The Beautiful Ones by Prince

The Beautiful Ones

From Prince himself comes the brilliant coming-of-age-and-into-superstardom story of one of the greatest artists of all time—featuring never-before-seen photos, original scrapbooks and lyric sheets, and the exquisite memoir he began writing before his tragic death. Prince was a musical genius, one of the most talented, beloved, accomplished, popular, and acclaimed musicians in history. He was also a startlingly original visionary with an imagin...

Details The Beautiful Ones

TitleThe Beautiful Ones
Release DateOct 29th, 2019
PublisherSpiegel & Grau
GenreMusic, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography, Biography Memoir

Reviews The Beautiful Ones

  • Casey Rain
    Prince's unfinished memoir is captured here, in The Beautiful Ones, out now on Penguin Random House. It’s a stunning package, but a difficult proposition. It’s not his memoir. It’s partly that. It’s not a photo book, but it’s partly that. And it’s not a no-hold-barred insight into the man himself, although again — it’s partly that. What we have here is a package created with struggles, but with love. What he wrote of his memoir, c...
  • Jay Gabler
    It's impossible to know what Prince would have made of the book just published under his byline, and it's probably best not to speculate...but you have to imagine he'd be happy to feel the weight of it. Both literally and figuratively, it's a heavy book, its 280 pages printed on substantial stock and bound between purple covers with a gold dust jacket.The Beautiful Ones is one of the signal publishing events of 2019, and it's also one of the most...
  • Jamie (TheRebelliousReader)
    ”Those considered “different” R the ones most interesting 2 us.” 5 stars. Such a bittersweet read. I’ve been anticipating this book since it’s announcement years ago when Prince was still alive. Reading it now, with him no longer here and this being unfinished made it so somber. I can’t even imagine what all he would’ve done with this book but for what we got it was still a really beautiful (no pun intended) read. I loved that the...
  • La Vida Rose
    I NEED MORE! This book contains 26-pages that Prince wrote intended for his memoir. It's just not enough. The rest of the book features handwritten song lyrics from some of his early songs in the 70s and 80s and quotes from magazine interviews he did and lots of photos; many of them never-before-seen from the 70s and early 80s. How badly I wish he was able to finish this as it started off so beautifully. It was a tribute to his parents. I absolut...
  • Joan
    It's hard to know what to say. I was left feeling very sad and empty after quickly devouring this book. The opening chapter by Dan Piepenbring about how this book began to come together through his collaborations with Prince in early 2016 is fascinating and gripping. The suspense builds aptly for Part 2, the unreleased chapters written by Prince himself. When I read first few lines of those chapters, I burst into tears so quickly. I don't want to...
  • LeeTravelGoddess
    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo, this book has THEEEE longest introduction EVER, in the whole world... how selfish Dan, this story isn’t about you! I got the audiobook cause I thought it was going down but NOPE. Esperanza Spalding read the book and while I THOROUGHLY enjoy her music, she can’t read a damn thing to me. Sorry E 😬. This book is priced together as if held together by gorilla glue, WHEW LORD! Three people read the 3 hour audiobook....
  • Melissa
    Obviously, I was going to give this book five stars from the second Prince announced it. But these five stars are deserved. Prince’s autobiographical section is quite slight. But in so few pages, he brings his charm, wit and astuteness. His words provide insight about his formative years. And Dan Piepenbring's introduction is a delight. We will never know what could have been. But I am thankful for the small amount that was shared.
  • Homa
    A beautiful book.
  • David Gibbons
    You can't knock stars off it for being incomplete. What I, for one, would give for it to possibly have been completed. It means he would still be here for us.
  • Book Reviews By Tara
    This book is not a memoir written by Prince! This is a biography written by Dan Piepenbring. I am highly disappointed with this book. The information within these pages was not approved, or provided by Prince for the purpose of producing this particular book. A memoir is a book written by an individual who has chosen to share the details of his or her life. Prince did not write these details to be published in this way. The pictures and paraphern...
  • Ka’leneReads
    So unfortunate for us Prince did not get to C this thru....Memories R Good
  • Michael
    This is not a memoir. It should have been a feature story in Rolling Stone or any number of literary journals. The sketches that are actually written by Prince are fleeting, still mostly unformed, but engaging and worth reading because of the singularity of the talent. Dan Piepenbring's introduction (half the book, really) is illuminating, but again, probably only worthy of a podcast, article or interview and not a book sold as "by Prince." Princ...
  • C.C.
    This is a quick read, but you won't quickly forget how it makes you feel. As a fan, it was amazing to see Prince's handwritten notes, lyrics, and memories. But, also as a fan, it is painful to imagine how amazing this memoir would have been if he had lived long enough to complete it. The vision he had for everything was on a whole other level than us mere mortals and I wished we had been able to see the finished product. Any lover of music, creat...
  • Richard Kriheli
    Aw man, this book is great. So sad to read as it's only a taste of what was to come, which ultimately didn't. Prince has a good handle of storytelling, a lot better than I expected. Thank you to Dan Piepenbring for assembling this and helping Prince put out his first mini-draft of things for us all. I wish he were around to complete it.
  • Nate Jackson
