The Heart You Break (Wilde Ways #4) by Cynthia Eden

The Heart You Break (Wilde Ways #4)

Her new client is the bad boy of rock.Security agent Julia Slate is going undercover. Her assignment? Protect rocker Bran Copper. He's sexy, has a reputation for living life to the extreme, and he's also the target of one very obsessed fan. Julia's job is to keep Bran safe...and the catch? Bran can't know that she's his bodyguard. Bran's manager has hired her because the star refuses to get protection. Bran just wants to be left alone. With his s...

Details The Heart You Break (Wilde Ways #4)

TitleThe Heart You Break (Wilde Ways #4)
Release DateJun 25th, 2019
PublisherHocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews The Heart You Break (Wilde Ways #4)

  • Claire Robinson
    4.5 - "Appearances can be deceiving…" Stars!Another cracking addition to Cynthia Eden’s Wilde Ways series, with The Heart You Break finally giving us a HEA for bodyguard; Julia Slate. As you would expect with a RS title from this author the path to true love doesn’t run smooth for Julia, especially when the man you fall for is the one you are supposed to be protecting, who also doesn’t actually know the truth of who you really are. He was...
  • Carvanz
    This is one fun, wild, action filled read that kept me going until I realized I had read the whole thing in one sitting! I absolutely LOVED it all!When rock star, Bran Copper, has a stalker and refuses a security detail, Julia is sent in undercover as his personal assistant. She doesn’t like rock stars, she doesn’t particularly like Bran, and she definitely doesn’t like the way he makes her feel. Her job is to protect him but he’s making ...
  • Marta Cox
    So on paper Bran Cooper is a bad boy rock god walking around with a muscled six pack that could bring an angel to tears ! Trouble is he’s way more than he appears with a stalker out to make him suffer. Now Bran isn’t the sort to let others fight his battles so when his manager suggests a bodyguard there’s no way that’s happening or is it ?Julia works for Wilde Security and her latest assignment is pretending to play the role of personal a...
  • Dora Koutsoukou
    4 sThis was a very good romantic suspense read. It was not the usual rock star lifestyle, regarding his stage life or fans. This rock star, Bran, had a stalker and a female bodyguard, Julia, was assigned to him under the cover of an assistant. Their chemistry was amazing, they were both mature and strong characters and the writing was very good. I really enjoyed it 4 ❤️ 🎸 ⛑ 🌟s❣️This was a very good romantic suspense read. It ...
  • Eva Millien
    5 Star Heart He has an obsessed fan that is escalating, but Rocker, Bran Copper refuses protection and just wants to be left alone. Julia Slate is undercover, she’s pretending to be his new assistant and while she may act shy and reserved, she can totally kick butt any day of the week. It’s supposed to be business only and he’s everything she doesn’t want. He’s been betrayed over and over again and now Julia is lying to him, too.This ro...
  • Jessica Frances
    This is my favourite one of this series so far! I loved Julia and Bran! They were fantastic together. Sexy, hot, funny, they were great. Their chemistry was off the charts hot, and I loved how capable and strong Julia was. She very much played the bodyguard role, but that doesn't mean Bran wasn't an alpha male. While I sort of guessed who the "bad guy" was early on, that didn't lessen my enjoyment of this story. Exciting, fun, nail-biting - I who...
  • Lynsey A
    This is the Cynthia Eden I love to read! A passionate, protective hero. An independent but a bit vulnerable heroine. This is the 4th book in her Wilde Ways series and my fave. I was hooked from the moment Bran opened the door and saw Julia on his doorstep and just couldn't stop thinking about her.One of the things I really loved about this book is that even though Julia is there to protect Bran (which he is unaware of this fact for a bit) is how ...
  • Somia
    Rockstar Bran Copper is taking refuge in a cabin in the town of Hideaway, trying to keep those around him away from the stalker that dodges his every step, In effort to draw his stalker out Bran has decided to use himself as bait. A plan his manager is definitely not on-board with, and so his manager decides to go against Bran’s wishes and hire a team from Wilde Securities to keep Bran safe. Part of this covert protection team is petite, baller...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    The Heart You Break by Cynthia Eden is book 4 in the Wilde Ways Series. This is the story of Julia Slate and Bran Copper. I have read the previous books (and Loved Them), but feel you could make this a standalone book if you wish to do so. Julia goes undercover to be a body guard for Bran. Julia was hired by his manger because Bran refuses to have one but he has a stalker that has escalated their game. Julia is pretending to work as his assistanc...