In the Dark by Loreth Anne White

In the Dark

A secluded mountain lodge. The perfect getaway. So remote no one will ever find you.The promise of a luxury vacation at a secluded wilderness spa has brought together eight lucky guests. But nothing is what they were led to believe. As a fierce storm barrels down and all contact with the outside is cut off, the guests fear that it’s not a getaway. It’s a trap.Each one has a secret. Each one has something to hide. And now, as darkness closes i...

Details In the Dark

TitleIn the Dark
Release DateDec 1st, 2019
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery Thriller, Suspense

Reviews In the Dark

  • Dita
    FINALLY! For months I've been skunked by my monthly free read from Kindle Unlimited, but you guys??? DAMN.I will start by saying that I have huge love for "closed/locked room" mysteries and this one was excellent. I could not wait to learn who was knocking these folks off one by one and why.I will say this however to anyone who has never read Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, "Dafuq is wrong wit you?" I'm just kidding.Maybe.Seriously, A...
  • Melissa
    In her latest standalone, Loreth Anne White delivers a potent dose of dark deeds and suspense, set against a stunning backdrop. A one-way ticket to the remote wilderness of Northern Canada, In the Dark is a cunning exploration of redemption and self-preservation.For readers that have yet to indulge in White’s work, this is a great opportunity to jump in and experience the power of her storytelling without the commitment of a series. Well, for n...
  • Meredith
    FUN!“Cursed are those who SinAnd Lie to cover their deedsFor a Monster will rise withinAnd they must Repent.”In the Dark is an entertaining psychological thriller about a group of people lured under false pretenses to a remote cabin as part of one sick individual’s plot for revenge. There are many elements that I loved about this book, including the ominous atmosphere and some of the characters (the normal ones and the crazies!).Told throug...
  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    To the fans of “And Then There Were None” a.k.a. “Ten Little Indians”: I have to warn you this is not remake, retelling and brand new version of story! It’s about nine people. One missed the plane and there were eight. They start to die one by one. The one left behind stuffing her pockets with cream and sugar. Why the hell she’s doing that. We’re introduced that person who shall not be named in the beginning and might be third degre...
  • Sandra
    Eight (originally nine) guests are lured into going to a remote luxury wilderness spa for ten days. When they arrive it isn't what they expected. The lodge is old, abandoned, and they have no contact with the outside world. They are totally isolated and they begin to realize that they have been tricked into coming. Now they are trapped, and someone out there wants revenge. I thoroughly enjoyed this riveting suspense book. I really like storylines...
  • Yun
    In the Dark starts off with eight lucky strangers being flown out to a secluded wilderness spa for a luxurious vacation. But when they arrive, they realize nothing is as promised. Each guest is hiding a secret that could ruin them if it is discovered. And as an approaching storm cuts off all access to the outside world, they start to understand there is no escape.This book is so fun! It's exactly the kind of immersive and entertaining thriller th...
  • Lisa
    CURSED ARE THOSE WHO SIN & LIE TO COVER THEIR DEEDS FOR A MONSTER LIES WITHIN & THEY MUST REPENTLoreth Anne White has geniously come up with a Psychological thriller that is taken by Agatha Christies & Then There were none, she has topped her stance in this genre, I loved every cotton picking minute trying to work out who was going to survive ? & no my detective skills were again wrong.I was invested in the characters all had something to hide & ...
  • Holly B
    Eight strangers lured to a remote lodge in the wilderness.... One of my favorite Agatha Christie mysteries And Then There Were None, is used as a sort of copycat premise to make these characters question everything and everyone. Apparently they all have read it and seem to know how the mystery plays out.  Many of the same devices are used to "get to them". Loved all the references to the classic, though some may be spoilers.I was completely ab...
  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    I love knowing when I open a Loreth Anne White book, I'm in for an intense, highly atmospheric experience as her uncanny ability to totally engage readers in a story is nothing short of brilliant. Appreciating this, I settled in to read In The Dark and quickly became enthralled by this extraordinarily addictive, richly detailed suspense thriller. Unraveling the mystery that is presented in this book became an obsession that had me eyeing each cha...
