My Sh*t Therapist by Michelle Thomas

My Sh*t Therapist

A shocking, heart-rending and blisteringly funny account of what it's like to live with mental illness, by a powerful new comic voice. When Michelle Thomas suffered her first major depressive episode six years ago, she read and watched and listened to everything about mental health she could get her hands on in an effort to fix herself. God, it was tedious. And, quite frankly, depressing.Which is the last thing she needed. What she did need was a...

Details My Sh*t Therapist

TitleMy Sh*t Therapist
Release DateJun 13th, 2019
GenreNonfiction, Audiobook, Health, Mental Health, Psychology

Reviews My Sh*t Therapist

  • The Essex Reader
    This is brilliant. I’ll be adding it to my mental health toolkit for future reference for sure. It’s witty and very helpful, with lots of information at the back for resources if you’re struggling.
  • Bexie
    BrilliantLoved this book and could not put it down. I recommend it to everyone to read. It's the best book I've read recently. Thank you
  • Suzanne Maughan
    Wow. This book has really helped shed some light on how I'm feeling. Thank you.
  • Tiina
    Mulle meeldis. Autor rääkis enda elust, aga lisas juurde ka teiste kogemuslugusid, mis käisid kindla teema kohta ega polnud kõik stiilis "ja nüüd on kõik korras!". Autor seletas rahulikult, kuidas tema depressioon kulges ega õpetanud lugejat, et kõik peaksid samamoodi elama. Pigem näen, et sellest tekstist on kasu oma sümptomite äratundmiseks. Ta rõhutab mitu korda, kui oluline on arstiga ühendust võtta.Mõnda peatükki oli väga r...
  • Sunil
    I listened to it on audible. I thought of it as a really coherent account of an intelligent person navigating the layers of mental illness over a period of time as she evolves with her own understanding. Quite a well written book, though at times it came across as too self-centred to my taste. Nevertheless the writing captures an accurate picture of Depression in the post-modern 21st century life, especially the social cause and effects, it’s i...
  • cuppaandabook
    My sh*t therapist: and other mental health stories by Michelle Thomas.I was very excited about this book when it first came out and even more excited when I finally bought it and I was not disappointed. My sh*t therapist is funny, and sad and relatable in all the right places. I found myself connecting with the words and learning about myself and my own crazy brain. The book is made up of different sections, like ‘my shit diagnosis’ and ‘my...
  • Deece de Paor
    Rounding this up from 3 stars to 4 because it’s a valuable resource. Self help books are extremely tedious and this managed to avoid that but it also wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped. I didn’t really like when we got insight into the other contributors although I see why she included them and I hated the scripts thrown in for comedic purposes. They just irked me. However it does provide useful information that would otherwise be difficult to ...
  • Niamh
    Combining her own mental health experiences with those of other people, Michelle Thomas examines life with a mental illness, the things that cause it and how we all cope with it on a day to day basis. I started this one just as the clock struck Midnight on December 31st, following an alcohol-fuelled crisis about life and identity and my future career (which was really fun) - and it felt like I was actually being listened to as I read this. The th...
  • Tamara
    3.5 stars - i really enjoyed this book and i really resonated with it. it was not outstanding in terms of its content and message, but it really helps you to understand what you're feeling or have been feeling. i think is.particularly amazing for someone who wishes to.understand mental illness better for the sake of a loved one. its not a book, but an.account of what its like to live with a mental illness. it definietly helps ...
  • Yates Buckley
    The author is putting forward her experience and orhers with depression and how she managed to make this work somehow in her life.I must admit I learned many things I did not expect from the author’s descriptions but also I found the world of the author hard to relate to. Maybe this book is perfect for a similar person? Or maybe the author should have allowed for some room between the messy inside of her brain and the readers’ head space.
  • Abi Yardimci
    Brilliant book about the joys and downfalls of being humanThis is a wonderfully sensitive (and funny) book about one woman's experience of mental health challenges. I enjoyed reading every single word of Michelle's frank and funny account, as well as the touching stories she collected from others. We need more books like this that confront mental health head on for the raw, human and undeniably dark experience that it is. Loved it.
