SKIP by Molly Mendoza


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Release DateJul 1st, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Young Adult, Art

Reviews SKIP

  • Rebecca
    This is easily the most visually gorgeous graphic novel that I have ever encountered. The friendship story is effortless and accessible. A true finding yourself, finding your strengths, and then finding others when you feel like you're lost story. Story feels a little Alice in Wonderland while at the same time is NOTHING like Alice in Wonderland. Gender-neutral "they" pronouns are used throughout. Ingram has this as 13 y.o. and up ... but story i...
  • Liv
    animation industry make a movie of this or I'm comin for you
  • Sara
    Really sweet friendship story with gorgeous art
  • Jana
    I have so many feelings about this stunning graphic novel, and I just love it so, so much in its entirety. The art is incredibly beautiful and the characters and the main friendship are moving and believable and just ... please do yourselves a favour and read this
  • Asti
    SUCH a gorgeous book. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to have it.
  • Kaitlyn R.
    Bought, read, and got signed at TCAF 2019. A really gorgeous book. A fairly straightforward story about some dimension-hopping youths but with some stunning visuals and solid characterization. It turns out I got her Zine last year and it was also a visual spectacle. Mendoza does not disappoint!
  • Alyssa
    SKIP is unlike any graphic novel I've ever read. Visually it is beyond stunning -- every single page is a masterpiece. It feels dreamy and abstract, but still grounded in panels that include dragons and board games. Ultimately what I found challenging was the meshing of both Bloom's story and Gloopy, and I found myself wishing it had one story or another. Still, this is an incredibly beautiful book.
  • Ben Niespodziany
    A breathtaking work of art. Each page, each panel dilated my pupils. If I found some of these pieces in a zine or anthology, I’d rip them out to hang on my wall. The only coffee table book on my coffee table.
  • Harley
    Man I didnt expect to be crying at the end of this but here we are. The art is incredible even if a little too abstract for my brain at times. Bloom and Gloopy are wonderful.
  • Ivy Moser
    Beautiful art! Unique and imaginative but also fun and touching. Suitable for children, although the art concepts might be confusing for younger readers.
  • Eric Boyer
    Wonderful illustrations, very vivid!
  • Kate
    The story was ok but the art was amazing.
  • Jesse Richards
    Daringly creative and beautiful, but not quite polished enough for me.