Wham! George & Me by Andrew Ridgeley

Wham! George & Me

For the first time, Andrew Ridgeley - one half of one of the most famous bands in the world - tells the inside story of Wham! and his life-long friendship with George Michael. It is 1975, Watford, and two teenagers, George and Andrew, meet for the first time. Bonding over their love for singing, song writing and pop music, together they set out to follow an impossible dream. They didn't know it then, but they were taking their first steps toward...

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TitleWham! George & Me
Release DateOct 3rd, 2019
GenreNonfiction, Music, Biography, Autobiography, Memoir, Audiobook

Reviews Wham! George & Me

  • Mandy White
    Who didn't love Wham!? I loved listening to this book narrated by Andrew Ridgeley himself. The story of him and George growing up, their shared love of music and their quest to be famous. It was fabulous! So many memories. I cried when he talked about the passing of his best friend, I got Goosebumps when he talked about the Final.Can't recommend this book more!
  • MaryannC. Book Freak
    Being a huge Wham fan I was eager to read a first hand account of how two young men, best friends growing up in grade school went on to become the pop sensation that was a part of my early teen years and still is.Thinking that their infectious " Wake me up before you go go" was a bit hokey in the beginning I came to realize like a million other teen fans that they were a hot duo who made me want to get up, dance and have fun. Andrew Ridgeley fond...
  • Geevee
    Wham! George and me is a delight. Written in a way that is open, self-deprecating and above all generous to his great friend, Andrew Ridgeley charts the meeting of two boys at school through to two young men of the biggest pop duo for a short period in the mid1980s.For me the real interest was the period where George and Andrew had become friends and were dreaming and gently stepping into music. This period is told with detail to see and understa...
  • Charlene
    This book was a beautifully written story of friendship. Andrew Ridgeley shares his life story from how his parents met, through his meeting George Michael and days in Wham to life after Wham and his ( and Shirlie’s and Pepsi’s ) tribute to George at the Brits. It’s such a great read that I couldn’t put it down and read it all in one setting. Thank you Andrew for writing this book and sharing your memories and pictures with everyone who r...
  • Dj'aead1818
    A great read...After reading several biographies of George and reading "I'm Coming To Take You To Lunch" by Wham's manager Simon Napier-Bell it was blast to read the story from a different perspective, especially from the other main man who was there...Concise and to the point. Couldn't put it down.If you're big fan of Wham! and George Michael then this is a must read. Even if you're not, read it anyway. Enjoy it. I did!
  • Maria
    20191018 Good-natured, sweet, and vaguely shallow, kind of like Wham! itself. I did appreciate Ridgeley's sincere narration; his admiration of and deference to George Michael's superior talent was touching. Some bits were pretty defensive, which surprised me -- mostly because I wasn't paying enough attention to the press around the band at the time to hear how thoroughly he was trashed by the media. I enjoyed the view into George and Andrew's ea...
  • Christine Bilaniuk
    I really wanted to love this. Wham! were my first concert, the first band I really followed and loved.It is part "we were best friends, always and forever"and part, "I contributed more than people realize".A lover letter to a deep friendship from young boys to popstars but I didn't learn anything new about either of them. If you want salacious you wont find it here!Part of me wonders why bother and part of me wonders if George was still here woul...
  • Marcelle Sadler
    I loved wham from the age of 12, my fave was always George. And have followed George’s career since. Have always loved his voice. One of my biggest regrets was never seeing wham or George live. I was given tickets for wham the final, but couldn’t make due to a holiday booked. This book is a must read, Andrew telling their story from the beginning and was from the heart. What a beautiful friendship they had! It’s was lovely to read, how they...
  • Lib
    Admittedly, I'm the girl who would see the guy tagging along with George Michael on TV and videos, or in my teen magazines, and say, "Who's that guy that's always with George Michael?!" In my mind Wham! was always George Michael and some dancers, including some vague other guy...I kind of still feel that way after reading this book. While it's fun to hear about the beginnings of the band, their high school years together, their friendship, and st...
  • Georgette
    A quick read (Wham! wasn't around too long in the scheme of things) about the power of a beautiful friendship between Ridgeley and George Michael. I really enjoyed the funny captions for Ridgeley's photos, many of which I had never seen before. I also enjoyed reliving the 80's, even wondering if Ridgeley had a crush on the Durans. It seems like he mentions them a lot! Great book, though. Have your tissues ready.
  • Sam
    Absolutely loved this book, really well written with some lovely photos and stories.A fitting tribute to Wham! and George.
  • Joanne Schofield
    An entertaining and easily read tale of how Andrew and his best friend ‘Yog’ became one of the biggest bands of the mid 1980’s. Some great stories and a fantastic amount of photos make this a book I’d strongly recommend for anyone who was once a Wham fan.
  • Janet
    I loved this. An interesting insight into the Wham! years of which I remember fondly and I was a big fan.
  • Elizabeth☮
