normally you wouldn’t read. This is a really fast-paced thriller, rather brutal though, that keeps you involved through the stunning ending. I would certainly read another of his novels.
  • Mrs.Catherine Round-Turner
    Highly recommendI have read a few books by Charlie Gallagher. He is a great author, his experience with the police force really shows. His characters are really interesting, this book had a really good twist at the end.
  • wendi wigham
    TrustAnother brilliant book about Maddie Ives and the growing trust with Harry Blaker.Things are never full around Maddie & when Harry returns from sick leave on restricted duties, he soon gets involved with a case Maddie is working.Major Crimes are flat out dealing with the car bombs set off in a tunnel, and no one is sure what to do with an Inspector who is officially in for four hours a day & grounded.He goes to see Maddie & as before they jus...