  • Matt
    Loreth Anne White pens this chilling standalone novel with a mystery that gets better the more layers are revealed. In the rural British Columbia community of Kluhane Bay, hunters find the remains of a prop plane, though no one has reported any missing aircraft. Local RCMP investigate, only to find the pilot murdered within, identity unknown. As the investigation progresses, Search and Rescue are called in to help, though progress is slow going a...
  • Maureen Carden
    In the Dark is partially homage to Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and possibly TV shows such as Survivor and The Bachelor (come on, isn’t The Bachelor a fight to the death?) But the story is a so much more, a darker, twisted and terrifying riff on which is better, forgiveness or revenge.Maybe In the Dark is also a backward rewrite of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s most famous sonnet, Sonnet 43. “How many ways can I kill you? Let...
  • Katie B
    4.5 starsThis was my first time reading anything by the author, and I enjoyed this one so much I'm gonna have to check out her other novels. This book is kinda like a modern day retelling of the Agatha Christie mystery, And Then There Were None. In fact that book is actually a part of the storyline in this one. Speaking of that, there are quite a few spoilers about And Then There Were None in this book so if you haven't read that one and would li...
  • Sheyla ✎
    Loreth Anne White is a one-click author for me. I love all of her books and to be honest I didn't even read the blurb before requesting this book. Her name alone is a guarantee that I will enjoy the story.In the Dark is an enigmatic, fast-paced, suspense thriller that left me with a satisfied smile. The story is told from different POV's. It's a story of revenge and death. One, I couldn't stop reading. I was interested in learning about SAR (sear...
  • A.
    Awesome. “...trap a bunch of people together, throw in some challenges, and see how they turn on each other. And there can only be one winner, one who outwits, outlasts, and outplays the others.” Awesome. “...trap a bunch of people together, throw in some challenges, and see how they turn on each other. And there can only be one winner, one who outwits, outlasts, and outplays the others.”
  • 2019-12-02
    Check out all of my reviews at: http://www.avonnalovesgenres.comIN THE DARK by Loreth Anne White is her new book which is a mystery with a romantic suspense subplot that is now one of my favorite mystery books of 2019. You should set aside time to read this one because you will not want to put it down. The promise of a luxury spa vacation and the chance to secure a lucrative contract for their companies has eight lucky guests coming together for ...
  • Mary S. R.
    4.25 STARS! A bloody good one, this. “The veneer of civilization is very, very thin. Like the delicate shell of a bird’s egg. The tiniest force will crack it. And the cracks are not where light gets in. They’re where the evil oozes out. That’s where the Monsters live, in that ooze. My games, my scripts...They just help make the cracks. It’s the players who show us the rest. They show us what we all really are, deep down at the core. B...
  • Cherie
    The plot heavily mimicks and mentions Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. It is a huge part of the story line. We could perhaps even call this is modern version. The red herrings are plentiful, and you will be guessing who-dun-it until the very end. I loved it and I think Agatha would approvingly say "Bravo!"
  • Ceecee
    The book started in a really intriguing way and mostly kept my interest throughout although my concentration waned towards the end as I felt it got repetitive. Eight people were lured to a very remote area of British Columbia, Canada on the pretext of tendering for contacts for a new luxury resort and spa. It was fake as all they found was a neglected lodge and soon it dawned on them they had been lured there for revenge. All of them had a past, ...
  • Bre *B.B. Lynn Reads*
    “For in the end, there can only be one. And to make it to the end is to reach a beginning, is it not?”I haven’t read a thriller in a while and now I’m kicking myself because this book was everything I needed. A group of people are lured into the wilderness under the guise of a free luxury vacation. But one by one, they start disappearing, and they realize nothing and no one is what they thought.“This whole thing was faked from the get-g...
  • Alayne Emmett
