The Last Shot by Darcy Frey

The Last Shot

It ought to be just a game, but basketball on the playgrounds of Coney Island is much more than that — for many young men it represents their only hope of escape from a life of crime, poverty, and despair. In The Last Shot, Darcy Frey chronicles the aspirations of four of the neighborhood’s most promising players. What they have going for them is athletic talent, grace, and years of dedication. But working against them are woefully inadequate...

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TitleThe Last Shot
Release DateMar 3rd, 2004
PublisherMariner Books
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Nonfiction, Basketball, Biography

Reviews The Last Shot

  • Solistas
    Ο διακεκριμένος δημοσιογράφος Darcy Frey πέρασε το 1991 9 μήνες στις συνοικίες του Coney Island κ έζησε από κοντά τις ζωές 4 νεαρών μαθητών που χάρις στο μπασκετικό τους ταλέντο έψαχναν διέξοδο απ'την σκληρή ζωή που τους περίμενε αν δεν κατάφερναν να βρουν υπο...
  • Andrew Garvin
    The Last Shot is a concise portrayal of institutional racism, localized to college basketball. Frey follows four teenagers as they navigate the NCAA recruitment process while living and balling in the projects of Coney Island, New York. As the stars of their high school team, each young man represents hope for their otherwise blighted community.That hope is overwhelmed by a pervasive pressure associated with the expectation of making it to a D1 s...
  • Julia
    This is an account of six months in the life of 4 Coney Island projects living, public school attending, basketball superstars, and their potential for escape from their lives with the skills that they show on the court. It's interesting, but it has a few major downfalls in my mind. One is that it never faces up to the fact that the writer has a place in the story. You can't be a middle-aged white man hanging out with a bunch of inner city black ...
  • Benoit Lelièvre
    Becoming a high level athlete is some sort of American Dream for every young man around the world. It's what we would all be if we had the breeding and the work ethic to get there. It's the top of the food chain for boys. But there's a gap between the idea and the reality of elite sports and THE LAST SHOT tries its best to illustrate what it feels like for four young boys of Coney Island, including a 14 years old Stephon Marbury, who would grow u...
  • Krishna
    This kinda walks the path established by Heaven is a Playground, but resonated a bit more with me. Partly because it's more recent and so I was more familiar with the characters on the periphery. It was interesting to read about coaches in their younger days who are still around and of course, Stephon Marbury as a kid. Partly because it goes a little harder at the system of "amateur" athletics, which at every level preaches lofty ideal but is oft...
  • Will Johnson
    This review was reprinted from my website Secure Immaturity. Please check out the site and comment on this review and others.Not a lot of books had made me cry and in my extensive non-fiction book reading, I’ve read some horrific things. But sometimes the event of something horrible like rejection, failure and even death, is not enough to stir an emotional response. Sometimes the character that experiences one or many of those things is, even w...
  • Kurt
    Book was pretty descent. Would probably recommend it to those that enjoy the sport of basketball. Stephon Marbury has been a star from the day he walked into high school. Another player similar to him is Lebron James having so much hype behind them at a young age, Kevin Garnett too.
  • Tootah
    3.5 starsTHE LAST SHOT follows the lives of immensely talented black basketball players at Lincoln High School through one season of the game. All of these players, with the exception of one, are from the Coney Island projects (“hulking, prisonlike, and jutting straight into the sea”). Frey uses these poor, black kids sort of as an example of the belief that yeah, college sports/recruiting/the NCAA are reeeeeally shady. Which, no shit, dude.T...
  • Brittany Young
    When I chose this novel, I was thinking about a different group of students than I usually think about. I was thinking that in my own classroom, I want to make sure that all the students in my class can be able to go to my book shelf and pick a book they would like to read. I was thinking about the young boys in my future class. They would love a book like this. I would suggest it to middle school readers and above, but advanced fifth grade boys ...
  • Manav Singh
    This biographical account gives a wonderful insight into the lives of the residents of Coney Island and the many hardships faced by them. How every young boy has to make a decision - the easy one of getting involved in drug peddling, or the tough one of struggling it out on the basketball court - which is the only escape. Another aspect this book touches upon is the extremely competitive college recruitment scene in the US. How, in spite of excel...
  • Jennifer
    This was the book we chose for our City Reads project (Durham Reads Together) and I can not recommend it highly enough. Frey's writing is lyrical and highly personal. He had an insight into these boys that few authors get into anyone. They are not characters, they are not young black men, they are not basketball players--they are very clear people he is writing about. Frey also makes you angry about the situation theses boys are in is horrible; n...
  • Archie
    I was a huge fan of the documentary "Hoop Dreams" when I was younger (and still to this day), so it was only natural that I come across this book sometime in high school. This was a pretty awesome book when I first read it a decade ago. But to pick it up nearly 10 years later, read it again, and then read the new afterword that closes the book, well, it blew my mind. It was downright devastating to read those final pages. Wow.This book is raw and...
  • 7703Emil
