The Hidden Things by Jamie Mason

The Hidden Things

A hair-raising, atmospheric thriller from the acclaimed author of the “ripping good” (The New York Times) novel Three Graves Full, inspired by the real-life unsolved theft of a seventeenth-century painting.Twenty-eight seconds.In less than half a minute, a home-security camera captures the hidden resolve in fourteen-year-old Carly Liddell as she fends off a vicious attack just inside her own front door. The video of her heroic escape appears ...

Details The Hidden Things

TitleThe Hidden Things
Release DateAug 13th, 2019
PublisherGallery Books
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery

Reviews The Hidden Things

  • Tammy
    This is typical plot-driven thriller fare with the creative premise of the reappearance of a long lost painting from the Gardner Museum heist at its center. Secrets, lies, attempts at selling the masterpiece combined with a plucky, precocious protagonist round out a quick and fast paced read.
  • Chris Pavone
    I love everything about this book--the characters and their relationships, the complex plot and syncopated pacing, the red herring that launches everything, the credible conflicts and mounting tension, and especially the small observations and clever turns of phrase that give the prose so much depth and personality. The story flirts with being ludicrous but never falls off that cliff, imbuing a sense of fun to the whole endeavor, punctuated with ...
  • Charlie
    Received this book from Goodreads for an HONEST REVIEW. I'm barely giving this a 3. BARELY.Takes way too long to make a point on what's going on. Redundant - REDUNDANT. There is no meat to this story. Takes 3 or 4 pages to describe a tiny event and then repeats it over and over again. It is not a page-turner. Although I did fast forward - really fast. On to the next book.
  • Dianne
    It was an art theft that went very wrong, but that was years ago and who would think that one man’s twisted greed would backfire when a home invasion and attack on a young girl exposes the truth.THE HIDDEN THINGS by Jamie Mason is a tense and alluring read as greed meets revenge head on and one man’s big secret is caught on video and goes viral. Proof that in today’s technology, nothing is private, double-crossing powerful people is dangero...
  • Alexandra D.
    To be honest, I couldn’t finish this book. Maybe I expected too much, but the writer’s style irritates me on a level I cannot explain with words. The descriptions about the characters’ feelings and other stuff are extremely redundant and also annoying after some point, especially as they don’t have an added value to the story— maybe they’re just there to fill the pages... This novel is not for me. Thanks for Gallery Books for the ARC.
  • CynnieRose
    Working on my WWCD (what would Carly do?) bracelet.
  • Kelly
    This was an ARC from Netgalley and I would definitely recommend it. At the same time, I'm realizing how hard it can be for me to click the 5 star button! I liked this one. I would recommend this one. It kept me hooked and reading and I enjoyed it. But it didn't 100% live up to my expectations and convince me to click that fifth star. That's ok! It's still excellent and you should still read it.I really liked this author. She has a knack for showi...
  • Mary Mithrilil
    When 14-year-old Carly is attacked at her own doorway, the entrance camera captures more than just her fighting off her attacker bravely. The footage becomes viral, everyone meeting her on the street salutes her for her bravery and strength. But some viewers are more interested in the painting shown hanging at Carly's foyer rather than her heroic act...What an idea! I picked this one up without second thought. The plot did not disappoint. The cha...
  • Anne
    This started out as a really interesting novel about a stolen painting that is mistakenly caught on a video of young Carly being randomly attacked at her home after school. As her stepfather is the only one who knows its history, he then becomes frantic as he worries about who will see the video and who will know it's in his possession. But of course, in this day and age anything unusual goes viral almost immediately so those that were involved i...
  • Tiffany
    3.75⭐ rounded upWe are told over and over again that secrets don't stay secret forever, and that's no different for Johnathan. I'm still thinking about his character and the quote that stuck with me the most was, "This situation needed a good bad guy or a bad good guy. You can decide where you’ll put me in this story”. It makes you wonder if a person is only one thing.What I loved about this book:~Carly was one of those characters who you c...
  • Jeff
    The Hidden Things by Jamie Mason starts with a bang, and doesn’t let up! A random attack on a 14 year old girl in her house sets off a chain of events when the home’s security cameras capture the attack, and a brief glimpse at a piece of art that hangs on the wall gets the story going. The author deftly introduces the characters and the back story in such a way that it feels like the reader is putting the pieces of a large puzzle together unt...
  • Evelyn
    Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early copy of this book.It started out with a bang, but kinda fizzled out for me in the middle. The best part was teen Carly and her detective skills. Loved Mason’s other books and while this one not so much, it’s still a good mystery.
  • Bruce Holsinger
    [I received an ARC from the publisher.] This was such a page turner, and so compellingly written from the first sentences. The premise of a viral video that affects so many lives in such unpredictable, twisty ways is just fabulous. The Tana French blurb on the front is no exaggeration--highly recommended!
  • Plum Report (Kimberly)
    I received an ARC edition of The Hidden Things in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Jamie Mason for thinking of me and sending me your book.First the Facts: This book is a multi-person POV. A suspenseful, crime-fiction story that brings an art deal gone wrong four years ago full circle in the present day when a snippet of the painting from “the deal” is seen in a home a security video that has gone viral of a young girl being attacked...
  • Linda Baker
    Carly Lidell is not your average fourteen-year-old. She survived an attack at her own front door and in the foyer from a local lowlife by fighting back and knocking out he attacker. The whole "thing," as Carly calls it was captured on video by the home security cameras and quickly went viral. Only the corner of a painting hanging in the foyer is visible, but the video is of great interest to several people. The picture is one of the works stolen,...
  • Connie Fischer
