Charlotte's Promise by Jennifer Moore

Charlotte's Promise

One year ago Charlotte Bower's life was ripped apart when Creek Indians attacked, killed her parents, and separated her from her young brother—now, she will stop at nothing to find him. After a year of captivity, she has finally made her escape. Her search will begin in New Orleans, where captives were taken after the raid. But how to reach a city hundreds of miles away? As she watches men boarding a waiting ship, Charlotte formulates a bold pl...

Details Charlotte's Promise

TitleCharlotte's Promise
Release DateMay 1st, 2019
PublisherCovenant Communications
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Clean Romance, Fiction, Historical Romance

Reviews Charlotte's Promise

  • Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
    This book is fascinating. I had no idea that people captured by tribes were sold into slavery?! It probably shouldn't have. History has proven that corrupt people make money off of the downtrodden and others like to have cheap labor at the expense of the health and wellbeing of those they enslave. Sorry, I shouldn't go off on a social thing during a review. :)So, back to the book. Charlotte is an amazing woman. She is strong and has a good head o...
  • Kelly
    If you are a history buff, this might interest you. It ends in New Orleans at the end of the War of 1812.Charlotte, or Charlie as she’s known in the book, is desperate to find her young brother! Their parents were killed and they were sold off. Charlotte manages to escape. Her brother, Will, is taken by Indians and she hears that he is probably in New Orleans. She is on a quest to find him and she will do whatever it takes to find him. Includin...
  • Mindy
    Charlotte's Promise is another wonderful book from Jennifer Moore. I absolutely love her books. They are always full of heart and adventure. I instantly loved Charlotte. Her determination and drive were inspiring. Alden too was wonderful. I really enjoyed how "Charlie" did not fool him and I was glad he knew the secret so early on. This author always delivers an enjoyable story, all while giving the reader a history lesson too.
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    This is exactly the kind of historical fiction I love to read. Anytime a book leaves me wanting to know more about a certain time and event in history I know the author has done their job. I knew absolutely nothing about the battle in New Orleans. I've never been there but if I am lucky enough to venture there one day, I will be sure to visit the museums and historical monuments that commemorate this part of the war. The author has an ancestor wh...
  • Julie
    4.5 starsI was so excited to read Charlotte's Promise. I love Ms. Moore's historical romances and I think this one was definitely one of her best!Charlotte Bower has suffered through her parents' murder and being kidnapped and sold by Creek Indians. She is determined to escape her captors and find her brother and while it takes longer than she would like, she finally manages it. She cuts her hair and boards a ship bound for New Orleans, the place...
  • Katie W
    I cannot even begin to imagine the horrors that Charlotte lived through and yet she perseveres to keep a promise to her younger brother in a very creative and dangerous way, as Charlotte becomes "Charlie." She is so resourceful and amazing--definitely a selfless person to admire.Jennifer Moore always delivers a fascinating story involving a ship and this one really captivated me. I loved the details surrounding Captain Thatchers pride and joy and...
  • Cathy
    Jennifer Moore is one of my very favorite authors! She is amazing at writing characters that the reader cares about. And writing a plot that keeps the reader engrossed in the story. I love the way she includes history in her books and makes me want to know more about the specific time period or event she’s telling about. This book does all of these!This one starts out with Charlotte. She’s on the run. And she’s had to disguise herself as a ...
  • Sydney
    From page one, Jennifer Moore’s book comes to life with action and adventure. Readers will find this story fascinating, as a good portion of this book takes place aboard a smuggling ship during the War of 1812. This story is about surviving the death of one’s parents, being sold as a slave, the reuniting of siblings, and falling in love. This story also shows the bonds created between ship mates and how they protect one another. Moore brings ...
  • Charissa
