Kingdom of Souls (Kingdom of Souls, #1) by Rena Barron

Kingdom of Souls (Kingdom of Souls, #1)

Magic has a price—if you’re willing to pay.Born into a family of powerful witchdoctors, Arrah yearns for magic of her own. But each year she fails to call forth her ancestral powers, while her ambitious mother watches with growing disapproval.There’s only one thing Arrah hasn’t tried, a deadly last resort: trading years of her own life for scraps of magic. Until the Kingdom’s children begin to disappear, and Arrah is desperate to find t...

Details Kingdom of Souls (Kingdom of Souls, #1)

TitleKingdom of Souls (Kingdom of Souls, #1)
Release DateSep 19th, 2019
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews Kingdom of Souls (Kingdom of Souls, #1)

  • Riley
    I am so impressed by this book. It was a lot darker than I anticipated and the world was so rich with mythology and magic. I loved that the main character was one of the only people in this world without magic. She comes from a very powerful family, both her parents have very strong magical lineages. Instead of being the special ~one~ she was completely unspecial and had everything working against her but despite that she had ambition and hope to...
  • Umairah | Sereadipity
    Plot: 5/5Characters: 5/5Writing: 5/5Kingdom of Souls was a tale of epic proportions set in a West African fantasy world full of magic and mystery. It was a captivating but also a very dark and heavy read that made me feel all of the emotions possible and it was so intense that at one point I just had to put the book down and process my turbulent feelings.Arrah was born from two powerful witchdoctors but had no magic to call her own no matter how ...
  • Rena Barron
    I'm bias, of course! This story is deeply personal to me and explores themes that have shaped my life. I hope readers enjoy it too! Now that Kingdom of Souls is officially out in the world, I want to include content warnings for those interested in reading the book. The story includes blood magic, an intentional infliction of self-injury in a ritual, challenging familial relationship, death of a child, death in battle scenes, mention of animal sa...
  • Chad
    This was billed as a YA African inspired tale but I didn't pickup on either very much. Barron has established a rich, complex fantasy world that other than having witch doctors didn't scream Africa to me. That is by no means a bad thing. I've just read enough fantasy that elements like tribes and pantheons blended in to general fantasy world building more than anything else. This was very complex and dark for a YA book. Other than the main charac...
  • Aly (In Wonderland)
    Trigger Warning: Kingdom of Souls contains scenes of violence, sacrifice, blood magic and parental abuse. Proceed with caution. "For she will rise from the ashes alit in flames.For no water will ever quell her pain.For no redemption will befall her.For we will never speak her name. -- Song of the Unnamed" Nothing I will ever write will give you an idea of how truly wonderfully written and amazing Kingdom of Souls by Rena Barron is. I was lucky ...
  • Schizanthus
    I don’t really know where to begin with this review. There was so much about Kingdom of Souls that I loved. I adored the world building, the rich mythology and learning how magic works in Arrah’s world, yet at the same time I was introduced to so many characters, tribes and gods that I found it difficult to keep track of them.Enter my cheat guide. I had no idea who or what was going to be important later on and I was so overwhelmed in the beg...
  • Michelle
    16-year-old Arrah is the daughter of powerful Witchdoctors. But she doesn’t have the magic that her parents have, and she so desperately wants it and the approval of her mother. That she does everything she can to get it. She loves her dad dearly and closer that her mother. When children start to missing Arrah finds out that it’s her mother who is responsible, trying to summon a Demonic king. So Arrah performs a ritual to get magic so she can...
  • Cortney
    4.25 Stars“For her story begins at the endFull of pain and sweet revenge.For she shall not rest in this life,For she must suffer for her sins.”Arrah doesn’t have magic like her parents and so you know she may be tempted to do something she shouldn’t just to get a little taste of what it’s like to have that kind of power. She’s just trying to help out a friend. What could possibly go wrong? Political intrigue. Check. Revenge. Check. Ep...
  • Aaryn Flott
    This book is definitely worth the freaking hype!!! RTC
  • Bookishrealm
    This book was crazy. I mean beyond crazy. From the beginning of the book I had no idea what direction the book was taking and I definitely can say that it had twists and turns that no one could possibly see coming. The complexity of the world and the relationships between those with magic, regular humans, the Orishas, and the demon kind is something that takes time to understand. I wouldn’t go into this novel attempting to give definitive title...
  • Meaghan
    Arrah has been desperate for a whisper of magic all her life, as she was born to two of the most powerful witchdoctors of their generation. When her loved ones and city are put in danger, and magic still refuses to answer her call, Arrah must seek out other ways to make the magic do her bidding. But is she willing to pay the price?I was lucky enough to be chosen for the cross-country travelling ARC initiative, and even though the book wasn’t fo...
  • K.S. Marsden
