The Heart You Break (Wilde Ways #4) by Cynthia Eden

The Heart You Break (Wilde Ways #4)

Her new client is the bad boy of rock.Security agent Julia Slate is going undercover. Her assignment? Protect rocker Bran Copper. He's sexy, has a reputation for living life to the extreme, and he's also the target of one very obsessed fan. Julia's job is to keep Bran safe...and the catch? Bran can't know that she's his bodyguard. Bran's manager has hired her because the star refuses to get protection. Bran just wants to be left alone. With his s...

Details The Heart You Break (Wilde Ways #4)

TitleThe Heart You Break (Wilde Ways #4)
Release DateJun 25th, 2019
PublisherHocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.
GenreSuspense, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance

Reviews The Heart You Break (Wilde Ways #4)

  • Claire Robinson
    4.5 - "Appearances can be deceiving…" Stars!Another cracking addition to Cynthia Eden’s Wilde Ways series, with The Heart You Break finally giving us a HEA for bodyguard; Julia Slate. As you would expect with a RS title from this author the path to true love doesn’t run smooth for Julia, especially when the man you fall for is the one you are supposed to be protecting, who also doesn’t actually know the truth of who you really are. He was...
  • Carvanz
    This is one fun, wild, action filled read that kept me going until I realized I had read the whole thing in one sitting! I absolutely LOVED it all!When rock star, Bran Copper, has a stalker and refuses a security detail, Julia is sent in undercover as his personal assistant. She doesn’t like rock stars, she doesn’t particularly like Bran, and she definitely doesn’t like the way he makes her feel. Her job is to protect him but he’s making ...
  • Marta Cox
    So on paper Bran Cooper is a bad boy rock god walking around with a muscled six pack that could bring an angel to tears ! Trouble is he’s way more than he appears with a stalker out to make him suffer. Now Bran isn’t the sort to let others fight his battles so when his manager suggests a bodyguard there’s no way that’s happening or is it ?Julia works for Wilde Security and her latest assignment is pretending to play the role of personal a...
  • Eva Millien
    5 Star Heart  He has an obsessed fan that is escalating, but Rocker, Bran Copper refuses protection and just wants to be left alone. Julia Slate is undercover, she’s pretending to be his new assistant and while she may act shy and reserved, she can totally kick butt any day of the week. It’s supposed to be business only and he’s everything she doesn’t want. He’s been betrayed over and over again and now Julia is lying to him, too. Thi...
  • Somia
    Rockstar Bran Copper is taking refuge in a cabin in the town of Hideaway, trying to keep those around him away from the stalker that dodges his every step, In effort to draw his stalker out Bran has decided to use himself as bait. A plan his manager is definitely not on-board with, and so his manager decides to go against Bran’s wishes and hire a team from Wilde Securities to keep Bran safe. Part of this covert protection team is petite, baller...
  • Sandy Nikolas
    Another great entry in the Wilde series. I liked the fact that in this story, the female is the bodyguard. Bran was still way OTT alpha and his need to protect Julia was awesome. Lots of twists and turns and am anxiously waiting for Rick’s story!
  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    Review posted on Got Fiction?I wasn’t planning on reading this book today, but when I read the beginning couple of pages, I just…kept reading. I couldn’t help myself! This series is really doing it for me!I’m not one for rockstar romances, but Cynthia Eden made me love hers. Bran Copper is your stereotypical moody, party boy, womanizing rocker. Isn’t he? When Julia is asked to go undercover as his PR assistant, she tells her boss no. Bu...
  • Sandy S
    4.25 stars--ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 25, 2019 Her new client is the bad boy of rock.Security agent Julia Slate is going undercover. Her assignment? Protect rocker Bran Copper. He's sexy, has a reputation for living life to the extreme, and he's also the target of one very obsessed fan. Julia's job is to keep Bran safe...and the catch? Bran can't know that she's his bodyguard. Bran's manager has hired her because the star refuses to get p...
  • Paula
    First of all, I like the different roles that the characters have been in during the entire Wilde Security Series. Each story is different except for having a strong female and an alpha male in them. That is a trademark of a Cynthia Eden story. The Heart You Break reminded me of all things I enjoy about Cynthia Eden’s books. One of the best is the smart, strong and quite capable heroine. I was thrilled to see Julia Slate as the bodyguard. Also ...
  • Diane
    I voluntarily reviewed a copy of "THE HEART YOU BREAK" Bran Cooper is one hot as sin sexy alpha musician rockstar with a stalker and his manager wants him to get a bodyguard but he refuses.Julia works for Wilde Security and she is hired to go undercover as Bran's bodyguard because of the stalker she pretends to be his assistant but hates lying to him.Julia and Bran head to his home in Blue Ridge Mountain she comes off as shy but shes really a spi...
  • Victoria
    I think The Heart You Break is one of my favorite books. Julia is an excellent heroine. I really like her.We have Julia going in under the cover as a personal assistant to rock star Bran Copper. He is being stalked and his agent can't get him to hire a bodyguard. So the manager has gone to Wilde security and Julia is going to be Bran's bodyguard without him having a clue. She's small and looks breakable so they figure Bran will buy the assistant ...