    I loved this book. Time was scarce, I hadn't received the copy of the book in the mail yet from the publisher and only had a PDF to read (which I hate reading on my computer), yet I sat down to get started, and next thing I knew, I’d finished. The story was utterly engrossing! Even reading in a despised format, I gobbled it up like a kid devours cotton candy at a carnival.Charlotte is a tough, yet tender character. I adored her. She's been thro...
  • Rachel DeVaughn
    I really enjoyed reading this historical fiction book! I had hoped for more romance in the story, but I guess it wasn't meant to be a big focus with the characters. I absolutely loved the main character Charlie! She was determined, courageous, and wow what a hard worker! I liked the Captain, shipmates and their interactions with Charlie during the voyage and after. Great characters, interesting plot and time period-I really enjoyed reading it! I ...
  • Chesney
    A great ending to the series although this can definitely be read as a stand alone. I love Jennifer’s books and they will always have a spot on my bookshelf!
  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    4.5 StarsCHARLOTTE'S PROMISE is a story of desperation, hope, and the family a girl (disguised as a boy) finds on a ship. Likable characters, plenty of heartfelt emotion, some danger, and a sweet romance make this a highly recommended read for sweet historical romance readers!From the beginning I loved these characters! Captain Thatcher had a natural confident and tough bearing, as he should as a captain and smuggler. He was intelligent, strong, ...
  • Ariell
    Charlie was a very loveable character, I really enjoyed reading her story. I also appreciated that Captain Tatcher was observant. Sometimes I don't understand characters, but they were all very realistic. Such a great story!
  • Sheila
    Charlotte's Promise is another book based in the time period when the War of 1812 was taking place. In another previous book that Moore wrote about this time period, I stated how refreshing it was to read a novel based during this period in the USA. I have always loved history and Jennifer Moore does an amazing job of portraying historical events in her novels. The main character Charlotte is one I loved from the start. Her determination and cour...
  • Carol Guthrie
    I loved reading this book. I give it a five for content, a three for the cover. Content:Although the author only alludes to the horrors that Charlotte may have experienced after being captured by Red Sticks and sold into slavery, she is more detailed describing the events and emotions surrounding the Battle of New Orleans. I like that the characters are not perfect, but they are very loveable. I'm not sure how realistic Captain Thatcher's amazing...
  • Patti
    Jennifer Moore is an author I do not hesitate to read. Pretty much an automatic buy every time she comes out with something new. “Charlotte’s Promise” is the story of Charlotte Bower as she does anything she can to find her little brother who was taken from her after Indians killed their parents. That quest leads her to dress as a boy and beg to be taken on as a ship’s crew member. Captain Alden Thatcher and his crew are headed for New Or...
  • Andrea
    In Moore's book, The Shipbuilder's Wife, we are introduced to Alden, Captain of the Belladonna. He isn't a main character in that book, but we do get to see that he is a good friend and his adopted family means a lot to him. There is mention in that book of his personal heartbreak, and I was happy to see that Moore gave Alden his own story with Charlotte's Promise.I was drawn in right away by Charlotte's dire situation. She proved to be brave and...
  • Karen
    Another great story by Jennifer Moore. I have loved her books. This one too gave us a glimpse of our past. I love the author notes that explain more of the history that we see in the storyline. This is the third book in this series. Other than Alden and I think his first mate Dobson we don’t see the characters from the previous books until the very end. I like seeing the glimpse of the characters we came to love in previous books. This story is...
  • Tristine Fjerstad
    I liked this book. Charlie is driven and starts her quest with a definite purpose- to find her brother. To do this she must go to New Orleans after escaping her own human traffickers herself. But to do this she first must board a ship as a worker disguised as a boy.My only complaint from this story is that Charlie could have had more depth of character. By this I mean that the author alludes several times to men hurting Charlie but never actually...
  • Michelle
    I spent a couple of enjoyable hours reading this romance that takes place in America during the war of 1812. It was a sweet and fun romance with no objectionable parts. I think it too quickly glossed over the difficulties that Charlotte had experience--slavery, the loss of her parents during an Indian attack, the loss of her brother, war and shooting men during battle, seeing dead bodies litter the ground, etc. Plus, I had a hard time believing t...
