Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall

Jump Start Your Business Brain

Doug Hall shares data-proven methods that can make sales, marketing, and business development measurably more effective.

Details Jump Start Your Business Brain

TitleJump Start Your Business Brain
Release DateApr 1st, 2005
PublisherClerisy Press
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction

Reviews Jump Start Your Business Brain

  • Lamec Mariita
    An excellent book. I found this book suitable for those who take action and believe in their idea.The most inspiring part about this book is not the data or the laws but the energy which Hall gives to entrepreneurs. The book is simple, straight forward and you can instantly relate to it and feel the author's energy. It's full of lots of practical, proven, easy to use ideas for marketing and creating new products and services.
  • Todd
    This book was included in my book: The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. www.100bestbiz.com
  • Laura McHarrie
    I spent half a day working through a client’s marketing collateral last week. We were looking for the proof that their business did what they claimed. It was a great exercise. It made me think about Doug Hall’s three elements in his book Jump Start Your Business Brain. Well worth the read if you’ve not picked it up before. He takes you through some great exercises to help you drill down to work out your own: Overt Benefits | The Real Reason...
  • David Manning
    Great! This is NOT "business pop". It is a fun, easy to read, data-supported book that is truly a contribution to business literature. It's nearly twenty years old but the tactics and lessons given are not dated at all (though there is an example about VCRs, hehe). This book would be excellent for any level business person responsible for generating new ideas, business growth, staff buy-in, etc.-- small sole proprietor to Fortune 50. This book wo...
  • Adrian
    The last section can come across a bit waffled - it took a *really* long time for me to get through it - but there are some great ideas for techniques and approaches for thinking about Marketing, Product and general Business planning.
  • Bill
    Excellent book which is based on Scientific data instead of theory.
  • David
    Just as good as Jump Start Your Brain but a lot of similar material