    A bittersweet read, of course, but one that I'm glad saw the light of day.Reading his words, his thoughts, his secrets...this was like a diary of one of the most prolific songwriters of all time.I miss him more now.
  • Shani
    Beautiful!I love it... I love Prince! I especially loved the copies of the lyrics! I truly miss this genius of a man!
  • Sean Pfile
    Must read 4 anyone who appreciates music......The only reason it does not get a 5th star, is bcuz it is tragically incomplete...a must read 4 anyone who 💓's music.
  • Ana Santos
    WHY DID PRINCE NAME HIS MEMOIR THE BEAUTIFUL ONES?Prince wrote thousands of songs so why did he choose ‘The Beautiful Ones’ to be the title of his memoir? Was it his favourite song? What and who is the song about? Before you can review a book, you need to know the background.The introduction by Dan Piepenbring offers insight into how Prince wanted his first book to be. He told Dan exactly what he wanted and he delivered. This is not your typi...
  • Caterina Pierre
    It is difficult to review a book that you know was not completed entirely as it was intended. However, given the situation, I thought that The Beautiful Ones was as complete a work of art as could be imagined. The book is comprised of four parts: Dan Piepenbring’s introduction (already published in an edited version in a recent issue of the New Yorker), followed by a complete photographic copy of Prince’s handwritten manuscript, followed by a...
  • Cynthia Lewis
    This book by definition couldn't be 5 stars, because it was necessarily, heartbreakingly incomplete. But Dan Piepenbring could have done more justice to the material he did have. Piepenbring's propensity to toss in a 50 cent word where a simpler word would do is distracting. For example, he uses the word "plangent" to describe the quiet and reflective song "Sometimes it Snows in April". I have a relatively large vocabulary, and I was a musician i...
  • Bradley
    In 2014, Prince, entering into a reflective stage of his life, began initial discussions on writing a book. Throughout 2014 and 2015, the concept and narrative of the book would evolve and expand, potentially capturing bold and innovative ideas that Prince wanted to convey. Something that explored his life, yet elevated his mystery, and shared his philosophies on the music industry and systemic racism. The publisher reached out to several potenti...
  • Francis Coco
    Obviously, I wish Prince had been able to write the memoir he wanted to write. This is not it but I do appreciate the estate putting out what he had started and the photos of his family and personal polaroids were exciting to see. Not to mention the handwritten lyrics of Vagina, which I'd heard there was a song by this name but there hadn't been any information (that I had ever seen) so it was super exciting to see his handwritten lyrics to this ...
  • John
    So, I finished this in one sitting, then sat back down and read it again. I can’t help but feel that this was a missed opportunity. I absolutely loved Prince’s memories of his childhood and growing to love music and the songs that touched him. Because of the brevity of that work—cut short by his untimely passing, it feels like there should have been more effort made to capture his legacy in this “memoir.” Instead, we get a cut and paste...
  • Thomas Feng
    was it beautiful? yes. was the material within good? yes. did we need it presented to us this way? I don't know. what we have of Prince's memoir is compelling and thoughtful, but Dan Piepenbring's introduction is longer (they both take 40 pages, but Prince's text is also laden with large pictures that take up a lot of space), and, while beautiful, affects the balance of the narrative...the photo album is sweet; the documents thereafter are intere...
  • Nicole Whittaker
    The Beautiful Ones was supposed to be the first and only memoir from Prince, an artist who was notoriously private and loved to leave people guessing. I’m a HUGE Prince fan, so you can understand my excitement when he said he would write about his life and explain everything. Like the one time Prince and Michael Jackson were supposed to work on a project together. Prince said that process was crazy and there were so many bombshells in that stor...
  • Michelle Jerome
    I enjoyed the insight into Prince's life. We all miss him. It was nice to be able to read this. Some of my favorite quotes from Prince that are in the book:Just start with creating a DAY, then CREATE A LIFE. Outside means being completely free with no ceiling. You NEED someone to SURVIVE. I AM what I AM when I AM The best thing I can say about him is that he made my mother happy. I don't trick people, life is too confusing already.I don’t feel ...
  • Jasmine
    I love this book. Couldn't put it down. It made me smile and think about Prince with admiration, respect, inspiration and grief. I miss him. For what it's worth, this book shares a great story and insight about Prince. It leaves room for the mystery he so loved. Maybe it's a good thing the book is technically not complete? It'll forever make us wonder "What could've been?...". This book is gold and I plan to buy a psychical copy of it. I apprecia...
  • Ashley
    First off, Prince is one of my all-time favorite artists! But I'm a little disappointed by this book. Because Prince died in the early stages of writing the book we only get to read roughly 28 pages that he actually wrote. The majority of the book is made up of personal photos and handwritten song lyrics that were found in Prince's home after he died. Throughout the book, there are a series of excerpts from magazine and newspaper articles with qu...
  • Christine
    This is more like a 3.5. I'm glad I just got this from the library. I liked Prince's parts but they are so brief and sparse. A lot of the book is background by the guy Prince picked to help him with the book. Then there's the section actually written by Prince and it's about 1/5 of the book with no editing, just his train of thought. Finally, to pad it out, there are photos, handwritten lyrics sheets, and quotes from interviews with Prince over t...