  • Leann Arave
    Charlottes promise is a clean, adventurous, historical, romance. Charlotte must pretend to be a boy to get work on a boat to New Orleans. She is trying to find her brother that was taken by a band of Indians. I didn’t find “Charlie” to be very convincing at portraying a boy, but I suppose that is what the author intended. The Captain of the ship was not fooled but allowed her to board under the circumstances There was a lot of Ship dialogue...
  • Laura
    3.5 stars Moore's historical romances are some of my favorite reads. This one takes place in the US while the war is being raged. Charlotte was taken captive by indians and sold as a slave. Her one goal is to make it to New Orleans to see if she can find her little brother. She hires onto a ship as part of a crew while disguised as a young man to make her way south. While it is pretty unrealistic that any 18 year old girl could convince a bunch o...
  • Bonnie
    When I got this book I found the cover to be a bit odd, but I couldn't wait to read it. Once I finished the book, the cover had grown on me. The plot sounded fascinating and it held true. The readers were thrown into the story in such a way that you immediately feel for Charlotte and her position, as well as her reasons for attempting to gain passage to New Orleans. The voyage over was harrowing as several things went wrong. And the adventure con...
  • Tori (Book Chick)
    Charlotte will do anything to find her younger brother- even pose as an 18 year old man on a ship headed for New Orleans. I loved the premise of this story. Charlotte was so brave and determined. I tried to picture myself in her situation and wondered what I would do. Alden- Capt. Thatcher- was awesome too. As usual, Jennifer Moore's attention to historical details was on point. I loved hearing about the ship they sailed on. I learned more about ...
  • Sandra
    Most literature allows for women to completely be disguised as a man with the men none the wiser, however I think Charlotte's Promise is a more realistic approach. It's hard to believe that femininity can completely disappear even with a disguise as frequently as it's mentioned in literature. I enjoyed reading about Charlotte, Captain Thatcher and their shipmates. The characters were interesting and it was easy to get wrapped up in their world. I...
  • Kathryn
    Loved the strong, determined female character of Charlotte or Charlie. She’s not giving up despite having lived through the tragic loss of her mother and father. She’s escaped the life of slavery she’s been living all with the purpose of finding and reuniting with her younger brother will. She braves pretending to be a boy to get passage to New Orleans on a American ship despite the turmoil with the English war ships. She captivated and end...
  • Rachel
    I enjoyed reading Charlotte's Promise. It had many interesting details and facts about a time and place in history that I hadn't known much about and it was neat to learn about them. There were several things that I wanted to highlight or remember that the author wrote. There were a lot of touching moments in the story and it was nice to go on the emotional journey with several of the characters, not just the main h & h. The ending was satisfacto...
  • Brandi
    I liked this book, but there was just a bit of something that makes it 4 stars not 5... I love Jennifer Moore books- this one is just not my favorite of hers, but I still like it. Maybe because it was too predictable, or sometimes a little far fetched- I don’t know. But I loved Charlie and her strength and the crewmen that pulled behind her.And this seems to be part of a series with ‘ My dearest enemy’ and ‘The Shipbuilders wife’
  • NaDell
    Set in Revolutionary War time in Southeastern US, Charlotte is kidnapped and sold and escapes only to be hunted down by the awful men who oppress her. She finds passage on a ship working as a swabbie and passing as a (small) man. She is searching for her brother Will who was kidnapped and sold at the same time as she was, which takes her to New Orleans. There are all kinds of adventures along the way that challenge her and those around her.
  • Lydia
    Brilliant! What I love about Jennifer's novels is two-fold. You are completely immersed in an unique historical setting where you learn so much. Secondly, her romances have the perfect blend of impossibility and hope. You wonder if it's possible for two unlikely characters to make it work and when it does- fireworks.