Broken Trust (Dark Legacy #2) by Jaymin Eve

Broken Trust (Dark Legacy #2)

They think they own me now. They think they’ve won, and that I’ll be their good little soldier. Four dangerous, damaged, messed up boys. There used to be five, but one of them died, and I’m starting to suspect he was murdered.I didn't ask for this. No one would ask to be played, manipulated, seduced and betrayed. But that’s what happened, anyway. It wasn’t enough for them to break me. Sebastian Beckett has decided that he can’t let me...

Details Broken Trust (Dark Legacy #2)

TitleBroken Trust (Dark Legacy #2)
Release DateMay 16th, 2019
GenreRomance, New Adult, Dark, Young Adult, High School, Contemporary

Reviews Broken Trust (Dark Legacy #2)

  • KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕
    They would hurt you Butterfly. Break those perfect wings. Destroy your fighting spirit. 'BROKEN TRUST' is the second book in Jaymin Eve's 'Dark Legacy' series. It picks up where the previous book left off.Where betrayal and lies walk hand in hand...This series is like no other series I've read, even though there are so many bully books coming out now this one still has a unique aspect to it. The boys have been trained to kill at an early age, i...
  • Ella Heart
    I don't want to sound rude, but the hype wasn't worth the wait. It diminished what the series success started out to be. This book screamed at me the entire time:-They are just high school kidsNone of this is possibleIt's filled with sexist and masoginst stuffI ignored every of those things in the last book because it was such a breath of fresh air and for all intent and purposes was an angst high school drama filled of twist and dready turns ...
  • NiCoLeTa E.
    ***4 "Unconditional!!!" stars!!!*** "We are a family... You're just delaying the inevitable. The five of us, that is meant to fucking be." (NOTE: This is NOT a reverse harem story!!!)OMG!!!! What shits are happening to this book???Everything had turned upside down... You really don't know what is happening in here!!!Everything are fucked up!!! Who will you trust after all when everything is trembling down???UGHHHHH!!!! I NEED the next and final ...
  • Miftahul
    " The guys might have won the first battle, but I was going to win the war."Title- Broken Trust Series - Dark Legacy BookAuthor- Jaymin EvePublish Date- 16, May 2019 Genre - Romance, New Adult, High School, Dark Amazon- Kindle Unlimited My Instagram- The second book of the series by Jaymin Eve . The story of Railey Jameson to Railey Debois continues as ...
  •  Elektra | My Trending Books
    Holy balls, that book was like mind-blowing. It's very rare for me to love a book so much the dynamics and the friendship the story was just like wow. I have no words for this book how great it was. I just wish the second book was already out. Seriously giving book hangover.
  • Kim
    Yeah, I need book 3 now.
  • Just Jese
    This was just badUmmm, where do I begin?The problem with this story, despite the glaringly unreal ness of it all is the details.Yes, I realize there are a lot of dark and extremely mature themes to this series, but I mean C’MON!!!First off Senators do not have office space at City Hall. City Hall is for City Councilmembers and Mayors.The whole attempted gang rape scene sounds like something Tate James cooked up, and I all but had to stop readin...
  • Lien
    1. Broken Wings | 1/22. Broken Trust | 1/23. Broken Legacy | won't read it1.5 StarsUnpopular opinion alert.What a disappointment.(view spoiler)[The first 20% or so were great. I loved that Riley didn't give in and stayed stubborn because I would have done the same. Let them grovel.But you know what? Her hypocrisy at the end was driving me nuts and I just couldn't respect her anymore. Sure, circumstances were a bit different but why tf did she thi...
  • Ashley Estep
    What the F!! As much as I loved the Broken Wings, Broken Trust just beat it! Tate and Jaymin deliver an amazing book full of drama and angst. Just when you think one thing something else happens. I was hooked from the first page to the last and now I'm left wondering when they will give us book 3, like I need it more than I needed book 2!!Riley and the guys are back and there's more happening than in the first book. Threats are being made, moves ...
  • Targreed
    CAN THIS BOOK COME OUT ALREADY?! Book one left on such a cliffhanger CAN THIS BOOK COME OUT ALREADY?! Book one left on such a cliffhanger 😓
  • queen_of_the_books_18
    Well the first book was holy hangover... this book I just have no words! The amounts of theories I have running around in my head right now are driving me crazy because there are so many possibilities of things that could happen in book 3. Broken trust was dark, fast paced, full of action and there were points where I had to stop to take a breather because the anxiety was real. I am absolutely loving this series and I hope that all of the guys ge...
  • Grey
    And it's on like Donkey Kong, baby. I have planted my can on the couch and have inhaled these books today...A wicked, naughty, good time. Yep, I'm aware of what an oxymoron that description is...and no, I'm not going to change it.These authors have a really good thing going here...but I have a sinking suspicion that I've just inhaled 2 books in the course of 12 hours and thrown myself over the side of a HUGE cliff...and now have to wait for book ...
  • Christa
    This book would be better set in a college/new adult genre. But for reasons of the plot the main character needs to be under 18 so she can still have a guardian. Not my favorite. I’d recommend for fans of the author.Trigger warning - attempted gang rape.