    Wow, wow, wow.... this book was fantastic. It was so twisty and very exciting. I received it free from Prime First Reads and I hadn’t heard of this author before, thought I’d give it a go and I’m glad I did. It was the type of book that you can’t stop reading but, you don’t want to finish it as it’s so good.I would love to give it ten stars if I could but, unfortunately I can’t. I highly recommend this.
  • Darinda
    Eight guests travel to a secluded lodge for a luxury spa vacation. They soon learn everything is not as described. A storm is heading their way, but they are trapped. Not only can they not get away, but one of them is responsible for luring the group there. Meanwhile, a search team is looking for the missing group.Told with multiple points of view and alternating timelines. The viewpoints include the lodge guests and two members of the search par...
  • Ash
    Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.In the Dark has everything you need for a spooky winter read: A remote town in British Columbia. A mysterious lodge surrounded by untouched wilderness. A raging snowstorm. A group of shady rich people. A series of inexplicable coincidences. A police officer and a search and rescue team leader, each with their own tragic backstory. I could go ...
  • Kara
    And Then There Were None is one of my favorite books. It’s smart and thrilling and an excellent character study. I found htis to be none of those things, but I also seem to be in the minority on this one. Like Agatha Christie’s classic, a group of people are lured to a secluded place, and each of these people has a big secret. The book then jumps in time and place from the group to law enforcement trying to figure out what happened. There wer...
  • Sarah
    For my full review, visit me at was awesome! A brilliant read! I could not put it down but at the same time, wanted to prolong my finishing the story because it was that good. In the end I could not resist temptation and had to finish it. I was not disappointed and am still blown away by my first read from White.For my full review, visit me at For my full revi...
  • Wendy
    A really good read with an intriguing plot and compelling characters!The 8 guests invited to a remote lodge are linked by an event unbeknownst to themselves. Each has a secret and they all have something to fear. One by one they are being killed as they try to survive in the middle of nowhere.A homicide cop and a search and rescue team brave the severe elements to find them.Will there be any survivors?A gripping game of cat and mouse!Thank you to...
  • Denise
    Here I am on a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean eagerly awaiting my arrival in Maui (and trying to convince myself that every passenger cough is not the coronavirus), and functioning on very little sleep but still all I can do is read! I have finished two books on my marathon flights - In The Dark being one of them. I have to preface my review by saying that And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is one of my all-time favorite books, so I...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    In the Dark was a riveting story, a mystery, a reckoning, and while this mystery wraps up, I hope we get another story with Callie and Mason, the two investigators.We’re brought into this story as a group of nine prospective vendors are about to be taken to a luxury resort in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, each with eyes on securing a contract to supply transport, housekeeping, security and such when the resort opens. The location is se...
  • Kyle
    Okay, this was pretty damn good.I was happy that the novel included much of what I love in terms of “locked room” mysteries. It’s very heavily influenced by Agatha Christie’s famed classic And Then There Were None— a group of strangers with secrets aplenty drawn to an isolated location, where they start to die one by one. The story even brings in the books of Christie, as well as elements from her famous work.These are my favorite myste...
  • Anita
    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via Amazon First Reads in exchange for a fair and honest review.I'll freely admit that I am a gushing fangirl of Loreth Anne White and have been ever since I read her first, very intense, romantic-suspense book. There is no one who does mystery-thriller-suspense better. This one doesn't have a romance element, but there is a budding relationship developing. I hope there will be futur...
  • Laura Peden
    Who doesn’t love locked room mysteries fashioned after And Then There Were None?? A group of people are lured to an island with no way off & one by one they start getting picked off. You know that shits going to be over the top so don’t be expecting a realistic plot. I had fun, it was entertaining. It could also have probably been at least 75-100 pages shorter but I’m not an editor so I’ll just stfu. I’m really glad I chose this today. ...