War of the Spark by Greg Weisman

War of the Spark

The next thrilling Magic: The Gathering novel from author Greg Weisman.

Details War of the Spark

TitleWar of the Spark
Release DateNov 5th, 2019
PublisherDel Rey Books
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction

Reviews War of the Spark

  • A.E. Marling
    If you do not know these Planeswalker characters or follow Magic: the Gathering lore, I suggest avoiding this book.If you do, also avoid this book.
  • Danielle A
    - Inexplicable focus on the exploits of the author's OC- Ignores YEARS of diverse character development by previous custodians- Includes unnecessary retcon, removing the series' canon LGBT representationUnremarkable fantasy fare.Do Not Recommend.
  • Declan
    Biphobic, queer-baiting trash.
  • Fabri Fernandez
    Not going to beat around the bush: this book was trash. From the clumsy prose, to the meandering plot, to the derailment of characters. And of course, we can't forget the biphobia and queerbaiting.This book isn't worth neither the time, nor the money.
  • Catrina
    This book isn't necessarily anything special, much like the first one. It's more like reading the important plot points that are or will be on the Magic cards but in novel form. You could probably do without reading this and still get the story. However, if you're a true Magic the Gathering story fan then you'll probably enjoy it to some degree. Important side note: Some back story about why you'll likely see this book and the first one review bo...
  • Ryan Crouch
    I don't believe even a casual fanfic writer on a blog would be satisfied releasing something like this, let alone a serialized novel by a multi-million dollar company. It reeks of queerbaiting, bad prose, flat and inconsistent writing, and is very clearly written by a cis dude grossly unaware of people's existences and experiences outside his own. It's really sad to see fantasy novels like this perpetuate the 'big muscly dude gets all the babes a...
  • Shawn Clauther
    Ambitious undertaking, passable executionThis book clearly has an ambitious scope. Even though the blurb focuses on Liliana Vess, the book weaves together multiple storylines as it fleshes out the aftermath of the ending of War of the Spark.Though it does suffer from some minor technical hiccups (e.g., some of the exclamation points actually detract from the mood), it weaves its tales passably and leaves me wanting to see how WotC will further de...
  • Damien
    This is biphobic, queerbaiting trash and not only is a terribly written book but actively derails the development of at least 6 main characters. It should be withdrawn from sale and completely rewritten.
  • James Duyck
    This is essentially three novellas set at the same time in the same setting, but with completely unrelated events.One is pretty good, except with a kind of pointless twist. (Edit: Apparently there was some stuff I missed and this plotline is also pretty problematic and creepy.)The second is terrible because it reverses a ton of character development from previous stories in problematic ways - other people's reviews go into more details on this be...
  • Kirakazumi
    A book to AVOID AT ALL COSTSAs trite and abhorrent as the last book, WoTS Forsaken fails on both a literally level, by coming across like it's been written by an amateur who was forced to write a book on a subject he wasn't interested in within two days, and fails on a story level, as it completely ignores any of the previously set up rules, logic and characterization of any of the principle characters, and proceeds to just stomp on them with wha...
  • Amanu
    Great book. Engaging. Lots of surprising twists. Hints of humor that make the character's interesting. A great read. I am hoping for a third book in the series.
  • Daniel Goulding
    This book was a reminder that such writing exists, not as fledgling attempts to progress a mastery and devotion to conveying feeling and story through text and prose, but as a series of descriptive sentences alerting the reader to what is happening. Even in this, Weisman fails: there are nutritional facts that are put together more dynamically or artfully than this hovel of scrap that beloved MtG characters are shielding themselves under- and any...
  • This Book
    Poor quality, poor prose, poor story, poor characters, poor creativity, no respect for MTG. I wish there was a 0 star. This one doesn’t even deserve a participation trophy.
  • Blake
    I never wanted to burn books until I purchased and read this.
  • Skip
    This is a direct sequel to War of the Spark: Ravnica and should definitely not be read out of order. Like the first book, this one has a ton of characters and follows them in all sorts of directions at once. For followers of the Magic: The Gathering story who know all these people and want to read about their further adventures, this gives you that. For everyone else, it's likely to be confusing at best.As one of those folks who does follow the M...