  • beth m
    LoveI loved this book, I really did. I have literally been waiting for what feels like forever to read it. With that said, there’s something about this book that just felt, off? Some of the possessiveness and crazy of her boyfriend beck, while at times hot had left a little bit of sourness. I would’ve liked to see the female lead with more badassery, then some of the sniveling that there was. I get this is a book with some darkness, and corpo...
  • taveena kade
    3.75 stars
  • Aysha Coleman
    Holy Cow Bells. Rich People Are Weird!!!!So first of all. OMG so much happened in Book 2. I just wasn’t ready for every single suspicion that I had to be mostly confirmed. Firstly, Dante. I already could tell he cared more about Riley than just being her best friend. I had a feeling he was somehow involved with The Debitch when he had her name in book 1. And now I am just wondering how deep this rabbit hole goes. Not mention now he might be get...
  • Karen Dubose
    More please!!I absolutely love this series. If work didn't get in the way I would read it all in day without sleep lol. Riles has her work cut out for her. Murder is just a new part of her life she needs to get use to if she wants to survive long enough to see the end game. Sebastian well what can't I say about him. That possive a** get sexier with each book. Dylan is a hottie to. I just wish there was more back stories on the guys. Do I recommen...
  • Kylie The Bookaholick
    And the Twists keep comingYes book 2 will keep the momentum that book 1 had. I loved how the puzzle pieces begin to unwind as new ones develop. This story has deep secrets that are slowly being discovered and you are still constantly questioning everyone and their motives as well as the alliance. But mist of all I love Beck giving Riley the space she needs but never too much. He knows when to push and when to pull with her. I love these two toget...
  • Michelle Krystel
    Oh wow I knew Riley was pissed and I get that, but it's obviously clear the guys care for her I there own way. I don't trust Dante not even in book one. Something just feels about him to me. I absolutely love these guys. And I have feeling Oscar might not really be dead. Just a feeling I have. No evidence or anything just git a feeling I have.
  • Jessica Marie Sebaugh
    AHHHHHHH what on earth IS GOING ON???? I am confused and hurt!!! This is crazy, I could have never seen the ending coming!!! I need the third book right now in my hands. That ending was insane and I need a mental stability check afterwards!Also Sebastian Roman Beckett LOVES Riley!!!! BUT SHE DIDNT SAY IT BACK!!!!! WTFFFFFFF
  • Daisy
    Could’ve been a solid 4 but nothing too exciting happened until 80sh% I’m sure the last and final book will be packed with all goodness book 1 had plus we finally get to see whose theory was the correct one. One thing remains the same throughout Catherine is the biggest C_ _ _!
  • Amy McNeece
    This is such a fun series to read! I gotta say I did get a bit annoyed with the heroine thru the first 50% of this book. The heroine is hard-headed and it forms this miscommunication and it dragged on and on. But all and all I really am liking this series and all the alpha male characters.
  • Ashleigh
    Everything you could want in a sequel and then some.Let me not lie for a second though, I was expecting there to be a lot more effort put into reconciliation after what happened at the end of the first book. Don't get me wrong, Beck and the boys had to do some groveling but with how much they did, especially Beck, I figured Riley would give them more hell. That withstanding, this read was excellent. It does a great job of following up after the e...
  • Allison Bumpus
    Omg. Omg. OMG !!!! This was next level reading. This book was EPIC! I thought for a bit this was turning rh which I would not have minded one bit, but I'm also not complaining about Sebastian and Rileys relationship. But seeing as I literally just finished, I have to say.... What in the hell?!!!! That ending!!!! Omg I think I actually might die if I have to wait long for broken legacy
  • Annabel
    Loved the book....but hated the ending because now I have to wait to find out what's going to happen next!
  • Bianca Souza
    I only gave 4 starts to this book because I was spoiled by the way FC of Bad, Bad Bluebloods by CM Stunich makes the guys pay for all the wrong things they've done. That being said, I think the Riley was too quick to accept their apologies.
  • Sara Oxton
    Broken Trust by Jaymin Eve and Tate James a five-star read that will break you. This is the second novel in the Dark Legacy series, and they are best read in order as they follow on from each other and you would miss out not reading the series. The first was great, we got to know everyone the story was set, there was action, drama and romance but this one, wow this one just blew it up to the next level. Riley will pull you not only into her world...
  • Bry Ann
    SeriesI love this series! Book #1 was my favorite book of the year. This book wasn’t as good to me, but it was still enjoyable and I can’t WAIT for #3!
  • BLuvsBooks
    Loved Book 2 in this Dark Legacy Series.It begins where Book One -Broken Wings- ended.I loved how strong Riley was and how the guys had to earn her trust back. Some questions answered from Book One and rebuilding of their loyalty to each other. Broken Trust had Several twists and turns and more mystery and secrets. Cant wait for book Three!!Let’s chat books!Follow me!