  • Whispers From
    Julia works for Wilde Securities and her next job is as a bodyguard for a rockstar. But she has to go in as his assistant and pretend to be weak and shy. Bran is a famous rock star with a stalker. Bran goes to his cabin in the mountains to write sings and be alone. Julia shows up to be his assistant after being hired by his manager. She’s trying to figure out who’s stalking him and Bran is trying to keep his hands off Julia. When the stalker ...
  • Misty
    Julia is an engima she appears sweet and innocent but really she is a tough, strong, independent woman with many secrets. Secrets that she keeps to herself allowing only those closest to her in. She remains that she doesn't get too involved with people during her cases but for some reason protecting Bran Copper everything is different. Julia is hired to protect Bran by his manager because he has a stalker. The manager doesn't think Bran is taking...
  • Sharon Grow
    Julia Slate, security agent at Wilde Securities, has been assigned to be a bodyguard for rock star, Bran Copper. It seems Bran has a dangerous stalker who is escalating the attacks against him. When someone close to him is injured, he decides to head home to his mountain hideaway to write music until the matter is resolved. Julia is not happy about the assignment as she is not fond of bad boy rock stars. Making the assignment even more difficult,...
  • Toonasa
    A phenomenal read in the Wilde ways series😍Julia may look like a delicate flower but she could take on men twice her size... So when the case to protect Bran, the hardcore rock star, comes she takes it, the problem? She has to do it undercover. She's good at lying, she just never thought it would be this hard to lie to him. Bran, the whole world thought he's a man of sin. They couldn't be more wrong, there are just so many layers to that man.....
  • Marie Brown (Marie's Tempting Reads)
    Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:CYNTHIA EDEN'S NEWEST BOOK IS STUPENDOUS, THRILLING, HEART THUMPING GOOD WITH SIZZLING, HEART MELTING ROMANCE THAT GETS ME ALL SORTS OF MUSHY AND CRAVING ANOTHER TASTE!The Heart you Break is EVERYTHING and more to me. It has it ALL, from adrenaline inducing suspense and danger to the kind of romance that makes my knees weak and my heart all ooey gooey and melty. I really liked seeing a strong, capable women as th...
  • Mags
    4.25⭐The Heart You Break the fourth book in Cynthia Eden's Wilde Ways series was a great read. That certainly captured my attention from the very beginning, with an intriguing character in rock star Bran and likable security agent Julia. Who has many secrets including the reason why she has suddenly appeared on Bran's doorstep, and I liked the instant connection between the pair. Not to mention I loved the action this story had and the suspense...
  • Christine Jalili
    What a fantastic book! Loved staying on edge, I was shocked by who the stalker was. Bran really fights having a bodyguard, he doesn’t want anyone harmed due to his stalker. Julia was hired to be his assistant and he really tried getting rid of her, but finds himself falling for her. Loved how his music even changes due to being with her. My heart broke for them, what will happen when he finds out what her job really is? Can she protect him? Rea...
  • Michelle Graves
    OMG!! A hot headed stubborn man wants 2 do stupid things like put himself as bait instead of having others hurt but all it does it back firers. He gets blamed 4 his past that he didn't even know about. People need 2 grow up and stop trying 2 b a matar and b the " hero" when they try 2 blame others on why they aren't thinking clearer instead of others trying 2 destroy others on what they r only working on half of the story from others, etc. It's a...
  • Shirley Linn
    June 25, 2019Format: Kindle EditionJulia works for Wilde Security. She has always given everything that she has to safeguard her clients. At first she balks at the idea of guarding a playboy singer. Keeping Bran safe may cost her more than she thought. This time she may loose her heart. This is a fast-paced suspenseful read. It has action, suspense, danger and great characters. I can't wait to read Rick's story.
  • Heather andrews
    Bran can only handle so much, “go to your room, Julia.” A growl. “Shut your door. Lock it. And effing consider wearing more clothes.” Bran tends to have a one track mind, "his hand fisted around the panties. He looked at her. The short skirt. The tight top. The heels. “You don’t have on underwear.” I liked this book, I loved Bran.
  • Mira**the biggest bookworm**
    This book has everything I love in a book. Romance, suspense, action, a perfect heroine and a perfect hero. The hero is an alpha, possessive and protective. I love me those type of heroes. I can’t wait to continue reading more of this series.••Arc provided by the author and Netgalley in exchange for a honest review. All thoughts are my own••
  • Angel Padillo
    Who doesn’t love a bad boy rockstar? I loved The Heart You Break. Bran and Julia were perfect for each other, and I really loved their story. I seriously couldn’t put it down. The romance was amazing, the suspense was amazing. Cynthia Eden knocked another out of the park!
  • CJ
    Another kick butt story in the Wilde series. Great characters and just plain fun to read.
  • Kameron
    3.5 stars Predictable but good.