    I saw an interview with Andrew Ridgeley in which he discussed this memoir and “Last Christmas” (which I have seen and loved). I am a fan of Wham! I have their first album tucked away in my stash of vinyl from my ever distant youth. I saw them live in eighth grade. I can recall the fervor they caused in their red satin hats and matching lounge jackets. I love “Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1” and I was stopped in my tracks when George Mich...
  • Daniel Sevitt
    Whizzed through this on a plane journey. It’s lightweight in the extreme and reads like a padded long-form interview from a Sunday tabloid. It’s knowingly fluffy which is a perfect metaphor for Wham! And, like Wham!, the book is entertaining, competent, crystal clear about its purpose and it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Ridgeley is well aware of his role as one of the luckiest men in pop. He seems to have made his peace with it as long a...
  • Simon Lee
    I dont normally like autobiographies as i find them a bit self absorbed however Andrew writes this with such dignity and allows George to shine throughout, it was a nice read! 4 stars cus I skipped some bits that's weren't interesting to me.
  • Amanda
    Enjoyed remembering the days of Wham! but wish it had been George writing it.
  • Linda Harris
    Good read. Full of 70s and 80s nostalgia. Few little snipes at George but I suppose that to be expected. All in all you can see how much Andrew loved George . Great photos too .
  • Christine Savukinas
    I knew this was going to be 5 stars because I loved WHAM! I am a child of the 80’s and have such wonderful memories of dancing and hanging out with friends in college and theirs is the music of those years. Andrew does a nice job of remembering George and sharing stories from their early years and school friends. Lots of pictures! Enjoy!
  • Jennifer
    I'm a little embarrassed that I was surprised that this was a well told, well written book. I came of age during the Wham! period and never took them seriously; they were joked about a lot. I can remember people saying "What is Andrew Ridgeley's purpose anyway?" But, they were part of the voice of the time, fun and no worries.When I was in college, I saw George Michael in concert and was amazed at what a great performer he was, and by then, I had...
  • Helen
    This book is such a lovely read.Absolute kudos to Andrew Ridgeley for writing a book full of warmth, love, humour, respect, appreciation and admiration of his best friend, George Michael.
  • La Vida Rose
    This is a book about the purest of friendships that began in childhood and lasted until the untimely death of George Michael in 2016. But I think for Andrew Ridgeley, his brotherhood with George will live on. This memoir was essentially a tribute to him and their friendship and also details the story of the meteoric rise of their 80s pop duo, Wham! I am a HUGE fan of both Wham! and George Michael, so I was eager to hear Andrew Ridgeley's story of...
  • Lola
    I really wanted to love this book. As much as I love George Michael. However, as other reviewers have pointed out, this book did Andrew Ridgeley no favors. I agree with reviewers who noted that this book felt insistent, as if Ridgeley has a chip on his shoulder and needs others to understand that his input in Wham! was much greater than people thought, and that he (and no one else) was GM's best friend. On the plus side, the book is well-written ...
  • Eric
    OK - I admit it - I'm a Wham! fan. I'm a much bigger George Michael fan. So I certainly appreciate Andrew Ridgeley's memoir focusing on his time forming Wham! and his friendship with George. It was, at times, moving - but it was always interesting and enlightening. He was certainly reverential and supportive of George's creativity and solo career. That shines through. I think a few things were missing. It was so reverential, that there really wer...
  • Kimberly Potts
    I had been looking forward to this book for months, and it did not disappoint in any way. I was a huge Wham! fan in the '80s, and I knew it would be emotional to read about something that was such a happy part of my childhood. I got teary when I flipped through the book, seeing photos of Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael that I hadn't seen before. Because Wham!'s fame came well before the Internet and social media and 67 TV shows and cable netwo...
  • Emily
    Delicious. I admit it, I was a Wham! fan way way back when, and I never understood what Andrew did. That’s fine. He seems to have been the impetus that brought George Michael to the world, and for that, many gold stars. That isn’t to say this was all about George. It wasn’t, although George is clearly the sun in this story. Andrew’s voice is conversational and light, and his Britishisms cracked me up (as did his many diatribes focused on ...
  • Alli
    A charming, easy bio detailing the life and times of one of my favorite pop groups from back in the day. Andrew's delightful English writing style brings one right back to the heady, hopeful teen days of the early '80s. An insightful tale of friendship that is thankfully devoid of the usual betrayals and other varied bits of darkness that can haunt a tale of your favorite group's demise.
  • Leah K
    Part memoir, part homage to Wham! and George Michael. It's a sweet book. If you're looking for gossip, look elsewhere. Andrew Ridgeley does a good job at telling his story without the need for drama. Kudos. A great book if you're a Wham! fan.
  • Fiona Mackie
    Loved reading about the friendship between Andrew Ridgely and the man we all knew as George Michael. I did find it ended abruptly, with no mention of he and George seeing each other after 1991, just Christmas hampers and thank you emails. But this also emphasised the shock of George’s death...