The Shadow of the Pomegranate (Tudor Saga, #3) by Jean Plaidy

The Shadow of the Pomegranate (Tudor Saga, #3)

The third of Jean Plaidy's Tudor novels, continuing the story of Katherine of Aragon's failing marriage to the adulterous Henry VIII ...Whilst the young King Henry VIII basks in the pageants and games of his glittering court, his doting queen's health and fortunes fade. Henry's affection for his older wife soon strays, and the neglected Katherine decides to use her power as Queen to dangerous foreign advantage.Overseas battles play on Henry's vol...

Details The Shadow of the Pomegranate (Tudor Saga, #3)

TitleThe Shadow of the Pomegranate (Tudor Saga, #3)
Release DateFeb 15th, 2019
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, English History, Tudor Period

Reviews The Shadow of the Pomegranate (Tudor Saga, #3)

  • BAM The Bibliomaniac
    Audiobook #247
  • Annelies
    Enjoyed this one A LOT. 4,5 sterJean Plaidy (een pseudoniem) stierf in het jaar dat ik werd geboren. Ze heeft ontzettend veel boeken geschreven over mijn favoriete periodes in de geschiedenis. Ik wou haar dus zeker een kans geven, maar ik verwachte een verouderde visie op de gebeurtenissen.Dit boek gaat over de eerst jaren in het huwelijk van Katherine en Henry. Ik weet zeer goed wat er in deze periode politiek gezien allemaal gebeurde, maar las ...
  • Tracey
    A nice Tudor read , told from the points of view of both Henry VIII and Katharine of Aragon.
  • June Louise
    "Then he began to pace up and down again.....a lion, not sure of his strength, but aware of the cage that enclosed him. The bars were strong, but his strength was growing. One day, he knew, he would break out of the cage. Then there would be nothing - no person on Earth to restrain him."The Shadow of the Pomegranate follows on from Katharine, the Virgin Widow - not only focusing on poor Katharine of Aragon, Henry VIII's long-suffering first wife;...
  • Kyrsta
    Please visit my blog for my full review: story begins shortly after the marriage of Katharine of Aragon and King Henry VIII and tells the tale of their tumultuous marriage, their desire for heirs and Katharine’s battle between pleasing both her husband and her father at the same time. Book 2 in the Katharine of Aragon trilogy but works as a stand-alone novel as well. Like her other novels, it was ver...
  • Richard
    I am continuing to read through Jean Plaidy's,the Tudor Series bit by bit as I like to read different genres. I think her writing style is so easy to read and the factual stuff is easy to absorb.I can't really say any more other than her books are superbly written and anyone interested in the Tudor dynasty, should read this series, even though there are several other authors out there who have written on this topic.
  • Carol She's So Novel꧁꧂
    I have struggled to find Plaidys recently & was delighted to find this one in a second hand book store.There is no one as good as Plaidy at creating the feeling of mistrust & unease that minor royals & coutiers must have felt in Tudor times. Fascinating watching Henry the VIII change from a rash & petulant boy, to a terrifying tyrant.
  • Emma
    This instalment of Plaidy's Tudor series sees Henry VIII beginning to turn from a glittering boy into a sly, selfish young man. This novel begins to track the decline of Katharine of Aragon as well as the political struggles across Europe at the time. An enjoyable historical novel whereby you cannot help to feel sorry for poor Katharine of Aragon.
  • Sharon
    The more I read novels about Henry VIII the more I grow to dislike the man. This was a great book, you can not help but feel sorry for poor Catherine of Aragon. Poor devoted soul who put up with so much for so little reward.Good read for those who like English history.
  • Eunice Ingrid Cleofas
    I found this book at a second-hand bookstore. Since the bookstore is a bit short on some historical fiction authors I like, I decided to take a book from an author I do not know but is related to my interest -- 15th-16th century England. Alright, well, I skimmed through the pages and like I expected, it's about Catherine of Aragon. I bought t and it took me about 4 months before I begin to actually read the novel.It was a pretty good novel, but I...
  • Sue Law
    Second in Plaidy's series on Katharine of Aragon, this starts with the teenaged Henry VIII choosing to marry his brother's virgin widow despite the difference in their ages and against the advice of his senior advisors. We follow Katharine through a series of disastrous pregnancies while her husband grows up from boisterous youth to paranoid adult desparate for a son and heir and looking for reasons why the lack of success is someone else's fault...
  • Shelly
  • Heaven Claussen
    Wonderful series!
  • Rebecca Hill
    There will be no review at this time
  • Iset
    This was my very first Jean Plaidy – the pseudonym used by prolific author Eleanor Hibbert, who under this pen name alone produced at least 92 historical fiction novels. From what I’d heard of Plaidy previously, her prolific output made her the staunch backbone of the historical novel genre. But she seems to be mainly well known for sheer output than quality. I’ve rarely heard anyone talk about her actual writing. I chose this book because ...
  • Lena
    This is the story of a young King Henry VIII and Queen Katherine of Aragon, told from many points of view. It includes lots of political intrigue, although as usual, I'm not sure of the historical accuracy. The timeline of all the events of busy King Henry's life always get me confused in historical fiction. Maybe historian's don't know for sure, or maybe author's just take liberties. Anyway, I am always fascinated by English history during this ...