  • Josh Drost
    I recently finished Forsaken, and overall enjoyed it. This book has had a lot of negative reviews, so I thought I would give a medium review. Following the events of the War of the Spark, three guildleaders (Kaya, Vraska, Ral) are charged with killing three of Bolas's minions (Liliana, Dovin, Tezzeret). This story follows their stories, along with the aftermath of WAR on the gatewatch.My first note is that the magic story is less a series of stan...
  • Eddie Black
    By looking at the reviews you’d think that the author threw away all canon, filled the book with anti GLBT hate, and also had a terrible plot. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, canon. Perhaps the Nissa/Chandra chapter was disappointing to them in the way that others hated that Rose and The Doctor didn’t get married and have babies. But there was love expressed in the chapter. One sentence, ONE, where Chandra was never into girls...
  • Leesteak
    This is not a good book. Character development in-universe is thrown in the trash in favor of "snappy dialogue" and one-liners. There are numerous spelling and grammar mistakes throughout the book that detract from the already abysmal reading experience. The conversations are stilted and false, and sound like what a high-schooler might write for a school project. It feels inhuman, and is unfortunately pervasive.The character development set up by...
  • Sherwin
    A (decidedly) valiant effort at advancing the MTG story, but what it mostly accomplishes is a worrying warping of the existing canon and doing a major disservice to fan-favourite characters.It's very clear that Weisman cared very little about the history of more established characters (such as the major players of the Gatewatch). His writing of newer creations such as Kaya, Rat, and Teyo is done well, but mostly because he has free reign over the...
  • Eric
    Poorly written. There's basically zero differentiation between the characters, and most (with the possible exceptions of Rat and Teyo, characters with no prior backstory) all speak and behave interchangeably. Many speak radically differently than they have in prior stories. Book is full of "tell" vs. "show" and even does that awkwardly.Once you get past the interchangeable characters and poor writing, then there's the biphobia.This book should ne...
  • Jules
    The writing wasn't great, the story dragged on in parts and felt rushed in others and the characters seemed fairly flat to me (not to mention the complete 180 pulled on some characters' relationships which was not only done clumsily but in a fairly in insensitive manner).I'm only giving this two stars because there is a part of me that likes any addition to Magic the Gathering lore on a very basic level. But overwhelmingly I feel disappointed and...
  • Avery Garon
    The first book in the series, Ravnica, was rushed and incomprehensible, because the author and the team at Wizards bit off way more than they could chew. This book avoided that problem by having a much smaller cast of characters and a longer time span to tell the story (two whole days instead of one!). However, it's abundantly clear which scenes were written by an otherwise decent fantasy writer and which were dictated from corporate bigwigs (Nic...
  • Соланж Ноар
    Could I mark zero stars here somehow?If you write for an existing universe with established characters you should at least try to be faithful to said universe's rules and spirit and said character's personalities. Greg Weisman obviously couldn't care less about any of it.And I'm not even talking about Gruulfriends. A dozen character's histories, personalities and development were just thrown out of the window.I hope Weisman will never ever be all...
  • Evgeniy Shcherbina
    This book is just a waste of time. The main line is about Liliana-Kaya-Rat-Teyo. With Liliana shown as anything but Liliana and the 3 remaining characters taking too much space (filled mostly with "water"), especially Rat. Kaya commands Jaya, then Liliana... I just can't buy into all of that.
  • Jesse Peterson
    This book is an insult to the characters and the people that love them. Chandra and Nissa love eachother and you can't take that away. It ruined Vraska's character development and sabotaged her relationship with Jace.
    The story starts with a lightening bolt through your anterior midline. Amazing storyline with no Okos running around turning all the characters into 3/3 elks. Chandra awakens to find true love. The love of testosterone made in the Glands of Gids. Beastly written! Amen.
  • Enrique
    It is a good introduction to the Magic: The Gathering universe for new players/collectors of the game! The story line of Kaya, Teyo and Rat is very warming and hopeful. And the twists are very clever.
  • Anwar Haddad
  • Jarkkkk
    Ignores years of story and character development. Crappy lgbtq erasure. I urge fans to regard this as non-canon for it's complete failure.