    A home security video camera has captured how Carly Liddell, age 14, fought off an attacker just inside her front door. The man had followed her up to her front door and just as she put the key in the lock, he pushed her inside and knocked her down. But Carly is determined and she ends up kicking him several times and runs over to her neighbor. By then, the attacker has left. This video has gone online and become viral. However, the video shows t...
  • Lesley Henry
    I was so excited to have won a copy of this book as so many people had entered. It was an even better read than I had expected. The characters are complex so that they become almost real to you as you follow them thru the intricate twists & turns this novel takes you thru. One minute you think you have it figured out only to have yet another twist thrown at you but it is done in some a clever way that you don't resent it, rather you take it in st...
  • Mary Montgomery hornback
    I need to start by saying how much I love this author. She presented at my independent bookstore in NC about 5 years back. She captured the audience with her charm, unique wit and authenticity. At the time, I had recently finished Monday’s Lies in one night(I couldn’t put it down), and her first novel Three Graves Full was unanimously adored by everyone in our book well as everyone else I recommended it to. It was truly a hit. I sti...
  • Victoria
    I read - and thoroughly enjoyed - the author's debut novel six years ago, so I was excited to hear about this latest title! This book, centering around the aftermath of a shady art deal four years prior to the opening of the novel, immediately hooks in the reader. Told in five perspectives, Mason develops her characters well - even the more villainous ones have their moments of humanity. It's really an exciting book that very quickly becomes quit...
  • Jen
    I adored Jamie Mason's Three Graves Full and Monday's Lie and so I expected the quirkiness of The Hidden Things. Fourteen-year-old Carly Liddell is on her way home from school unaware that she has attracted the attention of a predator. Although a reasonably competent kid, the attack and her ability to fend off the attacker initiates some profound changes in Carly. Her remarkable escape is caught on a security camera, and when Carly watches, she g...
  • pixiepoesie.books
    The Hidden Things, by Jamie Mason (just released) is about old secrets, lies, crimes and conspiracy, involving a missing 17th century painting. The painting in question might not have ever seen the light of day (or museum) again, but for the fact that a tiny piece of it was caught on video and blasted access social media - as crime scene evidence. Fourteen year old Carly was attacked in her home one day, as a young man, following her while she wa...
  • Elisa
    A missing painting from the Isabella Gardner Museum appears in the background of a video in which a teen defends herself from an attacker. The people involved find out and all hell breaks loose. What’s not to like for a lover of art heists? Turns out… a lot, in my case. I like plots that focus on the action, and The Hidden Things devotes too many words to the characters and their thoughts and feelings. There is too much detail, so I never rea...
  • Diane Hernandez
    Suspenseful heist thriller where Hidden Things don’t stay hidden forever.When fourteen-year-old Carly is attacked in her house, the police post video from her home’s security system hoping someone will recognize her attacker. While it only takes 44 views to find her assailant, the video has now spread far and wide on the internet generating millons of views. While happy that Carly’s attacker is behind bars, her stepfather is in trouble in t...
  • Darcia Helle
    This story totally hooked me. The writing has a literary flair, with beautifully crafted sentences and poignant observations throughout.Pacing is the kind of slow burn that invites us into the characters' minds so we feel the emotions, then gradually builds in urgency and intensity as the truth unravels.The plot is complex without ever becoming convoluted. Characters are well developed, realistic, and, I thought, fascinating. I loved Carly! When ...
  • DP Lyle
    Jamie Mason is a great writer. And a better storyteller. Edgy and on point. The Hidden Things is a perfect example. The characters, typical of Mason’s other works, are well-drawn and deeply flawed. In this story, they find themselves in the midst of an art heist that goes very wrong. Not immediately, but years later when home-invasion assault during which fourteen-year-old Carly Liddell fends off her attacker. The entire event is captured by ho...
  • Sharon
    "Sparks, fuses. Old-dynamite wrong."I wondered about the plot at first because I'm not a big fan of art heists, but it's more than that. It's about the guilty and innocent characters and how they are dealing with the secrets coming to light from an incident caught on video.Jamie Mason is a wonderful writer. Her descriptive prose is poetic and gives the reader a great sense of who the character is and what they are thinking.The characters are ever...
  • Jessica
    (I received an ARC of this book in a Goodreads Giveaway).The Hidden Things tells the story of the aftermath of a failed art heist and the four characters left piecing their lives back together. While I enjoyed some characters (Roy, Carly, Marcelline) I found Johnathan's and Owen's perspectives very taxing to read.Overall, the pacing of this novel just wasn't there and the conclusion was somewhat predictable. I honestly probably would have enjoyed...
  • Debra
    Fourteen year old Carly is attacked going into her house. She fights off the attacker and escapes to the neighbors. This was all on video which the police used to catch the attacker. However, the video was out on social media and something was caught on that video that opened up a door to the past and set off several people who were willing to steal or kill to get to it. This book was a thriller and it was cleverly paced between current events an...
  • Steve
    Hidden Things is perfect for the wired-up, social media times that abound. Looking for a fast and fun read? Hidden things is it. The author write well and includes details that enrich and engage the reader. The main character seems like an ordinary 14-year-old teen. Hah, but looks deceive, do they not? Carly is one cool cat. She fights off an intruder trying to break into her house. Of course, the video goes viral and Carly is the new hero for th...
  • Kahri Lynn
    Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with this book to review. I was immediately intrigued by the description. When a video goes viral, we don't often think about all the ramifications of that. This book thinks through one of the ramifications (something other than the original focus being seen) and takes off with that idea. I think it is a really intriguing idea. I found Carly a very likeable and relate-able character. I love the idea of a st...