  • Heather C
    The Shadow of the Pomegranate is the second part of the three book series about Katherine of Aragon. It spans the time period from shortly after Katherine’s marriage to Henry up until shortly after the birth of Henry’s son with Bessie Blount. This is the true heart and soul of the story of Henry and Kate.One of the things that I enjoyed was the way the story of Bessie Blount was described. The feeling that I had gotten about her before what t...
  • Kissmekate
    Year after year, Catherine of Aragon hopes to finally give her husband Henry VIII the coveted son and heir, but one pregnancy after the other ends with an abortion or a child unfit to live. Gradually the hot-headed young king is losing patience and is only too ready to blame it on his wife. While she is exhausted from all the pregnancies and has aged prematurely, he seeks comfort and distraction in pompous feasts at the court, in dancing and musi...
  • Theresa~OctoberLace
    The Shadow of the Pomegranate by Jean Plaidy continues the story of Henry VIII and his first wife, Katharine of Aragon, after the events chronicled in Katharine, the Virgin Widow. The marriage of the young Henry and his older Spanish bride is plagued by their failure to produce a male heir to the throne. Political intrigues do not help their situation, either. Eventually Henry becomes quite frustrated with his life, sometimes blaming his misfortu...
  • Debbie
    I've just picked this up from the library. It is the 2nd in the series about Katharine of Aragon and Henry VIII. I'm quite intreagued by this era of time and place. Such ways about everyone it is so different from us now. I'm interested to see the contrast in Jane Plaidy's version compared to Philippa Gregory in The Other Boleyn Girl, however, this book didn't even touch on it...that is the next book "The Lady in the Tower".Even though I wanted t...
  • Polly James
    Jean Plaidy seems to have gone out of fashion, but I can't think why. Her Tudor novels (especially the first 3-4 books in this series) are just as enjoyable as the novels of Philippa Gregory. I'd even go so far as to say that, if you enjoyed Wolf Hall, you'd probably enjoy this series, too. Plaidy's style is more accessible than Mantel's, but the characterisation is superb, and the atmosphere of fear and political intrigue that pervaded the court...
  • Helene Harrison
    Review - I didn't enjoy this one as much as the previous book, Katharine, the Virgin Widow. I thought that the emotional depth wasn't as well dealt with, but that was my main problem with it I think. It was as well-written as other books I've read by Jean Plaidy and she really brought the Tudor court to life.Genre? - Historical / DramaCharacters? - Henry VIII / Katherine of Aragon / Ferdinand of Aragon / Mary Duchess of Suffolk / Margaret Queen o...
  • Tania
    This is the 3rd book in the Tudor Saga but the 2nd book in Queen Katharine's trilogy. Katharine is now established as the wife of Henry VIII, for better or for worse, as far as she is concerned. The ups and downs of their marriage, and the taxing concerns of the kingdom, are chronicled here. Queen Katharine does all she can to become the perfect wife and queen, but fate denies her what she needs most, an heir for the throne. She worries that her ...
  • Deborah
    This was a fantastic book and I really enjoyed reading about King Henry V111 Queen Katharine. There was a time when they really did love each other. This book helped me to rediscover the connection that they once had.I found that I had a hard time putting this book down. I can't wait till my next book arrives. I have always enjoyed reading or watching shows about Anne Boleyn. She is one of my favourite past Queens.
  • Ashlee Nelson
    Another good book by Jean Plaidy! I really haven't read many books from the point of view of Katherine of Aragon and am happy to have read this one. Most books that I've read take place during the later years of her life; this book really lets you know who Katherine of Aragon is during her childhood and teen years in Spain and England which set her foundations of royal behavior. These books truly made me feel sorry for Katherine and gain a new re...
  • Amalie
    I love Jean Plaidy. Her novels hasn't disappointed me so far. She is a great historical fiction writer. This is my third reading of her "Tudor Saga" focus on Katherine of Aragon. It spans the time period from shortly after Katherine’s marriage to Henry up until shortly after the birth of Henry’s son with Bessie Blount.Plaidy has done a great job of capturing the personality of Katherine of Aragon and the basic history of the period.
  • Rebecca
    This is where the story of King Henry VIII and his first wife Katharine starts to get interesting. This book was an enjoyable fictional account of the early years of their marriage and Henry's reign. The story moved along more quickly than the first few in this series, and I'll keep reading because this is a palatable way to learn more about the kings of England.
  • Galleta Shirahime
    Esta es de las primeras novelas históricas que leo y ha sido muy ilustrativa, la manera en la que la autora mezcla hechos reales con un poco de ficción me ha encantado aunque en general me parece muy precisa. Además, el estilo de escritura resulta muy adecuado y para el genero creo que es bastante sencillo de leer.
  • Lesley
    Disappointed, but mainly because I thought there would be more about Katherine, since the book was supposed to be about her. A lot of unnecessary jib-jab about other people/events. I guess I expected more of Katherine's thoughts, actions and events surrounding her and her relationship with Henry. But, yeah not so much.