    The tribes are blessed with magic, some stronger than others. Arrah has to deal with being the dud of the family. She yearns to use magic like everybody else, but she should be careful what she wishes for.I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Set in a West-African inspired world, where magic is a necessary part of life, Arrah is the daughter of two of the most powerful people in the tribes, and her grandmother is ...
  • Nia •ShadesOfPaper•
    You can find this review on my blog Shades of Paper. “I once laughed at stories about demons, and now I know that one may walk in my shadows. She does not mean well.” I was so excited to read this book because I’ve been hearing amazing things about it and a lot of people have been talking about Kingdom of Souls lately so I was super intrigued, not only by the cover but by the premise. And overall I have to say that there were some element...
  • Fadwa (Word Wonders)
    I was sent an arc of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest reviewMy feelings about this book are VERY complicated and jumbled in my brain but the gist of it while i work on getting my full review up is: I LOVED the plot and exploration of the cycle of abuse and trauma, as well as the gods are portrayed and the slew of other themes that were explored. But although I liked the writing overall, I had a few issues with it here and the...
  • Celia McMahon
    Thank you to Edelweiss for the e-galley and Goodreads for the arc win. I enjoyed this far more than I expected to. This is not to say because of the content, but more because I am burning myself off of fantasy. BUT this is the exception. This has renewed my hope in the genre.This book was dark, and I love dark so you can imagine my glee. There are books out there that trick you into thinking it's creepier than it is, and those books always disapp...
  • Alexis
    I was lucky enough to read an early draft of Kingdom of Souls and guys...I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK. I don’t even know where to begin. The main character, Arrah is such a tenacious and compelling main character. Rena has a way with crafting amazing, sinister, infuriatingly complex villains that stick with you long after you finished reading. Rena’s prose is poetic and haunting and the plot…THE PLOT YOU GUYS. There were several moments whe...
  • Nigel
    WOW - maybe not perfect but still WOW :) "so dark, so magical, so desperate" What a good opening there is to this book - it had shivers running down my spine. Arrah's parents are witchdoctors however it seems as though she will never get magic herself. She is in her teens and magic has still not come to her. However something evil may be coming that will affect her, her family and her friends. Will she be able to deal with it without magic or wil...
  • Kelsea
    If I could rate the parts of this book separately, I would give the first half five stars! It was everything I wish that the intensely-hyped Children of Blood and Bone would have been: West-African inspired young adult fantasy featuring Orisha magic promising a bold female protagonist and the disappearance or failure of magic.I felt for Arrah as she hoped desperately that her magic would finally show up, cementing her position as the daughter of ...
  • Gabriela Pop
    4.5/5An outstanding debut and one of the most unique YA fantasies I've read in a long time, truly a breath of fresh air. There are a few things familiar to fantasy lovers that may make the book appeal to them - the complex and intriguing magic system, the rich worldbuilding and lore, the way the characters operate within the gray area of morality, the cameos of immortal beings inserting themselves in the stories of mortals and the way their actio...
  • Jess at
    I received this book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. Follow me on the interwebs: Blog + Twitter + Facebook + Instagram This is the West-African inspired fantasy we all deserved! Deeply complex and rich with magic and deception, Kingdom of Souls is a deliciously dark take on African mythology. Born into a family of powerful witchdoctors, Arrah is desperate to come into her powers and perform magic. But after y...
  • Lauren Easey
    This is one of the best fantasy books I've read for a while. Thanks so much to NetGalley and HarperCollins for allowing me to read it. The best way I can describe it is think Children of Blood and Bone, but add a little extra darkness, some more present Gods and demons, and a whole lot of trickery. Our protagonist Arrah faces some huge life altering events in this book. She has grown up without magic, much to her dismay, resulting in her becoming...
  • Annemieke / A Dance with Books
    Thank you to Harper Voyager UK and NG for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway. Trigger Warnings: Death of a Loved One / Mentioned Mass Murder / Death of Children I was incredibly lucky for harper voyager to grant my wish for this book on Netgalley. It is a great addition to young adult fantasy. And especially that US cover made me really excited. Oh gosh where to start. If people say that Ki...
  • - ̗̀ DANY ̖́- (danyreads)
    . : ☾⋆ — 4 ★ READ THIS REVIEW ON MY BLOG!!! provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review (thank you HarperTeen & HarperCollins!!)it doesn’t come as a surprise that a book inspired by African folk tales and imagery is so rich in world building, so intricate in its epic storytelling. Kingdom of Souls is one of the most intriguing books I’ve ever read and it’s driving me CRAZY. this book reads t...