    For me, this book was a great read. The book was about 4 people growing up in the Coney Island Projects. It was focused around Stephon Marbury, a former basketball player, Russell Thomas, Tchaka Shipp, and Corey Johnson. It is an exciting book on the 4 trying to pass their high school exams and get to college, and hopefully the NBA. The author did a great job in giving every detail he heard and saw, and gave you the feel of how the games on the s...
  • Vilis
    Lielisks stāsts par trīsarpus vidusskolniekiem ceļā no Ņujorkas Steitenailendas, kas ceļas un iet gulēt ar sapņiem par koledžas basketbolu. Šitāda dokumentālā literatūra (un filmas), kas pievēršas pāris cilvēkiem ilgākā laika posmā ir mans vājais punkts, bet vajadzētu patikt, kurus varētu interesēt jauno basketbola zvaigžņu ražošanas sistēma ASV.
  • Taylor Layne
    What is something that you do to clear your mind of all stress and negativity? Some like to read a book, go out for a walk, hang out with friends, and Russell Thomas likes to go to the park and play basketball. The book The Last Shot, by Darcy Frey is a nonfiction book that tells the life of a teenager who grew up in the “ghetto”. “Russell Thomas places the toe of his right sneaker one inch behind the three-point line.” Inspecting the bas...
  • Sfukazawa
    Since I'm not a basketball fan, this was the last book I wanted to read when it was assigned to me in my college writing class. Just like the previous book I read about basketball, I thought the book was going to be about youths who struggle with basketball and becoming the best player and moving on to the pros which was their dream. This book turned out to be something way different; it's like the movie Food, Inc. , but for basketball. For thos...
  • Scott
    Throughout the novel, I kept thinking about how this novel reads more like an essay about how corrupt recruiting high school athletes has become in low socioeconomic neighborhoods.Had it not been for some interesting bits of information, I would’ve given this “novel” one star. Darcy Frey, the author, absolutely slams on the NCAA, NIKE, some big-time NCAA coaches, as well as many of those who are involved in making money off high school bask...
  • James Kluth
    In the book "The Last Shot: City Streets, Basketball Dreams" by Darcy Frey, the main characters in the book are African American High Schoolers, the setting takes place on Coney Island, Brooklyn that was once New York's playground and then turned into a ghetto. The main conflict in the story is that this area is in poverty that has crimes and despairs. Most of the kid's parents are jobless and after graduation they stay home and work at McDonald'...
  • Bright Moevi
    "Their talent and tenacity on the court will at least reward them with a free college education." This book consists of three teenage boys in their senior year of high school. The three boys focus on getting a scholarship to college, but the way they live it was going to be difficult. Has there ever been a time when you realized you had to get your life together? The three teenagers lived in bad neighborhoods and they didn’t have the best acade...
  • Liz
    Definitely enjoyed the stories of these four young basketball players and the Lincoln program/college recruiting but my heart hurt reading about their lives post HS. I know that's the reality but it's a shame this book couldn't help some of the kids more than it did. :(Such pressure to get out of the projects and such a shame only one ticket out is praised. The system needs to change but this book is over 20 years old, and has yet to incite chang...
  • Don
    I loved the book. If you've ever nurtured dreams of playing pro or simply love basketball, this is a fascinating and well-written account of what goes on behind the scenes for young players and the ridiculous almost scandalous efforts college recruiters will go to to recruit them.
  • Vanessa Castillo
    The book I'm reveiwing is called The Last Shot. Its a nonfiction story which is by Darcy Frey. The main theme of this story is teenage boys who who come from very low poverty. They live in the bad projects of Coney Island, New York. This story is about boys who want to make something of themselves, people who want to take their talent further. The main characters of this story are Russell Thomas, Corey Johnson, Tchaka Shipp, Stephon Marbury, and ...
  • Stevie
    I love basketball and dreamed of playing when I was younger, but I am very privileged to have had other options. Lucky for me, since I peaked at junior varsity basketball. Actually, reading this makes me feel a bit guilty for the advantages that I have for just being a white dude.
  • Lynn S
    I'm a big basketball fan and wanted to check out how writers write about basketball. I just finished this book, and it's a story that needed to be told. I doubt the college basketball recruiting process has changed much since the book was published. So, the question then becomes: what will society do about it now that the facts keep piling up? Darcy Frey's book adds to the damning indictments about how cities, schools, companies such as Nike, sha...
  • Collin Williamson
    By: Colin WilliamsonThe Last Shot by: Darcy Frey. This book is about a young boy (Tchaka) that grew up in the streets in downtown areas his dream was to play basketball in the early chapter of his life that dream was not going to come true. He was just another boy living on the streets and gangs all around his house. He couldn’t go outside anytime close to dark or he might not come home. Tchaka life was not the best living in a bad neighborhoo...
  • Damir Smith-Lockett
    The last shot by Darcy Frey is a classic nonfiction book of a little town called Coney island which is a place of desolation and despair where the only hope came from men who are gifted at playing basketball.It was hard for young black kids to have the possibility of going to college,making their own career path, and finding success. Also Coney island was an neglected neighborhood where the majority of the population lives in 20 story public hous...