  • Lavender Davies-Brown
    Finally, I've read a whole book! This isn't for everyone - it's a very much millennial/Gen Z book, but if discussions about mental health and breakdowns is your thing then give it a whirl. There were a few very sudden (and graphic) mentions of self-harm, which i would have appreciated some sort of warning for.
  • L K Stow
    Very interestingI like a lot of people have had times in their lives when things haven't gone well and you end up depressed, Michelle Thomas took her issues and wrote a book, funny, sad, enlightening and just plain great, if you or anyone you know has mental health problems it's a great book to read
  • Arielle
    I have never felt this understood in my pain, yet entertained at the same time. Michelles' writing is both extremely readable and charming, and she is not afraid to talk about the truth of dealing with mental illness and with life itself. Definitely recommend this to everybody who deals with mental health problems, but also to those who don't- you can learn a lot from this book.
  • Kate Henderson
    **listened via audible**I enjoyed this book but felt in the audio format it was difficult to know what was the authors story and what were the snippets from others. It would have been useful to have different narrators to differentiate this. It was just ok. Read much better books on mental health that will stay with me.
  • Dannielle Williams
    I looooved this book! I’m not a big fan of reading and I’ve never finished a full book, until now! And only within a few days (I’m also a slow reader so that’s really good for me)! Its inspiring and just darn brilliant. I would highly recommend it! Thank you so much for the amazing read! I look forward to more from you!
  • Gemma King
    It was definitely relatable, and I liked that she included other mental health stories so it wasn’t just hers. I also liked that she included what helped her. I didn’t like the scripts and it didn’t always flow that well but overall it was a good read & would recommend
  • Emily
    I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a very interesting insight into mental health, written in a down-to-earth way that people will be able to relate to and a book that people will be able to find comfort in. Also offers a great perspective on life. Couldn’t put it down.!
  • Penny
    The author is open and compassionate and I'm sure that readers will find that helpful. But, it's too anecdotal to be broadly applicable and a few bits of advise seem like they maybe unhelpful. Also it wasn't what I was expecting from the title.
  • Alla Kukoba
    Just thank you for this book, Michelle, really. The best thing I've read in a year. The way people subconsciously enjoy hearing their own names, I enjoyed your piece of work because I could relate to most of its aspects. It's always nice to know that you are not alone in this battle.
  • Jenifer Lavery
    Thank youIt's hard to articulate what depression can be like and Michelle did it so well. People say you manage so well but they can't see the voice inside you screaming but I'm not. Michelle knows
  • Fekete
    Loved the ' My sh*t Therapist' chapter, the rest is nothing I hadn't read before.
  • Symone Lucas
    A relatable and readable book on mental health with some real profound insight that made me feel understood and ultimately better about my situation.
  • Katie Rankine
    Exactly what I needed just now. Michelle Thomas tells stories of hers and others mental health journeys and makes you realise your not alone. Really interesting and insightful.
  • Sana Sarmad
    I loved reading this book, gripped me from the very first page. Can relate to it on so many spheres. A great read!
  • Charlotte
  • Lucy Mitchell
    This book has been something I have dipped in and out of during a spell of anxiety. In 2019 I battled with my mental health and I found this book to be a great help.
  • Becky McDaniel
    This book felt like a much needed hug from a close friend. I would and will highly recommend it to anyone who is currently, has ever, or knows someone who is living through a dark time.
  • Maarja
    It was a fun read.
  • Juliet Mike
    A combination of personal experience of depression and snippets of other people's. Very readable, with lots of practical suggestions for enduring your illness. Plus some very funny turns of phrase: I LOVE the concept of looking at the world through shit coloured spectacles.