Dr.STONE 11 (Dr. Stone, #11) by Riichiro Inagaki

Dr.STONE 11 (Dr. Stone, #11)

気球探索によりお宝素材のマップを得た千空たちだが、村人増加で食糧問題に直面する。“おいしくて長期保存できるパン作り”で食糧革命を目指す! 一方、試験的に小型船で海へ出た千空に衝撃の出会いが訪れ!?

Details Dr.STONE 11 (Dr. Stone, #11)

TitleDr.STONE 11 (Dr. Stone, #11)
Release DateJul 4th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fiction, Science Fiction, Shonen, Humor

Reviews Dr.STONE 11 (Dr. Stone, #11)

  • Jon Ureña
    This is the last volume available, so it's the one I can rate, although I've read up to the latest chapter, 115, of this ongoing series. I'm not sure the series as a whole has reached its midpoint, which is bittersweet: it's a great story, but now I'll have to find out what happens next a chapter at a time, with dilutes the strength of the narrative and breaks apart some of the ties between characters that were evident when you were reading the s...
  • Sara Bakhshi
    I gonna try baking those breads!!He(or she!) is so helpful, I'm happy they revived her(him).
  • Mert Öncel
    Manga chapters 89-97.
  • Col
    This story never slows down. As soon as Tsukasa is defeated, Senku jumps to finding the source of the petrification (which involves recreating agriculture and radar among other things). I'm a little sad seeing the primitive technology aspects of the series disappear little by little as Senku gets into full-on oil drilling, iron mining industry, but I suppose that was baked into the premise. The character dynamics are as fun as ever, with Ryusui p...
  • Loremar96
    Ya estamos cada vez mas cerca de saber quien es el responsable de todo esto . Ayy que emoción. Todos los personajes sin excepción se van superando en cada numero.